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  1. G Sawyer

    Alphapix 16 v3- E1.31

    Hi all I would like some help on setting up this controller , as I have purchased the CCR pixel mega tree kit from HC. All this is new to me. I have been running lightorama with 12 CCR's. My setup is as follows: Standard network 01- 16, with 11 to 16 first 6 CCR. Auxiliary Network A 17-1c last 6 CCR , Auxiliary Network B 20 - 23 4 CCR as circles I have watched a lot of video's on this , downloaded the lightorama introduction to DMX and E1.31 for Pixel Control. I have done the ping test. What I would like to know is on my SPI PIXEL OUTPUT CONFIGURATION do I set this up the same in lightorama sequence editor DMX networking? Do I disregard my old configuration all together? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Glenn
  2. G Sawyer

    6803 to CCR Controller

    Hi Can I add a 6803 strip, wires straight to a CCR controller wires. I don't know much about this. Something step by step would be appreciated. Which wires go to were, anything would help. I have read it can be done but when i connect my 4 wires to the controller they stay on and that's as far as i get Thanks Tom
  3. G Sawyer

    4 singing xmas trees

    Would anyone be able to help me out with the sequences to I got a feeling , Black eye peas Can't stop that feeling, Justin Timberlake would be much appreciated. Thanking you Tom
  4. G Sawyer

    Hardware utility "ELL"

    Hi all Just like to take the time out to thank the people at the help desk. After sending a message to the HELP DESK ,and with such a quick reply I now have my show up and running to how it should be. It ended up been one of my old Metal Pro CTB-16D control boards. Once again to the people at the HELP DESK A BIG THANK YOUI Tom
  5. G Sawyer

    Hardware utility "ELL"

    Hi All Just like to let you know that I sorted my problem out .It ended up being my outdoor 80w Logitech stereo . It had being humming for a while and making a few strange noises. Bought a new one and have not had the problem since.
  6. Hi All Every time I set up my display through the hardware utility and I hit the refresh button the "ELL" comes up and keeps flashing. Has this got to do with electrical interference? Sometimes I will be able set my controllers through the hardware utility and start playing my display but it doesn't take long before my lights start acting strange. When I come back inside to check the hardware utility the "ELL" will be back up flashing. How do I fix this annoying problem? Thanks Glenn
  7. Hi The board is one of my first boards that I purchased 5-6 years ago.Yes it is set up for Australian voltage.I had this controller on my front fence which was controlling two 7 segment arches, each segment had a count of 300 leds. The one that blew out is No 12 so I will test out all cords today on a protected surge board before I put my spare controller back on. Glenn
  8. Hi Thanks for the reply. I'm not an electrician, but there are 8 of these on each side of the board, with a little screw that holds them in and that can be undone. On the bottom of these there are three little prongs. It appears that there is one for each channel, and that they can just be pulled out and replaced, but I am unsure, and do not want to damage the box any further.
  9. Hi, I have a problem with my CTB-16B controller. It keeps short circuiting the fuse box on the house. I took the front cover off and the next cover to have a look at the board, and it appears that on the right hand side where there are 8 black fuses, that one has blown apart. Can someone please tell me how to fix this? Thanks Glenn
  10. Hi, I have a problem with my CTB-16B controller. It keeps short circuiting the fuse box on the house. I took the front cover off and the next cover to have a look at the board, and it appears that on the right hand side where there are 8 black fuses, that one has blown apart. Can someone please tell me how to fix this? Thanks Glenn
  11. G Sawyer


    Hi JimI had to set all my CCR as a sub - sequence in my main LOR display.So every song i have to play as a sequence, i had a sub - sequence in it to play my CCR. Sorry for late reply, but main computer decide to blow up. Glenn
  12. G Sawyer


    Hi Jim, With some much appreciated help, the only way I got mine going was to run all controllers on two networks. I have 16 channel controllers Unit IDs - 01 - OF 12 CCRs Unit IDs - 11 - 1C Set software as follows Standard network 01 - 16 Aux A network 17 - 1C I then went into the Lightorama Hardware page to configure each network and update .Once i have picked up all controllers and updated them I exited and headed to the Lightorama sequence editor page. Click on edit, scroll down to preference to click on Networkwork preference. This will bring up Lor network preference page. I then set standard network first 01 - 16 than I clicked on Aux network and set my last 6 CCRs. I have tried running 3 networks all to no avail. The 12CCRs seem to be running fine without lagging. Sorry about the above post, I was trying to copy your question above my answer. Hope this helps. Glenn
  13. G Sawyer


  14. G Sawyer


    Hi Kevin Thanks for reply,Had to go back into lightorama SUPERSTAR and reset my configurations back to Unit star ID 01 - Unit ID first ribbon 04, Standard network 04 - 09 Auxilary network A OA - OF.Tree is going fine again,just have to work out configuration setup to run altogether. Glenn
  15. G Sawyer


    Hi, At the moment I am trying to run a 12 CCR tree and 15 controllers - 3 LOR 1602W and 12 x showtime resediential light controllers. These run the CCR tree, arches and house lights. For some reason I can get all the house lights, arches, VU poles to work, but only 1/2 the CCR tree. I have tried running one regular network with an auxillary A running 6 CCR's and auxillary B running 6 CCR's all to no avail. My CCR numbers are 4-9 which = 04 -09 and OA - OF and my controllers are 1,2,3, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 1A , 1B. Could anyone please tell me why this would be happening? I have tried different networks. I know that I am missing something small, but have no idea what it could be? I have had the tree running on its own last year, but this year I have added the 12 controllers and now I have a problem. Thanks Glenn