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  1. Well I started putting up lights on the house yesterday, 10/01/2018, mainly for Christmas, but may run some Orange-Red-Green and Purple animation sequences only using the pixels I have. But as I was stringing up the one side of the house I heard the following commentary: {We have a host of new neighbors {5 new homes in the area I'm located at sold} over that last couple years and none have ever seen one of these light displays like we do.} So I'm hoping it goes well and no dislikes or GRINCH's among them. Anyway back to the comments: "Why is that fool putting up lights now?" "Isn't it way too early to be putting up decorations and lights?" Before I could come down from the ladder and explain the type bulbs that are in use are computer controlled and take more time because I have to run cat5 cable, power cords to each controller, as well as setting my my older CTB16PC controllers with cat5 cable runs, extension cords and get everything else in place. All takes a little more time than someone that can just hang a light strand and plug it in. They went back inside their house. Of course, I get back to work and they come outside again, and then make another comment: "Some people just ruin the Holidays for others because they want to put up lights way too early for the Holidays, and then turn them on too far ahead of time." {I'm sure they were thinking Christmas}, as I am not planning a musical Halloween show this year, just some RGB animation effects only for Halloween. Actually I wasn't even going to do Halloween any longer or at all this year, but decided to heck with that, so next year in 2019, my Halloween musical display WILL be returning. Just too late for doing it this year for both it and Christmas, especially by the time I got everything I was going to use in my displays. So focusing mainly on Christmas this year as the priority. And I still have a lot of work to do yet. Hopefully I'll get MOST of it done, don't think I'll get it all. So what kind of idiotic comments do you folks hear from your neighbors, when you start putting up your goodies to get it ready for showtime? Or do you even get any from anyone?
  2. Orville

    S4 Show Editor major problems

    I use the preload ALL sequences before any are played in the Show Editor and I've never had any issues using that option, I also use in the musical tab, play randomly, and I usually will be running anywhere from 61 music files for my Off-Hours time{albeit only a single channel sequence}, but actual show is anywhere from 40-60 musical sequences and I've done this for years now. This year for Halloween, just running animation sequences, didn't have time to update all my old Halloween Sequences {Pre S4.3.36 Pro} to the new RGB lighting with music synchronization, hopefully next year back to regular musical show for Halloween. But testing my Christmas Musical Show, all works perfectly as it should. But, I've had those Memory Allocation Errors before, but they weren't caused by the LOR Software, they were, however, caused by programs, such as Anti-Virus or some Windows programs running in the background. Once I found the offending background programs, turned them off, that issue went away. These programs can also cause lag times as well as even sequences not playing correctly or at all. If it's NOT a system file, I shut any background software off running in Windows background or any other software {NOT ANY LOR software!}, not required or needed is also turned off. You have to do this through Task Manager. I only have 2GB of memory and I haven't seen that Memory Allocation error in years now. After turning off a lot of unnecessary background programs, everything's been running fine on this antiquated desktop PC system I'm using.
  3. Orville

    Using a shared sequence

    I have controllers in my sequences that I may or may not use during certain Holidays or during off-season use, like Jim said, they won't bother a thing, as long as their is no controller with that number {if they are sequenced} attached, no problems, but if you upgrade and add more controllers and don't turn those channels off and have lights or things plugged in that you aren't intending to use, then you'll have "random" lights coming on with that controller. When I'm not using a specific controller, I leave the channel intact, but I will make a backup of the sequence to copy and paste from later, because I will turn off all channels on that unused controller, as it may still be connected to the other controllers. But as long as its channels are all off, it'd be fine.
  4. Orville

    Help! With Connecting Computer to Controllers

    To All the Veterans in this thread: Thank you all for your service!
  5. Orville

    Transfer LOR from one PC to another?

    Easier just to buy a cheap internet dongle and attach it to the non internet computer, as long as it has an USB Port, just use the wireless internet dongle to install the LOR software and register it. I think I paid between $9-$12 at Wal-Mart.com for the one I use on my desktop PC. If I want that PC disconnected from the internet. I just unplug the USB Internet Dongle and it's no longer externally connected to anything internet related. If you shoot me a PM with your snail-mail address and put Wireless Internet Dongle in the Subject line, so I know what it is we're talking about as I get a few PM's from time to time. I have an extra wireless USB Dongle that I can send you for free. As long as your computer has an USB port available, just plug it in, let Windows install it {no CD install files required}, once done, connect to your network, do what you need and then use the Windows Safely Remove Hardware, find the dongle, usually named something like "Eject 802.11n WLAN Adapter", just click on that, then remove the device. It's that simple. That way if you need the internet for updates or upgrades on that computer, just re-insert the wireless internet dongle when needed, do what you need to do and repeat the remove hardware procedure. You can just unplug it, but it's actually better to eject it safely, as that turns the device off before removal. Just let me know.
  6. Orville

    Want Just a mega tree!

