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  1. I finally got around to experimenting with this in Audacity. Your step by step helped out tremendously Jim. At first I thought I was doing something incorrectly, but after getting the hang of it, it was quite easy. And I see now that Audacity even has more bells and whistles than the Music Editor I bought quite a few years ago. I'll be using Audacity more and more as I play around with all it's features. And it is so much better than the music editor software I bought and paid well over $300 for years ago! I'll probably keep it{the old Music Editor} around for some simple work here and there, but for more complex stuff, looks like Audacity can't be beat, and the price: "FREE!". It really surprised me in all it can do now, especially for the price{FREE!}, just a little time in downloading and installation.
  2. I don't use S5, but I do color shifts from one color to another with my RGB lights by doing a fade up to the first color, then use the full on for that color for the duration I want it on {for example 5 seconds}, then I fade that color down and fade up into the next color using the same process. Just keep repeating the process until you have the color you want to start with and end with. When using the fade up/down tool, always allow for an extra second or two for the fade up and fade down. You can also fade down to any intensity you want, that is if you don't want the first bulb to be completely off before the next fade up would occur, then fade down each color say to 20%-30% intensity, then at the end of the sequence fade down to 0%. This is how I do it in S4, I wouldn't think S5 would be much different in this respect. although there may be addition features in S5 that might make this easier to do, but I still use S4 myself. But how I accomplish this should work in any version of the LOR Software Suite.
  3. Thanks guys, that's what I thought, but couldn't seem to find anything. And my commercial editor, for some odd reason is "supposed" to do this, but no matter what I've tried, it just won't let me access the mix two separate files into one unbroken voice and melody track. So I thought I'd give Audacity a try and see if this could be done. Thank you Jim for the step by step. I'll give that a try and see how it works out!
  4. Okay, now that makes sense that you've explained it in a bit more detail. Like basis21b stated, it's all there in the manual at the link I posted. And from what I understand of it, what you want to do should be doable using the Hub. I think the HWU is limited to only a single trigger input. At least from what I could tell of it. I was going to see what the HUB could do with an SD Card and Triggers, but I've misplaced my SD multi-Card Reader/writer, so I couldn't test out the Hub to see what it could or couldn't do in writing a multi-trigger show. But from what I read of basis21b's comments, your new details and the manual, I think you should be able to pull it off.
  5. Been playing around with Audacity to see if it can do something that my commercial music editor says it can do, but is always greyed out and just can't seem to access it. What I want to do is overlay a vocal track over the music, but not just insert the vocal, as that cuts off the music and then restarts it after the insertion. The vocal and music should continue together, uninterrupted without breaks in the music. So if anyone knows how this is accomplished in Audacity, it'd be much appreciated. I used to be able to do this with the WAV recorder in earlier versions of Windows, but the current WAV Recorder in Windows 7, does not have this capability. It's what I used to use to create mixes, then convert them to MP3 format. So far, I've been unsuccessful in finding a work-around to accomplish this. So if it's available and doable in Audacity, please give me instructions on how this is accomplished. Or at least point me to a possibe free program I can use that will do what I am attempting to do. Thank you.
  6. I think all you'd need to do is perhaps name them Button1.lms, Button2.lms, Button3.lms to denote which button goes to the sequence. However, the buttons would actually be "Show #2, Show #3 and Show #4. With Show #1 being your main show that the triggers would interrupt{stop} and play that particular show #. Whereas Show 2 would be button #1, Show 3 button #2 and show 4 button #3. But the sequences themselves could be named Button1.lms {Show 2}, Button2.lms{Show 3} and Button3.lms{Show 4}. Again, any button would also interrupt and stop the main show{Show #1} and only play that particular buttons sequence. So if this is what you are wanting to do, this would be the way to do it. But if you want the main show {Show #1} to continue when a trigger is pressed, I don't think this is possible. Unless, and I haven't used a Director in years now, but if there is a way to make the triggers work as a BACKGROUND sequence that would play at the same time the main show {Show #1} is operating, then you'd place the Button#.lms files in the Background tab and have each one set to play in the background, and each one would play when the appropriate button was pressed. Again, I'm not sure if the Directors are capable of running background sequences at the same time as the main show files. If so, then this is how you would accomplish that and keep the main show operating. BTW: The Mini Director info can be found here: http://www1.lightorama.com/PDF/mDM-MP3_Man_Web.pdf But it looks like it only allows a single triggered input from what I've read through it. But that info could be outdated and the newer Directors may be more capable of additional triggers, as well as using background sequences. But I just can't say since the one director I had was an older original version. Good Luck.
