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  1. barbotte

    I want a Hippo - Singing Trees Sequence

    hello can i have the singing face too thanks barbottes@hotmail.com
  2. barbotte

    Looking for Singing Tree Sequences

    thank i went through them and some i will be using for my show next year ,,very appreciated
  3. barbotte

    Looking for Singing Tree Sequences

    wow 23 song with face ?? can i get that too ?? i would have something to play for next year ... thanks barbotte@gmail.com
  4. hello i will take anything you can share for singing face for christmas ...but granmam run over a reen deer would be awesome thank barbottes@hotmail.com
  5. all is song are under his signature ..for music you need to send him email ... cheer
  6. hey Matt do you have grand ma got run over by a reindeer ?? thanks
  7. i mean in your folder there is a frozen montage lms...lms.lcs.....lms,lsv i try all 3 and i dont see the face part on the sequence ,,, any idea/?? thanks
  8. xlight wont do v3 only v2 .... and by the way did you do the face on the frozen montage or just full sequence ?? tanks
  9. hey Matt i did send u the face part and I would be very happy to help you out with the rest of it but unless u know how to convert a vixen 3 file to LOR .. i have no clue if its possible ,,, that is why i only need/take the face and convert it into vixen 2.1 then converted it again to vixen 3 ,,,, then i carried on with the rest of my display ,,, i dont know if its possible to go the other way around ,,,
  10. barbotte

    Let It Go Frozen 4 singing faces

    hey matt did u made the face on the frozen montage ??? i see 3 version and was wondering witch one is it ?? thanks
  11. well as usual Matt ,,u will be making a lots of happy kids ,,,, i know it because my show has been running for 2 week now and every time let it go play ,,, they SCREEM and sing it ,,, its unbelievable ..to bad they have to wait 9 more song before another frozen song play lol cheer and thank for your work
  12. barbotte

    Christmas can can

    does that copy has the talking faces sequence ??
  13. i do have let it go ,,probably not as good as matt quality but it did the job for me ... let me know and matt i dont know how to upload it for you let me know i could send it by mail if you whant it cheer
  14. barbotte

    2 sequences free

    can i have a copy thank barbottes@hotmail.com
  15. hey matt thank for all your work ,,, will you make a new 2014 folder soon for all the new song ?? i am sure a lots of us are waiting for let it go lol .. thanks