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  1. I am running 80 channels. Everything is working fine EXCEPT Channel 1 of Box three is always on. It doesn’t seem to be 100 percent on. Maybe 50 or 70. Anyone have and idea how of how to fix it? Thanks!
  2. I have one box, 16 channels. I used it last year for the first time and everything was perfect. I stored it (inside) and when I hooked it back up on Friday, 1-8 did not work. 9-16 did. I first swapped outlets (plugging directly into the outlet - no extension cords), then I moved to an entirely different outlet (no extension cords), then a swapped fuses and then swapped fuses and fuse holders. With all of these different combinations 9-16 worked and 1-8 never did. I reset the channels to 0-0 and the back to 0-1 (at the direction of LOR help desk). I also tested it using the hardware utility. Once again 9-16 works and 1-8 does not. I have a friend that is an electrician. I am going to ask him to see it he can test whether the current is reaching (an exiting) the fuse. Someone said it may be a bad fuse assembly. Any other suggestions anyone has I will give it a shot!! LOR help desk seems baffled by this one.
  3. I am not, but I can find someone who is. Can you send me a link to the guide? Also, how do you check if electric is coming through when it is not hooked up to the computer? Is there a way to do it where all channels stay 'on' to check the electrical flow? When the control box is plugged in and not running a show aren't all the channels 'off'?
  4. I have flip flopped outlets, switched fuses, switched outlets completely, resest the channels. Still 1-8 doesn't work, 9-16 does. LOR help desk has been able to offer any suggestion. This is only the second year for this box. Everything work last year when I put it away. I opened up the box and everything looks connected and clean. Frustrated!
  5. I bought the controller already built. Did you build yours yourself? Should I take the cover plate off the front of the controller and look in there? Obviously I have no idea how to do what you suggest.
  6. The Model is LOR160xW. I set the channel IDs to 0-0 plugged it in, the light flashes quickly. Then I reset the IDs to 0-1 and plugged back in. I'm not sure if that is a system reset? This did not fix the problem.
  7. This is the second year I have used this controlled/software. Last year everything worked perfectly. I stored the controller and hooked it up just like last year. I have the same set up (# of lights, etc)as last year. I hooked everything up 9-16 works 1-8 does not. It is not the fuse, I swapped fuses and 9-16 worked with both fuses. I also changed where they werre plugged in, in two different outlets. Regardless 9-16 worked and 1-8 did not. Ideas??? LOR emailed me to reset the channel ID switches, which I did, but the same problem continues. Any ideas???
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