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  1. Are you still offering this service? I have ~10 videos with about that many more to do. I should have them complete by the end of the weekend. Audio is already synced up, I just need some enhancing done. My camera is not the best in the world, but using a lens from sunglasses over the camera lens, (read that little trick somewhere), it got rid of a lot of glare and color washing. The camera showed the vids were in focus and a small window in MS Movie Maker shows it in focus, but when opened to full screen, it's a bit out. I know you said it's hard to fix, so I'm not really worried about it. I can live with what's there, just enhancements before putting them on Vimeo. You can PM me or send an email to dariansdad1@comcast.net Thanks, Ron
  2. This one hit all to close to home for my family and I. We are in the final stages of the recovery process with my wife. She was diagnosed with Breast Cancer 1.5 yrs ago. Several surgeries, Chemo, Radiation, the works. At least one more surgery is planned and then the continuing chemo drug, but things are getting back to normal. Your daughter and your family are in our prayers. This was an awesome thing to do for her. Kudos to her for doing the original work. Keep her laughing. It worked for me. It seems laughter took her mind off of one of the most scary times in both of our lives. May God bless and keep her in the new year and in future years. Good thoughts, Ron
  3. https://www.dropbox.com/s/zka86ytuuhdijud/Circles.lpf?dl=0 8) 16 Pixel Circles. #1 pixel is bottom left. They're not perfect, but you can adjust them.
  4. 2016 Planning, Done 2016 New Props, 1/4 Done Not planning much for next year. I am really happy with my display this year. That's something I haven't been able to say for the last 4 years. So, get 3 more windows done with 100 pixels each and I'll be done building. I'll be adding a few more sequences and learning the MIIP program from "itsmebobo". Display will most likely be vote to see which sequence is played next.
  5. http://www.planetchristmas.com/signatures/ Once complete, copy the code and put in your signature found in "My Settings" (above right under your username) At least that's how it was done a couple of years ago.
  6. That height, will, IMHO, will be quite thin, especially using multiple colors. If you will only be using 14-15 channels, one color would look best. If I were to do another tree like this, it would be 14-16 channels per color. Just my opinion.
  7. Did you have the Control Panel and Comm Listener running? It must be running for the Visualizer to show DMX.
  8. Advanced or Pro. Since it's LOR, you may not even have to do that, but don't quote me. Draw it as a CCR. Click on the prop and grab on of the 4 corner squares and click and drag.
  9. Looks like Floods to wash the wall, normal Icicle lights, (a bunch) and then Strobes for the cool flashing. The fans/arches look to be pixels for the fan and normal LEDs for the arch part. That would be my guess
  10. News media. Be careful what you wish for though. Get some business cards with the address and a bit about your display. Vistaprint is always running some sort of special on cards and such. Post it on social media, create a page on Facebook opposite your normal page. With my Face book page I gained over 750 likes in the last 2 seasons and my traffic has more than tripled in those last couple of years. Just a few suggestions.
  11. Had the same thing happen last year. Mine was on a P12S. I don't really know if it was the board or some other gremlin, but, I am no longer using the P12, and have not had any flicker this year. Check for water intrusion also. Sometimes there's just enough moisture in there to cause flicker and it's hard to spot. As CK57 says, most likely it's noise in the Cat5e. http://www.walmart.com/ip/KAB-ENTERPRISE-CO-LTD-3-Outlet-Outdoor-Yard-Stake/45995532 http://www.walmart.com/ip/GE-24-Hour-Yard-Stake-Timer/12566342 http://www.walmart.com/ip/GE-15153-GE-Mechanical-24-Hour-1-Outlet-Plug-In-Timer/25524763 I use these. I have 3 indoor timers from the garage, 12 plugs coming from the outdoor timers. The outdoor timers are just set to on and the 3 smaller ones turn the power on and off at my designated time. At least you won't need to go out every night and turn them on and then off after the show. I actually forgot one night to power everything back up. My show was dark for about 15 minutes. This also helps with garage door problems. It's been discussed multiple times across many forums and social media about garage door remotes not working. I did some experimenting this year and realized, if any controllers for RGB is powered, which means the RGB strings are also powered, the garage door does not work hardly at all. I unplugged 1 of 12 plugs at a time and until I unplugged the last one, the remote did not work. As soon as the last one was unplugged, it worked.
