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  1. Sorry. We do not recommend nor do we support using LOR controllers for anything like Fire/Pyro/Etc.
  2. Current software will allow for all 4 ports to function. That's actually been that way for a couple of years. What the current software will not do is enable Link Mode. We are finalizing the design as we speak (I just got an eMail from Dan about the format of the configuration file to drive this). It won't be the next release (I'm in the process of building that right now). When the Link mode is ready, we'll have a release with both PC software as well as a required firmware update.
  3. Note to everyone: My spulling is HORRIBLE. If you see any other ones in any of the other programs, please note them and let us know. It's best to take a screen shot and post that. Maybe we need a separate thread for them.
  4. Mike's Power Point Rules (everyone is different, these are how I do MY presentations. I think it works great): Only ONE of you (the slides or you) can be the star. YOU should be the star, NOT the slides. An audience can only concentrate on one thing at a time. Keep distractions like Video to a minimum. You need a video? Fine. Video can really drive a point home - it is very powerful. Just don't expect anyone to hear or understand what you are saying while it is playing. The slides don't teach, YOU teach. Slides emphasize, they don't 'communicate'. Slides are there for topic headers and possibly major bullet points. Simple Diagrams are good. Don't spoon minutia, IE hide bullet points. Get the whole thing out there at one time. Remember that when you change a slide no one is paying attention to you any more. Get it out of the way all up front. Give them a few seconds to digest the slide then get the eyes back on you. Unless you REALLY need to.... Sometimes a topic is SO big that it's sub-topics could be slides on their own - but less slides is always better. In this VERY limited case feed single bullets. But not many. Make use of the free space so the audience does not feel like they are being cheated or treated like children. Please. For the love all things good: Just because you have transitions doesn't mean you should use them. YOU make the sizzle, not the changing of a slide. Use a heavy hand when editing slides and their quantity. More slides is NEVER better. Information PACKED onto slides is NEVER better. Powerpoint has a place for presenter notes. USE IT! Type your entire script into them. If you distribute your slides, PRINT them along with the slide itself. The slide is the memory jog for the audience, your script is the detail. The script is you. Audiences fall asleep FAST. Ensure your slides have an IRREGULAR cadence. Need a 10 minute section to talk about something? A couple of fast slides before and after keep them on their toes. An occasional joke image/trivia/whatever on a slide keeps them invested. Pick a font and STICK with it. Don't pick Comic Sans - people WILL laugh at you [behind your back]. Pick 2 or 3 font sizes and MAKE THEM BIG. If you find yourself reducing your font size because there is not enough room on the slide - you are doing it wrong. Just because you have 800 fonts and 1000 sizes doesn't mean you have to use them ALL. Pick a background/template and STICK with it. Pick a couple of slide designs and STICK with them. I pretty much only ever use 2: Title with Single Column (90%), Title with Dual column (10% good for comparisons). Just because you have 800 of them doesn't mean you have to use them ALL. Finally - Rehearse your script and time it. By that I mean sit in a room and READ IT OUT LOUD! You may feel silly [I know I do!], but do it. Shoot to fill 70 to 80 percent of your total allotted time. CUT CUT CUT if you need to. You WILL get questions. You will trip over yourself. You will need to explain some things a second time. Make Q&A time your filler at the end. Don't fall victim to 'I have 60 minutes and I have to fill it all!'. You look BAD if you run out of time. You look GOOD if you finish and take questions.
  5. I'm trying it again. What will probably happen in the end is that we won't be able to incorporate someone (or multiple someones) suggestions because of technical or other concerns. That person will get mad and huffy and blow chunks all over the forum until we are forced to ban them. Everyone needs to be clear that I am soliciting input, but in the end we may NOT take your advice or do something completely opposite of what you suggested (not you personally, the you meaning the people in this thread). My job is to balance these requests with what makes the most sense for the most users and what is best for the software in general. My job is to be the ultimate compromise-er.
