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  1. 40 days

    January 6th is when 3 Kings Day ends and most of the folks I know that put up lights that leave them up through that date are of Spanish descent. And since the neighborhood I live in is primarily Spanish folk, that's how I found out why they leave their lights up 'til the 6th of January. I used to start tear down on or around January 1 or 2, now when I do a display it runs through the 6th of January and usually starts Thanksgiving night or the beginning of Thanksgiving week.
  2. Where are my Audio files?

    I agree with George, lower is better if using an FM transmitter, even if using speakers alone,lower is usually better and 93dB is usually what I use, unless the MP3 is really low volume on occasion I have to crank it up to 96dB, but I use that sparingly and rarely. If you keep your audio files in there own specialized directory, like I do, you would find them there, I use different sub-folders for my audio files, but they are all in the \LOR\AUDIO directory in sub-folders named for the style/type music for holidays or every day use Examples of some of my sub-folder names I use under the \LOR\AUDIO directory are: \Christmas, \Halloween., \Patriotic, \Rock, \HeavyMetal....etc.,etc. This way I keep my audio files nice, neat and orderly, it makes them much easier to locate to, at least for me.
  3. Trouble planning show

    Understand that DevMike. Just saying I wouldn't miss it because I don't want to have multiple sequences from all over the place in one single directory that the SSB requires. I personally think{and I think a lot of others here may agree} the SSB should have had at least the capability to span "multiple" directories, I think that would have prevented a lot of folks from getting flustered/aggravated with it because they weren't understanding all the sequences have to be in one default{LOR Default} directory and is why they couldn't find their sequences to add into the SSB. I was surprised the first time I tried to use it{SSB} and then finally figured out why I couldn't get access to my sequences all within their own specialized directories, and then when I moved them all into the LOR Default Sequences directory, that was more of a mess than I cared for. Again, just my preference, others mileage may differ.
  4. sequences

    You don't save compressed sequences, they are created only if that option is checked in the SE, however, when updating an existing .lms file, I've had to manually delete the compressed sequence, then resave it not once, but twice before it recreated a new compressed sequence. See my other post above this one that explains this{as it pertains to me, possibly others}..
  5. sequences

    Don't know George, but I have never had the SE rewrite a new compressed sequence on a first update/change to the original sequence .lms file. One time I deleted the compressed sequence manually, changed the original .lms file {and yes, create compressed or use compressed sequences was checked to create them}, but a new compressed sequence didn't get created when I saved the changed sequence, I went and looked, nope, no compressed sequence, had to close the .lms, reload it a second time, then save it a second time, and then the compressed sequence was created. I thought that was strange, but just checked it off as maybe that's the way it works, either that or my computer has something causing the SE not to recreate a missing or deleted compressed sequence file on making changes or updates to the .lms sequence. I can't explain it, but it happens all the time and this happens on not one, but 3 different computers I'm using the SE on, all running Windows 7 Home Edition.
  6. sequences

    Jim, I believe you are correct, the compressed file and lms BOTH must be updated, when I update my lms file, I also first delete the accompanying compressed sequence file, which I think has the extension of lcs if I recall correctly. That way when I edit and resave the new lms file, a new matching compresses sequence is also created and saved too. If you don't delete the compressed sequence and just edit the lms and use compressed sequences and a new compressed sequence didn't get generated, and using compressed sequences it will play the "unmodified one", had that happen a couple years ago to me, even though I had a new lms sequence, when saved it didn't create a newer lcs compressed sequence, so the new sequence didn't play. I had to delete the lcs file and then reload and resave the revised lms to create the new working sequence before the changes went into effect. Thanks for bringing this up, because I had forgotten about it until I read your post!
  7. Trouble planning show

