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  1. Got a few more controllers. This is my first year of breaking in with the March Grab- usually I don't checkout in time...
  2. Way back when in Theater- (before the fluid fog machines were reasonable)- we tried storing dry ice for 2 weeks- we noticed that we lost a few pounds off of each 25 pound chunk...
  3. I learned the hard way last season. While Lightorama does play most video formats there is one glitch that happens: The video window size is not consistent. The same video during a show would sometimes go full size and other times it was only half size. It was suggested in another forum that LOR suggested to use .avi format and that seemed to do the trick for me too!
  4. This link appears to be defunct- I keep getting a 404 error...
  5. I have seen in other forum discussions that a 'glitch' would sometimes occur during rapid CCR commands. This was causing a problem on Wireless links due to the high data rate. Just a thought...
  6. After hearing my ladder creak and grown from my weight I will be there next year! The only problem is can the manlift handle a 'big old ex-football player'?
  7. Just happened across the 'official' pic at one of LOR partner sites: http://store.hitechlights.com/Light-O-Rama-Cosmic-Color-Floods-Package-CCF-w-SignatureCare-P2175904.aspx
  8. 1. 2000 ANSI Lumens Minimum 2. Not done yet myself- 3. You want to have a 2.0 GHZ or Higher, and 2Gig memory 4. To work with LOR you want to use WMV. 5. One of the most common 'screens' from the various forums I've seen is a transluscent Shower Curtain found on Amazon 6. Everyone seems to keep it indoors- the weather risk and the theft risk seems to make sense. 7. Not quit- but she thinks I'm getting close....
  9. "There She Stands" by Michael W. Smith- written at the request of then President Bush http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A9yahnD9Dcg for one of the video cuts...
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