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  1. LOR S4 and Windows 10 issues

    JohnMcK - I would still like to review your helpdesk interaction. Please PM me your ticket number. Thanks!
  2. LOR S4 and Windows 10 issues

    For the OPs issue: Many things can cause that conversion to fail. The two most common are badly encoded files (which have been discussed) and permissions problems. If the SE can't get access to it's internal files, say because you installed the software under user "A" and are now trying to use the software with user "B" who does not have Windows Permissions to read the internal files created by "A", you will see that same error. The easy solution is to always use the same user account when using the LOR software as the one you installed it with. Alternatively, you can move the LOR Data files to the 'Public Documents' folder ( you will need to run LOR Post or Re-install to do that). You could also grant the correct permissions to the other user. What I am most concerned with however is that you say you asked us for help and got no results. Please post or PM me your help desk ticket so I can look at your issue. ------ JR: I think you and I talked about this before, and something tells me that I may have already posted something like this somewhere else. But this is a good place to give some info... I absolutely 100% believe you when you say 4.3.18 fixes it and 4.3.24 is broken. I am not blaming you or in any way trying to belittle or berate. If I could find something to fix the issue I would. I know exactly where you are coming from. If I didn't know as much as I do about programming Windows I would be on your side. But since I've been doing this now since DOS 2 I have gone through the differences between 4.3.18 and 4.3.24 many times. While I don't doubt that you are having an issue with 4.3.24 and 4.3.18 seems to fix it, I don't see anything in there that we changed. On the other hand, I can think of multiple different things that go wrong in Windows itself that would cause that to happen. For example, if one of our DLLs is somehow 'stuck' (technical term for something is borked in the registry that is preventing an old DLL from being completely removed. Borked is also technical.) on the 4.3.18 version, weird things could happen in 4.3.24. Going back to 4.3.18 changes the references/DLLsignature/DLL itself back to 'the stuck' 4.3.18 DLL and all is right again. I understand the frustration -- to you the end user, if 4.3.24 don't work and 4.3.18 does, then there is a problem with 4.3.24. Pretty simple -- what has changed is where the issue is and in 9 out of 10 cases you would be correct. But what many forget is that Windows is CONSTANTLY changing it's environment. Not just with updates (which are obvious), but by simply having the computer on. Indexing is occurring, background processes start and stop. Don't believe me? Disconnect your computer from the internet. install a fresh new copy of Windows on the computer. Don't do ANYTHING else. Leave it on for a day, a week, a month. During that time watch the HDD activity light. It blinks. blinking = windows is doing something, which in turn can be making changes to the registry, OS files, logs, etc. While 99.995% of the time those changes amount to a hill of beans, that .005% does come up and bite us -and it's completely outside of our control. FYI: We do get these types of problems from time to time. There is one thing that will fix them, and I absolutely HATE to give this answer - even if I know it will fix the issue: Reformat the computer. Since the start of computer help desks (not just ours), companies have used that 'fix' to just get you off the phone. They know that is a large undertaking (sometimes a couple of days to get things completely back together), or that you have so much stuff on your computer you won't do it. All those 3rd world help desks ruined this solution by OVER using it, but at some point Windows will get SO polluted the only thing to do is clean it out. (Yes: It happens to me. Yes, I reformat)
  3. Hi Joel, I approved your first message, but I am not sure if you are going to get the answer you need here as it sounds like you are not using our equipment (or any equipment that our users have - with the exception of 2812 pixels)
  4. Quick note: I know it says this in my signature, but if you are like me you tend to ignore signatures... Remember that forums are here for peer to peer help. They are a great resource. BUT if you need official LOR help for anything, PLEASE open a help desk ticket. Opening a help desk ticket ensures that you will get the answer you need, and allows us to track issues much more efficiently. We do monitor the forums and try to answer questions, but the official written way to ask us for support is through the help desk. Private Messages and posts are easily missed by us and may not be actively monitored, while the help desk is staffed. (Edit: Sorry!!! I just took the time to re-read what I posted last week and had to change it. I didn't realize that what I had said made it look like I was telling you not to post on the forums AT ALL! That is not what I meant to say. Please, by all means post here in the forums to get help from your fellow users. They are a wealth of knowledge, and sometimes know better ways to use the software/hardware than even us!. If however you need 'official' tech support, sales support, etc. please don't PM me or any of the other LOR mods/devs/etc. Instead, open a help desk ticket so we can properly track the issue and get you squared away. The only exception to this rule is for beta releases of the software: For those, please post in the appropriate msg board.)
