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  1. I've seen some cool displays where people are clearly using videos on their Pixels. What I'm not sure about is how they are taking one video and having it integrate across their entire display. Example: I have a house outline with smart pixels that uses 5 channels on my Pixcon16 controller. If I try to add a movie effect, I can only add it to one set at a time, and then copy and paste to the others. All this does is puts the exact same part of the video on all 5 channels. How do I make it to where that one video is using my outline as, say the edges of a tv screen instead?
  2. This year I went from S4 to S5 and so far I am able to carry everything from my S4 sequences over to S5, EXCEPT the motion effects that were created back in Pixel Editor on S4.... Is there anyway to get these effects copied over to the S5 sequences?? I can't even see them in the original files to see what I did to try and re-create them. I am in trouble here gang...
  3. Here we go. This was the issue, and it must have been a legit problem. The problem PC was running Windows 7, and the one I switched to is running Windows 10. Glad I wasn't screwing something up. What's New in Version 5.3.10 Fix for Looping Show Player - On some Windows Systems, usually but not limited to Windows 7, the LOR Show Player would crash upon trying to start a show. When it crashed, the LOR Control Panel would attempt to recover and restart the Show Player. This would cause the Show Player to loop on these machines and not actually play a show.
  4. Yes. That is how I had to run the show last night. One sequence on repeat through the sequencer. As far as it initializing and shutting down, mine was happening every few seconds constantly. Not every 5-10 minutes. I switched to a different computer tonight and that solved the issue. Still annoying that I had to go that route. However I now know the sequence files are not damaged or corrupted. It had to have been something else...
  5. This is a constant repeat. 7:50:32 PM: Show Player starting 7:50:32 PM: Schedule loaded 7:50:32 PM: Initializing LOR networks 7:50:32 PM: LOR networks initialized 7:50:36 PM: Show Player initialized 7:50:37 PM: Starting show: C:\Users\tonnie\Documents\Christmas Lights\Sequences\Sequences\Halloween Music1.lss 7:50:37 PM: Checking S5 sequence: C:\Users\tonnie\Documents\Christmas Lights\2019\GG Ghosts\Animation2019 Temp.loredit 7:50:37 PM: Loading compressed sequence: C:\Users\tonnie\Documents\Christmas Lights\Sequences\LORInternal\Playback\D\C\Users\tonnie\Documents\Chr
  6. Running 5.3.8. The last 3 nights my show has worked fine. Now tonight, I tried adding more to the show and disaster struck! When I enable the schedule, I get the blue bulb for 10 seconds, the it goes red for 2, then back to blue. Repeat. I opened verifier and get the following: "Sequence file cannot be loaded" "Error" number 24. If I go to the folder it is searching in, I find the sequences there. If I try to verify a single sequence, verifier cannot see any files in the same folder. I can open and play all the sequences in sequence editor. In fact, to keep something on I have o
  7. I discovered they were Archived Props. I would still like to know how I made those that way and what they are for. Thanks!
  8. I created 8 strings of lights in the preview design and set the channel numbers. Later on I changed the channel numbers to what I now need them to be, but in the Sequencer design area I have 2 of each. One set appears to have a cog wheel to the left of the name with the newest channel assignments, and the other set has an '@' symbol to the left and has retained the old channel numbers. Only one set ( the accurate set) shows up in the Preview Design. What does the '@' symbol mean, how did I end up with it, and how do I get rid of these duplicates without removing the correct ones?
  9. Huh. Missed that out only part. Thank you. Amazing what missing one word can do to you haha. Appreciate it.
  10. So the Ethernet port is the input, and the rest would be outputs? J3 and 4 do say DMX In/Out, I think that’s what is confusing me.
  11. This seems like a good place to ask this. I have 1 Pixcon16 controller. Might have 2 soon. I’ve always just used the J9 Ethernet port and no other port. (I’m running E1.31) What are the other ports for? When would I actually use them? I read the manual, I know it says what they are and I understand that. Should I just leave it in the Ethernet port until I have a second controller? Or is the Ethernet port for configuration, and then would I move it to a DMX port?
  12. Perfect. Thank you! I feel confident that I’ll be spending the right amount of money now.
  13. I'm getting a little thrown off by the description of what I need to purchase. Hopefully it can get clarified! I am using 6 ports of my Pixcon16 with a total of 927 channels throughout the ports. Channels, not pixels. So with that being said, at 309 pixels, would I purchase the 8_CCR 400 Pixel option? I guess it's the 8_CCR part that is throwing me, does that number mean anything? Also if it matters, I do not plan on using the Auto Sequence feature. The site says that is what makes the channel count important? And my last question, I've been using pixel editor and just switched to S5
  14. Figured it out. Maybe this will help someone in the future: Went to "Effect" tab and switched from "On" to "DMX". Set Intensity from 255 to 0. Switched from "Selection" to "Intensity" and there it was... Perhaps there is a faster way? If not, at least this will do the trick!
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