    What are you trying to install on the laptop in question? Just the LOR Software suite and which version? I'll try and get it working for you, will send you a PM with my address and everything once I know what you are needing done, I may be able to do it for you. Send me a PM with all the info and we can take it from there.
  7. Orville

    Trunk or treat idea

    Thanks DevMike, I couldn't remember the type of wave used, your post jogged my memory, I thought it was sine, but didn't want to state that and not know for sure. My inverters claim that too, especially the one I tried that was $120, but when checked, it's not a true sine wave, and therefore I would say lies the issue with it not working as hoped. You've got to watch these things, some will say it's a sine wave, but sometimes it's not a true sine wave, and there usually isn't a way to check that out until you get it home, plug it into your vehicle and scope it or have someone that knows these things do it for you. So if it's cheap, it's usually not a true sine wave. But hey, you may actually luck out and get one that is!
  8. Orville

    Pixcon16 Question - Weird Behavior

    I have the older CC Pixels and Bulbs {5V} and I break my strands down in half on some sequences. I'll have the first half channels 1-25 do a Purple-Orange-Green-Blue-Red and I'll have the 2nd half do the same colors coming in reverse channels 26-50 {75 Channels total for 2nd half, 75 channels total for first half = 150 channels in all}. If doing an Arch, sequence the first 25 channels {left to right} in the chase you want and color, start channel 26-50 AFTER the end of the 25th Channel above it, using the SAME COLORS if you want the arches to flow with the same color scheme. This way Arch 1 flows into Arch 2, then repeat this process for every time you want this to happen, if wanting to reverse the arch after it reaches the end. Then do this to make it flow in reverse {right to left}, start with the bottom {last channel in second half of the strand, i.e. start at channel 50 and end at channel 26}, then do the same starting with the 25th channel up to channel 1 in reverse using colors for that setting to make the arch reverse backward from the right hand side.. It's actually quite easy to do, but it can look very confusing as you set this up to work in SE. It may look off and odd, but it works. I have some of my Halloween sequence RGB lights broken down into half strands and other ways that chase back and forth. See if these animation files may help you understand this better: Halloween Animation Files created with LOR Version 4.3.36 These are only animation files and only contain my 5 RGB Controllers {CCB-100 Version 1} and Cosmic Color Pixels {Bullets} and Cosmic Color Bulbs {C7}, but hopefully this may show you how to set up your arches, these aren't for arches, but the principle on how these work are pretty much the same. You'll have to set these up for your controllers to make them work with them. Let me know if you have any issue downloading them. Once you check them out, any questions just ask. These are LAS and LSV files I'm using for this Halloween, didn't have time to create a musical show, Christmas will be that one. NOTE: You can download each file individually or download them all in the one zip file that's there. Good Luck!
  9. Orville

    Trunk or treat idea

    I was hoping it would have worked myself. So I tested it out and just couldn't get it to work very well, totally unreliable, lags, no lights coming on when they should, after about a week of trying to make just one of my CTB16PC controllers work with my "cheap auto parts store" DC-AC Converter, and it was around $120, 400 Watts, but it just couldn't make things work very well, if at all. I wish it would have worked, that would have been a cool way to literally get the "show on the road", if you'll pardon the pun. LOL If I were to ever try getting a show operating from a car, I'd probably try one of the LOR DC Boards, like the CMB24 I think. As these are designed to operate off 12VDC I think, maybe even as little as 5VDC depending on the lights used. Don't own one, so really not sure about it, but I've heard they work great for mobile applications.
  10. Orville

    Pixcon16 Question - Weird Behavior

    The only thing I can think of {I don't own a PixCon 16}, is did you mimic the same exact format {copy channels 1-75} to channels 76-150 so that they are EXACTLY identical in every way? If yes, not sure what's happening. If no, read on. I use older CCD SMB-100 Controllers and when I first started sequencing them I kept having mismatched color issues like that, found out I wasn't copying the colors from one set of channels to the 2nd set I wanted to be IDENTICAL to them. Once I got this down and figured out, and I started making sure everything was identical to the other channels I wanted mimicked with the same colors all worked perfectly. Just make sure the color{s} you want are IDENTICAL idf that's your intent, otherwise, you'll end up with a myriad of incorrect colors until you get it figured and planned out for the color scheme. Good Luck.
  11. Orville