  5. August - December seems to be the busiest time both here and in our Help Desk system. It's probably your busiest time too, since many of you use our products for Halloween and Christmas. It is frustrating when something doesn't work, performs unexpectedly, or simply confuses you. We are here to help. We also know that if you are asking for help something has gone wrong and you want an answer as quickly as possible. Here are some general tips on what you can do to help us help you Naturally, the first thing you should do is review the documentation we have available here on the website. We have all of our user manuals available as PDFs as well as searchable copies of our help files. Many times your answer is there. If your question isn't answered, it's time to ask us. The number one rule to ALWAYS remember is this: It's better to give TOO much information than too little. If you think the issue is related to the color shirt you are wearing, include that information. More is ALWAYS better. In general, support requests come in 3 flavors: Pre-sale, Sales, Technical. Each has it's own set of information that is generally needed. Pre-sale questions are usually all over the board. That's because you are simply not sure if our products/services/etc will meet your needs. The best thing you can do is after taking a look at our literature, and ask away. It may take a few exchanges, but we will sort you out. Sales questions encompass things like order status, shipping cost questions, software purchases, etc. In general, anything you are or will end up spending money on. Typically you'll ask these questions via the help desk and not here on the forums. Please include as much information as you can about what explicitly you are asking, but never reveal personal information on public forums. Examples of information you should include in your help desk ticket: if you looking for an order's status, include the order number if you need international shipping costs, include your address if you have a software license question, include your license number and registration eMail. Where sales questions typically have quick cut-and-dry answers, Technical issues are a whole other ball of wax. They may be as simple as pointing you at the correct option, all the way to multiple exchange tickets that take some time. If you have a how to question, you may get a faster response here in the forums that you would from the help desk system. That's because we have thousands of users who have 'been there, done that', and only a limited number of people on the help desk. The added benefit is that you may help someone in the future who has the same question. We actively monitor our forums, so it may even be one of us who replies. Naturally, if you are not comfortable posting in a public forum, use the help desk system. We are here to help! If you do decide to use the forums, please try searching for your issue first. Believe it or not, 90% of the time you are not the first person to experience that issue. A quick search could find you an answer. Whenever asking about a technical issue, either via the help desk or the forums, the best thing to do is OVER share. The more information you include initially helps both us and the old-timers get the answer you need. Software Questions: Always include things like your operating system (XP, Vista, 7,8), the version of our software that you are running (S2/S3 V2.9.4, 3.8.0, etc), the feature level (Basic, Basic +, Standard, Advanced), and what you were doing at the time. If you attempted to get around the issue, what did you try? If you are getting an error message, include the EXACT message -- nothing is worse than working a trouble ticket where someone says 'I got an error, but I just clicked OK'. While it may not mean much to you, that error message means the WORLD to us Hardware Questions: Hardware issues can be very frustrating. That's because for most of us the hardware performs 'electronics magic' that we have no clue about. But even hardware issues have certain things and information that is always helpful. The best thing you can do is 'swap with known good working'. That means if you have another thing you know works, swap it with the one that does not. Then, and this is the most imporant part, tell us what worked, what didn't, and if the problem moved.
  6. Goodbye Tor

