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  1. Timing Grid limitations?

    Thanks for looking into it. I get all OCD when creating my animation sequences and the fixed timing grids help me get the effects the way I want it.
  2. Why am I limited to a minimum of 1/20th (.05) second when creating new timing grids in S5? In S4, I could create timing grids as small as .01 (1/100th) of a second. I have some RGB sequences where I have bulbs blink white for 1/50th of a second to create a sparkling effect.
  3. Thanks everyone for their suggestions- the temps dropped to 16F and all the lights went out. I recently tested it, and found the voltage at 2.7. So, it's the power supply. Ordered a Mean Well 12V power supply this time, and will follow up once I get it from Amazon and install it. Pearlight Technology? Forget it- cheap chinese crap.
  4. Thanks for the suggestion about the voltage- I'll check the voltage levels. The LED driver (Pearlight) is rated for operating temps between -22 thru140F, and I couldn't find it's load derating curve, but based on other led drivers, the load would drop off at higher temps, not lower. So, at 27F, it should be at 100% voltage. I'll confirm tonight. It does say that there's a drift of ± .5 volts. The output is non-adjustable, and is fixed at 12V. As for the distance between the controller and the lights, the run down is this: Port 1: 100 pixels, 8" spacing between pixels, there is a 13' run between the controller and the first pixel. Port 2: 100 pixels, 8" spacing between first 50 pixels, 4" spacing between the 2nd 50; 10' run from the controller to the 1st pixel. Port 4: 50 pixels, 4" spacing between pixels, 11' run between the controller and the first pixel. By the way, I'm located in Rochester, NY and it was 27F last night, and no thanks, I like my cold air.
  5. I went from a CCB system last year with 100 pixels to a 250 pixel setup this year with a Pixie 4D. It's running a beta firmware that has a proper stand-alone functionality. The show runs off a G3 Mini-Director set at 500K. I switched to all new 12v C9 pixels from Holiday Coro (this was before LOR started offering their own 12v CCB strings). The power supply is a 200W 12v power supply, all the pixels total 120W, and I added 12 watts to power the mini-director. The director is powered by the Pixie 4D via a POE set-up. During the warmer days (above freezing) all the bulbs behave normally. When the temperature drops below freezing, on Port 1 (which has 100 pixels) only pixels 1-80 behave normally, 81-82 are static color and the rest are off. On Port 4 (which only has 50 pixels), Pixels 1-23 work normally, and the rest remain off. Port 2 has 100 pixels as well, and they all behave normally. Port 3 remains unused. Any suggestions what I should check? I tested everything inside my house, running the show for several hours without any issues before installing them outside.
  6. Thanks. After sleeping on it for a bit, I realized that I still had my old Mac Book Pro that I used to create the sequences. I took a look and found the files, since 2015. So, not all is lost, and I can use the old sequences as building blocks for next year. I now will save my files to OneDrive, as well as activated back-up to my personal cloud.
  7. After creating my sequence (LAS file), and creating a show for it (only 1 sequence) onto the SD card for my mini-director, my PC crashed with a boot error. I was forced to do a full restore from the original install, and lost my Light-O-Rama files. I thought I had back-up turned on, but alas I did not. (Don't worry- nothing important was saved on this PC. Only used for Light-O-Rama. My main computer's a Mac, and is always being backed up.) I was wondering if we can re-create a sequence file from the show file that's already on the SD card, or is it a one-way situation?
  8. I've been using S4 for this year's Christmas and will switch to S5 next year. While playing around in the beta (installed on a separate PC from the one with S4) While working on this year's show, I noticed that I do use the Save Tools and Recent Tools a lot when building my sequences. In S5, I noticed the absence of the Saved / Recent Tools. I'd like to see that brought back, or is it hidden somewhere or use a different workflow?
  9. I like this idea too. I've had experience with Photoshop and Illustrator, and do feel that some of the features would be beneficial in SE.
  10. S5 Prop Creation & Playback

    I also noticed one thing that was lacking- the ability to create LOR props, such as the CCB / CCP. Those controllers have macro channels, and I cannot add them as part of the prop. Some of my sequences uses macro the macro channels.
  11. Another option is to use the "Saved Tools" feature. If there's a color you use most often, create a color fade for a single color, and when it shows up in the "Recent Tools" list, right click on that "tool" and select "Save Tool". That way, you can select that particular color and drag it across whatever timing you have set for that part of the sequence.
  12. Does anyone know what the size of the screws that holds the cover of the CCB controller? I misplaced mine. I plan to go down to the hardware store and buy a couple.
  13. Loops not working in mDM-MP3.

    No help here? Well, off to opening a support ticket.
  14. I have several sequences that uses loops within the sequence. When playing the sequence back in the sequence editor, the loops work as intended, however after transferring the show to the mini Show Director, the loops are ingored while playing via the Show Director. Did I miss something here?
  15. Question about the DIO32 controller board

    A week goes by and not one answer? Looks like Light-O-Rama doesn't have what we're looking for. We most likely will be going with Daslight DVC2 and dmx dimmer packs.