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    Seeing all the you tube videos. I started out with a Gemmy Holiday light show, but kept blowing it up cause I've got to many lights.
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  1. I feel stupid. I got it figured out. Must of been the fuse blown by my flood lights blowing, then I didn't get the fuse back in all the way. In my defense I was working on this at two in the morning. Thanks everyone.
  2. Just went out and plugged 1-8 into an outlet to see if any of my extension cords shorted. They all work.
  3. I take that back. 1-8 is not working. 9-16 is working. I turned each light on one by one. I have checked the fust and even put a new one in. I have changed nothing to my sequences. It's been running every night since oct. 1st with no problems then last night the first 8 channels just went out. I checked the plug in it's fine.
  4. i've got a 16 channel controller so all but three are working. one side of it (channels 1-7 don't work at all and the other side of it the first 4 don't work.
  5. Hi. I just went outside and noticed the first 13 channels are not lighting up. What should I be looking for? I've had my show running since Oct. 1st without any problems. Thanks.
  6. Can I got a copy of Enter Sandman? Thank you. tanyacarter@hotmail.com
  7. I'd love to take a look at a copy. Thank you.. tanyacarter@hotmail.com
  8. I need help. What am I forgetting to do? I had my LOR working last year at Christmas. Now I'm trying to get my Halloween show going and nothing is happening. I switched SD cards and also tried my Christmas SD card too and nothing. Is there something I"m forgetting to do? I did try deleting everything off the SD card and put the time and show back on the card and still nothing. At a loss.
  9. do you get to bios by starting up the pc and hitting delete?
  10. hi, this isn't a lor question but while i'm waiting for the starter packages to go on sale i'm running a holiday light show for my halloween set up. my question is, i was using an mp3 player for it, but it's giving me a headache so i was going to use my netbook, is there a way to turn my netbook on at a certain time and have it start playing my music? i'm pretty sure the lor software does this for you, i hope, please let me know if it does, but since i don't have a lor yet i'm trying to get by. thanks.
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