  6. This will happen too - or something will happen that will alert you to the fact that things are overlapping, there are exceptions, whatever. We definitely need to do a better job of that.
  7. Yes, I understand what you were saying. There are actually several different development things being talked about. One is the not-so-good presentation layer of how shows are scheduled. We will always have a 'week' view a lot like we currently have. BUT We plan on adding to (or re-arranging, or whatever) those views so you can envision what is going to happen and/or easily add/etc. That's what you are asking about and is most definitely going to be looked at and changed. I already have ideas swimming in my head that have your suggestions in mind. We then have the 'new options' part of this development (which I didn't think we would need to do, but those changes could actually influence the UI). One of those (and something I see as simple to add) would be this new 'stale dating' of repeating shows. Nice start and stop dates so that you wouldn't have to delete everything and schedule new shows on that date. Those things are not mutually exclusive.
  8. Thanks for the suggestions so far! We are definitely aware that we need to step up our game when it comes to logic for starting and stopping shows, what happens during shows etc. I've been discussing with Dan adding a date range for repeating shows and one of his first comments back to me was that we need to be better at schedule options. I'm still trying to convince him that the first of these schedule options should be this date range thing. For example, what Don said: That is exactly what I am (was?) targeting first. You could create 3 different shows, one each for before, during after thanksgiving/christmas. Schedule them so that 'Show 1' runs from date 1 to date 2, then show 2 from date 2 to date 3, and then show 3 from date 3 to (next year's) date 1. With that in place, you would only need to touch the schedule once a year. In fact, you could (from what I envision) go ahead and schedule a thousand years into the future if you like. IE: So Every Sun,Mon,Tue, and Wed from 01/01/19 thru 07/03/19 starting at 6PM and stopping at 10PM, run the show called Jan to 4th.lss You could then schedule something else to run between those dates on thr-sat. Or have different times, or 2 different thu-sat shows with 2 different date periods/etc. Schedule 2020? No problem.
  9. I am now starting to look at the design of Phase 3 of LOR Hub, which will (as along as priorities are not re-arranged) be my next project. I would like to solicit your comments. Before we get started, please know that I'm only talking about the actual Show Scheduler and Show Editor programs in the suite. I am not talking about SD card show creation at all. I am also not really talking about Simple Show Builder - while in fact I am keeping it in mind (more on that in a minute). Personally I found SD card creation confusing, and I think Show Editor is worse - a LOT worse. Let me give you an example of how we re-designed the SD card building. We plan on using the same user interface concepts with show builder as we have with SD creation Note: I understand that SD and PC shows are very different from one another. What we are not doing, and don't need to discuss, is changing HOW PC shows work. PC shows should work exactly as they do now. What we are talking about here is how things fit together and if there are options that can be simplified. This is the old SD card builder in HWU: Here is the new LOR Hub version (sneak peak! Not yet released): The idea is that it is much more task oriented and flows in a way that hides options that may not be needed while still allowing power users at everything. Everything that the HWU can do is here - with the exception of setting the clock on the MP3 director which is going to remain in the hardware utility - that is a 'hardware' function after all! It's a surprising difference, isn't it? The Hub version is MUCH more 'friendly' looking. It's open, airy, and logically makes sense. I'm going to do the same re-design of the Show Editor. So you can expect to see the double pane file edit/add/remove, those collapsible sections, and a general re-arrangement into something that is more 'task' friendly. This is the existing Show Editor: So you tell me: What do you find confusing when using the Show Editor? How would you make that LESS confusing? What parts of it do you use most? What do you use least (or not at all)? If you could eliminate something, what would it be? While I am happy to listen to constructive suggestions for HOW shows are run, this is more about how shows can more easily be created. Any 'how' suggestions will be added to the wish list, but are not going to be a part of this effort. I am also more than happy to listen to comments about the new SD card process - however that overall design is pretty much set in stone - I'll do my best to address them but can't guarantee anything there. Schedule Editor also suffers from some confusing UI issues. Displaying dates/times is never easy since you have to find a relatively compact way of displaying a LOT of data. One thing I do know is that we are going to somehow make it apparent that there is a 'priority' system when it comes to schedules (I saw this in a recent forum post). I'm not 100% sure yet, but I think it may be easier to have schedule editor know about 'Repeating' shows (now called Weekly) and 'One-Off' shows (now called 'Yearly'). So again, please let me know what you like, and what you don't like. What you use, and what you don't use. And as always: Discussions that also include Solutions or Suggestions are taken FAR MORE seriously than just complaints and rants
  10. The weather in the capital region of NYS has not improved much over the last 24 hours. While the snow has stopped, temperatures are still sub-zero this morning, with wind chills well below 0 in the valleys. Up in the hills/mountains, temps are colder. Temps the next 2 days will thankfully moderate and give the folks up there a break - but it may take a day just to get the cold out of the factory. Thanks for your patience!
