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  1. I was under the impression that the most recent firmware possible for v2 controllers is 4.40, while the most recent firmware for gen3 is 1.07 (i.e. v2 controllers can't run the newer gen3 firmware). my v2 controllers give quite a bit of flicker to the point of considering replacing with newer gen3 controllers (which i dont get flicker with). While trying to read up on the firmware changes (within the Whats New section in the software help file), i noticed the following: "Gen3 Light-O-Rama Controllers, and pre-Gen3 LOR controllers with Gen3 firmware installed, support customizable dimming curves." Does that mean gen3 firmware 1.07 can be installed on older v2 controllers, and benefit from their changes?
  2. just curious what other people's failure rates seem to be for LED string lights. I just spent hundreds of $$ after xmas switching a bunch of stuff over to what i thought were commercial-grade high-quality leds (bought from recommendations on this site), and they've been nothing but problems. i'm really exasperated enough that i'm losing interest in this whole light display hobby (yes, drastic). of the dozens of led strings i bought after xmas, ~17% have failed so far...the sets go half out. most have failed just from sitting in the box untouched waiting to be used for the first time, and i just noticed last night 1 more set outside on my display has failed, after running for a total of only 36 hours. the seller has so far replaced all but this most recent failed set (which would be a couple hours of up/down on a ladder to take down and replace if i had a replacement). but with all these early failure, i have no expectation that these will even last this one season. i'm so disgusted that i feel like i wasted my money and am embarrassed to have dead lights out on my display that i can't do anything about, and its so early in the season still. i haven't even taken a video of my own display yet. at this rate, i can't imagine how bad it'll look by the end of the season. just wondering what others' experiences have been with led failure rates, replacements, expectations, and suggestions of where to go from here. btw, ALL 65 sets of led lights i bought from lowes have been working flawlessly for 3 years now.
  3. i searched and surprisingly didn't find an answer, so sorry if i just missed it. I've been making sequences for 3 years now, starting with 16 channels, up to 48 now. so i'd classify myself as "an experienced beginner". i had never changed an audio file (selected a different file) after creating a sequence, until now. i wanted to just add a couple seconds of silent time on the end, so i used audacity to add some silence to the end of the original song and replaced the audio file in the sequence (new filename). everything appears to be fine. the sequence opens, the timings are still right on, etc. BUT, i noticed every single song i've used in the past has a corresponding .lpx file (song_name.mp3.lpx) in the same folder as the original .mp3 file. i didn't ever know what it was, but when I changed the song this time, there's now no associated .lpx file with the new .mp3 file. i moved the original .mp3 file and its associated .lpx file to another folder to see if it still worked, and it appears to work just fine. but it makes me nervous that i might be missing a file that's somehow necessary. I haven't set up the hardware yet and so haven't tested it that far through, but my timeline is crammed now and i'm worried i might run into issues at the last minute with this missing file. anyone know what the lpx file is, what its needed for, and if i need to do something to make it create another one with the new audio file? i'm using basic plus license on version 3.1.4. thanks!
  4. i recorded mine this year with a new sony camcorder. it worked well, and captured the shimmer, but it recorded in that mts avchd format as well and i couldnt find a free converter. i tried a few but they all had limits like would put a stamp across the center of the video, or would only convert half of it. so i couldnt edit it to put the real mp3 over it like i was planning on doing. i didnt spend too much time on it though cause the audio actually came out much better than i expected (i even had the radio down pretty low cause i recorded in the middle of the night to avoid interruption and didnt want to disturb the neighbors). BUT, if i had realized it before i finished recording all the sequences, i would have switched the camera to record to a different format. so if you dont want to convert it, try looking through the settings on your camera and record it again to a different format to begin with. now all i need is a wide angle lens so i can get the whole display without having to stand on the porch of the neighbors across the street.
  5. chuck, 2 cords, although they go to the same outlet. i just set up the controller next to my computer with just a window candle on each output and I can't get it to flicker. But the lights/loads are different and i have it directly connected instead of through the other controller, so maybe the leds, even though they werent doing anything but being on, were a problem? although, the other controller was similarly set-up and didnt have an issue. klb, animation sequence, one track, one loop that loops many times to keep the 2 minute sequence playing for a couple hours/until the next scheduled show. i've never done the visualizer, just the animation, which was fine. but now i have it inside and its not flickering, so maybe not the sequence that caused it? so the only differences between how it was set up when flickering and now i think are: -its directly connected from computer to the second controller, instead of through the first -the lights/loads are different on the outputs (no leds right now, and even loads across all channels) -its inside and not being supplied through 100' extension cords the leds i had on channels 9-16 were very light loads too, about 4 watts per channel, while 1-8 were about 120 watts each. i'll be replacing (hopefully) the incandescent rgb colors with led next year anyway, and (also hopefully) adding another controller. "just a little more" is what i seem to be saying each year.
  6. 1 - yes, verifier found no issues 2 - you lost me on the zero crossing thing, but all the leds are steady on, and dont flicker, while the fading/flickering on the incandescent colors happens. this is just a looping "between show" sequence where most things are just held on, but the colors occasionally switch.
  7. -klb- wrote: I have a pretty simple set-up and everything was new or used 1 season. Everything that was used 1 season had no issues before. This season, a simple 2-second fade from one color to another caused the two colors to flicker only during the fade (they're incandescent btw). the suggestion for how to fix it was to reset the board and try a firmware update. Its already running 4.40, so wanted to see if i could get something newer. I couldnt find any physical problem anywhere and all my sequences worked fine all season except for this single-instance flicker thing. I mostly left it alone for the season for fear of screwing something up mid-season. Was going to try the update before I packed the controllers away for the year. In case you might have another suggestion, heres a little about my setup: 2 controllers. one i used last year. this year i added the second. on each, there were incandescents on 1-8 and leds on 9-16 (leds i used last year with no problem). on the first controller, among 1-8 was one rgb and the r of another rgb. i had no issues with any of those. on the second controller, 1-8, i had the gb of that split rgb, as well as two more rgb's. the flicker i got was only from the rgb's on the second controller. i only noticed it when, for example, just the greens would be on, then they'd slowly fade to reds, both colors would flicker only while they were fading. i used it all season like that and didnt notice any other issues in any other sequences, although i didnt do slow fades like that anywhere else. i had a 100' network link between the two controllers, which was a new cable too. the first controller was inside, the second out in the cold, but well protected. and call me crazy, but i swear the flicker was worse earlier in the evening than later. i made the sequences using i think 2.9.4 software, and mid-season upgraded to 3.1.4 hoping it might help, which it didnt. I'm just baffled.
  8. now that the season is over, i wanted to try updating the firmware as an attempt to fix a flicker during fade. i asked the help desk about the gen3 firmware working on the gen2 (or is actually called v2?) controller a while back, and their response was in my post above (saying it would work). because of everyone else seeming to say otherwise, i just asked again today to confirm. He did. so i went to do it, and it gave me the error "Load Failed: Not correct firmware for controller". So, no it doesnt work, even though the help desk thinks it should. Thankfully it refused to load the firmware instead of bricking the thing. I guess my lights will just flicker next year too. ugh!
  9. You should be able to use the newest G3 firmware in older boards. I havent personally tried it yet, but in a response from the help desk, they said: "The latest G3 firmware will work on older boards" FYI, theres also a recent update to the software. Thinking about updating the firmware... mid-season makes me nervous, but I'm trying to fix a flicker I get on incandescent strings while doing a slow fade.
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