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  1. September 19 is National "Talk Like a Pirate Day" Just a reminder, Have Fun all you pirates at heart. So talk like a pirate anywhere and everywhere today {if'n ye be so inclined!}
  2. Thanks for the idea Jim. I will look into that. My concern is the plastic Blow Molds and other decor that aren't or can't be put inside a structure because they are out in the open, like the Blow Molds and Wall Mounted Decorations and Light Strands that can be cut or damaged by careless weed whacker employees. They are the ones that are the most likely to damage anything that's open and exposed.
  3. If you want to look at these Halloween NON-Musical Sequences to see how I reverse a strand or do some effects with using it in different ways, doing reversals on both strands at the same time in different sections of the strand, you can check these .LAS Animation Sequences out all done in S4 SE: Halloween S4 NON-Musical Animation Files This may also help with and when doing Musical Sequences, it's how I started using my RGB strands using LOR CCB100D Controllers to learn how top program them, then started implementing them into Musical Sequences. Hopefully these will show you how easy and simple it is to do in the SE, but it is time consuming when you start putting them to Musical Sequences. Have Fun with learning from them. They may not be the best in the world, but my first year with RGB started in 2018 and I used these with empty Musical Sequences {to play Halloween Music while the Animations ran at the same time}.
  4. Thanks for the update Jim. I've been working on some things for Christmas, and by the time I think it's news time {I don't have cable, just an old antenna} and look at the clock, dadgum, it's already past. I'm still creating and working on sequences for Christmas whether they get used or not outdoors this year, I'm not sure as yet. Still thinking of ways I can protect my "investments" in this crazy hobby of ours from our lawn folks.
  5. If you'd have stated the added info, that would have been an entirely different reply I posted. But just seeing only controllers for that low a price, well, that just made me suspicious of them being legally owned. I've gotten burned by "good deals" like that too many times, sO I'm always suspicious when prices seem a bit unreal..
  6. Being that cheap I'd say they are: #1. Stolen #2. Broken and have some major issues #3. A Combination of both #1 and #2. #4, They have no idea what they are and found them when they moved into the house left by a previous owner, or some relative died and they inherited them. {Although I think this last one, #4 is fairly unlikely!} I'd be very leary of controllers being sold for that cheap a price by anyone! Just my .05ยข on those controllers.
  7. They're no more for the people than the man in the moon. Having called them on a wide assortment of things, nothing ever came to be on anything. And we showed them what the management sent out and they agreed with the management, they put out a legal document, so that means you put something out, you take your chances and you have no repercussion if anything gets damaged.
  8. And being a "true native Floridian" is why I don't support Disney at all. And I had an annual pass many, many moons ago, but will never, not ever buy another one. I don't even go there, even if I still owned a vehicle and could drive, I do not visit or spend money on those tourist traps that also drain the funds of Floridians that go there. Cost is way overboard what it should be and it just keeps higher and higher, yet they never increase their employees wages! And I know all too well, they could and CAN afford to do that. Worked there back in 1977, WORST JOB of ANY I ever had. Personally I wish NONE of these dad-blasted theme parks ever moved into my area, it did nothing but ruin the real beauty and charm of the town I grew up in! So I wonder if we're going to get hit by either of those other 2 disturbances out there in the Atlantic and if they become Hurricanes or not? Haven't had a chance to watch any newscasts on Sunday to see what's going on out there. {To bring this back sort-of, on topic}.
  9. I don't think there is much difference or any except for their size. The ones I use are the same ones that the guy used in the video link that was posted. Small white snap-on/snap off types. And they've worked great for years. Not sure what type mine may be as I was given them years ago when I worked for a warehouse company that sold surplus electronics and other odds and ends. They were just going to toss them out, so I asked if I could have them. Gave quite a lot of them away and used all the ones I had, save for a few extras, when or if I needed a replacement somewhere or my display got larger. The ones I got were unmarked, and I've gotten others, but I don't remember if they have any type of rating or anything that I can recall, the packaging I got from the surplus warehouse just stated Ferrite Core on the package, each package contained 2 Ferrite Cores. I just use what's in my "junk box" and go from there. All I know is they worked and I just kept it at that.
  10. Thank you Mr. P. I'm not doing Halloween, but one of my neighbors asked where they can buy something like a spiderweb they could put lights on. And was passing this info onto them, but the site I went to just gave me a movie. Which I might actually watch later, looks interesting enough. EDIT: Just checked out the site. Thinking this won't work for what he was wanting to do with it. Doesn't look like something that you can add lights too. Guess he'll have to figure out something else for his spiderweb.
