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  1. Hello friends I am trying to setup the interactive part, three buttons. using 4.3.24 I want the interactive show to start with a sparksound with corresponding anim, and than to go to the second sequence, the song itself. It works with the G3mp3, there you can make a list of sequences to be used by a specific trigger. even more than one is possible. but how do I do this in the show editor. In the jukebox it starts the next sequence by pressing the same button again. perfect. but not 2 sequences directly after eachother automatically. Please does someone know the trick to do this? Dick
  2. help with pixie16 needed freeshape

    good morning all While trying to use the pixie 16, I encounter that it is a pita device. The technical info says it is capable of driving up to 100 pixels, in fact is it 50, all above 50 is not supported in the visualizer, and pixels above 50 are working unpredictable. I use a networkspeed of 500k, and still lose lots of pixels. What a bad product. original text from the website: Each port can control up to 100 smart RGB pixels over a standard LOR network. In Lor 5 it should be better, but to use a beta release in order to use a pixie 16 is a marketing scam. My ELOR form sandevices even works better with is own small problems. as not capable to 500k speed for instance, but even at the lower networkspeed it performs better. I can drive my 62 pixels without a problem with it. just bought a pixie16 to use the 500k speed, And I am using only 8 ports so far. Not even 16, but it will end in the garbagebin I think. Who thought LOR would create such a monsterproduct. Had to have this of my chest this morning. Dick de Wit The Netherlands
  3. Hello helpfull lightfriends I want to create my own shape with smartpixels driven by pixie 16, so not using dmx pixels but normal controller id and lor pixels. for some shape threre are wizards, but how for a freeform shape? for instance, within xlights you use some kind of speadsheet like setup. how to do that within lor? If I do not see the obvious, please enlight my brain. Dick
  4. How to add Pixie4 and pixie8 to visualizer

    Good afternoon, Maybee I am the dumb guy from europe, but which icon is the rgb string tool in connection to the pixie 16? And I know how to make DMX strings, and how to make arches for thePixie with the wizard. That all went well, but my freeform I have still trouble with. Freeform in DMX pixels is a piece of cake. But for the pixie16 I am not seeing the solution. The draw string icon makes a rgb string, but no pixels, or am I wrong here? the draw cosmic color ribbon tool works ok, I can draw anything I like, but does not get me the option to get the string to 62 pixels. If I a not clear in what I want, sorry for that, but I hope I am clear enough for now. Whos brain can I pick? Dick The Netherlands
  5. pixie 16 confused with 62 pixels/string

    Good afternoon, ok, it is clear now, just ignore the setting when using other pixelcount. thank you Dick de Wit The Netherlands
  6. Hello dear people I am a bit confused how to set logical resolution with 62 pixels/string. I know 50 would be simpel, ok. I know how to set to 62 pixels/string. AndI do have 62 pixel per string, as it came out the best way for me in my props. most even distributed pixel distance. logical resolution would work only when set to 50 pixels per string, I did read well?? but what setting should it be in my case? 50, 100, or will it be ignored totally? Who knows the exact answer? Dick de Wit The Netherlands
  7. what is a good videomapping program ??

    Goedemiddag Mark, ik heb best wel goede reakties gezien op madmapper. Zowel mac als pc. Alleen veel geld, dat wel. Dick Vianen
  8. MP3G3

    Hello I was also looking fot the new firmware, as shown in the release notes, could not find it yet. best regards Dick de Wit The Netherlands
  9. Hello all, In 4.3.20 a new firmware for the mp3g3 should be available, does anyone knows where to look for it, my firmware directory still it says firmware version 5.36.lhx. This a known firmware for a while, so it could not be the new version. Who knows? Dick The Netherlands
  10. Hello Lor, I use a two computer setup for sequencing, Imac 27 with a resolution of 2560x1440 for the sequencer, and a windows pc for the visualizer on a 55 inch screen. ( that came flying in easily ;-)) Maximum workspace so to speak Do I understand right that this kind of setup is not possible in S5? Dick de Wit The netherlands
  11. New 4 port MP3

    Hello Lightorama How is the progress on the new MP3 player? Hardware support for new MP3 4 port director (not yet released) <<<<<<<<<<<<<============= I Are more details known already? Release date scheduled yet? As my setup is stand alone and unguided, it gets to the limits of the G3MP3, which I love by the way for the idiotproof action until now, I have to decide to go with Lightorama this year or to look for alternatives. Dick de Wit The Netherlands
  12. New 4 port MP3

    Hello all did someone see the new 4port mp3 on the last show? Or a prototype? dick
  13. Oldest Sequencer Here?

    Ok guys competition is won easlily by the oldies. no problem, but for the future, who is the youngest?? And which group is larger, the young ones or the old ones? olmost grey myself, just turned 61 yesterday, surprisingly lots in the same group of 60+ , is sequencing some kind of after midlife crisis? And where are the people with the 46,XX genome Happy sequencing from The Netherlands Dick de Wit
  14. hello even more simple just use the color tool with the color on one side and choose black as color on the other side, so you can go from black to full color and reverse. can not be more easy to do dick
  15. Pixcon16 Dual Power Supplies

