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  1. Orville

    Pasting from One Open Sequence to a Separate

    Are you sure you're copying from the old sequence? Sometimes I've done that, make sure you select the part of the sequence you want from the OLD sequence, then open the new sequence and paste. If you're doing it correctly, it should not be taking anything from the new sequence at all. As whatever you just selected SHOULD overwrite anything currently in the clipboard. I was inadvertently copying from the new sequence when I thought I was copying from the old one into the new. And if you used the same name, but saving in a different location, that can really mess you up too. I'd add NEW to the end of the new sequence I was working on, that way I know the OLD from the NEW and then copy from my old sequence to the new one. Once completed, then I'd rename the new sequence by deleting the "NEW" off the end of it. Or I will now create my sequences with the year preceding the name, i.e. 2018 Wizards of Winter, that way I know 2018 is this year and anything other than that would be an older sequence to copy from. You need to create a system to know old sequences from new ones, and stick with it. This way you won't get confused and think you're copying from an older one, when you might be copying from the new one. Hope this didn't sound too confusing. But I was making these mistakes often enough until I created a system that worked for me. Good Luck.
  2. Orville

    Very New and trying to figure this out.

    Would also help if you fill in your profile with software version and license level, as that sometimes has a lot to do with answering your questions. As some licenses won't allow some things where higher license levels will. As well as what version software you're using as there are still users out here using older versions of it. Then we can better serve you answers. On MP3 files, I'll use ITunes, CDBaby or if the song is out of production and I just can't find it, I use an YouTube to MP3 software to get the song from YouTube, this is only as a last resort, if the song is available I'll buy it, but I have some in my collection that can't be purchased any longer, company decides to retire it or for whatever reason they make it no longer available. Then I have little choice but to download it using such software to get it. I use a free program called MP3Rocket to download from YouTube. I really love this program because it'll even let you make ringtones for your cell phone as well as download videos if you so desire. And with YouTube folk putting all those advertisements in them now, just ruins the fluidity of the video, so I download and watch the videos AD FREE on my computer! Then after I've watched them, I delete them. It's a really cool program, even lets you save in different audio formats too. You can also record LIVE Video with it as well as watch TV! It also converts between format, very versatile. I use the Free Basic Version which can be downloaded here: MP3Rocket Audio-Video Downloader - Watch TV - Convert Audio Files - FREE BASIC VERSION And this is the Home Page: mp3rocket.me
  3. Orville

    When enabling schedule, pop up come up

    That also depends on controller type as well. If any are the older controller CTB16PC types and you also have newer ones {G3 Controllers}, the older units CAN NOT run on the 500K speed, they CAN NOT run on an Enhanced Network like RGB Lights prefer. Even if you have CTB16PC G3 Controllers and current RGB Light Controllers, I'd still separate them into separate Networks, CTB16PC on Regular, and RGB on Aux A, 500K, Enhanced. But you need 2 USB485 Adapters to do that, red High Speed for RGB and Gen 3 Controllers {if you want 2 Networks}, older CTB16PC can use the black USB485 adapters If older CTB16PC's and RGB Controllers are on the same Network, this can cause erratic lighting, lag times and music skips. I have older CTB16PC Controllers and RGB Controllers, so I required 2 Networks to run my show without any glitches, such as was previously mentioned, as I had those issues really bad before I broke mine into 2 separate Networks! If they all are the same G3 Controller {CTB16PC}, then Daisy-Chaining them together is fine, and only one Network is needed.
  4. Orville

    New guy

    Go to this sub-forum: Sequence Sharing I'm sure you can find many there to try and check out. You'll have to locate the media{music} file for them yourself, as they won't contain the media file. If there's a link in the post, just click on i,t and then download the sequence.
  5. Orville

    When enabling schedule, pop up come up

    In the pop up menu from the light bulb icon it's actually called "Network Preferences", left click the light bulb to access it from the task bar area. In the Windows pop up area from "All Programs" in the Light-O-Rama folder it's called "Light-O-Rama Network Configuration". I have some of these {the ones I use most often} set as short cuts on my desktop area as well, not necessary, but I like them there.
  6. Orville

    When enabling schedule, pop up come up

    Next time if you get that pop up in the HWU, that is normal, tell the HWU, yes, it is okay to turn it off, then another pop will ask if you're sure you want to do that {if memory serves}, but select yes or OK on both pop-ups from the HWU. Once I got everything back together, the next time I wanted to test my RGB Controllers via the HWU, it asked me if I wanted to change to the RGB Comm port {Comm 4} to run my shows again, I selected No and I also checked the little box down in the lower left corner of this popup top "Never ask me again", that way when I swap between comm 3 or comm 4. Now I don't get asked "Is this the comm port you want to run your shows from" again, the first few times I was swapping comm ports, I kept telling it yes for that, because I thought it would make BOTH comm ports active, it doesn't, as long as Regular is the main active Network, all the rest will work, and don't need to be confirmed in the HWU, just in the Network Configuration software and saved. So you may want to disable that question about "Is this the comm port you want to use for your show", this is so you don't accidentally swap your comm ports again. Sure has save me a lot of headaches, however, when you swap to the Aux Network the HWU will always have 2 popups asking questions, just say Yes and OK to swap ports to test your RGB lighting or whatever is on the 2nd Aux Network. You DO NOT need to swap it back to comm 3, you can just close the HWU and everything will be as it should, it'll default back to the Regular Network {from what you set in the Network Config file}, and you shouldn't have any other comm port issues from there at least. Not unless you tell the HWU to select the wrong comm port again, that's why I disabled that particular popup question. The only time you'd say No to the comm port pop up in HWU is if a show is running, as the comm ports will be in use, close the HWU, then disable the show, then re-open the HWU for testing purposes or adding a new controller to test or set up. Happy Lighting!
  7. Orville

    When enabling schedule, pop up come up

    You must have something in the LOR Software opened already that looks and uses the comm port, or you set the comm port incorrectly in the HWU when you set up which comm port to use for your show, that's the only way to get that error. If you've selected the wrong comm port when you set up your software the first time through using the HWU, especially if you have more than one Network, make sure the Comm port is set to the REGULAR Network and not any of the other comm ports, as this too will also cause that error. I have comm 3 set for my shows, but I also have a comm 4, which is my Aux A Network, 500K, Enhanced strictly for my RGB Lights and controllers, if you set that comm port to your show settings, it will cause this error as well. I know from doing it myself, because the HWU asks if this is the comm port you want to use for your shows, I clicked "Yes" on comm 4, then I'd get that error, because comm 3 is the one on my Regular LOR Network for my CTB16PC {older Version 2} Controllers, once I set it back to comm 3, exited back out of the HWU, all ran fine and no comm port errors. Good luck on getting the issue resolved!
  8. Orville

    New guy

    Exactly as JR stated. If folks hadn't shared sequences when I started, I may still be figuring out to make things work. having a sequence to look at, follow and copy and paste into my created sequence, even though I'd have to modify the pasted blocks from time to time so they fit my settings, helped a whole lot. Believe me {and JR} shared sequences are worth their weight in gold when you are first learning all this stuff, especially when you start moving into criteria like smart or dumb RGB pixel lighting. No they won't fit anyone's display exactly, if at all, but many times some of us have the same or similar props or items in our display, and it helps to have a starting point when you've never done it before. especially when it comes to Arches, Spinners and other more complex items that require a lot more configuration in sequencing to getting them to function like they are supposed too! As my tag line says below, "This hobby can bring on temporary insanity! Especially when things don't work like YOU thought they should!😛 So shared sequences are a great help to newcomers and even some of us "old timers" need a refresher now and then too.🤪
  9. Wasn't sure I'd have time today {as of this posting} to get any Christmas Graphics on-line, but I did. So here's some Christmas ones to get you started. As I find more I'll add them to the collection. May be quite a few repeats in the Christmas {Static} GIF list, and I thought I had more animated ones than I found thus far. Going to have to hunt them down, I know I've got a LOT more than what is currently in the animated area, just got to find where I put them. LOL Here's the link for Christmas Graphics: Christmas GIF Files Download what you want or need. Some of the Christmas Tree, Gift and possibly Pet Photographs are actual Christmas Trees or Christmas related things I took from personal Family Videos or Still Photo's I took and converted to GIF format. So some of those Christmas Trees were in my parents, grandparents, uncle and aunts or taken in our own house, apartment or where we currently reside. Most of these were also found at assorted Internet sites through the years, some of the animated ones I created from static images. Hopefully more to come when I can find them. Enjoy.
  10. I'm working on getting that together. Church today, so won't get much time to sort the Christmas ones out today, but yes, have just as large, if not larger for Christmas! LOL
  11. Been collecting and creating these things for years. And when I find new stuff I don't have, I add it to the collection. just about everything in my collection can be found on an assortment of sites on the internet. But I KNOW what a pain that is to go searching through 40-50+ sites trying to find something, so I just put 'em all in one place for easier finding, albeit some of their names may be off, not my idea, that's just how they got named when saved from sites all over the place. I tried naming them to represent what they are, but sometimes a few here and there slipped through the cracks. 🤪 My original intent was to categorize them into each type of graphic, but once I got into this hobby, who has the time, right? ROFL Perhaps one day I'll get it done, but I ain't counting on it. LOL
  12. Try here and see if any of these may help you out. They're a bunch of Halloween themed graphics I've collected over time. All sizes, all types related to Halloween, 100's of them. Animated and NON-Animated. Hopefully something here will work; Download anything you need or want from here: Halloween Graphics in GIF format If you click on the graphic you can view it, then use your browser back button to get back to the list. NOTE: Some could be repeats, hard to keep track of so many graphics. LOL Browse and Download at your convenience. P.S. These are available to anyone looking for Halloween themed graphics.
  13. Orville