  11. While I am modern man, I have a love for three things old:. 60s 'Jetson's-style' furniture/architecture (I think it's called "googie"), lounge jazz music (ring-a-ding stuff you need to listen to in a smoking jacket), and many golden age Hollywood actresses (I would marry any one of them). So I've had Betty, Ginger, Lola, Katharine, Judy, etc. And this car is red, so Ginger works on 2 levels šŸ˜
  12. Due to weather conditions in Hudson Falls, I'm making the call that we are going to be closed today. The area received 13-16 inches of snow on Sunday, with higher amounts on the mountains. The current temp is -5 with a windchill of -27. The factory is in an old drafty building where even when they heat is on full blast it is still chilly in there during NORMAL winter temps. As always the help desk system is open and able to answer questions.
  13. You can sequence them yourself. MotionPaks make it easy to add them to our pre-made sequences, however you can roll your own. The Singing faces basically emulate 8 channel controllers: 1 - Outline 2 - Special Feature (like Bow, Star, etc) 3 - Eyes Closed 4 - Eyes Open 5 - Mouth Closed 6 - Mouth Half Open 7 - Mouth Full Open 8 - Mouth 'Oh'
  14. Exactly my point. I'm not in the "Elon is God" group, but I do like the idea he floated where superchargers become a destination unto themselves: A place to charge, with a restaurant, bathrooms, etc - just like a service plaza on the interstate - but with electrons instead of gas. Even in a gas car you are going to need to stop and fuel yourself up. The car needs the same Drive what makes you happy and fills that need. I won't ever say this car is for everyone. There are far too many people out there who try to ram Tesla's down people's throat. I Not me. I'm not a gear head, I'm just a regular Joe when it comes to cars... But I will say this is the perfect car for me.
  15. Hey, another reboot! Just to fill you in on what I ended up doing. My Model 3 (so you already know I bought it) was delivered in July last year, just before Expo. Her name is Ginger In the end, I didn't get the base model, I ended up splurging for the Long Range RWD with everything I could put on it. $61K, but with the gov money it was $53.5K. It took a lot of courage to write that check. To put it into perspective, that is twice the price of any other new car I have purchased, and 50% of the cost of my house. For about 15 years I had been saving to buy a small plane, but after loosing my medical I had to spend that money on something. 6 months later, the car has about 2,700 miles on it. Like I said, I do NOT drive much. As for the car? I love it. It is hands down the fastest accelerating car I have ever driven (and I used to own a Mustang). I hit the pedal, it puts me into my seat, and I giggle. Every time. I can only imagine the giggles if I had purchased the performance version :P. The car definitely handles like a sportier car. With all the weight low and centered behind the wheels, it's stable in corners. With regeneration turned on, you rarely touch the brake pedal - take your foot off the accelerator and the motor turns into a generator feeding charge back into the battery and slowing you down. When you get more experience with the car, you can slow down just like if you were using a brake in a standard car. At around 5 MPH, you finally press on the brake pedal. Tesla states that the original brakes on the car should last a lifetime (and for me it should be true since even on a regular car I would get 60-70k on a set of pads). The car looks great. I actually like the way the back of the car looks more than the front. It does get some looks from other people once they realize it's a Tesla. I may end up installing new springs on the car to give it a lower stance. It's the only thing I think could be better - but then again this is the first car that I care enough about to even THINK of modifying it! The interior is comfortable. The seats are excellent - they hug you just enough to give your back good support, but are not so narrow (or wide) that you don't fit in them. At first look, the dashboard is off-puting to some since it is so radically different to what they are used to. Once you sit in the car, you