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  1. Hey Keith i have a copy but the singing faces only have one mouth movement if this would work for you i can send you a copy. please let me know my email address is rdlee64@comcast.net Rodney Lee PS also i live near you in OP near the Mall maybe we can meet
  2. Well i start on the first Weekend in November and every weekend and some days until December, plenty of time to set-up and check for problems
  3. Godney

    circular tree

    On the web look up Mega Tree Calculator it will help you with dimensions. Welcome to the MADNESS and as MR.P said you will be sleeping alone get use to the COUCH.
  4. If any of you Gentlemen have sequenced this song please send me a copy my Wife loved it, or just send the audio and i can work on it Thanks Rodney Email to rdlee64@comcast.net
  5. I started working on mine the weekend after Halloween and kept going every weekend after that 8 to 10 hour days plus Thanksgiving Day all total about 10 days of work and i still have some minor issues to fix, but the display was operational on Black Friday.
  6. Well lets see i had about 20 kids cry 1 parent cussing about dropping a spider on them 1 parent almost dropped his expensive Nikon camera when i dropped the spider on him and gave out about 300 bags of candy . It was a successful Halloween
  7. If your looking for a quality transmitter look to EDM they are pricey but the quality of sound is worth it. Also i do have speakers on my system for people on the sidewalk and to answer your question about antennas i use a handmade J Pole antenna tuned to 88.5 mz
  8. Godney


    Hey Jeffery: Christmasleds.com has LED strobes on sale right now you may want check them out.
  9. I would love to have a copy send to rdlee64@comcast.net Thanks Rodney
  10. Has anyone ever sequenced this song for singing trees, if so may i please get a copy. Thanks Rodney
  11. I have recently upgraded to a computer with dual screens, is their a way to run LOR software on dual screens in case i want to look at dual sequences for comparison reasons. Thanks Rodney
  12. I would love a copy, Thanks Rodney. send to rdlee64@comcast.net
  13. I know what you mean it has been raining here for days, i will not take it down wet, hopefully it will dry out next week and i can take it down next weekend.
  14. Godney


    It's funny how you all have mentioned FRAUD today because somebody out there tried to access my Bank Acct. today Luckily the Bank shut them down and sent me an alert message.
  15. Well Mr. P i had a few hiccups nothing major. but the show went on rain or shine. I see i have only 1 hour to go till shutdown i will not be tearing down till next weekend its supposed to be bad weather here in Orange Park tomorrow i don't need to get sick. Happy New Year To All Have a Blessed 2018
  16. Has anyone ever sequenced this song by the Waitresses if you have can i please get a copy. Thank You Rodney email rdlee64@comcast.net
  17. I don't know if this will help , but i had a similar problem with the simple show builder when using the directors their is something about that program the directors don't like. I found out from another forum member to only us the LOR hardware utility program when opened at the top it shows LOR MP3 that is correct program to use when using directors. The program is a little harder to use but all information that your controllers need to operate correctly will be transferred .
  18. Well mine starts out with Bugs Bunny saying " Isn't it wonderful what you can do with some wire and a few electric bulbs " being spoken by my singing tree's then the full show starts with Demented Elf giving out the customary rules like be nice to my neighbors, no trash,no loud music,keep your lights off, the usual stuff.
  19. Same here my show runs continuous from 6:00 to 9:30 with sidewalk music and FM transmitting on 88.5
  20. Yes they are quality lights , I have used them for several years and have never had a problem besides blown bulbs but thats normal
  21. James i would love to have a copy. Thanks Rodney rdlee64@comcast.net
  22. Well Jaynee luckily where i live is on a main st, but it is very wide plenty of room to get around, and my neighbors thank God love the show it is the heart of the neighborhood at Christmastime it brings many people together.
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