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  1. At my old house, I had a song that was completely programmed. I moved, and need to redo the sequence to fit the new house. When I open both the old sequence and the new sequence, and copy a particular timing in the old sequence, it will not let me paste into the new sequence. It pulls from the clipboard of the new sequence. How do I do this and save a ton of time? I used to be okay at programming, but after taking a couple of years off I definitely need a refresher course!
  2. I have a single controller that runs all of the circuits attached on twinkle when they are not supposed to be on. I have triple checked the programming and it is not a programming error. It seems to be doing it after I have them programmed to twinkle during an announcement. It's almost like they get stuck on twinkle. Once the next command goes through, it goes off twinkle and does what it is supposed to. I also have a CCR that does this. I am wondering if it's not a bad network cable. Any suggestions?
  3. When I plug in my CCR to test it, the hardware utility does not recognize it. It lists it as "08 - Unknown Device ???". When I click on configure, the CCR-CCB Config screen is not an option to click on. How do I fix this? I tried resetting the device. I had some issues late last year, too.
  4. I have two CCRs. One of them lights up when it is not supposed to. I've checked the sequences to make sure I didn't have something on, but there's nothing there. A portion of the CCR flashes multi colors when it's supposed to be off. Anyone have any suggestions? It's three years old, maybe it's just getting bad? It works okay when in a sequence.
  5. Thanks, James. It did help. I was able to figure it out based on what you said. I just didn't know it was so complicated to program them! Programming just the lights is a snap compared to this!
  6. I'm sure this has been asked a million times, but I never have any luck searching these posts. How do you program CCRs? I have two, and have watched the video on how to program them in Superstar, but it doesn't look like there is any way to change the configuration to two CCRs. I am thinking of doing two to four arches with them. I suppose I could just use the Superstar program and only program two of the strands, but it would be easier to see the strands in arches. I sure appreciate the help!
  7. I'm noticing this is a major problem so far this year on the forums with many of the new controllers.
  8. Sorry to be ignorant, but what is a triac, how do I replace it, and where do I get a new one? Does this happen regularly? I noticed tonight another channel on a different box is doing the exact same thing. The controllers seem to be dry inside.
  9. I now have the display up and there is a channel that stays on dim all the time, even when it is programmed to turn off. It kind of pulses dimly when it's supposed to be off, but then is on normal when it is supposed to be on. We did have some major rain here, but everything seems to have dried out now, so I don't think that's the problem, but it could be. Any more ideas??? I tried the hardware utility and hitting lights off, but it didn't work this time. It's a different channel than before.
  10. Thanks TJ. I have a lot of work to do still, but it can be done, since I took vacation all next week to finish my display. I'm starting to think 7 controllers my first year was a little ambitious! lol
  11. I have no choice but to leave two controllers outside, exposed to the elements, but under a slight eave on the side of the house (unless I drill a hole in the garage wall). What does everyone do with the controllers that are outside? Do you mount them to something, and if so, how? Do you put them in containers? Also, is Cat5 cable is weatherproof? I can't believe it's one week until I light up!!! It's all starting to come together. Thanks for all the advice, guys. I'm officially hooked!!!
  12. Do you guys use the indoor cords on sale at Menard's for your outdoor display? Is that safe? I've been looking at the heavy duty outdoor orange cords.
  13. Anyone know the cheapest place or type of cords to use. I have seven LOR controllers, so I need several cords of all lengths. The cheapest I find around here is Big Lots, 20 foot for $6 outdoor extension cord. I don't know if I'm handy enough to make any, so I'd like to buy pre-made cords, but could make them if it's a lot cheaper.
  14. Thanks, Walleyes. That fixed it. And Max-Paul, I did melt the plug a little, too. Luckily, everything still works. Moral of the story, pay someone to put stuff together from now on!!! Another question, one that's hopefully not so stupid. I'm having a hard time determining how everything goes together. I plan to use a miniDirector with this FM transmitter, and a timer to turn everything on. Does the mini director plug into the FM transmitter? I assume I will need another plug for that. Thanks again guys, you're always a big help to a new (and somewhat idiotic at electronics) person.
  15. Yeah, I mean I tried to solder the flip side. I'm a real idiot! I saw that page, but obviously didn't pay enough attention. The other solders aren't mine. They came that way. I think what you're seeing in the other picture is a nut. Here's another picture, but it's hard to get a pic closer than this. Attached files
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