  12. I will evaluate the traffic after Christmas. If it was like last year, they come down on the 1st. If the traffic is heavier that week than last year, I'm running through Saturday.
  13. Email Jim@sandevices.com and tell him you are missing the plugs. He'll get you some in the mail. In the meantime, here's a link for them: http://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Molex/39500-0004/?qs=%2fha2pyFadujUkfAJ9wAzPVTVxX6FW76XNl67ZQ4hXdcsoqsFPMjKJQ%3d%3d I try to always have extra on hand
  14. Just make sure you create the Visualizer, exactly how you are going to create the drops. Mine are 2" spacing between each pixel and 7" between drops. Mine starts at the top (p1) down to p10, All start at the top. I even have a few words on mine and you can read them just fine. I'm quite happy with the way they turned out.
  15. I used WS2811 pixel nodes and Boscoyo strips and created mine. 10 pixels per drop and they surpassed even what I imagined. Mine are created like a vertical matrix 10 high and 30 wide. I added 30 more sections above, 10 pixels embedded in PEX tubing. I don't have a video yet, with the exception of a visitors video on my Facebook page. They are quite a ways away in this video, (Top Right) but you can see, they look amazing.
  16. I have one of the Ramsey radios and it transmits about 1/4 mile. I too went with the CZH this year on the recommendation of a friend and also George Simmons swears by it. It's about the same as the Ramsey, as far as distance. I have the Ramsey at the ready, as a back-up if needed. I figured, since I bought the CZH, I would use it. I needed a second anyway, my only back-up was a Whole House Transmitter and we all know what that is, junk.
  17. You can always do what I do. I sequence to 3 visualizer files and then export each, and put them into the master sequence and watch it in the visualizer. I sequence a 16 x 50, 360° pixel tree in one, a 12 x 50 flat tree in another and then everything else in the third. Up until S4 was released, I couldn't see my sequences in their entirety because of the DMX visualizer restrictions. Now that DMX strings are created in the same fashion as the CCRs. I now, can get my entire sequence in and see the whole thing. I'm about 300 channels over the 60 CCR version and have not purchased the 80 version yet. As KStateFan says, SS is based on total channels. If your visualization is over those channel counts, you can either buy the version that will cover your amount of channels or do as I do and split up your display. I could be wrong but, I believe that would be the only way.
  18. If you're sticking with the LOR products, Not going to see much difference as far as how you set it up. The MAJOR difference you will see is in the performance. With the enhanced engine, the visualizer is much more smooth during playback. I'm running the equivalent of 51+ strings of 50 pixels with some sequences at 400+ Mb. During sequencing and watching on the Visualizer, it looked exactly how they look now on the physical display. Oh and I use Superstar for about 95% of my sequencing.
  19. Just don't use the 4th wire. It's what I do
  20. If memory serves on Matt's arches, They are 60 LEDs per meter and I think 12v WS2811. Each pixel is made up of 3 SMD5050 LEDs. I built my arches by Matt's template but I used WS2811 12v pixels with the exception, mine are 30 LEDs per meter. Mine has 24 Pixels per arch, 72 total SMD5050 LEDs. I think mine look just as good as Matt's, although, his is brighter because it has double the pixels in his. On this link: you can see my arches well. My son's buddy, (10 yrs old) took this video last night with an android cell phone. I haven't taken any vids yet, but plan on it soon. The focus goes away about halfway through, but the first couple of songs, focus is good. Remember, he's only 10, so don't be dissing his video As you can see from the video, they are very similar in look to Matt's. The strips I am using are inside the 2" HDPE tubing, the same part # that Matt flashed on his screen during his How-To video. IMHO, 24 pixels per arch is fine. Now, on my website, (see url in signature), last year's videos, I had 25 bullet nodes on 4" spacing, in PEX tubing on the Spider Burst on the left. IMHO, 25 pixels per arch is a quite nice look. I don't think they're as nice as the HDPE and strips, but they looked great last year. I will be adding them back next year along with the HDPE ones. I don't mean to be the devil's advocate here, but if anyone is guessing that 25 nodes per arch will not look good, but you have not seen or built any, then I think I would not be trashing someone's idea. Just sayin'.
