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  1. PC-CTB16PC V1 Includes case, and all cords already connected and ready to go. Used only one season. Perfect working condition. May require firmware update. $150 + $25 for shipping in USA via USPS.
  2. Mickpat

    For sale CTB16PC

    I am not sure I understand your question. This board says CTB16PC V1. Will work using LOR or DMX protocol.
  3. Mickpat

    For sale CTB16PC

    For sale CTB16PC Purchased new several years ago fully built with enclosure and cords installed. Used only 2 seasons several years ago. Since then it has been stored away as a backup controller. $175 including shipping. Payment via paypal. Fast shipping. ‚Äč
  4. Mickpat

    Convert AL to LOR

    Is it possible to import or convert Animated Lighting Routines (AL) to LOR?
  5. Mickpat

    WIN2K and 1.6.1

    One thought is to install 1.6.9 and run the show during the day and see if you are able to reproduce the issue. Does the problem occur if running from the sequence editor or just when scheduled? On W2K, are you able to access Task Manager whent the PC locksup? Is your only choice to reboot the machine? You should be able to kill the process and restart the application. What service pack are you running on that machine? Has the machine been in use before this season?
  6. Mickpat

    Interactive Display

    I would love to do an interactive display and am looking forward to LOR adding this support. One thought I had was to allow people to control my display using thier cell phone. What do you get when you combine the largest student dorm in Finland, a cellphone, love of Tetris?
  7. Mickpat

    Lights flash at the end of sequence

    I have been running a short animation sequence all week before I start my show this weekend and see the exact same thing. At the end of my 1 min sequence, the lights flash.
  8. Mickpat

    Show does not start

    I deleted the schedule files and show files. I then recreated a new show using LOR I sequences and created a new schedule. I enabled the show and it worked! I then reinstalled 2.0.4 and repeated the same steps and nothing. I deleted the show and schedule. I then created a new show with working LOR II sequences. The sequences play in the edit, but not in the show. Odd.
  9. Mickpat

    Show does not start

    I uninstalled 2.0.4 and reinstalled 1.6.3 and have the same issue. The LOR I sequence plays in the sequence editor, but when the show starts, nothing.
  10. Mickpat

    Show does not start

    Good question. Yes. I can use the Hardware Utility to control all controllers and lights. Also, running from the Sequence Editor works fine.
  11. Mickpat

    Show does not start

    I added a second sequence to the show, same results. I deleted the first sequence, same results. Status shows enabled and running, but no sound or lights.
  12. Mickpat

    Show does not start

    I am using 2.0.4 and have done the following. 1. Created Show using Show Editor and added one sequence to the Musical tab 2. Create a new schedule and added the sequence created in step 1 3. Started the LOR Control Panel 4. Enabled the shows 5. Checked status The show status shows Enabled and running, but nothing. No Audio and not lights. I then disabled the show and using the squence editor, the show runs perfectly. Any ideas what I am missing?
  13. Mickpat


    You fixed it! That appears to have been the problem. Channel 16 netural was connected to the left side. I moved it to the right and now it works! Thank you so much...
  14. Mickpat


    I have a CTB16PC and channel 16 causes both GFI breakers to trip when anything is connected to it. If I disconnect channel 16 all of the other channels work as expected. I have tried two different 100 mini strings and both cause this problem when connected to channel 16. The mini lights work fine when connected to another source. My other CTB16PC board is working fine. Any ideas what to look for? Of course I only tested a handful of the channels when I got the board this summer.
  15. Mickpat

    Max intensity

    I would like to reduce the amount of AMPs used for 3 channels by reducing the intensity. Is there an easy way to adjust the max intensity without manually editing all of my sequences again? Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving.