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  1. Orville

    Pixels Strings going all white

    Also can't the Pixie 16 run at 1,000K, so why 500K? Seems the faster speed would also help in some of that possibly.
  2. Orville

    Adding new controller

    If the green cable is a Cat5 Cable, you're good to go, if it's another type, like a USB, then you'll need a second Cat5 cable to go from your original controller to the 2nd unit. Now make sure that the 2nd unit you just acquired IS THE ONLY CONTROLLER connected via the USB Adapter via Cat5 to the new controller, LOR Controllers are always set as Unit ID 01 when shipped, your first controller is probably set as Unit 01, this unit will need to be set as Unit 02. And you use the Hardware Utility {HU or HWU} to set it up correctly if it's a CTB16PC controller. Once set, disconnect it, reconnect your initial controller and then connect your new "unit 02" controller via Cat5 {male to male cat5} cable to Unit 01 Controller, then you're ready to add it in to the Sequence Editor {SE} and start sequencing your lights to the new controller. It WILL NOT be added to the SE automatically, you must enter it manually once you get it set up via the HWU. If you're not sure how to use the HWU to set the controller from the default to a new Unit ID #, just ask. I can walk you through that too, it's really easy.
  3. Orville

    Yeap addiction complete

    See that little chain link icon at the top of the message box when typing in a comment? It's between the U and the " marks. That's how you can add a video link to your video's stored elsewhere, such as Vimeo, YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter, DropBox, etc. Just copy and paste the URL by clicking the chain icon, paste the URL in the URL box and then type a description if desired in the box below the URL you pasted in. It's very easy and then folks can click on your link to see your video{es}.
  4. Orville

    RGB Ribbon background fill

    If you go to this link: RGB Christmas Sequences for 2018 then you can download any of these and just copy the RGB parts out and use them in an Animation Only Sequence that can run while your musical sequences play. Since you Have a Basic Plus license, you will only be able to access the first 4 tracks in my sequences, the RGB lighting is in Track 7, but not to worry, to access them just delete track 1, track 2 will move to become track 1, delete track 1 again, now track2, which was track 3 will once again move up to track 1, delete track 1 again, you should now be able to view and copy from track 7, which will now be Track 4. To only have the RGB track, just keep deleting track 1 until the RGB lighting becomes Track 1. Enjoy.
  5. Don't forget, if they are inside a bag or not visible, you also need a concealed carry permit too.😛
  6. Orville

    Need Help with CCP tree!

    Glad you got it figured out. I learned a very long time ago, if I'm tired, it's best to stop and either take a nap or relax for a couple hours by watching videos of others Christmas Displays online. Or a movie on a DVD, then get back to it after I get my brain disengaged from thinking too much when doing this hobby. When I kept plugging at it, I'd make mistakes, and that in turn could allow the magic smoke to get out of things if I really fouled something up incorrectly! And yes, from time to time I've let the magic smoke out of a thing here or there over many years. So now, when I get tired, I leave it alone for a few hours and then come back to it. No serious mistakes in years now, but occasionally I'll foul up a sequence if I keep working at it for too long and then have to fix it. LOL But I can live with that kind of mistake, however letting the magic smoke out, now that can end up costing extra money sometimes.
  7. You're right. I'll bet the NRA had something to do with those lights coming into being. j/k! But...then again....who really knows?
  8. Orville

    G3 MP3 Director Network Questions

    Been a while since I've been into electronics {well past 20 years now, so I'm a bit rusty on this} and requiring resistance conversions, but actually that is actually correct. Sometimes all those darn zeroes can foul up what you think it should be and why I would also ALWAYS confirmed it with a converter to make sure I did it correctly and used the correct resistor. So I actually got that wrong, so much for my brain cells....LOL But I had never heard it referenced that way in anything and so I think that's what actually threw me off on this one. Sure glad I'm NOT working in that field any longer, but then again, if I was, I'd be more up on the newer terms they're using today. Those things change faster than clockwork it seems. Tried to serve in the military, but do to having asthma, got kicked out of that, but I worked hand in hand with Military folks in many of the companies they contracted to build those devices to protect our country {USA}. And glad to be of help, although, on some occasions I may get something not quite the way I thought it worked {and how I ended up with MY signature tag line! 🤣} anyway if I happen to error, one of our other resident experts will chime in and correct my blunder. I try NOT to make them, but then again, we're only human, and unfortunately we make mistakes at times. At least I'll own up to mine if I do make a blunder! LOL
  9. Orville

    G3 MP3 Director Network Questions

    Yes, I would think you should be able to do that as long as you use the same comm port for both ports, but sometimes this software dioesn't work as we think it should. And in that case, you may have to add a second comm port to Aux A, I have Comm3 as my Regular LOR Network and Comm4 as my 2nd Network, in the SE these all work together, in the HWU they don't, you have to select comm3 to test those controllers and then select comm4 to test the 2nd half, if 2 comm ports are required. I've never tried it using the same comm port for 2 different networks, so I'm not sure how that will work, but in case it doesn't, then you'll need tos et a 2nd comm port up for the other half. In the HWU, it will ask when you change to the 2nd comm port "is the comm port you wish to use for your show", always say no to this, otherwise, it'll really foul you up when you run a sequence, because for some reason, if you select the 2nd comm port, the SE won't run the first half of the controllers. I disabled that screen after I got my 2 networks set up because I kept thinking the answer to the question was Yes and then half my display would not operate in the SE. So in mine Comm3 is the one to run my shows, with comm 4 being secondary on the Aux A network.
  10. Orville

