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  1. Yes, those two are totally awesome in my book too. I use shared sequences as mostly a starting point for creating a new sequence and adding my display elements where they fit, sometimes I have to tweak here and there to make things work the way I want them to for my display, but if it weren't for all the generous folks here that share their sequencing, sometimes I wouldn't get a particular song into my display. Thanks to all that share their sequences with us on this forum!
  2. Orville

    circular tree

    Guess I'm one of the "few" lucky ones, my wife supports the habitπŸ˜›, and I think she enjoys the light shows even more than I do. So she's always asking: "What can we get next for the light show?"πŸ€” And since we don't have a couch, it'd be the floor for me if she didn't support the display. So I get to stay in my nice soft bed and no lumpy couch or hard floors for me!πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜›
  3. I'm here too. Just a wee bit quiet at the moment. But it's been working fine since DevMike said they updated/upgraded the forums a few days back. I haven't had any issues accessing, posting or anything on the forums since that took place.
  4. If you ever add accessories like an easy light linker or MP3 Director unit, you need the voltage booster adapter to power them. Unless you're using an AC to DC voltage adapter, then you wouldn't need that option. But I bought mine, never know if an adapter may fail or maybe you don't have the space for one of those large wal-warts and be able to plug other things in, since they tend to be outlet hogs, that is, they cover an unused outlet that could be used tpo power other things, like an extension cord to a controller.
  5. If that's an error you got there in your photo above, that's what I'd get on the 2nd error I had posted about in the site down a lot lately thread, super large icons, super large emoji's, missing messages, or if the message was there, the way it was formatted made them difficult or impossible to read. If you clicked {and sometimes it gave it to you without clicking the avatar} on the oversized, bloated avatar of the person you'd get incorrect info like that. I knew there was another screen shot I was missing, but couldn't think of what I did when I was positing them to get that misinformation to pop up and into a screen shot.
  6. And I think this option would be a tremendous help when running our tests on our shows before we take it live to everyone too. Would definitely help to find possible issues with a sequence that isn't operating properly {music file not found or sequence not found issues}. Just know sometimes I may remove a sequence from the directory, but may forget to remove it from the show itself, so at a glance I could see if this were a file I meant to remove or if I have one that's missing in action or not finding the media file required to make it work.
  7. I only come here by a BOOKMARKED link or via the "Go to this Post" clickable button in the forum e-mails I receive. I never have to type in the link, so no mistakes on my part. And the errors I posted came from using BOTH my Bookmarked Link and by clicking the button in the forum e-mails. And I verify the e-mail is correct, even before I open the content to read it. As sometimes nasty little scammers get in with a junk/spam/phishing message between them at times. So I always verify any e-mail I open, but I have gotten those errors coming from a direct bookmarked link, and again via the "Go to this Post"" option in the e-mail from the forum itself. And yes, I have even gotten all of these as well coming directly from the actual Light-O-Rama main site itself and clicking the Forum option. BTW: I also clear out all my cache's and history in my browser too, because many times your browser may use a CACHED page, and even though the forum may have been corrected, if you don't clear your browser, this could also cause these issues to still be coming up. Since DevMike says they did an upgrade or update to the forums, haven't seen this error again, at least not as yet. Not saying it still won't happen, but it was becoming a common thing almost daily with the SQL missing page showing up and not able to access the forums. Thus far, seems the update/upgrade has fixed that issue. Don't know about the weird one with the emoji's as that one isn't that often, I may see that happen perhaps once every few months or so, so will just have to wait that one out and see it it crops up again at some point. Guess you've been lucky Bob and missed all the errors and forum being down that others of us have been getting when coming here.
  8. Cool, glad to hear that. Wasn't sure if it would be. Now I've got another LOR item to save up for. I keep adding more and more LOR items to my wish list, and my wife is starting to give me that look of "Do YOU really need that too?"🀣 I said, if you want me to get rid of all these cat5 cables snaking their way along the baseboard, up the wall, along the ceiling molding and then down the wall to the computer to run the lights, then yes that would get rid of that eyesore in the house. Of course if you like having these unsightly cat5 cables snaking all over the place, then that answer would be no! Her answer: "Okay, I think you DO need that new Director unit. Make that one the priority, I hate those cables all over the place, and covering them in "Christmas Garland" after the Christmas holiday is over just ain't cutting it!"🀣🀣🀣
  9. I've been getting these too the last few days. See screen shots of forum. It comes up like this most often from clicking on the "Go To Post" option in the e-mail you get from the forum areas. These are SMALL {had to shrink them to upload them here}, compared to how it looks when the forum comes up like the screen shots below. And sometimes you never see the message, other times you may see the message but it's under the large Avatar of the person who posted and not across the screen as it usually would show. I would sometime wait a few minutes, try again, get the same thing again, sometimes it corrected after about 7-10 minutes, sometimes a lot longer before the forum was back to normal. Any seeing this issue as well when accessing the forums? And yes, sometimes coming directly to the forums this happens as well.
