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  1. PC-CTB16PC V1 Includes case, and all cords already connected and ready to go. Used only one season. Perfect working condition. May require firmware update. $150 + $25 for shipping in USA via USPS.
  2. You fixed it! That appears to have been the problem. Channel 16 netural was connected to the left side. I moved it to the right and now it works! Thank you so much...
  3. I have a CTB16PC and channel 16 causes both GFI breakers to trip when anything is connected to it. If I disconnect channel 16 all of the other channels work as expected. I have tried two different 100 mini strings and both cause this problem when connected to channel 16. The mini lights work fine when connected to another source. My other CTB16PC board is working fine. Any ideas what to look for? Of course I only tested a handful of the channels when I got the board this summer.
  4. Even easier. Thank you for the advice!
  5. I have a CTB16PC board which is rated at 30 AMPs total, 15 AMP per side. Can I jump the two sides and connect the board to a single 20 AMP circuit and run a max of 20 AMP total for all 16 channels?
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