  21. To get more USB outputs, if you're going that way, buy a USB hub. I suggest the E1.31 route though.
  22. I found this year using Cat5e from controller to first pixel was a terrible idea, for me anyway. My 3 runs were all < 15' from controller, the first pixels were red on a 100% white intensity. When I changed from the Cat5e to the flat, 3 Conductor, wire, my problem went away. Here's the exact wire I use: http://www.holidaycoro.com/4-Conductor-18-AWG-Extension-Wiring-RGB-Lights-p/695.htm&Click=670 Oh, and I did not use a null pixel for the longest run of about 14'. Strips however, are a different animal and may need a null. I know there have been numerous folks using Cat5e for there connection, so obviously I did something wrong and twisted the wrong wires or something. Saxon, The 4 core speaker cable is what a lot of us use. http://www.monoprice.com/product?c_id=102&cp_id=10239&cs_id=1023903&p_id=4041&seq=1&format=2 As far as I've found, I can only find it in 2 or 4 or above. I use this for power injection if I need 2 or more injection points that are close. Case in point, the bursts and fan in the picture below. Otherwise, I use 2 core in the White PVC jacket for injection.
  23. The 12' between them should be OK, depending on the gauge wire you're using. You might try a null pixel in between each cane, but I don't think you would need it. Again, the wire gauge and if it's stranded. If so, is it a bunch of tiny strands or a few thicker strands. 18 gauge and 16 gauge, tiny stranded has worked well for me in the last 3 years I agree though, you probably need more power. At a minimum, between the 2nd and 3rd. Personally, I would inject power between 1 & 2 and 2 & 3, but that's my preference.
  24. I use mostly 5v. I don't mind putting a bit more power injection. I do have some 12v strips that I use and I do so because it's easier to have the strip control 3 LED modules as one pixel rather than to tell the controller to do that. Now for my reasoning. It is my understanding that all pixels are 5v. The 12 volt pixels have a drop down converter in them to drop 12v down to the 5v the pixel needs. A couple of years ago, there was a 12v product came out and failed miserably. Turned out, it was that same drop down converter that caused the pixel failures. As far as power injection, 5v will need power somewhere around pixel # 50 or so, give or take a dozen and the 12v will need power around pixel # 70 or 80. This is an estimate, I'm sure there are others that have gotten more. As a personal preference, I prefer the 5v simply for the reason, there's less power running through them, and in my simple mind, that says I have less chance of failure at the lower voltage. The electricians may or may not disagree with me and that's fine. It's just the way I think. As far as this is concerned, I run my 16 x 50 pixel tree from a single 5v, 300w, 60amp PS. On the third output of the PS, I had 160 more pixels for the topper. However, I had to change them to 12v, simply because that's the extra pixels I had on had on hand. The 5v I had there originally, worked just fine, that is until the water intrusion failures. That's the reason for the replacement. The tree is 16 strands of 50, each coming from an output on the Pixel Board. If you do an Up-Down-Up configuration, you'll need power for each string anyway.
  25. Make sure the silicone you use is Silicone II. http://www.zoro.com/ge-window-and-door-sealant-28-oz-clear-ge500/i/G4613007/?gclid=CPSAyrDDoMkCFUM2gQodQUsE7w&gclsrc=aw.ds Not necessarily where I buy, but I use this product. If used correctly, you won't have water ingress.
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