  10. That works fine IF you are at home. But many times I'm not, so I needed something to put between the show songs as a reminder. I only use those keep your radio down blurbs in my show on nights I *know* I'll be out for the evening and may not get home until after show time ends. I agree OP should invest in a transmitter, in this hobby you really *do* need one. Plus I use mine on occasion to play my favorite compilation of music on my outdoor speakers when just lounging outdoors on my swing, or if I'm working out in the yard, but only during the off season times. So my transmitter does get a workout all year round.
  11. Thought I did too. But some programs just won't allow me to save to the C Drive, mostly my program I use to edit and resave customized photographs, but I can live with the few that won't work. As long as the LOR stuff works, which is the main use for this computer, I'm good. And that's working just fine.
  12. +1 for HAVING an FM Transmitter. +1 for having Outdoor Speakers set at a LOW volume level. I use both and no problems from the neighbors. However, some folks DO PLAY their CAR STEREO too LOUD, so I had to add an announcement between songs: "Please keep your radio to a low volume level, this is so not to disturb our neighbors, not doing so will get you a visit from our local Security Officer who will tell you to turn it down, if you do not comply, he will ask you to leave the property. If you do not comply with that request, he will get local law enforcement involved, and no one wants that. Thank you for complying. On with the show." {Anyone that has a neighborhood Security Officer and needs such an announcement, feel feel to copy and use this one. Or modify for your needs.} Always has to be one that wants the BASS so loud it vibrates EVERYONE'S windows, doors and home. And it's worse in a manufactured home as the entire house, walls, windows and plumbing fixtures are all affected by way too much Bass!
  13. Will this also be incorporated into earlier versions of the Software Suite, i.e. S4? "don't ask, won't know." {BTW: forum was coming up really weird the last 2 previous times I tried to access it to ask this question. I do have screen shots of it.}
  14. Very interesting. may have to look into this one. Sounds like I could use that to run everything in my show and add on as I may/may not make it larger with more RGB items. I'll wait for the docs though, I like to read what I'm getting before I buy some items, since this is a whole new system in a sense from all the previous versions, I'd just prefer to read up on it first.
  15. Wrote you a reply earlier, but the forum crashed on me right after I hit the "Submit Reply" button, so that response went into Never-Never land and never to return. But no reason to be Sorry, I appreciate the help. Seems though reading through the commentary on that link you posted, that did not work for a lot of folks and there were a lot of other things in there that were suggested, tried them all and they all failed in what I was trying to do. Now on some programs it won't even allow me to save files to C drive, but the LOR software does just fine, as well as some others that were installed previously before the few that won't allow me access to save the files to C drive! This computer is driving me nutsoid!πŸ€¨πŸ€”
  16. That SMILEY emoji was supposed to be C : drive. Didn't know C colon would make a smiley emoji, didn't show up that way when I initially posted it!
  17. Here's a screen shot, I had just typed in a reply, and this happened around 1630 hours {4:30pm for you folks that don't know military time}. It happened right after I hit the button to "Submit Reply". so that reply went off into never-never land, never to be seen again. EDIT: Tried to attach a screen shot of the page that come up, but it's not working for some reason. Says it was uploaded, but the photo preview before submitting, and after hitting Save nothing there but a broken link icon shows up. If you tell it to add it to the post, if you just leave it, it never shows up. Never did this before and I cleared all my previous attachments so I could post this one.. But when you click Try Again, you just get the same page again, tried for about 3-5 minutes to see if the forum would come back, then gave up. Weird, did a 2nd Edit and it showed up and I was able to insert it below, forum is sure acting odd these last few days. As I've gotten this numerous times over the last few days, the screen shot below that is.
  18. Gave me an error 5 and an access denied statement when I tried that/ Took me to a different directory and when I tried to go to the root of πŸ˜„ drive, it won't let me out of the users\username of the drive. I can access all the other HD's USB external HD, and the DVD reader/writer, as well as the USB SD Card Reader/Writer. But no go on accessing anything other than the user directory I am in on drive C. Never had that issue before either. Strange.
  19. Thanks JR. tried all those and still was a no go. I finally found a workaround on it {Windows 7}, went in to where you move a slider up that has Windows send a message every time a program wants to make a change to your system, put it back on the default, tried installing it again and it worked. Spent hours and hours today trying to get this re-installed, then had to reinstall the FTDI drivers, the whole thing was a mess! But I managed to get it straightened out and everything is working back to normal. Installed it on my other older system and had FTDI drivers installed, everything {DUH, I THOUGHT} was connected, but I just could not get access to the RGB Controllers and lights, I kept trying and trying to get Comm4 to get put in the HU, so I could make sure it saw all 5 RGB Controllers, no go, kept changing my network setting for the RGB Controllers to NONE. A few hours later I find out I never plugged in the red HS USB Adapter for Comm4! Almost 3-1/2 hours I tried to get that Comm 4 to show up, not once realizing I never plugged the RED HS Adapter in after I got Comm3 up and running on the Regular network for my CTB16PC Controllers. I really can't believe I missed that, and spent all that time trying to figure out where is Comm4, I added it to the Network Configuration, thinking that would activate it.....*DOH*, nope, got to plug the RS232 Rd HS adapter in for that to work right. Hopefully, these are my only blunders for this year......but, probably not.🀣 But at least I got it installed and up and running again, an entire day shot that I could have been working on my sequences. If this computer were a horse, I think I'd have shot it!
