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  1. maybe a possibility, pm sent....
  2. all lightorama controllers have been sold, still have some j1sys and rgb lights
  3. I have a dozen or so ctb16pc controllers that i'm trying to figure out whether they are gen 1 or gen 2. I know that gen 3 controllers have the led light on the other side but what are the differences between gen 1 and 2? I'm not currently able to hook them up to lor software.
  4. Drag files here to attach, or choose files... Max total size 0.24MB Insert other media Uploaded Images
  5. id be happy to test them but i'm moving in 14 days, so if they haven't sold and they make the move with me i'll take some time and hook them up. I took good care of them so I'd be surprised if they didn't work.
  6. they are either gen 1 or 2 also I'm lowering the price to $75/controller
  7. I have (11) CTB16PC controllers for sale. They were purchased with card fully assembled. Worked when put into storage but that was 2-3 years ago. $100 each plus shipping or local pickup near Cleveland, Ohio. Also have 75+ strings of smart 2811 RGB lights, 50 nodes per string. Lights are attached to 8 foot long 1x2 piece of wood. Approx 4-5 years old. $5/string - local pickup only Cleveland, Ohio Also have (5) J1SYS p12 controllers, also approx 5 years old. $100/each plus shipping
  8. I have a lot of rgb pixels drawn in visualizer and have maxed out the fixture count for vis... i tried breaking into 2 vis files and having them both open at same time but when i play, only one of the window simulates lights... any help on how to view my enitre show in visualizer? using 3.8 with advanced license
  9. so is there a way to use superstar if i have one element that contains 1,440 pixels or 4,320 channels?
  10. i had a question along the same lines, i don't have any ccrs but have many many many pixels. If i import them from visualizer into superstar, do i need the top license to program my 4,000 channels worth of pixels or does that channel limit only apply to ccrs. Or am i over the limit of channels superstar can export?
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