    You're absolutely right, the SSB is EXTREMELY limited not only in the file location, all files MUST be in the "default" directory as you stated using the SSB, but even show times are not as flexible as they are in the Show Editor, even the MP3 Director units give a lot more flexibility through the Hardware Utility with show times and spanning over multiple directories than the SSB can do. Honestly, I don't really see a real need or reason for the SSB because of its limitations, if it wasn't there, I wouldn't even notice because I never use it because of these limitations within it. But that's just my preference, your usage may differ greatly.
  8. Pro controllers or Residential for weather

    I agree with the others on residential, been using the CTB16PC's for 4 years or so in Sunny, sometimes "liquid" Florida, been out in a hurricane and never had any issues with mine. I do use the PVC foam for covering small pipes to inset in my Cat5 openings as well as any other openings critters can get into. That small foam cut to size has kept the bug-a-boos out of my controllers for years now. Also on any channel that may not be used I use those child proof protective outlet covers on those dangles, I also use them on every pass through plug on my light strands at at the last strand that may have a female end, this has kept the water out of my plugs and dangles and also helped keep my GFCI from tripping when or if my show is running in any type of rain, from slight to a hard downpour. So use the money you'll save on extra lights or props you'll want to add to your display.
  9. sequences

    Yes, they will as Todd stated. As long as they are in the same location that the show was originally looking for them, any modifications or changes will always play them, but they must keep the same EXACT filename, if the name is changed, then you have to delete and re-add them. But modifying and keeping the same exact name, they will play normally in your show and no changes have to be made to your show.
  10. Has anyone sequenced Barney - I love You

    I just get "Product you're trying to view is not available" when I click that link. Guess they took it off the site. Oh well.
  11. Issues with Support?

    The "Van Winkle's" just live off the main road just a little bit before the road that leads into our subdivision. They are a very old elderly couple and their home looks like a rustic log cabin{I love it} and his wife always calls her husband Rip too. Funny thing is they had their name "Van Winkle" painted on their mailbox for a while, but then removed their name off it a few months back. Seems having that particular name, and having it painted on their mailbox was far too much of an attention getter for them. Never been to New York, but if I were to go and settle there, it'd have to be in "Sleepy Hollow", that's where I'd want to live, even though I've never been there. Just sounds like the perfect place for me to settle in to. LOL
  12. Newest Build

    Now you just need to have it brew coffee and fry up some bacon when something goes wrong while you troubleshoot the error or fault it gives you, then it'd be perfect.
  13. Newbie Questions/outdoor speaker

    Interesting, I've had up to 10-12 strands of incandescents tied together end to end and never blew the fuse in the plug or had them overheat on a LOR controller and on a single channel. However they weren't on very long at a time, just quick flashes for simulating lightning, Maybe if they were on for extended periods that plug fuse may have blown, but never had an issue with very short bursts using 10-12 strands of incandescent bulbs, now these were only 35 count strands, which may/may not make a difference compared to higher bulb count strands.
  14. Trouble planning show

    I use multiple directories for my files, I have directories set for Halloween, Christmas, and then there are even subdirectories for different genres under these or used for other classification, such as Rock, Heavy Metal, Easy Listening or Movie-TV Themes, Horror Themes, etc. I just open the show editor, click on the plus and then click on the folder where the file{s} I'm looking for will be used, some of my shows use files from several different directories. So if you saved your files in other directories and didn't just use the LOR defaults{I don't}, you need to browse to the directory where the file{s} is/are located, then highlight the file and click on the + to add it to your show. I do this all the time, since I like to keep my files in a wide assortment of directories so I know where to find exactly what I'm looking for for any given holiday or musical score {or animation file}. Hope I explained that correctly, but that looks to be right in the way I locate and add my files to a show from a computer based show.
  15. Has anyone sequenced Barney - I love You

    I prefer Weird Al's version: "Barney's on Fire" for a great Halloween version. But that I Love You, eeegads, nooooooo, don't do it. That's the one song I'd be afraid would blow EVERY TRIAC in every controller I own that it went through and then some..... Sorry no LOR Warrany repairs by damage done by playing and sequencing that particular song!