  11. First Method: I currently use the HWU program where you can set the controller {if you're using Cosmic Color Controllers or a Pixie Controller, however I think this does not include the Pixie 16} to run one or both strings in reverse, you have to go to the controller configuration, first open the HWU, then make sure you have the correct comm port selected for your controller{s}, refresh and find your controllers, then select which controller you wish to modify, then click on the Config button at the bottom of the HWU, a new screen should open with 2 buttons near the bottom, one is labeled "Cosmic Color/Pixie Config", click that and you'll get a pop up where you can change the controller settings to what you need for your controller. Click OK after you've made changes. Now your changes will be saved to the controller. Now once you do this it will always be the default until you change it. Second Method {and the one I currently use}: Now if you want to do this for just specific songs, the best way to accomplish this without changing your controller configuration/settings is to program the RGB lights in reverse, that is start at the bottom {end of the strand{last pixel} and work your way back to pixel #1 on that strand and for every other strand you want to operate in reverse. If both my strands on one controller are going to operate with the same colors, but going in opposite directions, I just copy the first RGB #1 sequence to the RGB #50 sequence line, #2 line to #49, #3 to #48 and so forth until #50 is copied to #1 on the 2nd strand on the controller. Yes, it's a bit of work, but it's how I currently accomplish this. Third Method {currently experimenting with this, so not sure if it can be done or not}: I've not used the Macro's, still learning how to program pixels myself, but this might be able to also be accomplished with a simple macro command, but I can not say for certain, as again, I've not used the macro settings as yet in a working display sequence. Played around with macro's, but still figuring out just how they work and what they do. Hopefully if someone has used a macro setting to do this{reverse a smart pixel strand}, they'll chime in here with how to do that as well. But I know the first and second methods I've done has worked for me. However, I have always used the 2nd method and just program the strands I want reversed in a specific song like stated above in Second Method. Good Luck!
  12. Yep, works great, even works on the old standard AC L.E.D. strands too on the older CTB16PC Controllers. I just separate the wires behind the male pass-through and put it on one side of an AC LED strand about 2-3 inches back from the plug, but I do have enough wire I can loop it around the Ferrite Core so there is enough wire inside and around the Ferrite Core to keep it from sliding up and down the wire side it's placed on. I also use these on my audio cables to cut down on interference from my computer that can cause some low volume/static effects on an FM Transmitter. I put one on each end of my audio cable, one at the computer sound output about 2-3 inches and the 2nd one at the same distance from the audio input at the FM Transmitter. I have even put these on Cat5 cables coming from controllers that are near the power cords where they exit and enter the box. Use them at each CTB16PC Controller. And if the Cat5 cable goes bad for some reason, the Ferrite Core just snaps off and can be put on the new Cat5 cable! So they're re-usable too!
  13. That depends on how many photo's you may have posted on the forums. To upload new ones when I get that I've had to go into my profile settings and delete the other photo's I've added on here to post something else I need help, information on or would want to sell. But I also use the smallest file dimensions, usually 640x480 works well. On occasion I've had to reduce it to the next size down so I could upload it here. So it's not required unless your number of photo's is either larger and takes up more of your space allotted for photo's here, or your number of photo's exceeds the space allotted to each use to post photo's. Other than having to delete or resize them smaller to make room for new ones, I've never really had issues posting{uploading} my photo's directly into the LOR Forums here.
  14. When I went to that link, all I got was a large header "Spiderwebman", "Welcome" text and "Now You see Me" under a photo and when clicked, took me to a movie of the same name. Didn't see any spider webs for sale anywhere on that link. You sure that's the correct link?
  15. After the first year, they no longer will give rental contracts in writing. I tried my 2nd year here and they refused, stating everyone automatically goes on a month to month, yet NOTHING was ever in writing about that when I bought my home in this park! I also know several folks that tried suing these folks, all ended up evicted from their homes and the park literally stole their homes from them. Yes, their homes were paid off, but they have some unscrupulous folks working for them and when someone tries to take them at task, you end up out of your home and losing it. And you get nothing, and I do mean absolutely nothing when they evict you off their property! I just can't do that because I do not have that kind of money to be able to put a down payment on another home, and because of some of Trumps new enactments, I will never be able to either because my bank account is limited to a maximum of not more than $3,000 at any given time. If I would even have that much in there or my SSDI check would make my account over that amount, then they deduct money from my check so my account can only be at that $,300 limit. And that I find ridiculous. I have a lot of repairs that need attention on my home, but because of this legality garbage, can't even save up for repairs to my own home! So I'm kind of stuck behind that proverbial rock and the hard place. How I wish I'd never bought a home in here!!! if I knew what I know now, I'd have run as far away as I could from this place. But being on a fixed amount every month, afraid I'm stuck here.
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