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  1. I can understand that about your wife. My wife has issues as well. So now, let me tell you a little about me, an d you might be amazed that *I* even pull this off, I'm disabled, bad knees, fibromyalgia, arthristis in both hands, right handed, and of course that's the one that has it the worst! But the two that really get folks is I am legally blind, my vision is really skewed in such a way, along with mild dyslexia, So all these issues make it a real challenge to me, but I do it, and then add in the 55-70% deaf to the mix, along with Asthma, COPD, MVP and Constant Migraines among a few other ailments here and there. So when I tell folks about my medical history and they see I pull this off, well, my sequences may not be the best there is, but from a person with all this pulling this off, even just a little amazes some folks. Even amazes me at times that I still do this. I see you don't have your location posted in your profile {the area under our names that shows area, software and license level}, so if you don't want to disclose that in a public forum that's okay, would you mind sending me a PM with where you are located, so I can possibly discuss something with you. Thanks.
  2. Once the sequence is written to a stand-alone controller, it is rewritten if a different format so the controller can understand and use it. It is NOT retrievable to my knowledge. You can download a sequence into the controller and you can remove it, which will make the controller no longer work as a stand-alone unit once the stand-alone sequence is taken out of the uniot. But no way to to upload it out of the controller and look at it once written to it. Only removal is possible, but no viewing. To view the code, you would need to have the original sequence that person that put it there used. Then you could view or edit it.
  3. Don't need a help ticket. just have to go to license retrieval and as long as you have the SAME EXACT EMAIL Address you registered with, your license will be RESENT via E-Mail and should arrive in LESS THAN 5 MINUTES! Even at the busiest time of year, I've always gotten my license within 5 minutes as that DOES NOT require a person to intervene. It's all automatic. However, note, the site, when you request it says it can take up to 2 HOURS to retrieve it. So if you don't get it within 2 hours, then you need to contact LOR and find out why it didn't get sent. Go here to get your license: Use the lower box where you only need to enter your original e-mail you registered with. {If you no longer have that e-mail address, you will have to put in a help desk ticket, as the site WILL NOT send your license but ONLY to the ORIGINAL you purchased your license with. License Check and Retrieval EDIT: Just sent for mine to see how long it would take and it was already there BEFORE I finished this comment! Less than a minute and I had it.
  4. Orville

    new ccb bulbs

    You have to select either Port 1 or Port 2 in the HU to see them work independently from each other, select All Ports to have them work at the same time in the HU. Also in the HU under the Cosmic Color/Pixie config area, make sure you set the controller strands to be set {depending on how and where your lights are set up}, but the controller will need to set for S1 to start at bulb 50{or in your case bulb 100} and S2 to start at bulb 1 and end at the last bulb.} I'm thinking your controller only has 2 ports on it, if it's like my older units. And I think your unit uses 2 ID's instead of 1, so the below may be just a little different in set up, but that's only an ID change on the S2 port as far as I can understand from the newer 12V output 100 RGB controllers. Now if you want the strand to act as ONE STRAND, when in the SE, you will have two areas S1 and S2 will be in the RGB section under the RGB controller{s}, to make S1 and S2 act as ONE single strand, just sequence the S1 strand in how you want it to operate, then just Copy and Paste the same S1 sequence in the second half {S2} RGB sequence. Now both sections will act as one, but if you do chases, or anything like that, to keep the 1st strand from mimicking the second 9s a bit more trying as you will need to sequence all 50{100} RGB bulbs on S1 from 1 to 50{100}, but only do this HALF way through the total song, say a 3 minute song, do the first 1 min 30 secs of the song from RGB bulb 1 to 50{100} If doing multiple chases, this becomes a bit of a challenge for multiple chases throughout the song, but it can be done, has to be done the same way and it takes a lot of time and patience Then again COPY and PASTE that same bulb 1 to 50{100} from the 1 min 30 sec mark to the 3:00 mark. Now the strand if a single chase, will light S1 to 1:30, and S2 will continue on from 1:30 to 3:00 {end of song}. Hope this explains it in an easy to understand format. But it may take someone to share a sequence with you that has a sequence set up like you're wanting. As seeing it is sometimes a whole lot easier than trying to make an easy explanation of it. Believe me, it's easier to just allow BOTH S1 and S2 to mimic each other and do the same thing at the same time. That's how I do all 5 of my RGB strands {I have older 5V original units, so only 50 bulbs per strand is my maximum limit. Since you have 100, use the {100} in place of where I have 50. Best of Luck!
