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  1. Hello, Does anyone have this old classic for 16 channels or above? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi JR, I would appreciate a copy if you don't mind. Thank you in advance. calvin.slater1@gmail.com
  3. Anyone have this sequenced that would be willing to share, trade or sell? i would like to add this, but was wondering if someone had a version already? Thank you!
  4. Hi JR & James, Can I get a copy of the singing faces and Superstar sequence from you as well James? Thank you very much to both. Email address is calvin.slater1@gmail.com Thanks again.
  5. Could I receive a copy as well? calvin.slater1@gmail.com Thank you in advance.
  6. Hi JR, Did you get a chance to send it to me at calvin.slater1@gmail.com? Didn't see it in my email? Thanks again for all your work on this.
  7. Thanks so much! Email is calvin.slater1@gmail.com
  8. Hi JR, I see this song listed on MP3 Million. Would you be able to do the faces for this song for Halloween? Thank you. Love and Rockets - So Alive
  9. OK, this may not be Halloween music, but I always thought it might be interesting for singing monsters (pumpkin faces) and a band? Love and Rockets - So Alive
  10. Please - Thank you! calvin.slater1@gmail.com
  11. calvin.slater1@gmail.com Thank you in advance! Happy New Year!
  12. Would like a copy. Thank you in advance! calvin.slater1@gmail.com
  13. Hello, Could I also request a copy. Thank you in advance. calvin.slater1@gmail.com
  14. Would anyone happen to have a version of this sequenced? If so, could I possibly get a copy? Thanks very much in advance. calvin.slater1@gmail.com
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