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  1. Where do you change these settings? This is one area I’ve never really looked into or heard much about. Maybe that’s what is causing my occasional lag?
  2. I don’t doubt it. Regardless of my user error, I just tried moving it all to my show computer and didn’t get my fades in PE. I came to my conclusion earlier when I saved intensity data in PE, it said “saved as file noted above, in the location specified.” I made sure to bring that file over with my PE and SE file. No fades present on PE, and this time it won’t play the PE stuff in the show (my other SE files seem to remember the PE programming, even though I can’t bring it up).
  3. You’re right on the equipment specs. I guess maybe I just need to take the light apart and see what’s inside that might be messing with it lighting up. It just struck me as odd that it never has the same power-up time when it seems like it’s just a basic light.
  4. If this ever helps anyone, I needed the file with extension "sequencename.lms.pe.lid" It was saving into a random folder Sequences -> Sequences. Never would have guessed it dropped into 2 folders deep called Sequences.
  5. I just added 4, white LED 50W Floods to my display. They used to be 120W Incandescent bulbs. I noticed that the lights all react together, but never the same each time the sequence runs. They don't come on early enough one time (like half a second late), then the next time they are perfect, or half a second early. They also take half-ish seconds of power before they'll even consider turning on. Is there something is SE or HU I can do to fix this? Dimming curve, or other setting? I've never had this issue yet, so not sure where to start, but I love these lights so I want them to work...
  6. UPDATE: I have comm if I remove power from the 2nd bank, 9-16. Each bank has its own dedicated power supply and reads 12.0V at the controller. Also, whenever I remove power from the controller, it loses ALL of its config settings. Possible problems?
  7. Should be pro. I’ll double check but I used the same license number that I’ve used for everything in the past and it no longer said I was in demo mode.
  8. I went from Windows 7 to Windows 10. I wouldn’t think that would cause that though...
  9. I did this, and got what I needed to a new PC, except the actual effects in PE. So it shows my Pixels, the timings, but none of the effects. Thoughts?
  10. I'm trying to move to a new computer and have all the files moved over, but I can't get my sequences that I made in Pixel Editor to load what I've done. I only edited my Pixels in PE, the rest was done in SE. On my old PC, I can see the timings in PE, and I'm pretty sure SE will play the channels (just doesn't have them listed in channel config). I need to see my timings for editing purposes on the new PC. Kind of at a loss here as to what file I may need or what setting I am missing.
  11. I am also experiencing issues with the regular controllers only. Pixcon16 seems ok. I have 3 - 16PC-G3’s running Ver 1.06 2 - 32LD-G3’s. One with Ver 1.12 and the other with 1.13.  And a used, but newly added CTB16D with version 4.40. Also a DMX1000 ver 1.41. The 4.40 controller is one I added this year. The others hadn’t caused me problems in the past.
  12. Could someone at least tell me if having a controller with firmware in the 4.- - range could be an issue with the rest of them being in the 1.- - range?
  13. It’s different every time. Which makes it tough to trace. Different lights, some shimmer and some stay solid. I started switching to an ambient show at midnight this year, and at 6am one controller stopped working until 7am when it entered shutdown scene. The other random issues popped on at 1:15pm today. This is beyond frustrating. Never had these issues before!
  14. Adding to this... Today during non-operational hours, items on my controllers randomly came on. Stayed on. And a couple of hours later shut off. Variations of this have been happening all day...
  15. Make that 4.3.2. Anyways I spoke too soon. Issues returned part way into the night...
  16. I spoke too soon on the update fixing mine. It got me through half the night, then it was back to what you're describing.
  17. Hey guys, I just updated my PC software from 4.3.4 to 4.4.2 and that solved every issue I was having!! Might be worth a shot. Never thought that would have been the problem.
  18. Update software form to 4.4.2. Problems solved!!
  19. I just posted a topic, possibly too simirlar to be its own, however my issue isn’t with rgb stuff. I also hope there is a simple answer for all of us... Haven’t experienced this in my 8 or 9 years with this software.
  20. The first few nights, my show ran fine. Now my LOR controllers are behaving erratically. Sometimes it seems like they can’t keep up and some channels briefly freeze, or multiple channels come one when they shouldn’t and lock up. Other times controllers won’t do anything at all for awhile. I’m still using S4, and have 5 LOR controller with a few DMX (DMX stuff seems to be fine...). This is the same show I’ve ran for 3 years now, with a couple of new things added. Does this sound familiar to anyone? It’s like it’s just getting worse each night... HU can locate all the controllers just fine. Not sure if it’s a hardware or software setting issue. I have 3 - 16PC-G3’s running Ver 1.06 2 - 32LD-G3’s. One with Ver 1.12 and the other with 1.13. And a used, but newly added CTB16D with version 4.40. Also a DMX1000 ver 1.41. Hope the info is helpful.
  21. Also it plays my sequences and the strips work... Just can’t see it at the computer to configure...
  22. Additonal: IPv4 set to Static Subnet at Nothing on Default gateway. DNS is all blank. Factory reset ip on controller to ensure it didn’t change. Wireless adaptor disabled on pc. Didn’t change any of the following, but still: Comm Listener Port: 8837 Ex of settings: Unv 2 - Adaptor Protocol - E1.31 - (Multi-cast) - Port:5568 Still no luck...
  23. I have been using this controller for 3 years now, and when I booted it up the first time this year, I could access it. Now for some reason I can't anymore.... IP is default What might have happened? Status LEDs are solid inside controller, and network is flashing yellow.
  24. Matt, I am having an archive issue going from S4 to S5 as well. With mine, there are multiple props (I'll just stick with Roof 7 for this) that are forcefully archived. The props are indeed in the preview, and the channel numbers are correct. If I go into managed the archived props and add Roof 7 back in, it does but creates "Roof 7 (2)" and adds it as a new random dot in the preview, because now there are 2 instances of Roof 7. Any thoughts? Aaron
  25. I have used this controller for 3 years now, and suddenly this year when I hooked up the RGB Floods (4 of them) only the reds are lighting up... I am getting 12V to all the colors at the lights. I even used a new fixture to be sure I didn't fry them all. Any thoughts? It's always worked great and the controller has always been indoors...
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