  5. Well he did say it was inspired, and taken from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney! LOL But he did build it completely himself. That was pretty awesome.
  6. I started in this hobby in 2009, bought my first controller, a CTB16PC used, found out in less than a month I was going to need 4 more of them, my first year and first display was Halloween 2010. I also bought an Mp3-Director to run my shows, and then had to add the FM Transmitter to the mix. It wasn't the best show, but wasn't all that bad either. I also found in that same time frame that my license just wasn't going to work, I had bought the Basic Plus License, but needed to get the highest license at the time, so went all the way to the Advanced License in less than a couple of months. And now that I've added RGB to my Christmas Show {no longer do Halloween} I've upgraded to the PRO License and added a few more things here and there. But you can still get into the Hobby, for a simple start, if you bought the basic starter kit from LOR, this comes with a BASIC license level. That would be the best way to get into and start in this hobby. That way you get a license and the equipment at the same time. The Basic Starter kit is $317.00 and if you haven't seen it, all the info is here: Residential Series 16 Channel Starter Package This comes with EVERYTHING you need to get set up and running. The Basic License gives you a limit to 2 controllers {32 Channels}, Basic Plus, limit 4 controllers {64 channels} and upgrade cost is only $18 for Basic + if you upgrade at the time of purchasing the Starter Kit. With the experience and things you've posted you've done, it seems to me, you should be able to afford at least this as a new start in this hobby. I have a friend that is also a professionial clown and she makes some really good money at it. And having done many of the things you have posted about, I can't really see why you couldn't afford this simple set up. When I got into this, I paid practically that price for just ONE controller and nothing else, mu USB adapter, cat5 cables and everything else I needed was all extra. I think I spent close to, or somewhere around $4,000-$5,000 when I started in this hobby for everything I needed. Good Luck.
  7. Cable to the antenna is hard wired directly into them. They're a flat flimsy weird looking antenna that sort of looks like a wing. I know the cables aren't gnawed, no critter would be able to do that where they are, they are directly tied down with screw down cable clams on the roof, just above our bed and I check them for tightness and damage at least every 2 weeks or so. Just checked them a few days ago, no issues found. It's probably because they are indoors, but some of these stations have RE-ORIENTED their antennas, and now the signal is worse, whereas it may not have been bad or not as bad, but since there moving their antenna, some channels that we got just fine are now really worse.
  8. There was one home on there that had some animation to it, and I thought that was pretty cool the way the brothers came up with animating a set of lights to twinkle like a flowing river using a simple motor and 4 contacts to do the switching{twinkling/shimmer effect combined}. As well as using windshield wiper motors to animate other things in their display they built together. And to me, that was the one that should have won. Because these guys hand made EVERYTHING that was animated, including the components that animated them, and then added lights to them. It was simple and cheap in what they built to do the animations. I was surprised at what they came up with that actually did some things {to me} better than what some of our expensive controllers and RGB lights can do. So to me that was the most interesting display from the 2 back to back shows I watched. I couldn't believe they weren't a winning house! To me, the best displays are those that folks actually have the talent {wish I did} to create this stuff and make it look good, then animate it too. Definite winner in my book.
  9. Nope, indoor antenna's mounted to the roof inside. No outdoor antenna allowed where I am. An outdoor antenna would probably be much better, but seeing the home park doesn't allow them, can't have one. I'd prefer one, they allow Satellite Dishes, and to me they are just as "unsightly and ugly" as any TV antenna is considered by this bozo's! Cable is just too dadblasted expensive, had it for years, and it's just not worth the expense.
