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  1. Jeff Millard wrote: And the visualizer has this support built in.
  2. DonFL wrote: 100???? Which one is getting crumbs for 100? I wrote 100 pages of documentation the other day and only got a wrapper from a Twinkee and an old coffee cup with some mold in it.
  3. cmoore60 wrote: I'm 99% sure you will need a full license on the other computer, however I'll ask Dan just to clarify.
  4. cmoore60 wrote: It does this out of the box. I've personally tested it across my network.
  5. Greg Young wrote: With the new Visualizer, you are free to make as many visualizations as you like for your stage. For example, you could create 1 for the front, and 1 for the side. Or perhaps you even create 3: The 2 detailed ones, and then a 'low res' overall view. Since the visualization is no longer tied to the sequence, you can split things up much more logically. Of course nothing beats looking at the real thing, but hopefully you'll find the new Visualizer gets closer.
  6. If there is one thing I have learned about working on this project, it is that input is always appreciated - both by me and by LOR management. While I may not make the call on what does and does not make it, that does not mean I don't want to hear those suggestions and comments. Your Visualizer suggestions may not make it into the initial release, but I promise you that every one of them is considered seriously by both me, and LOR management.
  7. T110431 wrote: Ahh.. A 'spiral' tree. I know that it is part of the wish list, but do not know when or if it will be done, since that would be a Dan decision.
  8. On a separate topic, I see a lot of people talking about high channel count displays and being able to visualize those as well. The nice thing with the new visualizer is that it is NOT tied to any sequence/channel/show/etc. If desired, you can create as many different Visualizer files for as many different parts of your Stage (display) as you like. You could then load 'Stage Left' or 'Neighbor House' or 'Tree Line' or whatever you like and see that portion in action - with any sequence or show. The Visualizer will simply ignore data for any channel that is not Wired.
  9. Mark Showalter wrote: I'm not sure exactly what a 'Weber' tree is. However, the initial release (again, as far as I know and it is subject to change) only does 'normal' trees. The Demo @00:57 shows all the options that are currently available for trees. But again, you or someone else, could draw one by hand and then share it with the 'export/import' functions. With as many sequences as you guys share, I fully expect a large library of shared Fixtures/Props to quickly become available.
  10. DonFL Yes. There is NO real connection between your sequences and the visualization. The 'objects' (Fixtures and Props) you create are independent of everything else. The only connection is how you set up (Wire) the channels on the fixtures. Doing things this way allows you to first design what you want your display (the Stage) to look like before you get mired in deciding what channels you need, what they are going to be named and where they are going to go. Once you have that done, you can come back to your visualization and Wire everything up.
  11. Paul Roberson wrote: Unfortunately, not at this time. It is on the wish list but at this time I don't know when or if it will be implemented - that is a Dan decision. Since you are using CCBs, you can use the 'Draw CCR Wizard' and string one yourself, or draw individual CCR pixels. In the eyes of the Visualizer, CCRs and CCBs are the same thing. One of the nice features of the new Visualizer is that you can build a library of Fixtures and Props. Once you have created something, you could share it with others via the export/import functions.
  12. taybrynn wrote: Please remember that this is preliminary and that these specs are subject to change and may be different depending on a whole host of factors including license level. I can only talk about the technical aspects, Dan has all the rest of the answers, and may decide to pull or add functionality before release. The size of the background is not limited, however there is a trade-off to be made: Larger simulations will require more computing power than smaller ones. You can resize your simulation easily at any time. Unlike the old Visualizer, you don't really draw with 'channels'. Instead, you create things called 'Fixtures', and then wire those Fixtures to channels. The upper limit for the number of Fixtures is 1024. Since you may not be familiar with the term 'Fixture' as we use it, let me try to explain it to you: When talking about everything EXCEPT CCRs, A fixture is a collection of 1 or more channels that are part of a single display item. For example, you may have 4 colors on a bush on the left side of a garage. That would be a single fixture ('Left Garage Bush') with 4 channels. In the sample video, the 'Roof' is a single fixture with 4 channels (colors): Red, Green, Blue, White. If we are talking about a mega tree then a fixture would be one bundle of lights - a single region of the tree. One or more Fixtures can be grouped together to form a 'Prop'. It may be easier to talk about a Mega Tree with real numbers: A 4 color tree that has 8 regions would be 8 Fixtures of 4 channels each - a 32 channel tree. Those 8 Fixtures could be grouped together into 1 Prop called whatever you like e.g: 'Mega Tree'. If you use the 'Mega Tree Wizard', that is exactly what will happen. There is a limit of 512 props. However, fixtures do not have to be part of a Prop - they can stand on their own and if they are not assigned to a prop do not count towards the limit. The Visualizer only really cares about fixtures - Props are there only to make your life easier: By assigning all the regions of that Mega Tree to a prop, you can select the entire tree at once and edit it (move/copy/etc), rather than each Fixture (bundle) one-at-a-time. The initial release has 'Wizards' to help you create Mega Trees, Arches, Fans, and CCR Matrices. There is no limit to the number of them you create, only to the total number of Fixtures and Props for the entire simulation.
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