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  1. If you want them, they ARE available. I was checking the Singing Tree pages and I could add one of each into my cart for their normal full price. So apparently they just shelved a few for the Mad Grab Sale, as like stated, I just checked as of this posting on them and was able to add each one to my shopping cart. Normally if an item is not available at all, you don't have the option of adding it to your shopping cart. So I'd say as of June 1, 2020, all 4 LOR Singing Trees are available for purchase and delivery. If not, then someone forgot to close access to adding one or more to the sopping cart. As when I've checked on things that were sold it in the past,the add to cart button is not available to do so on the page. But it's still there as of this post. So if you want them, you can get them, just not at the sale price.
  2. We had a severe thunderstorm Saturday and took out our power for a while. So no computer, no internet for us for almost 2 hours and I can never remember the time differences between Florida and Alabama. I can never remember is Central time an hour behind us or an hour ahead of us where I am in Florida. Storm was raging here and took out our power around 6pm Eastern and it didn't come back on in my area 'til almost 8pm Eastern. The power transformer that seems to always get hit in these things is a difficult one for the power crews to get access too. Why it is where it is, is a a mystery. It's between 2 very large bodies of water and not enough access room for their trucks to get to it easily. So every time it goes out during a rainstorm{gets hit by lightning and those large bodies of water spill over their banks}, in my neighborhood, they have to come in through our neighborhood, take a fence down to access it from our side, then put it back up after they enter the area, take it down again to get back out and then restore it again {can you say "idiotic?"}. Which is now even more difficult for them because the owner of the park took away their large access area for their power trucks to access it easily, because the current idiot of an owner would not listen to the people that lived at the access point, and so put a manufactured home on the open lot that had given them easy access in the past. So now they have to slowly creep between the two homes to get to it now and their trucks just barely fit in the space they use to do the repairs{replace of fix the blown power transformer. And neither the previous or current owner would not allow them to put in an access gate either. Can you say "dimwitted, short-sided owner{s}?" If I can ever move out of this glorified manufactured "trailer" home park I will do so. We go through this every summer during the rainy season with the thunderstorms we have. And this power transofrmer ONLY affects our little section of the park. If I ever get lucky enough to purchase a real house, I'm gone. I'll never buy another one of these so-called manufactured homes{again, nothing but a glorified trailer that looks close to a house}. ever. If I know what I know now, I'd have never moved into one! Lesson learned the hard way. p.s. sorry for the bit of a rant, but it just frustrates me when this happens, especially if I'm planning on something like a class or working on my display. Soon as I hear thunder, I save whatever I'm doing and it's off the computer until the storm passes. Well time to go brew the morning coffee, maybe next week I'll have better luck at getting to the singing face class.
  3. If you've added the LOR Singing Trees, I'd love a copy of this one as well JR. Again, you already know my e-mail. "I agree to not sell or share this sequence with anyone. This request will be used for my private, personal use on my show only. I also understand the mere fact of making changes to the borrowed sequence and pasting it in to my sequence does not make it mine to share". Thank You, much appreciated!
  4. Hey JR, I'd love to get a copy of this one if it includes the Singing LOR Trees. You already know my e-mail. "I agree to not sell or share this sequence with anyone. This request will be used for my private, personal use on my show only. I also understand the mere fact of making changes to the borrowed sequence and pasting it in to my sequence does not make it mine to share". Thank You, much appreciated!
  5. Sorry, couldn't get the video to work from my OneDrive account. Don't know why the embedding codes or the link won't display the video here. I would think it should. But no go. Sorry folks.
  6. Not sure whom you're asking, but if I state 2 computers, I mean 2 separate functioning systems independent of each other. if I can get my 2nd one up and running, need to find a monitor and new mouse for it, but the 2nd system will be the one I install S5 on so I can start working with and learning it.
  7. Sorry, but the way it was stated, it was difficult to discern that for certain. And if that's the case, Disney WILL ALWAYS REJECT those type requests.
  8. Was what you were asking for going to be on YOUR personal property or on a commercial public or even a commercial private property or another property you DO NOT own? The criteria changes drastically depending on where you planned on setting this up. On your own home front, Disney most {not all} of the time will allow use of their characters in that manner. If they are commercially available products sold for such an event, usually no permission is needed, but for matrix displays and home-created display pieces that Disney did not create, sometimes there are issues with those. However, you also stated you wanted to show "clips of movies", and as far as I am aware, no matter what on that one, permission is very rarely or just not given. Static characters or displayed characters like on a Matrix are completely different than those taken directly from a movie scene and replayed to anyone, anywhere. Disney will reject those requests all the time, and if someone turns you in, you'll get a visit from the Disney Lawyer team , sometimes directly in person. {according to my source that works for the Disney company}. It all depends on how you asked Disney, and also how, and where you were going to be displaying their "intellectual property" {characters}. So many factors, even a small one that you might feel is insignificant can get a rejection of a Disney Character/s usage in any display, even a personal use one. Got to be very careful of your wording when asking, even an unintentional misstep in wording {yes, even a simple typo} may cause a rejection from your request.