see the advantage - the low and very shallow dash allows for a much bigger window. Since there is no engine in the front, the hood just drops off - this makes for EXCELLENT outside visibility. Coupled with the all glass roof, the effect is that you feel like you are not even sitting in a car. The center mount screen is excellent. I wasn't sure I was going to like looking to the side to see my speed, but after about 5 minutes, I adjusted. Frankly I have to drive the car on at least cruise control 90% of the time - it's so quiet that it is hard to judge your speed. Autopilot is awesome as well and I use it frequently. Most of the driving I do is rural, but there are times when I have to go to the big city. This is where autopilot REALLY pays off. Getting stuck in stop-and-go traffic on the interstate or expressway is no longer stressful: Doubleclick the lever, hear the reassuring bing-bong, sit back. When the traffic moves, you move. Charging is a breeze. The car comes with a mobile charger which is what I use at home. With 240V 40A outlet it charges the car at 31 miles/hr. I installed a 14-50 (dryer) outlet in my garage. My panel is also in the garage so it was about a 15 minute job: buy a pre-wired whip (sized to handle 60A in case I want to upgrade later), a double 40A breaker, and an outlet. A few wires later and you are done. If you want to charge even faster, you can purchase and hard-wire a charger which would add 45 miles/hr. While that does sound a little slow remember two things: The range (the size of the 'tank' so to speak) is 320 miles. The car when not in use is always plugged in. So you come home from a day of driving, plug it in, and next morning when you wake up the car is charged ready to go. As for charging cost, it's cheap. On average, the car consumes 250 Wh/MI. To make that easier to understand: Every 1 KWh (that's the unit your electric company bills you in) allows me to drive 4 miles. A KWh costs me $.084. So 4 miles of driving is less than NINE cents. Other ways to visualize that number: My Camry got approximately 30 miles/gallon. Lets assume that gas is $2/gallon. So that means if I drove 30 miles it cost me $2.00. In this car, 30 miles costs me $.63. Assume a gallon of gas costs $2. For $2 I can drive 95 miles. So right now my car gets 95 miles/gallon equivalent. When the price of gas goes up, my MPe goes up: At $3.00 a gallon, my car gets almost 143 MPe! Brian's (Mr. Superstar) MPe is actually INFINITE! Brian has both a Model 3 and a Model S. His electric company offers Time-Of-Day billing and the rate overnight is FREE! He sets his cars to charge during the free times. Lucky so in so! If you go on a road trip, you can 'supercharge' - something I have never had to do (well, I did it once to see what it was like for about 2 minutes, but that is it). So if/when we go to expo this year, I'll drive over. That will be about 300 miles round trip so I'll have to charge. Many hotels have chargers, so if the one I get does I'll use that overnight. Otherwise, a quick stop over at the Daytona supercharger is what I'll do. I figure I'll need about 1/2 charge (150 miles). Should take about 30 mins and cost somewhere around $8. A full charge would be just over 1 hour (but why? I only need a few miles to drive around town). That is one of the drawbacks of road trips, but I want you to remember 2 things: I haven't been to a gas station in 7 months now. Filling a tank takes 10 mins, so I've already saved 1 hour of my life. Lets take the 1 hour charge time and put it in perspective. The car has 320 miles of range. if you are doing mostly interstate driving on a road trip (and you would be), that means you have about 5 hours of driving time before you have to stop and charge for an hour. Guess what else needs to happen during that time? You need to go to the bathroom! You need to eat! You put the car up on the charger, go have something to fill your belly and a rest-room pit-stop. You come back and the car is charged and ready to go. Oh yea. The Car also has a built in Fireplace. Bet yours doesn't. (I know.. Christmas lights, not cars )
