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  1. Very cool!! How much do you want for one?
  2. Just a random question, but has Light-O-Rama ever made or considered making T-Shirts available for their customers?
  3. Thank you all for the help. I ended up ordering a Ramsey FM25B...hope it will work well!
  4. Okay I'm stuck in a bine and I must get a new transmitter in the next two days. I would prefer a Ramsey. Anyone know where I can get one fast and at a reasonable price?????
  5. Thanks for you ideas! Those are great! Today someone offered to put two kits together for me so I immediately purchased two kits and hope to have them in a couple of weeks! I am very excited and glad that I will be able to have my display hooked up to LOR. I have my Halloween display up now, running on a borrowed controller and love it! Can't wait for Christmas!!
  6. I am hoping to buy 2 or 3 partially assembled kits because I do not know how to solder. This is my first year with LOR. I have a Halloween display set up with a controller I borrowed from someone else that does LOR. I have everything I need except the controllers and I need at least two that are already partially assembled. I am only 17 and I have school and sports activities so I really don't have time to solder...or know how...But I hope to learn how one day!
  7. I am looking to buy a new or barely used CTB16PC Controller. If you have one for sale please email me @ haydenmr12@gmail.com.
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