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  1. DocBrown86

    Multiple errors when importing S4 visualizer

    Matt, I am having an archive issue going from S4 to S5 as well. With mine, there are multiple props (I'll just stick with Roof 7 for this) that are forcefully archived. The props are indeed in the preview, and the channel numbers are correct. If I go into managed the archived props and add Roof 7 back in, it does but creates "Roof 7 (2)" and adds it as a new random dot in the preview, because now there are 2 instances of Roof 7. Any thoughts? Aaron
  2. I have used this controller for 3 years now, and suddenly this year when I hooked up the RGB Floods (4 of them) only the reds are lighting up... I am getting 12V to all the colors at the lights. I even used a new fixture to be sure I didn't fry them all. Any thoughts? It's always worked great and the controller has always been indoors...
  3. DocBrown86

    Dripping Icicle Lights

    Awesome! Thanks for the advice, saved me from going in the wrong direction. I'll be going with the Lowes/Menards brand. Very excited to see them in action!!
  4. DocBrown86

    Dripping Icicle Lights

    Which type did you get? The one's that look like long tubes or the actual icicle looking ones?
  5. They seem to be called different things by different companies, but I would like to add them to the roof line of my show this year. Has anyone used any that they have been happy with? Mainly I don't want to spend $400 and have them crap out after one season... I'm seeing the "Meteor Shower" stick type, and the ones that look more like thick icicles. Does one type look cooler than others on a very animated display? Looking at using the blue color light. Anyone that has had good luck with a certain brand? Might have to PM me that, not sure what the restrictions are... Need some advice!! Thanks!
  6. DocBrown86

    LED Comparison

    I am looking at two places for blue LED Commercial lights: https://www.1000bulbs.com/product/6175/SHL-25M5SBL.html http://www.noveltylights.com/35-light-tradational-t5-blue-led-mini-lights-green-wire The first one has less bulbs and length, but looks fancier with the connectors. But are they worth almost $4 more for less bulbs?
  7. Is there anyone out there that does this for multiple places each year as a for profit business? If so, is anyone willing to share what other software they like to use for planning/organizing and estimates? Or even some good tips would be appreciated!
  8. DocBrown86

    Distortion in music through fm transmitter

    Thanks Jim, that solved the problem!
  9. DocBrown86

    Distortion in music through fm transmitter

    I'm getting static in one song, and only on words with "s" and "t". Ie) Chris"t"ma"s", the t and s create a burst of static. I have checked the gain, and it's the same as the other 3 songs. I even lowered it and removed some bass using Audacity just to be sure. Static remains. What else could the issue be? Never had this happen in 7 years.
  10. DocBrown86

    4.3.0 and 4.3.2 won't run

    Start->Programs->Light-O-Rama-> Then clicking on the application
  11. DocBrown86

    4.3.0 and 4.3.2 won't run

    I saw the new update and went for it hoping for a resolution, now running 4.3.4. I was able to get sequence and pixel editor open, but then back to the original issue when attempting to open visualizer. I'm scared to close either of the 2 I have open as I am not sure I will be able to reopen them. Hopefully there is a simple fix to this. My show starts tonight (Friday)!!
  12. DocBrown86

    4.3.0 and 4.3.2 won't run

    I am having a similar issue, only with 4.3.2. It worked fine but tonight all the .exe programs stopped opening... Rebooted the computer and got them back. Now a couple of hours later they seem to be down for good. Any LOR program I try to open shows up twice in my task manager processes running tab. I cannot close them out, and nothing opens. Need help. If it's not one thing, it's another this year...
  13. DocBrown86

    Time is running backwards...

    Thanks Jim. I searched for the topic before posting this and didn't have any results come back, I may have searched in the wrong place... I'll give 4.3.2 a shot!
  14. DocBrown86

    Time is running backwards...

    I've just haven't had anything work right this weekend/week. Among other issues posted in other parts of this forum, Visualizer gave me this error tonight after clicking the "Simulate" button: "Can not enter simulation mode: Time is running backwards. The visualizer can not enter simulation mode since Windows is reporting that time is running backwards. This is usually caused by not having rebooted the computer in over 24 days. (Reboot Instructions...)" I assure you the computer has been properly rebooted numerous times, including after receiving this error message. Yet, it continues to torment me. Windows 7, 64-bit LOR 4.3.0
  15. DocBrown86

    RGB colors not previewing correctly

    How do I do this? The size limit is 58.8kb... I saved the screen shot as a gif and could only get it down to 344kb! When I finally got the size small enough as a JPEG, it was too blurry to read anything. And the blue node is on the right side of the string, which is where the physical wire is on the strip with the arrows pointing right to left. The AlphaPix has a setting to click a box for "Reverse Channels" for each of the 16 ports, however when I check that box the lights no longer respond. So they are not reversed,m nor can I reverse them to solve my issue. Just to add to the fun, upon opening Visualizer, I now get an error that says "Cannot enter Simulation Mode: Time is Running Backwards" Having a rough go at it this year...Not sure what's going on but something hates me!