    Hello all, I am also building a controller today with two power supplies.And the V- of both power supplies come together on the pixie16. ( blue wires ) both rated 5V 30 A max. Because of the possible current I took two wires of 2,5 mm2 from the power supply to the pixie16, so total 5 mm2, for the low voltage side. 2,5 mm2 is about the same as AWG13. As 5 mm2 can load as much as 50 amp ( absolute maximum), this should be sufficient for each bank. Both power supplies have on the 230 Volt side a fuseholder with a fuse rated 6,3A for whenever a power supply would die. The wiring of the 230V is 1,5 mm2, about the same as awg 15. Because the current on the 230Volt is lower that 1 amp it is more than enough. 150 Watt max on 230Volt is about 0,66 amp. The holes for the outputs yet have to be drilled and are expected to be drilled near the lor connector, the same goes for the waterproof connectors for the lor network. That will be a total of 6 holes. 4 holes with pigtails and two rj45 waterproof connectors. Have a nice weekend Dick The Netherlands
  16. LOR on Mac OS X

    Hello I have been using vmware fusion already for a couple of years, and had not problems with lor software so far. I think it should work, use hardware util to test all to be sure. Regards Dick The Netherlands
  17. time running backward

    Hello Does anyone has ever seen the message: Time is running backwards, while starting the visualizer? What does it mean? Dick The Netherlands
  18. S5 release

    Hello Light-enthousiasts, Creativity is not a virtue of a programm, but of the mind. Dot not wait for a next release to start creating the show for 2017. Best regards Dick de Wit
  19. New 4 port MP3

    Hello All, All wise statements to be considered. It is only 9 months to decide what will be the best. So I will keep listening to all of you very well. It is a location without network connections, in a garden within the facility. Anyone can get there inside, thats what I meant with the need to be idiot-proof/resistant. All electronics are inside a glasfiber reinforced waterproof box, pretty strong, how to build a pc in there brings me to the concern of cooling. Thank you very much for thinking with me. Dick
  20. New 4 port MP3

    The location of the show is in a home for older people, a few miles away, it has to start on powerdown/powerup, whatever happens. It is directed by a table with three red big buttons. At this moment there is an enclosure, which containes, G3mp3 director, a few idmx 1000 , two Sandevices Elor, audio amplifiers and has to be totally idiotproof. A G3mp3 does the work perfectely, but as the show increases with even more pixels, it is hard to figure out what is the maximum possible in this configuration. I have the feeling I am at the edges of the capability. And I do not trust any pc to be so failproof. I have a pc ready to do the trick, but people caring for older people having to restart a computer and get it running is to much to ask. But thank you for thinking with mee. Dick
  21. Hello dear light friends A question, does anybody know of a tool ( or how to) to read the config files on the sd card of an G3mp3 player. I want to check the settings, so I do not have to watch the whole 24 hour of the day if the whole show goes as planned. It is a stand alone setup, in an home for older people, I can not be there the whole day to check. Best regards Dick de Wit The Netherlands
  22. IDMX v4.0 software

    Hello all, The version for the idmx 1000 is 1.50 which you need, it is on the firmware page of lightorama. see what s new pages What's New in Version 4.0.0 • CCB100D-V1_20.lhx (CB100D Cosmic Color Pixel/Bulb Controller) : Added support for Enhanced LOR networks, and fixed a bug where the bulb self test did not correctly run while the reset button was held on the controller. • CCR150D-V1_19.lhx (CR150D Cosmic Color Ribbon): Added support for Enhanced LOR networks. • CMB24D-V1_02.lhx (CMB24D): This is the first version of firmware for this device that has been distributed with the LOR software suite. • CTB04Dg3-V1_01.lhx (the new 4 channel CTB04g3 AC controller; also used in the new LOR400Wg3 and LOR400ELLWg3 controllers). • CTB08Dg3-V1_02.lhx (the CTB08Dg3 controller card and the LOR800Wg3 controller): Added support for Enhanced LOR networks. • CTB16PCg3-V1_08.lhx (the CTB16PCg3 card and the gen3 residential controllers): Added support for Enhanced LOR networks. • CTB32Lg3-V1_12.lhx (the CTB32L card and the LOR16xxWg3 light controllers). Added support for Enhanced LOR networks. • DC_MP3_V4-20.lhx (DC-MP3): This version of the firmware makes triggered shows start faster. • iDMX1000_V1_50.lhx (the iDMX1000 controller). Fixed a problem with missed effects when running at 115.4K. Added support for 500K. Added support for Enhanced LOR networks. Best regards Dick de Wit the Netherlands
  23. Hello Light fans, As AC controllers get more out of use these days, I got the strange idea to upgrade the high voltage AC sides to low voltage DC. Not knowing the exact schematics, but with a little knowledge of electronics, I came to the idea to replace the triacs by fets and adjusting the seconday circuit and so on. while uncoupling the 220v input of the transformer from the power input and giving its own 220V entry. As the circuit was driving the triacs every half phase, this should result in a frequency of 100 HZ ( in europe ) driving the fets. with some kind of pwm. Has anyone tried this? If so, are you willing to share the new secondary schematics? Please feel free to comment. I was just thinking it is a waste to throw the AC controlers in the recycle bin. Dick de Wit The Netherlands
  24. Ray Wu Power Supply

    Hello lightfans Especially with powersupplies of that much power do not use them if you are not sure how to! The risk of this much power available is to big to mess with. The current that this type op power supply can deliver could cause fire in an instant. Safety should always be your first concern! Even with 12 Volt. Just some thoughts from The Netherlands Dick de Wit
  25. Hello Lightorama, A while ago I heard about a new MP3G3 with 4 outputs, this year???? greetings from the Netherlands Dick