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  1. This is for Brian,

    When double click on an older .sup  file to open, when Superstar is not open, it kills the program. (Screen Snip is attached. These are last year's files. It may be that I'm trying to open from Dropbox. However, when I open these from within the LOR folder, they open fine. 

    It may just be that the software is looking for the LOR folder. It did not do this last year when the same procedure was used.

    It's not a problem, I can open it fine from the SS menu, it's just annoying. 

    Just something to look at for next year.

    Yes, I'm still using 4.4. I might transfer over to S5 if time allows this year.

    SSS Bug.PNG

  2. Question, S5 related. I will have a minimum of 3 sup files to get into the S5 Sequencer for each 2018 sequence. Copy and paste did not work as expected. Have I missed something? When I create a blank sequence, I import the lms file from the SS export. How do I get the other data in the blank sequence?

  3. 25 minutes ago, Dennis Laff said:

    Ron you might want to look at Ron's Holiday Lighting he has a small controller for the p10 panels that connect to E-31 directly to the P10 panels  however he is out of stock till sometime In January  I'm going to try his board for small tune to sign 4 panels

    Thanks. My P10 Panels are complete except for the enclosure. I used Darrell Pelligrin's, CFOL P10 PiHat. I have one of Ron's for a backup.

  4. My SS is at 160 License. I can actually use SS, but mostly for Tune To info. I was thinking of doing a 2 panel x 2 sides using P5 panels for Tune To info and using the P10 for effects and maybe Video. All but the Tune To info will need to be done in the S5 sequencer though

  5. On 12/31/2017 at 11:39 AM, dougd said:

    Those of us who sequenced our whole display in SS and  tweaked our visualizer to get the grid exactly how we wanted it in SS are somewhat disappointed in S5. That being said the good far out weighs the bad.

    S5 needs and lite version of the visualizer so we can create our display for SS like we always did.

    I still have S4 installed in a vmware. I will create my 2018 display in S4's visualizer and tweak it like I always do. That is all I will use S4 for. I will then import that visualizer into SS and sequence just like I did last year. I will bring that sequence from SS into S5's sequence editor. Now is where the good stuff comes in. 

    You could import the S4 visualizer into S5. I am not going that route. I created my 2018 display using the preview. That way I can get my display for S5 exactly as I like it. Now I can add movies, pictures and any of the other motion effect to my sequence quite easily because they are all built into the grid. If I need to add any SS effects at this point it is quite easy to export to SS for those props or groups I want to make changes to.

    My sequences from this past year I will copy and paste into a new sequence for this year, Get rid of some of that legacy stuff that shows up when you convert S4 sequences.

    Anyways, that is my plan. S5 ran great this season.

    That's how I was planning on doing it Doug. Sequence in Superstar, Export to SE, then import to S5 Sequencer. Tweak, Save and Run. The P10 panels are going to be where I need either S5 or xLights. You know me though, LOR through and through. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

  6. On 12/29/2017 at 7:36 PM, dougd said:

    Ron, once I made the switch no regrets. Biggest problems I had conversion of sequences. This year starting from scratch with S5, I believe it will go real smooth. Come on down anytime or we can do a teamviewer, just let me know.

    Yeah, that seems to be where I'm going to be stuck. Since my display will change for 2018, either I can't figure out how to convert multiple files in one sequence, or the program just won't do it. Plus, I can't seem to get the effect I want on the ChromaFlake Tree/Pyramid. I will probably stay with S4 and go to the PE to do a few things that I, either can't accomplish in SS or want an element level effect.


    On 12/29/2017 at 9:11 PM, k6ccc said:

    Doug, has the SuperStar integration improved since I last played with S5 about 7 weeks ago?  Or do you not use SuperStar (in which case you likely would not know)?


    Jim, when I opened my ChromaFlake Tree/Pyramid in S5 and SS, it didn't look right. Maybe I was doing something wrong, I don't know.

  7. OK Doug, I'm installing S5 on the PCs. I may be giving you a call when we get our displays down. I might even make a road trip down on a Saturday to get some one on one help. We'll need to set something up. I'll have a few questions to start, then try to dig into it.

  8. When I installed 4.3.26, I cannot get the pixel editor to open. Is it still included with 4.3.26? My 2 other machines have 4.3.24 on them and the pixel editor opens just fine. Going to drop back down to .24 on this machine and see if I can open it then. I will report back here either way.

    Un-installed 4.3.26 and installed 4.3.24. PE will still not open on this machine. Everything else starts opens up fine.

    Any Ideas?