  10. I agree, the first house on the 1st show was awesome, all RGB animated to music, then the next how they compare it to is more or less a static display. Too me, there is NO comparison or even relativity there at all. I like the show, but I use an antenna to receive and I must say I hate digital signals for TV, the show was less enjoyable because every few minutes, the TV pixelated, audio dropped out and lost much of what was being said or the screen would just freeze up, then pixelate, no audio, then start at some point way past where the issue occurred. When I used an ANALOG antenna and the older TV sets that were ANALOG, not once did I ever encounter such issues. As far as I'm concerned this was another of Obama's BLUNDERS forcing this on us. In my opinion DIGITAL just DOES NOT WORK for TV, especially on over-the-air signals. Give me an old Analog TV and signal any day! BTW: this happens quite often on the CLOSEST channels to me, others do it, but not quite as bad as Ch. 9.1 does!
  11. You may need to re-download the S4 software, I've had that happen on occasion and it's because the original download had gotten corrupted. Also you may need some additional program LOR recommends that when you do an uninstall, it removes any stray info left in the Windows Registry from any/all previous/current versions that had been installed, as this could possibly cause such an issue. I don't recall the name, or where to download it, but if you search the forums, you may be able to find the threads with that info in it. Do that, re-install a fresh copy of S4 and hopefully everything will install correctly with no further issues.
  12. True. But most of the ones they kind of coerce into such things is the new guy/gal right out of college and no real work experience, first timer and so they will do most anything asked of them, even if it shouldn't be done, they tend to do it. But to get back on topic of critters chewing wires, I've hear Tabasco sauce tends to help prevent that by coating it on the wires. So why hasn't any chemist made Tabasco flavored wires?🤔😮 Well just a passing thought.
  13. Many are surprised I even do, or get a display up, legally blind, more deaf than a bat, and other medical issues I have that folks know about, and they're amazed I even do this at all! And I'm way past over the hill now. Should be a downhill slope, but sure doesn't feel that way at times!
  14. Oh, and most of us use an FM transmitter for the music to get the music into a persons vehicle watching the display. In this hobby, speakers just don't always cut it, as they'd have to be set far too loud, and the neighbors would be complaining about that. I use outdoor speakers, but they can't be heard inside a vehicle, especially when it's very cold outdoors or inside a running car if someone is running their heater. An FM transmitter is another investment you really need to add to your list of things needed for this hobby. My speakers are set so you can hear them if walking by the display or on a bicycle, but are barely, if at all, audible across the street
  15. Hmmm, with older controllers that would require a snubber, something to add a little more current to an LED strand that was NOT full-wave to stop that effect, half-wave LED strands usually had this issue on older Controllers. But the newer units have this built in. So this one may require a Help Desk ticket to LOR to see why a newer unit is doing this. Hopefully someone else that may have experienced this with newer controllers will chime in and tell how to correct this. But I think this is the first time I've seen this issue come up on the newer controller units.
  16. Having worked in retail manufacturing plants from time to time, I can tell you this, and you may not believe it, but yes it was put on or in their minds. Perhaps not by the chemist directly, but someone asks them or it's brought up in a staff meeting to create such crazy criteria. Believe me, it does happen.
  17. As far as I know LOR does NOT offer such services. You'd need to find a local LOR user in your area that may be able to come over in your area to help you. They may charge or they might not. it depends on what kind of support you're asking for. So maybe if you could be more specific on what kind of support you're looking for, you might find someone that can help you. Best of Luck.
  18. Absolutely. And I never buy a large drink at any self-service refill restaurants. Only large drink I may buy is a milkshake, since no refills on those!