    Still here

    Me, a large plot {15-20 acres - NO NEIGHBORS {close by at least}! or HOA!} of property and build a home on it all set up with RGB lights installed around all windows, doors, garage door and roof area. Also quite a lot of CTB16PC controllers mounted and wired in the attic to outlets outside in the yard and along the bottom area of the house for some of my Blow Molds and other AC powered display items. There would also be speakers mounted in the ceiling all over the house, each one volume controller so they could be turned off if needed, as well as outdoor speakers mounted {built in} all around the house. Yes, I'd still use an FM transmitter as well. I'd also have a parking lot so folks could park facing the house and watch the display and listen in on their car radio or walk through the display, their choice. No visible controllers, no visible cat5 cabling, and limited extension cords to trip over! That would be MY DREAM HOME. I'd just have to hope Light-O-Rama had enough products in stock to get the job completed as the house was built. The attic would be my "work cave" for sequencing, testing and for my indoor O gauge train layout, so it'll have a mini kitchen including small sink, microwave, regular sized refrigerator/freezer and of course a bathroom so I don't have to leave for anything while I'm working or playing in there. And of course I won't forget to have a very large "G"arden Train Layout out in front of the house for use during the Holiday times too! Let's see, I'll need a power panel located in the attic for everything and from LOR I'll probably need about 150+ 12V RGB Controllers in the green, white or black{?} boxes{pre-assembled} with 100 RGB lights each port, guessing around 50+ new CTB16PC GEN 3 controllers, 15-20 High Speed Adapters and about 200 replacement RGB strands for repairs or replacement. Then I'll buy 2 mini-vans, one will be as it comes, the other I'll have customized for use for Holidays/Parade use using CMB24 controllers and RGB lights from LOR, the lights will be mounted outside and inside the mini vans body. I'll make Disney's floats look very pale by comparison! LOL Have a I spent the approximate 500 million, {well maybe 300 million after taxes} cash payout yet? ROFL And what's left my wife can furnish the house with furniture. Oh yes, there will also be RGB Lights along the interior rooms of the house as well, nothing like some really cool mood lighting that you can control how they light. And they'd be on a separate computer system for indoors vs the outdoor ones. But they could be combined if wanted during specific times of year, like Halloween or Christmas. Anyone else like to have a house and yard set up like that? It'd definitely be the coolest looking house in the neighborhood, if there is one...neighborhood that is!
  14. Orville

    New guy

    It depends on what your question is about, there are several different sub forums here where you'd ask questions, they've got them set up for just about anything you need to know. Sometimes you can use the search option on the forums and it may come up with an answer, sometimes not. it's a hit and miss. But when you know what you want to ask about, try and find the best forum that will match what you're asking, then folks will know a little better how to answer the question{s} you're wanting the answer{s} to. Also update your profile with the LOR Software Suite and License level you're using, as sometimes many answers depend on that as well. It'll help us answer your questions correctly as someone still using an older version, like version 3 could possibly be a completely different answer from Version 4, and the newest Version 5 is completely different from any previous versions, so someone that's using Version 5 would be better to answer a question on that one. One of the best places on the forum for or new user to read in would be the Newbies forum, there is a lot of info in there as well. Read through the manuals you get, read the forums, search and if you just can't find the answer, ask. Someone here will provide an answer. One note on this, right now many are finishing up their Halloween or starting their Christmas displays, or will be after Halloween is over, so answers may not come as quickly as you'd like, just be patient, most of us try to check in here at least 1 or 2 times a week, I try and check in daily when I can, and if I see your question and can help, I'll surely try as will most everyone here. Welcome to the addiction and my tag line says it all as you learn and keep learning how to do things with the LOR Hardware and Software. LOL
  15. Orville

    Still here

    Us neither. Wife went to buy 2 tickets and they told her the drawing had already been done by 10:30pm. Don't know what time they do the drawing, but most lottery ticket sales don't close until 10:45pm in Florida, then the drawing is usually held at 11pm, except for a couple that have a 7pm drawing on select days. Now maybe we'll have another chance, but winning it, there I always have doubts, I NEVER win anything big, just a pittance here or there from time to time, usually nothing over $50 if I'm lucky on scratch off cards. Tried Publisher's Clearing House, but I won't even bother with that one ever again, their games CHEAT! Had one do it to me, so I won't even touch them now. Plus I see a ton of negative reviews on them too, they even got sued by several states because of how they make it sound like you're going to win or have won, and you hadn't won a thing, and they are now doing that same EXACT practice again. Some companies never learn 'til they are forced out of business because of their idiotic tactics, then it's too late. If that happened to PCH, wouldn't bother me one bit.