    • Label both ends of your connection wires. With bundled wires for mega trees and such, it's less of a headache.
    • On the subject of Mega trees, if using a crank up head, make sure you spread all strings out in somewhat of an order as they will be on the tree. If you leave them in the middle, it can take hours to untangle the birds nest you will have.
    • Test, Test, Test. Test your lights, whether they be Incans, LEDs or RGB. Test the controllers, especially if they will be elevated. There's nothing worse than trying to solder something when you're 15' high on a ladder.
    • Try to have your controllers as close to the elements as possible. It's better to run 1 or 2 extension cords to the controller as to run 12-16 ext. cords from the controllers in a garage or on a porch.
    • If you're worried about water intrusion on your controllers, a plastic grocery bag is about all you need to keep water out. Tie it loosely at the bottom.
    • Back up all sequences and audio. Mentioned above, but worth mentioning again. Back it all up on several different medias. When you get set up done, there's nothing worse than making a brain fart and deleting you're entire show a week before you go live. Luckily, it was backed up several times.


    Yes, I've been bit by all of these.

  9. Once our sequence is complete, after Migration, (if a migration is done), do we need to keep the AVI files or do we need to keep them until the sequence is tested in November?









    files are in the show folder.


    Are these the only files I need for the show? If the AVI not needed after the sequence is complete, can we delete them or should we not?


    The sequence plays in the visualizer just fine.

  10. Most all of my pixels are 5v including the 180° tree. I don't have any pictures of the build, but everything was done as Walter Montrose designed. Go to magicchristmas.com or do a search for color motion tree. Really the only thing that's different on my tree, I used square WS2811 Pixels and I used a dab of hot glue under with 2 zip ties per pixel. I tried the taping deal, and my way was simple. My topper is a bit different than his too. I had a 12" diameter circle made out of 1/4" aluminum. I also have the JUMP (Jack Up Mega Pole) and Portable Hole II. Let me get to a pc and I'll link you to Walter's site.


    On this page are 3 pdf files for the JUMP, Portable Hole I and II as well as the Color Motion Tree. 



    All the info you need will be in these files. It's how mine was done. Oh, his is like 240° and mine's 180° and a bit more narrow at the bottom.

  11. The right one is a 180° tree with 16 strings of 50 WS2811 flat pixels. The left one is a 360° tree 24 x 25 WS2811 Bullet pixels. They are wrapped in a clear, 1" split wire loom. I did the 360 this year for the first time and was none too impressed with it. I wanted something different for the second pixel tree, so this was a test. Plans are to convert it to a 2D Ray tree, 12 x 50. I'll still have the 180° in 2015. Everybody loves that one.

  12. Well another year in the books. We had a great turnout after it finally got started a week or two after Thanksgiving. I am in the process of loading videos to the show and they will be on my Vimeo page and my website.


    Plans for next year are already in the making and almost complete. I'm going to try my best, not to add anything after March of this year. (I think I can do it this time)


    Anyway, if you care to peek at the videos, they will be here:



    I do plan on a better camera for next year, just as a side note.


    For those that wonder, everything in the 2014 show was sequenced using the Superstar software and ran by LOR S3

  13. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/qp3pmudv3eebq6y/AAC-ib2Hn2TjVtEiUMpO-zU9a?dl=0


    This is the topper for mine. The larger flange is 1 1/4" and the smaller one is 1/2". The larger one goes to the tree pole of course but the smaller one is for this star.


    I took the back off of the star and drilled 4 holes to fit 2 "c" clamps or pipe clamps. I then added a small strip of plywood to the inside (for support of the HDPE) and attached the clamps, then attached a 1/2" threaded pipe and cinched everything down.

    Next, I re-installed the back portion of the star and it in turn screws right into the small flange in the pictures.


    I can get some pics close-up if you like. It will just be of the outside, because I have the sections caulked and I really don't want to take it apart.

  14. TonyD, if you have a Dropbox account, It will download straight to it. If you don't click here and sign up plus using this link I get a bit more storage: https://db.tt/SL3Gwz6g


    By the way, I downloaded to mine and it is fine. IE will download it and not give you the "Malicious" warning.

    1. Create your props with the idea of quick setup, fast take-down and easy storage.

    Start early. Depending on the type of show and size, you can actually start thinking about next year when you go live this year.

    Learn the right way to do something before you try to do it.

    Order early to avoid backups at crunch time.

    Be methodical with your sequencing. Take your time the first go around and there will be less tweaking later.

    Double check all solder connections on DIY toys prior to powering up. (less chance of letting out the secret smoke that's in all electronics)

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