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  1. I just upgraded my software from S3 to S5. re-setup my controllers in the hardware utility and everything works fine when I turn my lights on and off with the Control Panel. However if I exit out of the hardware utility the com LEDs in the controllers start blinking from solid on. If I leave the hardware utility running the controllers will respond to the sequences while they are playing. What am I doing wrong? Big Al
  2. No I double checked that just now. I did notice that the com LEDs on the controllers start flashing when it drops out. This different then before where they were on steady. So it seems that I am losing communication with controllers during the times the program stops scrolling through the sequence. I have two LOR 16 channel controllers. I even swapped out the usb 485 adapter. No change.
  3. Great suggestion. However I just tried running it during the show player mode and it did the same thing.
  4. Running two controllers for the first time. During the sequence play one or both of the controllers will turn off the lights being controlled by that unit. Com LED still solid on. Then it will recover on its own. Also noticed that the sequence editor will stop scrolling but music continues to play. Any suggestions?
  5. I am using a servodog to run my skull but have not figured out how to control the rates in which the servos move. I understand that intensity controls the amount of movement, but what controls the speed or rate of the servo? I want run my servos at a slow rate. Tanks in advance Big Al in Orlando
  6. I have a question: I am interfacing a servodog controller with my 16 channel LOR controller. I already have a sequence file for the LOR controller. How do I add the Servodog channels as part of the same routine? I have 10 singling pumpkins and want to ad a talking skull. I have interfaced the skull with the computer and it functions as expected. Now I want to add the movement of the skull with audio sequence that controls the pumpkins. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Big Al
  7. I am going to be adding the Servo Dog controller along with my LOR controller this year and want both to work during the same sequence. I do not see how to bring both up simultaneously in the same sequence. I am sure this is done all the time but it is not obvious how it is done to me. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Big Al Orlando
  8. Just ordered my lindberg skull to start me 3 axis skull build for this Halloween.
  9. These are some of the Halloween videos that I made using my first LOR controller. I can see now that I am becoming obsessed with this stuff. Can't wait for Monday night. Time to start on my Christmas stuff. Thanks everyone for your help. Big Al in Orlando http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=al48701&aq=f
  10. I notice that if I play a sequence from starting points within the song the timing is off between the music and the channels. If the play it from the beginning it is OK. This is frustrating when you are tyring to work on the end of the sequnce and have to keep replaying the entire song to see if you have got it right. Any sugestions? Big Al
  11. Big_Al

    First kit asembled

    Everythingchecked out here is my first video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v​=FgMuNXl5k-U
  12. Big_Al

    First kit asembled

    Tried the retrieval method and it said no keys associated with my email address. Checked my past email from LOR and there was not an email with the key. The CD holder the disk came iondid have a ket printed onit either. I have emailed LOR but will have to wait until Monday for a replay, no lights this weekend.
  13. Big_Al

    First kit asembled

    I have an issue with the software license. I do not seem to have one and my software will not beyond the demo mode. I purchased the disk but there was no key with it that I could find. Any hints as to where it might be? Thanks Al
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