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  1. Could I also get a copy please! Thanks in advance. ststock23@msn.com
  2. Me too please! ststock23@msn.com
  3. Hi James, I'd love a copy as well! Merry Christmas, Tim ststock23@msn.com
  4. Welcome Matt! Can I have a copy of Rockin around the Christmas Tree? Thanks Tim ststock23@msn.com
  5. Hi James, Can I have a copy as well. Don't know how I missed this one! Thanks Tim ststock23@msn.com
  6. Hi James, Me too please! Thanks, Tim ststock23@msn.com
  7. James, Can I have a copy please! You are the king of sharing! ststock23@msn.com Thanks, Tim
  8. Me too, please!!!!! ststock23@msn.com
  9. Hey James, Can I get a copy as well. Looks like everyone will have this one! Thanks Tim ststock23@msn.com
  10. I used tiki torches, some solenoid valves and copper pipe and fittings. Built it in a weekend. Still need some improvements but it was easier than I thought.
  11. I keep them far away from traffic, in a fenced off area. The Jacobs ladder prop is always a sore spot. I put it behind glass.
  12. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10201132173522832 Sequence is a little off, but I threw it together rather quickly. Sound quality not best either, but it from my phone. Maybe I'll work on a how to after the holidays.
  13. Anyone know where to get a soundtrack of the ride? I want to sequence the soundtrack. When I search google, I get some shady hits that want me to download apps to access the files. Always leary when I have to download anything.
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