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  1. Hello, I would love a copy of this please. phantom1626@hotmail.com Thanks, Tim
  2. Hey everyone, So, this is my first year expanding into a Halloween show. I have a large Matrix and i'm just looking for a few sequences to use on the matrix screen. Does anyone have anything, please?? Thanks, Tim
  3. May I please get a copy of this? pyrotech6@hotmail.com Thanks, Tim
  4. Hello, May please get a copy of this as well? phantom1626@hotmail.com Thanks for doing this! Tim
  5. may i please get a copy? pyrotech6@hotmail.com Thanks, Tim
  6. Perfect! That's exactly what I was hoping for. Thank you all very much! I already ordered my Kill-a-watt meter Thanks, Tim
  7. Hey all, Hopefully, this is an easy question for someone out there. I am running a 100% pixel based show. I've got quite a few controllers and lots of the 12v power supplies. (12v, 350w, 29A) I know how to calculate my actual load on all my different power supplies. For example: - I have 270 pixels (evenly distributed) running off one of my controllers. Each pixel draws .54 watts and .045mA - 270 x .54 = 145.8 Watts - 270 x .045 = 12.15 Amps So, this is where I get confused. How do I then calculate how many of these 12v power supplies can I safely put on one single 20Amp branch circuit? Is there a calculation for this? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Tim
  8. I'm not sure I understand it, but that fixed it! Thank you very much. Tim
  9. I created a group in my preview called "ALL Pixels - Windows Only". In that group, I included 6 props. But, when I open a sequence, and I look in the "member props" for that group, only 4 show up. (see picture). - I tried deleting the group and rebuilt it - I tried removing the view from the sequence editor and then added it back in. I cannot figure out how to get my two missing props to show up. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Tim
  10. I was applying it across my entire house. a single group that contained all my props on the house. Tim
  11. When i use the "simpleShape" effect, the rotation does not appear to be working. Thanks, Tim
  12. Under "Format" select "Preferences". Then select "Show Pixel Numbers on Selected Props". Thanks, Tim
  13. Hey everyone, I am not sure this is possible, but here goes nothing... I have a small matrix that I use for my "Tune to 97.7 FM" sign. This text is in green lettering and is constantly scrolling throughout the entire show. Is it possible to inherit all the effects I am using on other parts of the display, on this matrix, but still make sure the scrolling text does not get interrupted? So, let's say I have all the pixels on my house flashing blue, then red, then green, etc...can the scrolling text inherit these colors? Obviously, I realize that I could manually program this and change the matrix effect anytime I make a change to the rest of the display, but that would be a TON of work. Looking for a simpler solution. Any ideas? Thanks, Tim
  14. Thank you all for the suggestions! I'll go with the most votes. mp3 gain it is!! Thanks, Tim
  15. Hey all, I've got about 15 different songs that I use in my display. They are all at very different volumes. Does anyone know how to "normalize" all the songs so they play back at relatively the same volume level? Thanks, Tim
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