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  1. I just replaced the 3 way cat 5 adapter .. and it works great now
  2. you know I think there is something wrong with my ca5 3 way adapter... I think we fixed it
  3. Power is still out here .. Will have to wait .. But thank you!!!
  4. Outside near the light.. But nowhere at the moment .. Sandy beat us up LOL
  5. so I used the holiday coro programmer and was able to connect and run the flood off LOR.. I moved it outside and connected an enttec open & holiday coro adapter.. 100 foot of cat5 cable.. when I was using the programmer and 5 foot of cat5.. I saw no problems .. the flood would strobe and react the way we expect it to when running the LOR sequences.. now that it's going through all these connections and a long cat5 cable it doesn't react as quickly or strobe anymore ... does anyone have any suggestions on what I can change or know the max length of the cat5 cable? not sure if I can get a video of it outside with Sandy coming but I am uploading a video of it working great inside on the short lines and holiday coro programmer here is the video when it was going well http://youtu.be/fkcmE_JyKoI
  6. I did one on Zazzle.. you can customize the back with your own photo & display name.. had to have one!!! http://www.zazzle.com/christmas_lighting_addiction_problem-235551402337309757
  7. yeah Holiday Coro was good to me as well.. I bought 2 DMX spots & the star kits this year.. was a bit hair pulling to get the spots to work.. but now that we figured it out.. it's all good.. I haven't jumped into the stars yet.. that will be for Christmas
  8. Think there was a video I saw .. If I can find it again Here are some https://www.google.com/search?q=lor+servodog&hl=en&client=safari&tbo=u&source=univ&tbm=vid&sa=X&ei=5ESBUOGCEqrj0gGHvYCoBg&ved=0CFEQqwQ&biw=320&bih=416
  9. I love that as well .. Nothing like changing the neighborhood weather
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