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  1. SoCalJimH

    Led Nodes

    godman- am I reading your posts correctly- you want all your arches on the same circuit so all the arches would be just all one color. White or red according to your links.
  2. You might try http://www.monoprice.com/Product?c_id=102&cp_id=10239&cs_id=1023904&p_id=4043&seq=1&format=2 It's 4 core but I use it with 4 core connectors for all my extension uses. I have 4 core waterproof connectors( LINK ) on all my RGB strings but just leave one lead open. Been using it for last 4 yrs with no issues. I one area I used acrylic craft paint to blend the cables into the ground cover. Using gloves I just rubbed the paint into the cables. Works great. Hopes this helps. Jim
  3. Many members have added "G Scale" trains to their display with good success. Quick thoughts on the subject- Keep away(as in run away) from steel track. Usually provided with Bachmann Xmas sets. It's strictly indoors stuff and marginal at that. Brass, Nickle, or Stainless Steel track is the way to go. Brass is lowest price and it goes up from there. Stay with one brand to avoid connection issues. Most G Scale train engines do not like small turn radius'. 2.5 to 3ft radius is min for smaller engines. Larger ones may take 4-6+ft radius. Most rolling stock (flat cars, passenger cars, etc.) have no issues with tight turns as they usually have swiveling trucks. Keep in mind the issue of couplers. Not all are compatible. I stick to the LGB type, also referred to 'hook and loop". I find they are very reliable for outdoor use. There will be many designs/models of engines/ cars out there. It will serve you well to stick to brand names. Suggest you avoid eBay. Buy what you can see and touch before shelling out the $$. You will quickly see the difference in 'toy trains' and 'model trains'. Do a search of model train shows in your area and find a couple hobby stores that stock G Scale trains. Take a good look and then ask a whole bunch of questions. Best of LUCK!!
  4. kissfan4- just to confirm that the Holiday Coro controller will NOT work with the GECE's. I was in correspondence with HC when they were bringing the controller into market. I use both SanDevices E682 and the E6804 controllers with good success, FYI- the DIY kits are easy to solder and can be assembled in an evening easily. Good Luck.
  5. Issue turned out to be COM port assignments and now all working (for now.......)
  6. Well Darn, I'm having the same problem. I have followed this topic closely. Same as deej12160, I cannot get "Control Lights" to stay ON. I do not have Hardware Utility open. Any Suggestions? (PLEASE!)
  7. Very good of you to post the cause of this issue! This is an experience WE ALL CAN LEARN FROM!! Hopefully the offending PS has an adjustment so you can dial back the voltage. Good Luck!!
  8. How exactly did you damage the string? Cross wired? the 6amp 5vt power supply should have been more than adequate. An LED will only draw the amperage it needs and a 50 node ws2811 string pulls around 3 amps. Check your existing power supply and make sure that it's putting out 5 VDC (and not 5 VAC) and no more than 5 volts.
  9. Interesting idea. But I think I'll stick to their Liquid Tape that comes in a bottle. A couple dabs on the strip connection and I'm good to go. No over-spray or vapor inhalation issues. IMHO
  10. I use MonoPrice with very good success----> LINK Good $ on shipping also.
  11. If you haven't yet, give the AusChristmasLighting_101_Manual a light read. Look at page 47 for for various power injection ideas. (good drawing there) With the WS2811's, adding power after 100 pixels does the trick very nicely. But, do some experimentation, see what you think for your conditions. Enjoy! PS-> http://auschristmaslighting.com/forums/index.php
  12. Is there lip/ridge (at the arrow) where the clip attaches to the banding? To prevent the clip from slipping off the banding material?
  13. I do not have personal experience with using a wireless router to broadcast LOR but in reading some of the forum posts a lag may occur as the wireless transmitter try to keep up with the data flow.
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