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  1. thanks for the suggestion. no luck.
  2. did the cable test, and they're both fine. it just keeps trying to use the windows driver, instead of the cdm driver, and i cant figure out how to get it to recognize the driver on the disk. it says installation unsuccessful, but still sees the adaptor, only with the wrong driver.
  3. I have a laptop running windows 7 home premium. i have loaded the drivers from the disk, and it keeps saying installation unsuccessful. i have done the clean sweep and reinstalled the drivers to no avail. with the driver "installed", i plugged in the usb485, and it was seen by the computer, and when i loaded the hu, it saw one of the 2 controllers (slowly), and actually ran it, butr it wouldnt see the other controller. i unhooked the first controller and hooked up the second, and it would see it, but it will only see one at a time. when i check the driver in device mgr, it says the driver, but not the one i need. when i try to install the driver by right clicking on the usb port, it sees the disc and says it is installing it, but it still wont use that driver. anybody?
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