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  1. Hello, Please check out our christmas eve show finale! The full show soon to come. Songs in this video: Epcot Fireworks Song Levels by Avicii Pressure by Nadia Ali Save the World by Swedish House Mafia Video Link: http://www.livinglightsproject.com/finale2011.html Our Website: www.livinglightsproject.com
  2. the ones i are were non segment. we just hung them in the garage for storage, and though it was a little tricky, with 2 people helping lift really not all that hard. and they fit the 20ft length of the garage. I'm pretty happy witht the end results
  3. i appreciate all the help, and all report back with what i find
  4. Here is the first video of our arches. We made them the old fashion way, which believe me was time consuming but i am so happy with the finished result.
  5. i order a bunch of samples from this site. i will post bcd with photos and info. ONe thing that stood out is that the shorter strands don't have plugs on the end, so you cannot chain them together. Maybe a soldering job?
  6. Hello, I need to buy 100 stands of 100ct blue mini lights. Is anyone looking to part with mini strands in the conversion to LED or have any suggestions of where online to make this purchase. Thank you very much
  7. wow great advice! i am very interested your casters setup, that might be just what we are looking for. I like the sleeve idea but for now i think we are going to stick with the one inch tube method. thank you all i will post back with results
  8. Here it is, a small section needs to have the bulbs twisted. Thanks little brother Attached files
  9. So we embarked today on creating 4 Holdman style 20ft 9 channel leaping arches. After 5 hours and way into the dark we have completed one of our arches. The assembly is much more time consuming then I would have ever imagined. Props to everyone who has previously made them, i owe you a little more respect. On another note, how have people handled supporting the weight of the lights while assembling, specifically after you have covered sections with light. We tried chairs and shoe boxes but our drill wasn't powerful enough to overcome the friction. Twine from the ceiling? How do you get it not tangled? KB
  10. Cracker, I sent you a PM. Let me know Kevin
  11. Hello, Anyone have good advice on where I can buy christmas lights in a bulk quantity? I would like to buy several hundred strands of white lights. Making new arches this year as well as some other new effects and need white strands. I'm bummed because I missed the after christmas sale. Thank you! Kevin
  12. Has anyone had great success with a spiraling multi channel mega tree. We did a 12ft tall 10 channel standard mega tree this year and just wondering what people thoughts were regarding spiral. Thanks
  13. Earle, What did you make the small green trees in the front of your video out of? thanks Keivn
  14. good luck! Feel free to email me or call me. I'm more then happy to help. Kevin Brice kevinbrice@livinglightsproject.com (760) 710-1718
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