  9. Oops, meant 8 Channels, not 4 in my earlier response. I was thinking "mouth only channels" at the time. LOL If I can get my 2nd computer up and running, I plan on putting S5 on the 2nd one and start playing around with it. That way I have S4 on one system that I will use for this year{2020}, but eventually hope to move over to S5 at some point in the hopefully near future.
  10. If you only paid $60 shipping you got off cheap! When I added my 2 LOR Singing Trees to the cart {pre MAD Sale}, the cost was $124 and some change for shipping if I recall, but could be +/- a couple bucks. By the time I added everything else I was purchasing from LOR, spent almost $2,000 and shipping was around $146 and some change if I recall. That was 2 Singing Trees, a G4 MP3 Director, Extra SD Card for the Director and 6 - 25 foot Cat5 cables and a set of 100 count {2 strands of 50 - 5VDC RGB C7/9{?}} Style bulbs on Clearance for one of my CCB100D RGB Controllers. I had purchased 4 of the same clearance bulbs earlier and the shipping on them alone {total 8 strands of 50 RGB CCB bulbs} was around $60 just for those alone. So it may be your shipping charges somehow got skewed in the process, and you may actually owe more for the shipping due to the size and weight of the packages in total. But I'd definitely check with LOR on that before I committed any additional money for shipping. There are a lot of scam artists out there just trying to make a buck any way they can. Good Luck!
  11. JR, if you use the default Pixie settings {in S4} and set them up as 2 unit ID #'s and 2 ports, each port will be numbered 1-100, they will become SMART NODES, as that is what the RGB nodes that come with the LOR Singing Trees are, they are SMART NODES, but they are set for the LOR Singing Trees to act as "DUMB NODES" for ease in using and sequencing the Trees. Remember what I told you how I had set mine up initially, they were set as SMART NODES and I had to MANUALLY enter channel information of every single node, ALL 200 of them, and I had to change Port 2 from 1-100, to 101-200, and then I had to get the Tree Configuration files {Photo that shows what nodes are for what and which aren't used} and set them all up. Took me hours upon hours to configure. In my opinion, folks are better off using the DUMB MODE option and the Pixie2D Controllers they came with! Much less work and less time getting the trees singing. Otherwise instead of 4 channels in dumb mode, you will have a multitude of channels for each bulb for each section of the mouth. Personally, after getting your help and configuring mine, I would not even try to use these trees as "SMART NODES" where each individual pixel could be controlled separately. It's just not worth all the extra work and hassle, mush easier they way you helped me set up mine, 8 channels and dumb node version with 24 circuits. Sure a lot easier on both the eyeballs and sequencing them, as opposed to 1200 channels per LOR Singing Tree! But to each his own, me I prefer the SIMPLEST METHOD to accomplish what I need a prop to do, just too complex to set these trees up in SMART NODE mode. And the sequencing in Smart Mode is a nightmare the way you have to set them up in the Sequencer. I do speak from experience on this one. I tried it that way not knowing how they are actually set up before I got them, hours and hours later, I had them configured, but trying to sequence them in Smart Node mode was a horrible nightmare within itself.
  12. Only reason I'm running 3 networks is because my CTB16PC Controllers are older units and can't do the faster {500K} or Enhanced options, and since I have older CCB100D 5V Controllers and RGB Strands, as well as the new Pixie2D's that control the LOR Singing Trees, I opted for 3 networks to separate everything and just make it easier to know what's what in my display in case of any issues. If it weren't for that, I could have gotten away with a single network for what I am running if my CTB16PC's were of the G3 family, but still probably would have used 2 and put all the RGB items on the 2nd Network. But because of the controllers I'm using now and what each controls, that's why I'm going 3 Networks for my 2020 Christmas Display this year, that and using the new G4 Director will help keep things in better order, at least for me.
  13. Actually, I'm not finding it as difficult as I thought I would. Once I started working on it, seems the easier it got {at least to me}. Just when I get it completed, would just like your input on how well I actually got it right and what I may have missed and needs "fixing", if anything. Yes, it's long song and complex, but I've actually been really enjoying working on it. And that's just how I roll, tackle the harder one first, then the others should be so much easier and fall into place. Most will start with the easy songs, me, I love the challenge of difficult things at times, so I have to do it backwards from everyone else.🤪🤣🤣🤣
  14. You running a theme park sized display? I just can't fathom needing more than 1-8 networks for an average home display. Like others are asking, what is each network actually running and operating? You might be able to cut your networks by half or more, depending on what you're running on each one.
  15. JR, my wife felt just like the other guys wife, and I did exactly what you did, and is exactly how I got my wife to agree to RGB Lighting. When she saw what could be done with them, then she started asking me: Where can we get those? And the rest is history.🤣 @JR: BTW: I've almost got "Oh What A Glorious Night by Sidewalk Prophets" sequenced with the new LOR Singing Trees I bought. Got a couple more areas to work on, but it's close to being done. When I get it done, will see if I can shoot a video and send it to you, and you can tell me how well{or bad} I did with the trees mouth movements.
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