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  1. If you want more interest, provide more into What generation.
  2. My spokes are made with dumb RGBs, wish there was a way to make them spin with an effect, so far I have not found one. I just have to go old school programming and chases.
  3. Thanks for the info, that is useful information.
  4. Drew Hickman's class was great, I took my nephew to it, so he could learn how to program.
  5. I want when you set up tradition lights in the preview as super strings (RGBW), then go to use motion effects for white, all the lights don't come on, just the white ones. (Not treating them as RGB, and all have to be on to make them white). See video, I would love to be able to use the effects for my white lights also. I can't be the only person who still used super strings and would like this.
  6. If you purchase this early in the year for more (or a couple bucks less) than the MAD GRAB sale prices you are a fool. The warranty is worth at least 10-20 bucks to me. Just my two cents.
  7. I had over 20 controllers when I tried it last, and some turned off when others came on.
  8. 28th was my last day, My yard was cleared yesterday, have some minor upkeep to do and then put the rest away for the year.
  9. There is a limit to how many you can turn on using HU, I found that out when trying to get mine turned on a certain way for photos. Don't remember the the number but after a certain amount it started turning others off. (that was last year in S4, didn't try it this year in S5).
  10. I still haven't seen them make any changes in S5, guess I'm out of luck, or to stupid to figure out how to make it so ALL light don't come on when I want to use white lights and motion effects. Take a look at "Shawns christmas lights" on FB, and find "Rock And Roll Christmas" and watch the first 15 or so seconds, and you can see motion effects using old school LEDs. Would love to be able to use my white lights also without ALL the lights coming on. (This was a big experiment of a song.) LOR, Please help us guys who don't want to go to all smart pixels, use all the programming possible in S5.
  11. Going nuts, this is a new one on me. I have four Original CCRs units 10 - 13 from left to right, 10 and 13 work great during the song, 11, 12 have a "dead" spot at the beginning of each CCR. I jump to Hardware utility thinking I have busted arches, nope they work. Go to preview to see if I did something odd with starting channel, nope they start at 1. Compared them to units 10 and 13 in preview to try to see if something is different, didn't find anything. (Using S5 5.3.10) I also swapped out controllers, and checked firmware, no change. Any Ideas on other things to look at? Screen shot from preview pic of the "dead" spot during playback Pic of it working using Hardware Utility.
  12. I will just wait, that is what I get for waiting to order at the end of the sale.
  13. To each there own, some love 7 some love 8. I find more songs are in 4/4 time. I happen to go with 8 segments on my props with segments. Just started that way and stuck with it, If i had researched it I might have gone with 7.
  14. I wonder if they have finished shipping items from summer sale yet. It has never taken this long before, anyone else still waiting? My CC hasn't been charged yet, and I know they don't charge it until they process the order.
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