  16. We do send to APO/FPO. Frequently. We have one. Or at least we have one of those 'crumpled paper' machines. I kid with them ALL the time about the peanuts. I have boxes of them that one day I will ship back and make Mary dig through only to find NOTHING in them . We don't get a lot of shipping problems, but I always find it funny when we get a disgruntled person complain that we need to pack things BETTER. Everything we sell comes wrapped in at least one or two layers of bubble wrap, then an inner box, sometimes ANOTHER layer of bubble wrap, and then in higher then normal quality box with at least 5000 cubic feet (or so it seems) of peanuts. UPS still destroys them We reuse any packing materials we receive, so we don't ever throw them away. If I am not mistaken, most The UPS store and Kinko's locations will accept them. Frankly, I don't know how Amazon gets away with so LITTLE packaging in their boxes. 9 times out of 10, there are 2 air pillows in there when it needed like 20. It may be with their volume that it is cheaper to replace slightly more stuff damaged in transit than pack things correctly. Here is a hint about unpacking our boxes: Do it UPSIDE DOWN. We typically put the shipping label on the 'top' of the box. Flip the box over when you open it. You should only find a SMALL layer of peanuts then your contents. Slowly removing one or two things should then give you enough room in the box to dig for the other stuff in it. If you go in from the top, that is where we packed the peanuts in from - which could be a ton to take up the extra volume.
  17. FYI... In case you are not familiar (or ever heard of ) our new G4 'link' capability here is a little info: New G4 multi-port directors (like the new N4-G4-MP3 Director) can be used in 'Link' mode. When in link mode a single G4 director becomes the show 'master', and it can connect to one or more 'slaves'. The master will send timing reference information/show information/etc to all other connected MP3 directors and those directors are all kept in sync. You will build SD cards for each director in Hub. Basically 'G4 Link' mode allows you to have a 'director chain' that can control up to 16 different LOR networks. So if for example 4 ports is not enough to run your show, you add another G4 Multi Port director and daisy chain from the 'master' to the 'slave'. e.g. If you add a 4 port G4, you now have a total of 6 ports: 3 on the master, 3 on the slave - 'Net 1' is connecting the 2 directors together so they can share timing information to keep all 6 ports in sync. If you add another G4 4 Port, you now have 9 ports- 3 on each where Net 1 on each goes from master to slave 1 to slave 2. Edit 8/8/23019: We actually expanded the capabilities beyond this: On any director in the chain you can run whatever LOR network or DMX Universe you desire. So if you want to duplicate AUX-C (for example) on 4 different ports on 3 different directors, you can.
  18. We have not released the documentation for the G4 yet since it is only in 'pre-release' status. I am currently working on getting the rest of HWU MP3 SD card building into Hub. Once that is done, we will start working on the updates needed for the G4's link capability. As of right now, the G4 is in every way identical to the G3 dual network adapter EXCEPT it can run 4 ports instead of 2.
  19. https://mobile.twitter.com/BoJackHorseman/status/1077369333653823488 Hope Philbert gets a season 2, Boj.
  20. That crap-hole of the galaxy? Far too many Bugblatters. Are you sure it wasn't 009-plural Z alpha?
  21. Shakes head... It is NOT all good. GFCIs are your LAST line of defense in case something unforeseen happens. I don't care how big of a fence, how many signs, or if you are home or not. People, especially children, who are entranced by your beautiful display WILL find a way to touch something. Safety requires MULTIPLE levels of reinforcement. The accident WILL happen in the blink of an eye, it will not be something you can prevent simply because you are home. You could be outside handing out candy canes and within 2 seconds a child has run across your lawn and grabbed onto a wireframe - a wireframe that just happens to have a bare wire. Take a step backwards and assess if you are willing to live for the rest of your life knowing you killed someone's child JUST so you could run in the rain.