  19. Even if you got the Controller{s} you MUST have the software and ADDITIONAL HARDWARE {USB485 Adapter{s}, Cat5 Cables} to run and create shows. Each software IS LICENSED to each user INDIVIDUALLY, so you would have to either purchase the software from LOR or find one that might be free to use. The LOR Software CAN NOT be given or transferred to anyone, it requires a purchase. If you lack funds for these things, this hobby really would not be for you. It is very time consuming in sequencing music to lights, setting up, creating your display set up, configuring controllers and other things associated with doing this hobby. This is NOTHING like those Mr. Christmas boxes {are they even still selling those things? I haven't seen one in the stores for quite a few years now}, which are basically plug in your lights, turn it on, and it works. This hobby is very in-depth when it comes to sequencing and learning the software to use it. It takes a lot of time to just grasp how to make everything work together. Coming into this late in the season, it is very doubtful you would get much done, if anything at all for a show this year. Most of us work ALL YEAR long at sequencing and continually learning how to do things, or someone comes up with another method that may work better, it's an always learning experience. Being this is already December, it's really far too late to even get a show up and running at this time. It takes many of us a month or more to get our display set up and operational, we run tests before we start our actual shows, because what you see on your computer monitor, is NOT necessarily how it's going to look in the real world, we are always tweaking, modifying, adding or changing sequences around. Not trying to dissuade you from the hobby, but just telling you how this hobby truly is. And if you get into RGB lighting, and you probably will want too, that is even more complex, and can be quite daunting to someone that's just getting into it, and it is also an expensive aspect of this hobby. Again, not trying to turn you away, just trying to give you some facts that this hobby is not for someone that is trying to do things on the cheap, or as a plug-n-play system, by no means can you just plug in lights and make it work. You have to really work at this to make things function, and even then you'll encounter issues that you may have to resolve or fix. Best of luck on what you decide. All I'm trying to do is to let you know WHAT YOU are getting yourself into with this hobby.
  20. I don''t know much about S5, but if there is a channel config file like in the older versions {pre-S5} it should be easy, if not, can you click on a channel button in S5? And does that bring up info on that channel such as Channel Name, Control Unit #, Channel being used? If so, you should be able to make changes easily enough.
  21. Sure the engineer did. How else do you think they'd sell you more and more replacement strands? Coat them with peanut oil so critters will try and eat and break them, then you have to buy more for replacement. Dumb for us, smart for the company to make more ca$h-flow for them. So I think they actually do these things ON PURPOSE! As we, as consumers{the majority} would never think of this aspect. But sometimes one of us is smart enough to figure out their angle, and this is exactly why they do some crazy things, at least to most of us we wonder why would they do this? Now you know!.
  22. Orville

    16 to 32 channels

    You're welcome. Anything I can do to try and help. This may be an easy fix as well. It could be 1 of 2 possibilities. #1. Take your fingers and put them around the jack and see if it will move, very little movement{just barely moves, if at all} should be okay, but mostly it should be firm on the PC Board. Hopefully this is not what it is, but if you know how to solder, you can take the PC board out of the Controller box after the season and just re-flow the solder on the Cat5 Jack contacts on the back of the board. If you're not comfortable doing that, after the season is over, contact LOR and put in a Help Desk ticket to get repaired by LOR. #2. Hopefully this is the one it is, as this is a very easy and a quick fix to do. Take a bright flashlight and shine it into the Cat5 Jack that isn't working, see any bent contacts in there?{one or two, maybe more could be bent down further than others} If so, find a very small tool, like extremely small tweezers or a very small flat blade jewelers screwdriver{smaller and thinner the better}, locate the bent contact and very gently lift it up and back into position with the tool, it may be slightly raised higher than the rest, but that is okay. Now once done, try putting a Cat5 Cable into that jack and see if it works. If it does, you just resolved the problem. If it's neither of these, then, again, as long as it's functioning okay, after the season put in a Help Desk ticket with LOR and they'll help more with identifying the issue and get you fixed up. Most often it's usually one of the 2 issues listed above, but on occasion it could be something only the LOR folks could repair. Good Luck!
  23. All I can think on that one is the squirrel must think they are blueberries, bites them off, goes down into the yard to eat them, then finds out, what the %&#(@&$ is this I just scored?, it's INEDIBLE!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  24. Arrgh, where's a head slap emoji when you need on? Been so long since I replaced or installed one, I just couldn't remember how they functioned. Now to find an animated head slap emoji I can use for the next time I hit a "dumb moment", er, perhaps "Senior moment" for me......
  25. Feel free to contact me if you ever need help with song conversions.
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