    Trunk or treat idea

    I tried that once with my DC to AC converter, most just don't have enough power to reliably run a controller and lights, even L.E.D. lights. At least not any that are in the "inexpensive category - $20-$150 range", you'd have to purchase a really expensive one, most folks, like in parades usually use a small portable generator, but it can't be a cheap one either as the power output has to be really good for everything to function properly. You can try and run tests using one and see if it works, I tried it and it failed miserably. If you have a DC Controller and DC output to DC powered L.E.D. strands, you'd probably be able to do that straight off the cars 12V battery {although I'd use a secondary battery!} and that should work. If using the car battery, you may have to keep the car running, and that may not be an option. So the second 12V battery would be the best option {marine batteries for large boats are really good for this from what I've heard from a friend of mine that works at Disney World, and former neighbors that light up their boats for their annual boat Christmas Parade on the lake, but I can't say how true that really is as I've never tried it}.
  12. Gee, I didn't know you lived in my neighborhood! I just got that same comment Tuesday night too, just as I was finishing up adding the last of my RGB lights and controllers, and so I offered him the same deal as you did! 🤣🤣🤣
  13. Orville

    CCR Tree Down

    Nope. Ever since I tried Gorilla Tape, seems to hold much better than duct tape, seems to take walking over it in excess a bit better too. And it sure seems to be a lot stronger in holding power over duct tape too. I still use duct tape on a few things, but outside, I usually use Gorilla Tape if I need something to stay put in practically all weather conditions. Duct tape has let me down in the wet and rainy department a bit too often.
  14. Orville

    Help! With Connecting Computer to Controllers

    As Mr P. stated, your license doesn't cover what you need,You do REQUIRE the PRO License to achieve your goal, you WILL also need the RED High Speed USB adapter, I have a black USB RS485B Adapter in a Regular LOR Network for my Gen 2 CTB16PC Controllers, and the RED HS adapter for my 5 CCD {Pixel} Controllers. Before I got the red HS adapter, my CTB16PC's would cause the CCD controllers to lag when the Pixel lights would be in operation. Pixels need a separate Network, my RED HS USB RS485 Adapter is set to Aux A, 500K and Enhanced, pixels REQUIRE this to operate reliably and without lag times from other controllers that are non pixel related that could slow them down. If you have GEN 3 controllers they can do 500K and Enhanced, however if you have a PixCon 16 these can run at the highest network speed of 1,000K, Enhanced and are recommended to be set there, still requiring 2 adapters, however, this would REQUIRE 2 RED HS Adapters to control each Network, as you'd need 2 HS networks, 500K Enhanced for the GEN 3 Controllers {as they can handle that} and 1 for the 1,000K Enhanced speed for a PixCon 16. So in most cases you're going to need at least 2 Networks depending on the devices you're using. Regular and Aux A. Now as for your Comm port problem, DO NOT USE the AUTO CONFIGURE in the Hardware Utility, click on the drop down box below that and then select a Comm Port that is available for use, once your USB485 type adapter is plugged in a Comm port should be listed, you will see None as the current option, click on the little arrow icon, and you should see at least one comm port available {depends on how many USB RS485 adapters you have connected, the more connected, the more comm ports you can select. I have my Regular {black} USB RS485B as Regular Network, 57.6k speed {recommended} for my CTB16PC Gen 2 AC Controller on Comm 3, my RGB Controllers are on Network Aux A, 500K, Enhanced and on Comm 4 via the RED High Speed RS485 Adapter. Once you have your adapters in place and the comm port{s} set in the HWU, then you will need to go and set the Networks up in the Network Configuration Utility to make everything talk to each other from the SE, Show Player, etc. Make sure you save this configuration from the Network Configuration Utility, just in case you may have to reload it later. Good Luck getting everything in order and operational.
  15. Orville

    CCR Tree Down

    I thought duct tape went extinct once the gorilla's started making tape.😛🤣🤣
  16. Orville