  22. I moved FROM WNY to FL. The people are nice. The food is great. The weather SUCKS. Oh, and get used to the smell of Skunk in spring/fall and the Sand Flies in the summer (you thought Love Bugs were bad :P)
  23. I'd like to discuss this part please. First you stated that it took us several days before you heard back from us. You opened your ticket on 12/02/2018 at 7:07 pm. We were closed for the evening. We replied to you the next morning when we opened (we open at 10AM) 12/03/2018 at 10:42 am. We asked you for some additional information. You replied back with the information more than two days later - 12/05/2018 at 8:23 pm. Again we were closed, so we replied the next morning, (this time before our official opening at 10AM) 12/06/2018 at 9:03 am. We again asked for additional information. You never replied back. Now let's look at the progression of the ticket. Your initial comment was: 12/02/2018 at 7:07 pm "Every time My show starts it seems like it pauses and buffers and then starts and then buffers and then starts and then buffers and then starts until eventually it just place. iā€™d never just starts the show and place it always wants to start and then pause and then start " There really is not a lot to go on here, but we are aware of an issue with recent Windows 10 updates and issues they cause with Windows Media Player. We replied: 12/03/2018 at 10:42 am Hmmmm. You're not giving us much to work with. Has the show worked correctly in the past? Let's first focus on the Windows operating system. Microsoft has been pushing out a never-ending stream of updates and we have seen too many cases where LOR acts weird because Windows is in the process of installing various patches. Go into Windows Settings or Windows Control Panel and get into the Windows Update section. Make sure it's not in the process of installing updates or waiting for a reboot or the update is stuck. Do whatever you need to and get the updates installed. You will need to check for updates multiple times to make sure they're all finally installed. Now reboot your computer and run your tests again. If still no joy then what version and level of Light-O-Rama software do you have installed? Open Sequence Editor or Sequencer. Look at the window title bar to quickly find the software version and level that is running on your computer.. Yes parts of that are a canned response. We use them to save us time in replying the same things over and over. It does show that we did indeed read your request (like we do for ALL requests). We asked for some additional information to help us determine if this is a new issue, or an ongoing one, as well as your software version. You did not reply for over 2 days. 12/05/2018 at 8:23 pm My computer was last updated on November 17 nothing has been updated since then and it says that all updates have been successful and no further updates are necessary. The LOR sequence edited version that I am using is 4.4.0 basic. I am having random problems with this as the system will randomly skip and pause and restart Ok, so now we know that all the updates are done according to you (which should mean that WMP has been updated). We also know that you are using 4.4.0, which lets us concentrate on just that release. You didn't answer if the show had worked in the past or not (from reading this ticket, it appears to be that you are a new user so that would be no. Knowing that you are a new user would have helped us tailor our responses to your issue.). Also, in general when we say things like 'You are not giving us much to go on', what we are looking for is more details about the issue: what exactly is happening? Is it happening at the same time all the time? what steps have you performed to try to eliminate the issue? Are you seeing error messages or other information from the software? Remember, we are not there in front of your system and we need as much detail as possible to help. At this point, all we really know is that you are having issues running a show, and you probably are not affected by the Win Update/WMP thing. We replied: 12/06/2018 at 9:03 am Look at the Light-O-Rama Control Panel status window. It should be telling you why the Light-O-Rama system is doing it's doing and also tell you about any problems it has run into. See more at http://www.lightorama.com/help/control_panel.htm?zoom_highlightsub=Control+Panel. If you don't see any hints in the Control Panel status window then click the 'Copy Log' button under the window. This copies the status log contents to the Windows clipboard. Reply to this ticket, right click and 'Paste' the clipboard contents into this ticket so we can take a look. The reason we want this information is because we are still trying to determine your exact problem. Since we had no other additional information from your last reply that could help us diagnose the issue, we asked for the show log. The show log is indispensable when it comes to trying to figure out why a show is not running like a customer expects it. It shows us any errors that are occurring, what actions the show player is taking at what times, etc. It could offer a clue as to what the issue is that you are experiencing. Unfortunately, you never replied back. If you would like us to continue to help with your issue, please reply back to your ticket. Thank you.
