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  1. We just finished ours and we used the 4mm Black Coro from Holiday Coro. We framed it out on the back and added cross braces. Worked really well for our application. We Mapped the holes out with the aid of a projector. We had to drill smaller "pilot" holes first then go back with the 1/2" because the drill wanted to tavel a bit on us. To make them the size we needed for the Cosmis Color Pixels we used the 1/2". Hope it helps and yes even drilling the holes you still feel the pain of what feels like a never ending process. That was until we had to push the lights through ! haha hope this helps cant wait to see what you come up with! Here is a video of use testing ours out. Sorry I took it on my phone quality is not best... I would try to upload photos of the process but I can never seem to get them small enough to post on here!
  2. This is really impressive and so awesome!!! I think we will be making a trip to Huntsville this Christmas season too... So jealous!
  3. The projector used in the video was the Samsung Pico not the Optoma. The little ones retail for $199ish which i think is sort of pricy but worth it. The ones I got for $499 cover the projection across my entire house which indeed was a "lower than normal" cost for the quality of the projector. Glad you liked the effect.
  4. Thanks everyone! Orville I do agree that the normal face is a much creepier effect. I think I may use a bit of both. The white face effect for some graveyard statues and the other for some severed heads. We get a ton of younger kids for our Halloween display so we are constantly walking the thin line of fun and too scary for some of our visitors. I use a mix of different projectors for my display. My talking busts and pumpkins are done with Samsung LED Pico-Projectors. They are compact, easy to hide, and bright. For my other larger projections and house video mapping I will be using (2) Optoma DLP projectors. They are 3000 Lumen each and I got them for ridiculously cheap ($499 each) They are at times too bright. Below is a photo of the Pico projector for the face projection. Attached files
  5. So I am trying out some face projections for Halloween next year. These are just tests but its pretty cool the capabilities. Just wanting some feedback on what y'all think or any advice would be great! I think I may try and create some custom video for the faces. The Disney stuff is just not flexible enough. : )
  6. This song has been a hot ticket this year! Very cool display. Its good to see that they come in all sizes. Do you just have regular rope light around the windows or is it candy cane striped? It looked slightly different that the other white lights. Kellen
  7. I think this looked like a great start! Good base to add on to next year. Did look like you may have not had much time to work with the sequencing software or been rushed but I think we all have been there. You got a lot of elements into you 1st show. My one friendly crit would be that the window lights don't seem to pop as much as the other lights. I know the CCR's are super bright but they just seemed to be darker to me (Maybe the video itself). Are they hung inside behind the glass or a tinted window? Maybe LED bulbs or double your lights on the windows. will be watching next year for sure Kellen
  8. This one made me smile! Really enjoyed watching it. I must say that is one of the most unique multi-functional mega trees I have see to date. Very versatile I kept saying what else is it going to do? Do you have any up close photos posted? Loved it! Really liked the chase effect down the driveway with the trees. Must be like the old star field screen saver when you drive down your driveway :cool:. The descending / ascending arches in front of your CCR's were a neat twist as well. Haven seen those. They probably create a really cool effect when you look straight on. Kellen
  9. Can't Lie...I'm a little let down that so many have viewed the display but no one has said anything...Any criticism for the next year?
  10. My vote would always be for on sale and bright...White wire. Also during the day who has green or brown icicles
  11. Although I will add that the white wire really makes the lights pop when they are turning on and off because the white reflects. The effect might not have as much punch with the darker wire since there is nothing to reflect the light. Hope that helped.
  12. I know there are Brown wire Icicle lights. http://www.amazon.com/Vickerman-17844-Icicle-Christmas-String/dp/B005CJI82Q But it looks like the same company makes green wired ones as well. http://www.amazon.com/Vickerman-14200-Icicle-Christmas-X6G3101/dp/B003FVSXHS As a last resort I try American Lighting. You must be a dealer to buy from them but they have a lot of odds and ends. Kellen
  13. very cool. How many channels total for the tree? We are in the process of designing a mega tree for a client and we will be having it raise and lower during the show. Once we set up a test we knew that we had to do it. I may be reaching out for some advice if you don't mind. Building the pieces that raise and lower the center pole was easy given my background but the tree structure is new to me. Kellen
  14. Hey Mike! This looks great! I use to love when I lived in Winter Park because its is much nicer to decorate outside in FL than a place like NY this time of year. How Tall is your mega tree? what are you using as the center pole?
  15. Thank you! I hope its a good start ( 32 CH strong lol ). Seems a little tough to get some feedback in here but 'tis the season to be busy right? It was extremely windy the night I filmed and when i played it back i was like " wow...Santa looks like his moves are hitting some of the beats...maybe I should say the inflatables are animated." Thanks for taking a look and letting me know what you thought!
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