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  1. Orville

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    for keeping moths safe
  2. Orville

    Check out this NEW Custom Zip Tie Tool!

    Have had that happen to me too, item was delivered in Orlando, then made it's way to California and then to somewhere in GA, then finally back to Orlando and got the item about 15 days later. Even though I PAID SHIPPING FEES, the item still took a ridiculous round about way to get to me. Now really, just how STUPID is this? Once it was in Orlando, why didn't it just come to my address, that's what I "thought" it would do, but no, it go across the all the way across the US and then back to Orlando. That just makes absolutely NO SENSE at all! {And why I think shipping fees are in the completely ridiculous cost zone today!}
  3. Orville

    Check out this NEW Custom Zip Tie Tool!

    I can agree the cost is too high currently and with all the extra's you need, I'll probably still be hand zip tying all my stuff for this years display too. But one can dream of easier ways to do things, just hoped it wouldn't have cost so much, and shipping is ridiculous for some of the prices I've seen lately on some of the most light-weight things too!. Even Home Depot is a tad high, wanted to buy some replacement sticky pads for my flea traps I have in the house, they work great, the cost of the flea trap papers are only $3.98¢, but they want $5.98¢ to ship something that just weighs 1 to 3 ounces at most, so total cost with S/H = $9.96¢! I could ship those for a lot less than that price. And I'm a firm believe that shipping costs should NEVER cost a lot more than the product being shipped! Me, I'd think something this lightweight should ship for FREE or no more than $1.50¢! But if I want them delivered, that's what I pay for it, and if they get shoved and folded up/bent or rolled when put in my community mailbox, then they'd be useless, and I know that's exactly how they'd get shoved into my little mail box. I've had things folded, bent and rolled put in my mailbox that was clearly stamped on it: DO NOT BEND, FOLD or ROLL, and LAY PACKAGE FLAT ONLY! Sometimes I think our mail carriers are illiterate when it comes to reading instructions on packages thusly stamped. Geez, give me the olden days when you ordered something, paid the shipping fee, and it was actually delivered DIRECTLY to YOUR DOOR!
  4. Orville

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    I fell off my
  5. Orville

    Check out this NEW Custom Zip Tie Tool!

    Well to all that have commented on this new tool, I'm hoping the price goes down a bit. And if I do get one, I'll tell you how well it did or did not work in setting up my display. As I carry a BUCKET OF TOOLS outside with me, as well as screws and cable clamps to hold electrical and cat5 wiring down or along the house, it wouldn't be much of a bother for me to have this tool in my arsenal. As I really believe it WILL cut the time over half in setting up, take down is completely different, I can actually take more time in taking things down. However, setting up, I want to do it as quickly as I possibly can. So I think this toll would help, but until I get one and see, I'll never really know. Same for anyone, without ever trying it, we'll never know how good it really is in cutting time or making things more difficult until one tries it out. So, if I do get one, will let you guys know if it's a flop, or worthy of being added to our arsenal of tools we use. That's the only fair way to judge this tool. But I do thank you all for your input on it.
  6. Orville

    Check out this NEW Custom Zip Tie Tool!

    It's odd though, sometimes I can edit a post up to hours after posting, but normally it has always been not more than 1 hour. So if I posted something and after posting or answering other posts, then realize I may have made a mistake/error after 1 hour in my first post, I usually don't even both to edit it{unless the edit button is still there, then I will}. However, most often the edit button is gone after 1 hour. And I just have to post another response in the thread where I made the error or mistake.
  7. Orville

    Check out this NEW Custom Zip Tie Tool!

    Here's a link that shows the tool and all accessories/refills for it: QuickZip Cable Tie Tool and Refills/Accessories Also includes all current pricing. Adding all that up = way too expensive at this time, at least for me. I'll wait and hope the costs come down quite a bit on all this stuff before I invest in one of them.
  8. Orville

    Check out this NEW Custom Zip Tie Tool!

    Nope, doesn't make me feel bad at all. I have a zip tie gun too, but it's never been that reliable and why I usually do them with my fingers. So this tool would definitely be a help for me. But I'm going to wait it out and hope the price comes down quite a bit before making a commitment to buying one.
  9. Orville

    Check out this NEW Custom Zip Tie Tool!

    I was thinking about that too, but most of mine are easily accessible for such a tool, only have a few that would require hand/finger pulls, so I'd still keep a supply of regular zip ties for that purpose. Tight spaces could possibly be a problem, I'll give you that one. But I do zip tie a lot of things and this tool would {I think at the moment until I get one and use it} would be a great time saver for me. And I do use a pair of flush cutters to cut off the tails, but it's such a mess trying to pick them up out of the yard if they fall, I try to hold onto them so I can just collect them and toss them in a bucket I use for the cuttings, but sometimes they still make it to the ground. LOL
  10. Orville

    Continue The Story In 4 Words...

    California isn't the one?
  11. Orville

    Check out this NEW Custom Zip Tie Tool!

    Yes, that's what I thought too. When I saw it in my e-mail and watched the video, I thought that's a handy tool and so visited their site to find out costs of it. But the price point was, also, too me, a little high. Now if it were around $25-$30, that's not so bad{and the pricing I was kind of hoping it'd be at}. But even though the current price is pricey, I'm still considering one of them. As it would save both my fingers, hands and time putting all those zip ties on my cords and cables every year when the display goes up. Of course taking it down, still got to cut each one off manually. o I'll only get sore hands and fingers at take down. LOL Now if they just had an automatic too for cutting zip ties off. Hopefully the price will go down, but being new, I think that may be quite a while. If it happens at all.
  12. Cable Wholesale has come up with a new product that'll save you a lot of work and no more fumbling around for the right sized Zip Tie. It makes custom length zip ties and even cuts them flush so no more sharp edges at the head! Looks pretty cool! I just got this info on it in my e-mail box Check it out here: QuikZip Cable Tie Gun Kit, inc 50ft Black Tie And here's a video of how it works: How to Make Easy Cable Ties using the above Zip Tie Gun Current cost is: $55.92¢ And the ties are UV protected! And here's the replacement spools: QuikZip Tie Material, Black UV protected, Spool 50ft Cost: $13.57¢ Prices are at the time of this posting. Looks like an excellent tool we could all add to our arsenal of tools! Sure would make zip tying things up a whole lot easier!
  13. Orville

    Continue The Story In 4 Words...

    POLLUTION, someone is dead
  14. Orville

    Peace family prop

    Got a link to them?
  15. Orville

    Peace family prop

    Me either Bob, but I'd at least give it a shot if I was sure the LOR RGB Bullet Pixel Nodes could be done like this. But since I'm unsure, think I'll just leave well enough alone. May have to go the route you went if I really want to do this and add those mini fire sticks to my display. but got other things I want to get first that won't cost as much, so maybe for 2020 I may be able to do these. I'm not even looking forward to the cutting and splicing I have to do on the 4 strands of CCB's I have that has one bulb in each strand I need to replace. And still haven't gotte them and their controllers down yet so I can start on that project. Boy am I getting behind in so many things at the moment for 2019's Christmas display!