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  1. Does anyone know of a device you can buy or make that will test CCR 50 pixel ribbons without hooking it up to a controller?
  2. Sequence from HolidaySequences.com will not run

    JR: When I launch my sequence from Holiday Sequences.com and open the Channel Configuration option, I get the following.
  3. Sequence from HolidaySequences.com will not run

    Thank dibblrjr for the information. What specifically are the steps for copying and pasting the LMS into your channel config for your pixie? Thank you.
  4. Good morning all: I am running this purchased sequence on the latest LOR software for 16 CCR on a PIXIE 16D - V2. Clicking on the .lms file launches the LOR Sequence Editor v4.3.24 Pro. When I click "play" nothing happens on my tree except for a couple of pixels at the base of channel one flickering. Everything else is dead. Any help would be greatly appreciate.
  5. 16RibbonTreePixcon

    Thank you Jim: Do you have any URLs for these commercial sites?
  6. 16RibbonTreePixcon

    Are there sequences available for the 16RibbonTree.
  7. Remote extension/AC control

    How about constructing a simple PVC arch over your driveway. You could interface it with your controller or run it as a stand alone. The arch then becomes your means of providing power to the other side. I have done this many times myself. You can either run cables inside the PVC (which usually requires 11/4" or better) or use electrical ties to strap it to the back of the arch to conceal it. Just another approach.