    CCR Tree Down

    Don't have a tree myself {yet, maybe one day}, but really surprised that skeleton and the ghosts in your photo didn't go flying through the neighborhood too. LOL
  17. Here's a list of the songs I used for the off hours play time. I noted the singer or group if known, if not known, then unknown will be next to the song title, I also noted the CD the song can be found on if I knew it. I'm still updating my MP3 files with this info as I find it. Occasionally I miss one in the list here and there. Most of these if you can't find the CD or the song/music for sale anywhere, can be found on YouTube as a last resort. And if you really just can't locate a song, PM me and I'll see if I can locate it online for download somewhere. Hopefully this info will help you locate the songs I used for the majority of them. Anyway, here's my list of Off-Hours Music for Halloween: {I will have a Christmas Off-Hours Music List later, if I can get the time to compile it}. 7th Guest - unknown Acid Rain - MIX - From Movie Soundtrack "Return of the Living Dead" Addams Family - TV Theme American Psycho II - Movie Theme American Witch - by: Rob Zombie Bad Things - by: Jace Everett Believe in Me - by: Hot Loins and Bunny Believe in Things You Can Not See - by: Here Come The Mummies Born To Be Alive - unknown Cemetery Gates - by: Midnight Syndicate Cool to Be a Witch 2.0 - by: Lord Alexian Dead Men Tell No Tales - by: Nox Arcana Do You Believe in Monsters - by: Ray Anderson Dragula - by: Rob Zombie Eerie Mausoleums - This is not the name of the original instrumental - unknown name/unknown artist, the name lised in the sequence for this title is incorrect. Everybody Scream - by: Rob Zombie Gargoyles - by: Midnight Syndicate Get Away From Here ~ Dark House - Dark House is by: Bryan Ross. NOTE:this is a merged media file, the other file came from a Halloween CD called: Scary Sound Effects Ghost Fever - by: Sherman Hemsley Ghosts - by: John Vosel & the Vintage Buzz Band Go Home ~ Get Away from Here ~ House of 1,000 Corpses - This is a merged media file of 3 different files. House of 1,000 Corpses - by: Rob Zombie, the other 2 files came from a Halloween CD called: "Scary Sound Effects" Graveyard-Dead & Buried Remix - by: Midnight Syndicate Grim Grinning Ghosts - from Walt Disney's "Haunted Mansion Soundtrack CD" Groovy Graveyard - by: PC Treasures, from the CD: "Monster Kid Music" If I Was a Goblin - by: Nooshi the Balloon Dude, from the CD: "Halloween Songs for Kids" I'm In Love With a Monster - by: Fifth Harmony Little Dead Girl - by: Bronx Casket Company{?} Little Red Riding Hood - by: Sam the Sham & The Pharohs Living in a Haunted House - by: Elvira, Mistress of the Dark Lullabye Rosemary's Baby - by:{?}, From the Soundtrack CD "Rosemary's Baby" Lunatics Have Taken Over the Asylum - by: Fat Boy Boy Three Mona The Vampire - by: Judy Rothman Munster's Theme - TV Theme Music No One Lives Forever - by: Family Force 5 Not Your Savior - by: Midnight Syndicate Pet Sematary - by: The Ramones Pumped Up Kicks - by: Foster the People Radiator - by: Family Force 5 Redoubt - by: unknown, the name listed in the sequence for this song is incorrect! Shadows - by: Midnight Syndicate Shake Your Bones - by: Marco Marinangeli. from the CD: "Halloween Songs and Sounds" "Homecoming" from the Original Movie: "Silent Hill" "Silver Shamrock" from the Movie: "Halloween III Season of the Witch" Soliloquy - by: Midnight Syndicate Something's In The Bag - by: Barnes and Barnes The Apparition - by: Midnight Syndicate The Good Times Goosebumps Motel by: Judy Pancoast The Skele-Tones - by: John Vosel & the Vintage Buzz Band The Witches Ghost - by: The Hex Girls {from the Scooby Doo cartoon series} The Zombie Shuffle - unknown Theme to "The Dead Matter" Remix - by: Midnight Syndicate Toccata and Fugue in D Minor by: Beethoven Trick -or- Treat - unknown Very Scary Halloween - by: Nooshi the Balloon Dude, from the CD: "Halloween Songs for Kids" Wake The Dead - by: Family Force 5 We Wish You a Happy Halloween - by: Nooshi the Balloon Dude, from the CD: "Halloween Songs for Kids" Weird Science - by: Oingo Boingo, from the "Weird Science Soundtrack CD" Who Let the Ghosts Out - unknown Witch Casts a Spell ~ Come Little Children by: "Witchcraft" Halloween CD ~ "Come Little Children" by: Sara Jessica Parker {Hocus Pocus Soundtrack CD re-release} Witches, Witches, Witches - unknown Zombies Ate My Grandma! by: Frank Macchia These songs will be updated for my 2019 Halloween Display after the Holiday season ends, they will be created using the software suite Version 4.3.36 Pro, and will be for 5 CCB-100 Version 1 RGB Controllers and 3 {could be 4} CTB16PC ~AC~ Controllers. They will be shared once I get them all done.
  18. These are the sequences that are used for my Off Hours time, during the day from 7am-7:15pm, I run these sequences, they are on an unused channel (Controller #07, Channel 16 / a CTB16PC controller}, the sequence contains NO LIGHTING commands, the channel is left completely off for this. I also use these for my 2018 Halloween Lighting, since I didn't have time to do both Halloween and Christmas this year sequenced to the new RGB lights I got. Anyway, these sequences are a single channel, completely off, and can be used for animation files as background music that just plays while the animation sequence{s} operate or for off hours daytime music. So I use these currently from 7am until 7:15pm Sunday-Saturday{7 days a week}, then my animation sequences start at 7:30pm-11pm Sunday-Thursday, 7:30pm-12:00AM {Midnight} Friday and Saturday currently. NOTE 1: There is no music with these sequences, you will have to locate/purchase the media file and add it to the sequence, also since some may be custom edits I created, you may have to extend the sequence time using the SE Skew option to do so to match the song. I get my music from CD's I purchase at local retail outlets, from CD Baby, Itunes, and other music websites. With all that, here's where you can download the 1 channel sequences for off hours play S4 Version 4_3_36 1 Channel Halloween Off Hours Sequences NOTE 2: these are also broken down into file types, .LCS, .LMS, and .LSV. There is also a folder with all files zipped as a single download option, the ZIP file contains all 3 file type associations. NOTE 3: The channel should always be off, no lighting commands, so an unused channel is ideal for this. However, you can use an active channel that's in a "musical" show during your off hours, but NOT during a show. These sequences are mainly for use in either Off Hours music applications or during a NON-Musical show applications using only LOR Animation {.LAS} files and the music plays in the background, but if used during a show the channel MUST BE UNUSED and COMPLETELY OFF!
  19. Orville

