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  1. We have 1,879 members, 4,026 topics, 32,728 posts. Please welcome our newest member CHEAPVIAGRA-FREEPORN.
  2. While you have told me that I have no clue... I wanted to say that looked great... gonna be interesting how many of those we see all over you tube next year. So if I may ask... do you find either coro or wireframes easier to use? Thanks Sherry
  3. "I vote on national contests. I do not vote on local ones. For some reason I feel that local is just that local and the last person who should vote for someone in Pittsburgjh is someone from Florida." Im lost... you vote on National contests not local ones? KFC is as far as I am aware a National contest..
  4. Great...Can't wait to see the crying at the end when people don't win...
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