    G3 MP3 Director Network Questions

    I worked in electronics and in explosive devices and even installing data lines for offices, 1M = 1 Million always, no matter what it is, so 1M would always convert to K as 1,000,000K, 1K can not translate to 1M, as 1K is only 1,000 {one thousand} and why it can not be 1M. It would never correlate, and could cause some disastrous results if you used 1M for 1K in any of these environments, especially electronic components or explosive devices, because if it ran faster than anticipated that electronic fuse may detonate sooner than the user believed and that could end in serious injury or death, in electronic circuitry same thing, depending on type of circuit, voltages and such, one wrong component value and it could cause some serious injury, and again, even death depending on what happens when the circuit gets charged and something possibly explodes on the circuit board. You have to be extremely careful with numbers and values. In all my years I have NEVER, not one time ever heard 1K correlate as 1M, they would never be the same. At least I have never heard of them being identified as interchangeable and I did this kind of work for over 40 years.
  11. Orville

    G3 MP3 Director Network Questions

    The changes WILL NOT BE AUTOMATIC in the SE, you have to go to Tools, then Channel Config to see the Network information, it will not show you the network speed, only the network the controller is assigned too when you first created the sequence. To change controller info you have to look at the bottom of the Channel Config window and click on Change Controller, a pop up window will open and show all your controllers, click on the one you want to change, now go to the bottom of the window and you'll see 3 boxes, the top one you can't change, the second is Network, there is a little arrow to the right side of the box, click the small arrow, you will see a list of Networks, pick the one you just set in the Network Configuration Utility, the last and 3rd box is the Controller "Unit" #, if the controller unit # has not changed, leave this alone, otherwise change it to the controller you want it to be, then click OK, another pop up will as you if you are sure you want to change this controller, Click Yes, and all network info will be changed for that controller and ONLY that controller. You will have to do this for each network change made to any controller in the sequence. And if you ever change the Network configuration again on any of the controllers set in the SE, you will need to repeat these steps again.
  12. No thanks to either. I thought the shotgun shells were in extremely poor taste and I LIVE i n the South. Nor do I like the beer can lights. So neither would find their way into my display.
  13. Orville

    G3 MP3 Director Network Questions

    1M = 1,000,000K, not 1K. 1K = 1,000. And nothing LOR currently has to my knowledge runs anywhere near 1M, at least not yet. But could you imagine LOR Controllers operating at 1 million speed? Maybe one day in the future, but for now we're limited to 1K or 1,000 speeds and that's only for a Pixie 16 Controller!
  14. Orville

    troubleshooting non working led lights...

    I've had that happen with replaceable LED strands, the sockets over time will become brittle, crack or split and break off, sometimes they'll just drop off due to heat expansion if the bulb is hung upside down {wires up, socket toward ground}. If It's only one LED that has come off I usually will just solder those 2 wires together after cutting them down to space the remaining bulbs the same, but I mark the strand so I don't keep doing it if more fall off. One or two bulbs you can get away with, but after that you might start letting the magic smoke out of the remaining bubs and they smell bad when they POP! LOL However, there is a help that can prevent the rusting process, takes time and a lot of time depending on strand size and how many you have, but automotive dielectric grease will prevent the corrosion of the terminals in the socket. I even had it to the male prongs as I've had them corrode INSIDE the plug, but the dielectric grease is NON-CONDUCTIVE, so it's safe to use in your LED strands with replaceable bulbs. Otherwise your cars lighting system would short out, since this is used in vehicle lamp sockets and electrical connectors. Now for the sockets, it's a pain to do, but if you paint them with a UV resistant black paint, the cracking, splitting and breakage is cut down to almost none. trick is keeping the inside where the contacts are from getting painted. Once I started doing that, I had less failures with my strands that are replaceable store bought brands. Like said, time and lots of it to keep the strands working for a long time. I just gave mine away to our church last year because I wouldn't be using them any longer after moving to sealed RGB lighting from LOR and these strands were never cut down, just added the aforementioned steps and these LED store bought strands were purchased in 2011, 7 years later all are still working 100%, just an occasion LED bulb burns out. Otherwise if you don't want to spend time and lots of effort, don't buy replaceable store brands, go online and buy sealed strands, where this issue rarely happens with a socket splitting, cracking, breaking or just falling off the strand. Although sealed strands still have LED's burn out, so yu may still have to cut and splice a new bulb {pod} into the strand. Each has their advantages and disadvantages, up to the end user what they want to use and whether or not they want to spend extra time and effort to keep them working for years and years.
  15. Orville

    Need Help with CCP tree!

    Are you saying the HWU {Hardware Utility} won't let you test the lights or you can't get it to work in a sequence you created? Or both? Also we need to know type controller used for the CCP tree {Are they LOR Controllers or some else's?}, Network settings {Network Speed {57.6K, 500K, 1000K?}, What Network {Standard, Aux ?}, Enhanced or Not Enhanced? Are you using E1.31? DMX? A little more info here will help us help you get things working. As then those with experience with what you may be using will be better able to offer suggestions and answers to get that CCP tree up and operational.