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  1. With right at a week to go... have you made your reservations? http://acdc-chicago.whindo.com/ http://youtu.be/zBHcCuM0J54
  2. ACDC would like to thank ALL of our sponsors for supporting the event, attendees, and the hobby! http://www.sandevices.com/ http://lightkeeperpro.com/ http://www1.lightorama.com/ http://www.christmas...Default_v3.aspx http://www.holidaytechnologies.com/ http://christmaslightscreations.com/ http://www.allthings...masandmore.com/ https://www.creativedisplays.com/ http://www.thedementedelf.com/ http://store.3glightingcreations.com/ http://www.chauvetlighting.com/ http://www.reinders....D/led_home.html http://www.bronners.com/home.do http://winkelbottoms.com/category.php http://www.judypancoast.com/
  3. Don't forget to reserve your room... 8/15 is the final date for the hotel room discount if your attending ACDC! Details
  4. Just a reminder... The White Elephant Gift Exchange will be happening on Saturday, a totally voluntary event. For those that would like to participate, simply bring a wrapped (be creative as you want!) decorating-related gift. Bring one... and you will get one. A great chance to pass on something that you are not going to use to someone that may put it to good use! It always turns out to be a fun (and usually humorous) time for everyone!
  5. Final week! You have one week left to make your reservation by 8/15 at the event hotel to get the discount AND one week left if you wish to receive an ACDC shirt with your paid registration. Don't miss out! Info and links are at: http://acdc-chicago.whindo.com/
  6. Meet and Greet info has been posted on the Facebook Event page https://www.facebook.com/AmXmasDeCon?ref_type=bookmark
  7. Just giving everyone a heads up... Right at 2 weeks until the cutoff for the attendee special rate at the host hotel AND the cutoff date if you want the official ACDC 2014 shirt included with your paid registration. (BTW... your friends have already registered)
  8. If you couldn't attend one of the many terrific events already held earlier this year like the Academy or Expo for instance, or even if you did... and just didn't get enough? You are in luck.... http://acdc-chicago.whindo.com/
  9. Our supplier was able to work with us and we have been able to extend the deadline AND still get the limited edition Indy event shirt with your paid registration! But don't wait... May 25th will be the end... http://acdc-indy.whindo.com/
  10. This weekend is your final chance to register for ACDC Indy if you want to receive the official t shirt with your paid registration. Once they are gone... they are gone! Sunday night, May 18th at midnight E.T. is the cutoff... so don't be late. Register at: http://acdc-indy.whindo.com/
  11. Today is THE last day to make your reservation and get the group discount on your hotel room for Indy! Don't miss out! Follow the link below to get yours: http://tinyurl.com/n8n5dpr
  12. Have you got your registration in yet? http://acdc-indy.whindo.com/
  13. Only 3 weeks left to get registered for Indy if you want to receive an Official ACDC T shirt with your registration... http://acdc-indy.whindo.com/ Don't let it pass you by....
  14. There have been a few inquiries about if there would be the original White Elephant gift exchange again at ACDC Indy which is coming up soon... http://acdc-indy.whindo.com/ How many people would be interested in participating in a White elephant gift exchange? Post here... and if there is enough interest, we will do one!
  15. Just a heads up... the Swap Meet thread for ACDC Indy is posted and pinned at https://www.facebook.com/AmXmasDeCon for those looking to do a little wheeling and dealing
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