  20. Thank you, sometimes I come up with good ideas.😯 Was looking at my Status Log the other night and as I was watching it, another show started and *poof*, it cleared out. And that's what brought me to bringing this option up to be added to the Status Log window. Although I wish I had caught that blunder in the topic heading where Stus should've been Status! But too late to edit it now. *sigh*
  21. Okay, I'm posting a screen shot of what I am getting when I try to install ANY version of the Software Suites, S3 - 3.8.2 to S4 - 4.4.2. I keep getting the Administrator has set a policy to NOT allow the installation of the this software. I AM the Administrator and I NEVER set such a policy! But I can not for the life of me, figure out what got changed, how it got changed or what I need to change so I can re-install the software on my computer! See screen shot below, this comes up right after the pop window comes up that you click on Install. it sits for a while then the screen shot pop up window {below} comes up. Anyone have any suggestions on how I can get around/fix this?
  22. Is there any way to make the Status Log output when shows are running and when they end go directly into a .txt file without having to copy and paste them? Sometimes when I run multiple shows, the Status Log will on occasion clear the previous data. So was wondering there is any way to have this output to a .txt file when shows are in operation? ------ Below is mainly for the Light-O-Rama Folks that create the Software/Hardware ------ If not, LOR would you please consider adding an option that would allow us to have a running .txt file log along with the Status Log, it would help make troubleshooting easier to know if everything was running correctly by viewing the entire log, as it is, when it clears we may miss something that did not run while we were out or overnight. As I don't think any of us here just sit and watch the Status Log every night when our shows are running. And it should have the option to append to the previous status log when it reaches whatever boundaries are set for it to clear or have it create a new log with the date and day it ran on, for those that run shows that may go from say: Sunday evening 02-23-2019 at 6:30pm to Monday 02-24-2019 morning at 12:30am. Then if something didn't work, we'd know where to look, like a sequence didn't play or something else happened. Like the power went out and show restarted an hour or two later, when power was restored, computer somehow rebooted and show had to start up again at another time. Just know if my computer reboots for some oddball reason, the Status Log that ran BEFORE the reboot was cleared and a new one started. So if we had a running log.txt file, we'd know if our show had been interrupted and restarted again. As it is, something could happen and if the Status Log clears, we may be thinking everything is fine, but then find, some of our sequences aren't playing. So I think it would be very helpful and beneficial to be able to have a running Status Log output to a text file option. Is there a reason for not having this option? Copy and paste will work, but if you have to sit and watch the Status Log to catch everything and copy it, that would be very tedious if you have several shows that run 24/7 during the the Holidays {Halloween or Christmas} that one may run a show for a month {October/Halloween} or about 2 months {starting Thanksgiving Night thru January/Christmas}. So having a running log, again, I would think would be very helpful. Thank you LOR for possibly taking this into consideration.
  23. Well I fixed it, something apparently corrupted the file, re-installed software, turned off computer, turned on computer, tried to duplicate the issue to get screen shots of the after, but it's working as it is supposed too. Been having some lock up issues with this system lately, and having to shut off power completely to get it to unfreeze the program that's not responding. So I may have to move to my even older back up computer, As something is going on with this one that apparently is somehow corrupting files. I leave this system up and running 24/7/365, until I have issues with something on it and have to turn it off. I wouldn't think that would cause issues, but, then again, with computers you never know what they may mess up! Hopefully it'll stay operating properly for a while more. Thanks to all that tried duplicating the issue, but like stated above, seems the Schedule Editor somehow got corrupted or damaged somehow, someway, have virus protection and it's always been good, so I know it's not that. I scanned the Schedule Editor specifically and it found nothing virus related. Re-install of the LOR Suite fixed everything back to normal.
  24. I got this one, but not at the original e-mail I was using. I changed to a different e-mail account in the settings here, and they are same company for the other e-mail I was using, and I got this one, and one other from a different thread. So now it appears to be working fine, don't know why they weren't coming in to the other account, again same company. But for some reason they stopped coming in. And I checked everything in settings on both ends, Light-O-Ram Forums and the e-mail I was having issues with, nothing had been changed at either end, so they should have been getting to me, but weren't. Then I checked the e-mail account I'm now using, no difference in settings from either of the e-mail accounts, exact same settings in both e-mail accounts, so I just don't get why I wasn't getting the notifications from here in the e-mail. All I can say is that was, and is, very weird.
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