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  1. my squences show in recent but not in existing I cant add to show Why?
  2. The new card came today as LOR promised. hooked it up ran a quick test every thing seems ready to go for tomarow. Thank you to everyone for there help.
  3. Thanks for all the help. it was appreciated. After all that LOR is sending me a new card. I'll be a week late but that's the way it goes. At Least I can stop pulling my hair out.
  4. DonFL wrote: Yes to all. I have checked there is power to both sides. I even changed fuses. If anyone thinks they could talk me through this please call. My number is 412-734-5016. I can sure use the help.
  5. DonFL wrote: yes to all. I have power on both sides of the fuses I even changed fuses. still nothing. I have tried to reset the controller. I'm not sure I did the reset right. If anyone thinks they can talk me through this please. my number is 412-734-5016.
  6. cmoore60 wrote: No This was no solder. I did the wires and the controller checked out fine in October all channels worked when I tested it. Now on the day I was to light up I plug it in and get nothing. I do appreciate how helpful everyone is on this forum.
  7. DonFL wrote: Sorry about the multiple posts. I am frustrated. It does seem to be a power problem . It's not the fuses. I have no clue.
  8. Thank God you were there to disconnect this could have been a disaster.
  9. cmoore60 wrote: Thankyou for your help. yes I have done the configure. I have refreshed I am running out of ideas and running out of time. If anyone has any ideas please help. I'm lost.
  10. Planning Sunday but it's not looking good.
  11. Big Al

    Help! Please!

    when connecting my controller I get a message "Unable to locate LOR Port check that the controller is connected and that it is powered on. I have it plugged in the fuses are good I had it checked with a meter and it is getting power. the led light is not on. Please help I'm pulling my hair out.
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