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  1. what is this SANITY you speak of?
  2. Love the Drum Set, I remember Lionel Hampton playing something similar years and years ago. He had a Ludwig Vistacolor Drum set that had lights on the inside. The lights would change with every beat he made. Similar deal on his Vibraphones. It was a great show. Keep up the good work tbetgeorge
  3. I did get my 5 universes to copy properly last night. I went in an unchecked the auto undo recording and that seemed to be enough to make the trick work. Now I just have to get my 800 pixel tree created properly in Visualizer so that I can see if everything works correctly. Thank You for the tips, Harrison0550
  4. OK having the same issue I guess. I created Sequences in Nutcraker (3.2.3) opened LOR and tried to copy in the CLIPBOARD to the LOR Sequence. LOR crashes after a while. I am only coping in 5 Universes. How do I save fewer universes in NutCracker? What other tricks am I missing? Thank You,
  5. I made one last year and did not glue any of the joints and did not have any issues. I drove stakes on either side of the loop in several places then attached twine over it to succure it to the ground. Did not have any issue with the ring. On some other such joints I have taken wood screws and ran them through the joint and pipe to hold them so that I could take them apart for storage. I have done this with my two 7' webers and they have worked just fine. I am still trying to find something that tells me the stress strenght of PVC.. For construction use not water pressure.
  6. Just like Dgrant stated. Get them involved with what they can do. I have a 12 yo autistic son who loves the lights. He sees me spending countless hours on the programming and wants to try it himself. He has picked and song and after an hour he realized that it had no real beat to program to.. He found another song and is working on it. Little starts and stop and the level of Frustration that comes with it all.. But he knows what will come if he sticks with it. Using the Visualizer has helped he see some of it as he goes. Just keep reading the forums and it will start making sense. Slowly, but sense
  7. Ok I went back and read the documentation again. Im slow what can I say So the first 400 lights in block one run from univ.U 11ch1 all the way to U13 ch180 which is 510 +510+180 or 1200ch which gives me my 400 lights. Block 2 starts where the previous on stops and goes for another 1200ch. I think I got it now Thanks everyone
  8. Thank You Jim.. Maybe I am over thinking this. I 1-1/1-4 is two universes. and 2-1/2-4 is two Universes. that is 340 and 340, or 680... Do I then use the the next block. with the one more Universe I need? I guess I am still missing something. I am assuming that the E682 knows when the string of 1-1, hits 100 and starts with 101 on 1-2... then got to Universe 2 in mid-string to do the next 30? Thank for the help....
  9. Thanks folks good info but I want to make sure that I get this correct. I have 1 e682 and I want to control 8 strings of 100 ws2811 with it. I want this to be only on 8 of the ports on the E682 and on 8 universes. Do I need to 1) update the firmware to version 4 2) run the system in Unicast.? Thank You
  10. I plan on trying to do the samevthing but I do not understand the "barrier terminal strip" and another terminal strip as a ground block. Do you have a picture?
  11. Thanks Folks, I got on line with David and he explained it too me (again) For my purpose this seems to be a good option. I have ordered some of the parts and will get it a good try. Perplexed by Pixels.
  12. I sure someone else has thought about this and can tell me where I am going wrong. I have one of the SANsDevice cards. So I plan on using E1.31 to control pixels this year. I am also planning on adding some LED floods, (Like those that David sells). As I read the info on HolidayCoro's website I do not see any thing about those nice little white box DMX controllers working with E1.31. Here is my thought. Since each Pixel is really a controller and a 3 color LED in one little package, how different is that from a DMX controller and one or more LED Lights attached to it. In other words, if I had say 5 floods each with it's own DMX controller. Couldn't I run that off of one of the Universes from the SANs card? I know that I would have to inject power to the floods down the line. What protocol does the DMX controller use? WS2811, 2801? The goal is to not have to get a different converter for this setup. Thank You all.
  13. I ran across a great deal on surplus Army Fiberglass poles. They are 4 feet long with about a 4" post and sleeve arrangement to connect them together. As anyone tried to use these as a Mega Tree Center Pole? I know they are used for all kinds of things in the service. Wonder how they work for this. Strength and Load stats are hard to come by so far. Thank You,
  14. Kevin, Nice start, Like mid support rig will help, like you mentioned. If you want to see other examples, let me know, I am not "too" far from you and I have another friend on here who is over 100 lights who is very helpful. I feel your pain. I made the same mistake. The pole is still up and holding but the wind the other day (50+ MPH) has it looking like a hunch back. I am hoping it might straighten some when I take it down. Something about 64 Stings and the wind and snow and ice. Just to much.. Next year, PIPE and more guide wires.
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