  24. I'm pretty sure I worked this ticket on the help desk (and I apologize if it was someone else. My brain is still soup). I was able to get the original OP working. This is a great example of how sometimes we have to reinterpret what a customer is saying into what the problem actually is. This is no slight to the OP! The op was describing what he thought was happening. He was not incorrect - it did appear to him that the show would take 20-30 seconds to actually start. But the reason is not hardware or software related. One of the first things we ask about when it comes to weirdness on lights is 'randomness'. Is what the cust seeing random in nature, or is it constantly repeatable. In cases of sequences not running correctly, randomness is usually attributable to hardware issues. In this case, the cust reported that the issue occurred at the exact same time EVERY time in the same way. That is a big clue - computers are not random by nature. If they are doing the same thing every time in the same way at the same point in time it's because that is what you are TELLING them to do. Identical action, even if that action is incorrect as was in this case, indicates the issue is likely (99.9) NOT hardware. Experience tells us that in these cases it usually is a sequence issue. The customer has either not programmed the sequence the way they think they did, used incorrect Nets/Unit IDs, has duplicate channels, etc. We will then ask the customer if this was a sequence purchased from us, or if this was one they wrote themselves. If they say they wrote it, we have them run Verifier on the sequence and see what it spits out. In this case, the sequence was ours, and a very popular one (one of the TSO sequences). Those are some of the most heavily purchased sequences and literally thousands of people are running them. If there was an issue, we would have heard it already (and MANY times over!). The issue is probably NOT the sequence. This leads to a great side bar on how we determine if we have a bug, or a customer issue. When it comes to trying to figure out what is going wrong, we look at what the customer is trying to do and how often other customers may be performing the same action. In this case the customer was using a Show Director. There are major changes going on right now in the software for SD card creation so the chance that this is a bug is quite high which required some additional testing I will get into shortly. If however the issue is in a program that has not changed in 2 years, it is reasonable to assume that it's probably NOT a bug in the program but something else. There are some known issues with older MP3 director firmware. Although this was a recent MP3, we still had the customer update the firmware to the latest version. The problem remained. At this point you have to assume a possible bad MP3 director. But while all signs point that way, it is a VERY poor assumption so you want to continue to research. More likely is a bug in how the SD card was created (remember, we're working a lot in that code these days). We attempted to re-create the issue with the source sequence and found that it was working properly. So now you have to think it's a bug with how the software is interacting with that customer's computer. We had the customer send us the SD card files that he created. Bit for Bit they were identical to the ones we created that we know work. We ran them and they worked 100% (as expected). So if you like to play 'Stump the Chump' - you've won at this point. This chump is stumped. The only thing that could be wrong is the MP3 director, but we KNOW how MP3 directors work, and there just is no way an MP3 director that was working (remember way up there identical incorrect action does not point to hardware) could be doing this. Time for a remote. At this point you don't know what you are looking for, so you have to go back to basics. First, let's determine if the hardware is working properly with the computer. The customer states that he has 2 controllers, both 16 channel AC units. He connects up the USB adapter and it is working according to Windows. Start the Hardware utility, select the correct port. Now find the units and see if 2 respond. Yes, both controllers respond BUT the first controller in the list is unit id 02. The other is 03. That is ODD. It's not unheard of, but definitely ODD. LOR sequences are written so that the first 4 controllers are used in kind of 'priority' order. The main part of the display is 1, Most used highlights 2, etc... In this case the customer had the 'main' part of his display connected to a controller that was set to unit id 03. The channels on unit 03 in these particular sequences are only used when things really start ripping along. The customer was absolutely right: for the first 20 seconds or so, NOTHING was happening. Changing the Unit ID of 03 to 01 fixed the issue - no more delay.
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