  7. If memory serves me on this, the directors, and even controllers that allow external inputs like a push button to start a sequence, if another button is pressed, my recollection is the current sequence will not play out, but the 2nd or 3rd button that is pressed will end the current sequence and start the sequence for which that button is pressed{set-up} for. Unless some drastic changes to the hardware/software have been made to accommodate this in newer versions that will allow the sequence to finish that is playing, then start the next for the 2nd or 3rd button. Otherwise I don't think this may be possible. But don't take my comment at full value. If someone has done this, and succeeded, I'm sure once they see your post they'll chime in here with instructions on the how to for it. Just saying from what I recall, it's going to end the current playing sequence and start the sequence associated with that particular button. Even if the same button is pressed again, it would not finish the sequence playing, but start it over from it's beginning.
  8. You're very welcome David. May you get as much enjoyment out of everything as I did when I was doing Halloween Displays. Now it's only Christmas for me due to health and medical issues. And I'm glad you will be able to put everything to good use. And just in case you folks are interested, this is what David scored {all for FREE to}: 4 Skinny Pumpkin-head Boo Ghost Blow Molds, 1 Witch w/broom Blow Mold, 1 large ghost w/Jack-O'-Lantern Blow Mold, 2 Large Wire Frame Skulls, 1 Large Wire Frame Bat, 1 medium sized wire frame that spells BOO, 2 Black electric candles, 2 black rubber rat props, 11 strands of M5 Orange LED 35ct Light Strands, a small plastic bat w/own controller to simulate flapping wings, 1 large tombstone w/2 spiders on it, 1 small tombstone w/2 spiders and a half web at the top, extra bulbs, for the Light strands and Blow Molds, extra fuses for all the decor that uses them in their plugs, 1 5' tall dancing skeleton and a large, very unruly, wire frame Halloween Tree. And the CTB16PC Controller {built and assembled by LOR}, which is a V2, but still in excellent condition. And some plastic chains. Some of the smaller items were in a red tote w/green lid for easier transport. Thankfully I sent David a PM and told him to bring a large vehicle to get it all if he wanted it. And he brought his pickup, got everything to fit nicely in it too. Again, enjoy it all David. Very happy to see this stuff go to someone that can use it in Florida that could pick it up. BTW: David, you're the first person that has ever made it to my house without having to call and ask for further directions or instructions on how to find it. Most that have never been here, or only once or twice, they still get lost trying to find me, and I usually have to go out and find them to get them to where I live. It's really easy if they'd just follow the route I give them, but no, some of them always end up making a wrong turn somewhere. Even had a few that had been here numerous times, still end up on the other side of the manufactured home park {the South side} and yet, they KNOW I live on the North side. How they managed that, is still a mystery to me! 不不不不不
  9. All of this IS GONE as of Monday February 17, 2020. It WAS NOT SOLD! I gave it all away to an LOR forum member in Florida that was able to come and pick it all up. I'm not going to say who got it, but they will let you know when they're ready to reveal who acquired everything. Why for free? Because it was just taking up space and collecting dust, I had an extra controller I no longer needed and had read about a person here on the forum saying they're going to need another controller to up their display. And I've had quite a few folks on this forum pass things on to me and help me out a lot as well, I can't name some of them, but they know who they are. And a few have posted who they are with what they've sent to me. So I'll leave any names to be posted or items I received completely up to their discretion. So, because of these generous and kind folks on the forum that have helped me, I just opted to PAY IT FORWARD by helping out another forum member with these items. I Pm'd them about the items and controller and offered everything up for free. I had tried to sell them at various times, but never got any takers, and I really, REALLY needed to get rid of this stuff. And since I don't drive or have a vehicle, shipping them was out of the question for me. So after the PM's, they were offered and accepted by a LOR Forum member who's only been in the hobby for a short, not all that short, time and could pick everything up from my location. I hope they enjoy the controller, it is a V2, pre-built by LOR CTB16PC and all the Halloween Decor they scored on Monday 02/27/2020. So this topic can now be closed if the moderators of the forums would want to do that. Thank you.
