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  1. Wow to request this one is for me. Old enough to remember this.... alanvankirk at q.com Thanks again
  2. I you could email a copy to alanvankirk at q.com my 21 year old daughter has requested baby shark thank you!
  3. James when you have time, please shot a copy off to alanvankirk@q.com Thanks...
  4. Going to bump this just one. Thanks
  5. Daughter wants to do a crime scene for Halloween, with the police tape, body outline etc (she is a criminology major at ASU) Does any one have Bad Boys by Inner Circle for 16 or 32 channels actually any set up I can dumb it down to 32 Channels. Please e-mail it to alanvankirk at Q.com Thanks in Advance.
  6. I know this is an old thread, but if it is still available could you send a copy to alanvankirk at q.com. thanks...
  7. James when you get a chance send a copy to alanvankirk at q.comThank you...
  8. James when you get time... Thank you... alanvankirk@q.com
  9. Mega Arch next time you get a chance please send a capy to alanvankirk@q.com Thanks!
  10. James when you get around to your E-mail please copy it to me as well. As always thanks for the hard work. alanvankirk@q.com
  11. If it is still available I would hate to be the only one to miss the boat. I asked my daughter which song from frozen she wanted she said all of them. Oh and a link to where I can buy the audio file Thanks in advance! ALANVANKIRK(@)Q.COM
  12. If you would send me the link I would like to look at a few of your songs. I might have a Christmas song or two to send your way. Thanks. I emailed you a couple songs you might like. alanvankirk@q.com
  13. Wait a minute why does this sound familliar. I hear it wherever I go! Being from Phoenix same here love the cactus. Just remember I don't allways synchronize my lights, but when I do I use Light-O-Rama.
  14. Thanks to every one who posted there sequences to the Google drive, Sky drive and else where. With some modifications the work very well. We have a small yard, so its hard to see things growing much beyond 16 channels. The neighbors usually bring kids by after dinner to see the lights and music. Take care and thanks....
  15. I'am running a single 16 channel box off a Dell mini 9. A four year old netbook. "Original intel atom processor" with a 16 gig solid state drive 2 gig of ram and Windows XP.. Before you spend any money get Ccleaner from Piriform? It is a free download just request a donation. You can clean your registery, delete unused programs and delete programs automaticlly starting with windows. It makes all the difference in the world.
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