    Color changing Led light suggestion

    Jim, where did you find those bulb holders to make your "bounce" lights? That's a neat effect, but I've never seen light clips like those before? Did you custom make them are are they available for sale somewhere? Might have to reconsider how I do my roof line now. Not this year though, lights are already on the roof, not where I'd have really liked them to be, since they don't cover the end of the house facing the street. Just couldn't get up that high with my current ladder. Wish I could have, maybe next year. But I really like that bouncing light effect!
  20. Orville

    Perplexed. Light test

    Did you accidentally TURN OFF the "Control Lights" in the Sequence Editor? Or do you have the Hardware Utility and SE open at the same time? The first one,m just recheck the "Control Lights" and everything should work. If you have both HWU and SE open, the lights, even if checked {although I think it gets automatically unchecked and Control Lights gets greyed out} won't function in SE with both open. You'll have to close both, reopen SE, make sure "Control Lights" is checked, you may have to recheck the box to make them work in SE again, once everything checks out, you should be able to control your lights through the SE and Show Player. Note if any other programs are open when a show starts, that may either cause an error, or lights won't function, all programs except those that run the show should be closed, HWU, SE, etc.. Or if you changed the controller ID unit #, even if accidentally/inadvertently{it happens} and didn't do that in the SE, nothing will light up either. Go back into HWU and make sure your controller ID is the same as what the SE is looking for. Hope this may help.
  21. Orville