  10. Orville

    Song is scratching

    Are you using external speakers {amplified/powered}? I had to buy a new replacement set due to having similar issues with an older set that started sounding scratchy {although I could plug in a good set of headphones and that worked well}. I thought it was the computer, but it was my speakers were just worn out. I usually always keep my computer volume control output at no more than 70% at most. I also started using 192K as the lowest setting for my MP3 files as I had issues with some MP3's that were converted to 128K that did this as well. As for getting MP3's from YouTube, sometimes they do come out that way, usually because they were recorded from a Vinyl Record and not a CD or other digital source. When that happens I just look for another version from a different person or source to get the MP3. However, I only do this when and for songs that are no longer in print {as they call it}, but it just means the song is no longer for sale. Sometimes I do it before I buy the song, due to low on funds at times, this is so I can start work on the song, then I'll buy it from one of the music sites as soon as I can do so. When I need to find a song that's out of circulation, I use a program called Atube Catcher to download and convert the video to an MP3 format, but I always save those as 320K downloads, then convert them to a lower setting {192K for me} later. That way if the conversion messes up, I still have the original to try again. But I rarely have to reconvert from the original 320k to 192K format. Been doing this for years now. Good Luck.
  11. I'd say that was up to each person that uses them. It also hinges on just how close together you want the icicles to be. There's only about 6 inches between each bullet node pixel that LOR sells. So that would put them a little too close together by looping them, or so I'd think. So I'm not sure that may be as practical for feasible as it may sound. I just measured my LOR Bullet Nodes, and they are 6" apart, so that may put your icicles about 1-2" apart{if lucky maybe 3-4 inches, but I think that may still be too close together, at least for me it would}. So I'm not really sure as to how well using the loop method going from one to the other would work out. Me, I'd probably just go with the pixels that were made specifically for them, otherwise you may find them too close together for your liking.
  12. Orville


    I'd think I'd like one of that idiot Pelosi so I can have her sing to the Trump one, "What would I do without you".不不不不不不不不不不
  13. Open Windows Media Player There will be an option {button} that says "Organize" on the button, click on the little down arrow. A window will open with a list, select the one called Options. A window will open wih a lot of tabs on it, select the one that says Rip Music. Another window will open, this is where you will set the Directory where you want the music saved too, you will also set the file format you wish to save the music format MP3, WMA, WAV, {I always use MP3}, you use the slider at the bottom of this window to choose the bit rate quality, 128K, 192K, 256K or 320K. Slide it to the bit rate you wish to use. {I use 192K in most cases}. Click Apply for all changes to take effect. Now insert an Audio CD you wish to Rip. Wait for CD to load, you'll see a track list and chances are the 1st track will start playing. Click the STOP button. You should see a Rip CD tab at the top of the screen {it may be greyed out}, if it is, click in the box in the Album tab {it'll be to the right of the word Album}, this should check all boxes. The Rip CD tab should become active, now at this point you have 2 options, go through and rename all the "Track #" files to the actual song name on the CD song list or you can do this after the Rip. Choice is yours here. Once all the tracks boxes are checked {or you can just check only those you want to Rip}, again, your preference. Now just click the Rip CD tab and the WMP will automatically Rip the CD to the Directory you chose for it. Some additional notes, I change the Directory where I rip my CD's too, I will usually have a root folder called \Ripped CD Music, and the sub-folders names would be the name of the CD I am ripping the music from. Example, I have a CD called "A Child Is Born", so I would change the directory to "x:\Ripped CD Music\A Child Is Born", where x is the drive you choose to save too. This can be an SD Card, External Hard drive or Internal HD, Flash Drive or a Memory Stick. Just make sure there's enough space on SD Cards, Memory Sticks or Flash Drives to rip the music to it. And now you've ripped the music from your CD for use with your sequencing software. It's really quite easy, and once you've done it a couple of times, you'll get the hang of it. This is how I rip all my CD's I get. Have fun with your new knowledge. BTW: there is an option you can choose to Rip CD's automatically when inserted. But this would overwrite any previous CD tracks if the songs are not renamed first, so I do not recommend this option. Better to set up the correct directory and rename the files, then you won't be accidentally wiping out CD's you've already ripped. Just the way I do it and it's been working great for me for years using the Windows Media Player to rip my CD's to MP3 format.
  14. Orville


    Also note. I should have clarified, the Presidents are sold individually, not as a group as the way it is written implies they'd be sold as a quartet. Nope, wasn't the way I intended that one. If'n that thar makes any diff'rence!不
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    Thank you, glad I could give your day a nice start with a laugh.
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