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  1. After further research I learned what a subsequence was. You can find them labeled as "sequence" in the channel configuration under device type. Learn something new everyday. I never found one labeled that way in my sequence but decided to save the channel config and re-import and that fixed my problem.
  2. Jim, I have never heard of a sub sequence in the 7yrs I have been doing this. How do I get rid of it? Really how do I find it or know what it its?
  3. I create a animation sequence for testing every year when setting up the show. I get the following error when using the LOR MP3 in the hardware utility to program to an SD card. Can anyone tell me what I did wrong? I tried creating a new animation sequence and got the same results. Thanks, Daniel
  4. I would like a copy also please. dknahoolewa@hotmail.com
  5. I'm looking to see if everyone would be willing to share there sequence for "Eye of the Tiger" Song. We are doing a chili cook off fundraiser at work and our theme is Running. Thought this song would be great. Basic sequence should do. I plan to do 2 fire sticks and a finish line sign. I only have a week to put it all together so any help would be great. Thanks, Daniel dknahoolewa@hotmail.com
  6. 1. movie theater 2.Jack in the Box 3.Block Buster 4.FedEx 5.Drafting (Engineering) 6.Egineering TECH 7. IT Compliance
  7. Got my shipping notice yesterday. good to know my order didn't get lost in the madness.
  8. In no way was i complaining or expecting something amazing. LOR is a great company and ive been doing this for many years. So i have nothing but good things to say about LOR. I was just looking for information. Like most companies I'm sure FIFO is typical. I'm guessing im high on the list since i put my order in with the first couple of minutes. I was just wondering if LOR has posted "maybe" we have recieved "X" oders and we have completed/shipped "X" orders. I know the MAD grad sale is big but how BIG. Just a nice thought to keep people informed. I'm sure with the amout of orders there is bon
  9. So those of you that received shipping info or your order, how fast did you get your order in? I completed my order within 3min and I still have no word on my order. Has LOR posted or commented about a time frame for orders?
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