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  1. Thanks to everyone that responded. I was going to build the 2 legged version stand that was suggested by Wbottomley. But because I am running out of time, for now I'm going to go with PMC's idea of the saw horses. I have the saw horses and I don't have to build anything. GaryD
  2. Does anyone have a good DIY idea for something to mount a control box to that will keep it off the ground? A photo would help. Thanks, Gary D
  3. Sucess! I have a unit and can get back to setting up. Will is a very good person to work with. I would recommend him to anyone. Thanks to everybody, Gary D
  4. James, Thanks for the info. If all goes well I will have a unit tomorrow. Thanks again
  5. The last time I looked there the unit I needed was sold. But, I will still be looking. Some of these guys bid too high. Thanks GaryD
  6. I ordered my first PC CTB16PC Controller back in September and just recently received it. I've put it together, tested it and it is ready to go. The problem is my display turns out to be 32 channels. Monday I am ordering my second box but I am afraid it will not be here in time. So, I'm desperate and I have to ask! "Does anyone in the Cincinnati area have a spare PC CTB16PC Controller that I could borrow til after the Holiday?" If you could deliver it to my home, we could meet and you would know where I live. I will sign a receipt stating that I have your unit and will return it after the Holiday or when my unit gets here whichever occurs first. I know this would take a giant leap of Faith and I am only asking because I am desperate. I live in the Ross Area, am 61 years old and am a man of my word. From one Christmas Light enthusiast to another I thank anyone who might be able to help. GaryD Attached files
  7. I really didn't ask a question above. How do I do the same thing (Turn on or off a cell while the music is playing? Thank you Garyd
  8. Let me start out by saying I'm working on my first sequence with S3. I've sequenced to several songs with Vixen before this. One feature in Vixen that I have not been able to located in S3 is: When I play a section of a song and loop it at a slower speed I was able to turn on and off a cell while the music is playing. Can I do this with the S3 software? Still trying to get started, GaryD
  9. Yes, I got it last night. Starting to put it together today.
  10. I ordered a CTB-16PC kit Sept. 19th Just received word: It shipped today Oct 31st Delivery: Due Nov 2nd
  11. I ordered just a kit that that doesn't even need to be assemble on Sept 19th and I don't have it yet! I'm told they don't have kits in yet. I guess DIY's are lowest on the totem pole.
  12. Ordered 1 CTB16PC - Kit Sept 19 Not yet shipped or received
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