    Edit Audio

    When I've edited out the beginning and end silent parts of an audio file, no need to recreate a brand new sequence at all, juts load the audio file in the SE with Media File under the Edit button at the top of the SE Screen, after loaded, turn off and then turn back on the View Waveform under the View button, once the waveform is re-displayed, you should see that that the beginning silence is now gone, but still may be a very, very short silent part, but not enough to be concerned with. Once you have all that done, use the Skew Track option {also under the Edit button at the top}, click Skew Track and you'll get a popup asking which way to Skew the track you're in. NOTE: NOT ALL tracks will Skew or can be Skewed at once, if you use tracks each track will need to be skewed exactly the same as the first for everything to line up! Anyway, you want to Skew things left, it also will ask you in the popup "Time to Skew", I use 0.05 timings, but let's say your removal of the silent part moved the position 0.25 timings, just put 0.25 in the block and click OK, the entire track you're in will be moved backward {left} that many timing spaces. Again, do this for each track and then play the sequence, hopefully if you got the timings right, the sequence will play your lights as originally sequenced. This takes much less time that to go and create a new sequence and then copy everything over to the new one. I use this method all the time and it has worked perfectly every time I've done it this way when I edit down an audio file that was originally longer than the edited version. Just another way to do it or do it the best way you feel comfortable with. Either way works, but I'd rather use the Skew option, for me, it's saved me tons of time when audio edits have been made. NOTE2: With the newer versions, you will also need to find where the .WAV file is located as well as the .lpx file, you will need to delete these, unless you do what I do and change the Sequence name by adding ~Edit at the end of the name, then it'll write new files {.lsv, .lcs, .lpx and .wav} for the New Media File you loaded in.
  22. Orville

    Controller works in hardware utility but doesn't in sequences

    Are you running the Light-O-Rama Control Panel? If this IS NOT active, red LOR Bulb icon in lower right on task bar, if the bulb icon is NOT there, then the Control Panel IS NOT loaded, once you have that loaded, then and only then can you select the Control Lights in the LOR SE under the Play Menu. If CP is NOT running, then the Control Lights will be greyed out and NOT selectable. Also once you have the CP running, right click on the bulb and make sure these options are checked off: Use Compressed Sequences {this one is optional, I check it to save drive space and load times}. Show Player Memory Restarts {I've always checked this one, but not entirely sure how it functions}. Launch at Startup {this one always makes sure the CP is loaded on a reboot of your system}. LOR is actually much easier than it sounds at times, just sometimes some of the most obvious criteria gets overlooked and very easily missed, creating issues for the end user that has not learned how the software suite interfaces with other parts of it that are required for some things to function and work properly. Don't give up on it, I'm sure it's probably something quite easy that has been overlooked somewhere along setting your software and hardware up. My tag line below says it all, we've all been through something during set up, running a show and other things that makes us think just what my tag line implies. LOL
  23. Orville

    Pushing LOR 5.25 gig sequence

    Does seem a bit excessive doesn't it for ONE song sequence? LOL My display is itty bitty compared to his, and I looked at my files and the .lms file is 3.044K, .lcs file is 1,855K and .lsv file is 1K for the same song {of course I'm nowhere near being finished with it yet}. And I don't even think I'll even hit the 1GB mark anytime soon, be lucky if I even hit around 2.5--3 MB in total for all 3 files.
  24. Orville

    Pushing LOR 5.25 gig sequence

    You're absolutely right about the write times. I had one sequence that kept bombing out, just would not write it after I kept working on it, built it up, then one day, it just refused to write it out, I even left the computer alone, went to church came back after about 4-1/2 hours and it still hadn't saved it. No idea why. Other sequences take anywhere from 1-2 minutes, and I've had some that have taken up to 20+ minutes to save. Never took that long until I added the RGB Controllers, when I only had 1 RGB Controller, times to save were still really quick, as I added the other 4 controllers, sometimes it felt like an eternity waiting to save the new RGB channels and every time I edit it to keep working on one 'til it's finished, seems like forever before it saves out. I thought maybe it was because I have an older system and only 2GB of memory, but that didn't hold true, since I used another computer that has more memory and it took just as long or longer to save the sequence. And it seems on each edit, especially in the RGB area, it takes longer and longer to save it out each successive edit. And when I ran a test show, it sometimes even takes a long time to load in the RGB sequences too, sometimes as long as 7-10 minutes, looks like I may have to adjust my start times and estimate what time to actually start the show. That way all the sequences can preload, then show start. As I like to load all my sequences up front, the let the show call them as it needs them. When I set it up to load the sequence when needed, I have some serious delay times between loading them. Have you had any of those issues as well? P.S. Sorry to the OP that their thread got a bit hijacked with this.
  25. Orville

    Expert network advice needed.

    They do that for some of the old equipment still in use out there. On occasion you might need an actual crossover cat cable, so they still make them presently for that reason. One day they may go away entirely, but I don't think that's about to happen for a little while longer yet.