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  1. He is a link to the Pittsburgh Technical Institute (PTI) Christmas light show that was designed and built by electronics and smart building technology students. http://www.pti.edu/video/index.html?id=98 The system had five 16 channel controllers and 6 CCR's. I used superstar software to sequence 12 different Christmas songs in two weekends. The superstar software is amazing.
  2. Is there any way of making the CCR's and Easy Light Linkers operate at 115,200 bits/second? The Show Director has an option for higher speed, but when i select it and download the sequence to the memory card, nothing works. Dave
  3. Here is a video of the lightshow that Pittsburgh Technical Institute (PTI)students created for Halloween 2011. The system had five LOR 16 channel controllers and six Cosmic Color Ribbons. I used version 3.0 of the superstar software to sequence the CCR circles. Dave Becker Department Chair Electronics and Smart Building Technology Pittsburgh Technical Institute
  4. James, Thanks for quick response. I looked at the options in the visualizer program and i did not see an export option. I did see a save option. When i looked in the Superstar program, i saw an import option which had three bullets to select for the import. I didn't find anything in the help file about these bullet points. When you said to export out of the visualizer, did you mean save it? Thanks, Dave B
  5. James Graham, How do you get your 112 channels into the superstar software? I know how to work with my ccr's but have not found a way to get my 80 channells into the software. Dave B
  6. I am going to place the CCR's on six circles that are 22 ft. in circumference. To get this length, i have to solder a 6 ft. ribbon onto a standard 16 ft ribbon. Will the superstar software work properly with an extended ribbon that is 22 ft?
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