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  1. Know the feeling. My Central AC unit I think would be an easy fix, I'm pretty sure it's one of two components that gas failed, either a relay or a capacitor, which if I didn't live in Florida I could purchase and possibly even replace myself, since it wouldn't be that difficult for me to do having worked with electricity and electronics pretty much all my life. But Florida requires you to have an HVAC license, then you have to get a permit o do the work on the AC unit. Other states any homeowner could do it, but Florida has to be a pain in the backside to get the simplest of repairs done.
  2. I have older CCB100D controllers, I have 2 trellis arches I set up. If you DO NOT reverse the 1st strand of RGB nodes on Port 1, this is how the controller will see the direction of the Pixels {This is Normal mode}: Pixel 50-----Pixel 1 ~ Controller ~ Pixel 1-----Pixel 50 Left Right If you have reversed Port 1 {Left} and kept Port 2 Normal {Right} as per YOUR diagram, then you should be set correctly. But if YOU HAVE NOT reversed Port 1, then the diagram I SUPPLIED is how the nodes will light up. Unless you
  3. I'm sorry to hear that. But, I think you purchased from the wrong folks. The Firefly Lights I was referring to in my reply are the ORIGINAL PATENTED Firefly lights that I saw working in some display settings at events I attended that were using them. And they have a lot of good reviews on them. That Dernon company you bought yours from may not be the "Original patented ones" that are found at this site: https://fireflymagic.com/ I looked at some of these at the events that had them both outdoor and inside set ups, and they{the outdoor ones} seemed to be very good, and looked to be w
  4. Nice. Looks like you based that on the LOR Singing Trees mouth pattern of 4 mouth movements? Wish I could build stuff like that, I've tried and I always failed miserably in trying to build my own stuff. That's why I always try to buy stuff like the LOR Singing Trees pre-made, just easier for me that way. Unfortunately if you can find pre-made stuff, it's usually too cost prohibitive for me, being on a fixed income really doesn't help when you want to add new things to a display. If my late father was still alive, he could do all kinds of stuff like this, it always seemed to come
  5. I have the same black adapter USB-485B, the booster is specifically for accessories that require power via the Cat5 cable to operate, the power is usually not more than 9VDC, so low voltage, it's mainly used to power something like an MP3 Director unit, and I think it may also be capable of providing power for the LOR ELL units as well. They get this power from the first CTB16PC Controller on the Regular Network, I know the Pixie2D that control the LOR Singing Trees, nor the CCB-100D original 5V RGB controllers will supply power to the N4-G3 {G4} Director I'm now using to run my show t
  6. If I connect my older CTB16PC's {V2} and the CCB100D and/or the Pixie2D Controllers that run the LOR Singing Trees. Even on testing with the black USB-485B adapter I have, there is a horrible lag time with any of the RGB devices with or without the V2 CTB16PC controllers attached, add them and it gets worse, much, much worse. And during showtime, when that's all I had was the black adapter {prior to the singing trees and CCB-100D controllers} the lag times were even worse when everything was connected and operating. For testing I can only have the Pixie2D's on the black adapter, but be
  7. If you run those LOR Singing Trees off a black adapter {USB-485, USB-485B}, you will have some really horrid lag times if used for show use. Even in testing, before I got a Red HS Adapter, if I had other controllers {older CTB16PC V2 and CCB100D RGB 5V Controllers} on the black adapter, mouth movements, eye blinks, color changes of outline or star or bow on the singing trees lagged, as did any changes on my CCB100D RGB Controllers, they lagged so bad it would kill a displays look faster than a lightning strike! If using the newest N4-G3 {G4} MP3 Director, it allows for 4 networks and dif
  8. Went and looked at it. Doesn't really look to be fiber-optic from it's description when it states 30 LED lights, and from the video, it looks more like a LED Strand was inserted into pre-drilled holes in the sleigh at varying points. I was not impressed by the way it was displayed lit in the extremely abrupt video and the cost for what you're getting just seems way over-priced for this item. And if you read the reviews, one bad one says the person bought it, used it one season, light burned out and was replaced, but still didn't work after doing so. So this may be a revamped model with
  9. I didn't have dimming issues or lights not working at all, what I had were some SERIOUS LAG TIME issues with the lights {Smart RGB} getting way out of sync with the normal AC {CTB16PC} Controllers, but I was using older CTB16PC {Version 2} units and a single network. Fortunately the new G3 Controllers can run at 500K {enhanced?} because that's what was needed in my case. So I had to add a 2nd network for my RGB lighting. It's also why I purchased the N4-G3 {G4} MP3 Director to run my shows this year.
  10. If you're using an MP3 Director like the G3 or G4 {N4-G3 MP3}, the red HS adapter isn't completely necessary, it's only needed if you run your display{show} from the computer. But still good to have one for testing purposes when sequencing. This is so you can see how things are going to work and look, before writing the actual show to an SD Card, again, if using an Director unit.
  11. Got to agree with Phil. I have yet to see any controller that will allow you to sync live or even prerecorded music in real time. Otherwise none of us would need to spend all the time we do on sequencing songs and instrumental music for our displays. Always done manually, I believe what you see in TV and Movies that look like it's occurring in real time have been preset up for the song or scene that is playing out to the audio/song. And all that is usually done with DMX, as opposed to the LOR default system protocol most of us use. It'd be nice if it could be done, but thus far,
  12. Fortunately I don't have any deer in my area. but we do have opossums, squirrels and raccoons, not to mention dogs and cats and occasionally stray people{LOL}. I've never had a Cat5 cable catch fire. However, I do try and keep my Cat5, power cords all secured down and out of the way, as well as off the ground, so if something did get broken, it would snap in two and shouldn't cause any fires. So far, I have had one power cord and 2 Cat5 cables broken in two and no issues, when that happened with the power cord, my GFCI tripped and stopped power from going to anything on the power cords.
  13. Your link now functions fine. I'm not sure about this, but I somewhat get the impression those "bar lights" may be RGB spot lights mounted behind some type of translucent enclosure to get that effect. I might be wrong, but that's what it appears to be to me. The Audio Spectrum bars seem to be made of the same type material and also may use RGB spotlights, as the ones in the Soffit as well as the Audio Spectrum lights look to be identical to me. As for the fairy lights, they appear to be RGB nodes since they can be individually controlled by how they have them sequenced to "sparkle" in
  14. I usually just have my controllers mounted to something, like a wooden backing or a long telephone box stake, then if on a wooden backing mounted to the house or another object where I just bolt the wood panel to another medium, I use plastic C cable clamps, the type you use a screw with to hold in place, I use two of these just under my CTB16PC Controllers and clamp each Cat5 cable down, then I use 2 more of these plastic screw down C clamps about an inch or so under those clamps to hold the Cat5 in place. Depending on where the controller is mounted, I also use these along the Cat5 cab
  15. See Screen Capture below. This is what we get when trying to access your link. When you set the parameters up in Google, you have to set the permission to Public, otherwise only those specifically invited by a link sent from the access point would be able to access it. Share must be set to public for everyone to be able to see it. This is why I suggested the link to the actual videos as they are usually public, and if the video is by someone on the LOR forums we know, it'd be much easier to find out exactly what type lighting it is, who sells it, and what requirements it may require
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