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  1. I will just wait, that is what I get for waiting to order at the end of the sale.
  2. To each there own, some love 7 some love 8. I find more songs are in 4/4 time. I happen to go with 8 segments on my props with segments. Just started that way and stuck with it, If i had researched it I might have gone with 7.
  3. I wonder if they have finished shipping items from summer sale yet. It has never taken this long before, anyone else still waiting? My CC hasn't been charged yet, and I know they don't charge it until they process the order.
  4. Would like to see aggregate RGB also have a white option. For us guys who still have RGBW super strings so we can associate the white string also with the built in affects.
  5. Sounds about right for the prices.
  6. What ever you start with, stick with it, I started with SPT-2 when I ran InCans. I stick with is so I don't have to worry about what plugs go with what cord. Just easier to stick with one and save headaches later. Just my two cents
  7. I have had similar issues, and if you have both controllers plugged into the same extension cord, try powering the problem controller from different one (not a "T" but straight from an outlet if you can). It solved my issues (and I chased everything for days until someone told me to try this).
  8. Looking to add this next year. Can I have a copy also. Yes, I will keep it private use only
  9. Was trying to use the HW utility to turn on the lights to stage my display for a good picture. After a while every light turned on, turned one off. I was not aware of that there was a limit to the number of channels the HW utility could manage at once. Guess I will be making an animation file to stage it. Probably the easiest way to do it anyway, but we were testing and thought we would be smart and stage the photo at same time as testing.
  10. I had this problem last year and chased it for a while, My solution came down to changing up how the controllers where plugged in. I had about 15 controllers plugged into to a 4 different set of extension cords (about 4 each). I ended up running more cords and problem went away. I chased network cables, made sure network cables not run near extension cords to maximum possible, and all sorts of other things. Only got better when I swapped how plugged in, was very annoying when doing an all red sweep across the display and all 16 channels on one controller flashed on and off randomly.
  11. Been there before, making that many cords chews up time and before you know it you are way behind. (Most of my "props" are RGBW also.) This year I made made my cords early as I sat on my behind in front of the TV couple weeks in advance.
  12. I personally don't grind/cut mine, I don't use my light strings as make shift extension cords. I just run SPT cord as needed.
  13. Can I please have a copy, junk@machemer.net Thanks Shawn.
  14. I'm thankful I live in southern VA, not real cold when I put mine up the week of Thanksgiving. Mine go up in about 3 to 4 days, my brother and two nephews come and we knock it out. I'm a channel hog, all my stuff with mini lights have R,G,B,W LEDs. Added 12 dumb RGB snow flakes for the roof this year.
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