    Just a quick note to all of you to introduce Tor. Tor is an LOR employee who is working on S4/S5/? with us. Tor has actually been around since the S1 days 15 years ago and has worked on bits and pieces of the software since then - when he was not out on another assignment. As some of you may have noticed, Bob retired last year from LOR. That left us short. Tor is now full time (almost) on development with us. Please extend the same courtesy to him that you do all of the rest of us on the dev team, and welcome him!
  7. Goodbye Tor

    Tor we hardly knew you! After many years as part of the LOR family, Tor has decided to move on to a new opportunity. As we said before, Tor was involved with LOR from the start, and his loss will be felt for some time. We wish him all the best luck in the future and thank him mightily for all he has given to us! Go get em Tor!
  8. Fire at LOR

    No actually it sounds like one of the neighbors did not dispose of his rags properly and they spontaneously combusted. Please remember that oily/solvent soaked/etc rags should be disposed of in a fire safe can with a lid. Placing them outdoors on a flat non flammable surface works too. (I knew those IA classes I had 35 years ago would pay off!)
  9. Many people overnight have received a private message from a user called 'Jose' asking for help with the LOR software. While we are unsure if the messages are a scam/phish/etc (it may be that things are just being lost in translation), please do not reply to them. We also have multiple reports, so there is no need to report them again - simply delete the PM for now. As with anything else on the internet, please -- NEVER share personal information with people you do not know.
  10. Fire at LOR Factory in Glens Falls

    1/18/2018 10:20 AM We are experiencing intermittent issues with our data/phone connections at this time. Phones may not be available until this is resolved. We have contacted our provider.
  11. A fire has broken out at the LOR factory in Glens Falls NY. The main LOR Factory is in an industrial complex that has several large buildings. The fire is in the same building as the LOR factory, however it is at other end from LOR at this time. Initial reports from the building manager say that LOR should be OK. However a news report indicates that firefighters are saying the building is a 'total loss'. We will not know the full extent of the damage (if any) until the all clear is given. Power for the entire complex has been turned off. Even if there is no damage to the LOR part of the building, we will likely be down at least a day or two. As we learn more we will let you know.
  12. Fire at LOR

    We looked at it the same way. In case you did not see the announcement - the utilities were turned back on late last night. We have started to resume operations. Things may be a little slower than normal today as we ramp back up, but other than that you can expect business as usual from us.
  13. Fire at LOR Factory in Glens Falls

    1/18/2018 9:30AM Late last night utilities to the building where turned back on. For the rest of the day today we expect to ramp back up operations. We expect to be fully operational by tomorrow. Again, just to reiterate: We are back to full functionality. All departments that were closed are now open. We have resumed normal operations.
  14. Fire at LOR Factory in Glens Falls

    More news: http://poststar.com/news/local/investigators-link-fire-to-spontaneous-combustion-in-moreau/article_f5f018bc-b733-5278-a183-ae664ee2f337.html https://dailygazette.com/article/2018/01/16/firefighters-scramble-to-south-glens-falls-fire
  15. Fire at LOR Factory in Glens Falls

    LOR would like to extend its appreciation and thanks to everyone involved in containing the fire and moving as quickly as they did. We are all very happy to hear that no one was injured, responders and tenants alike. Multiple fire companies responded to the call and fought the fire in what can be described as very challenging conditions including the location, cold and snow. To the firefighters we say thank you for everything you do. The NYS Troopers as well as the Saratoga County Sheriff department also responded, and to them we also extend a thank you for keeping everyone safe. We apologize if you were involved and not named directly. Because of the scope of the incident, we just don't know everyone that was involved. To you we extend a hardy "Thank You!" To our neighbors in the building who did suffer losses to their businesses, please accept our sincere sympathy during this trying time. Please let us know if there is something we can do to help. We will do our best to help out where we can.
  16. Fire at LOR Factory in Glens Falls

    News: http://poststar.com/news/local/flames-rip-through-moreau-complex-updated/article_88e85dff-51bd-5ac3-b4c1-6283b1db3766.html#tracking-source=home-top-story http://cbs6albany.com/news/local/multiple-fire-crews-rush-to-saratoga-county-fire (thanks Smithzone) https://dailygazette.com/galleries/2018/01/16/south-glens-falls-structure-fire-chase-sports (thanks Smithzone)
  17. Fire at LOR Factory in Glens Falls

    Update 2: 9:30 AM Minimal to no Damage. After what you can imagine was a nearly sleepless night, we have been able to access our part of the building. Other than a slight smoke smell, and a door that was broken down (most likely by the FD) there is no damage to the LOR facilities. Everything and more importantly everyone is safe. While we may not have suffered any real damage, the fire will affect our operations. All of the utilities are either shut off or damaged. That means we have no electricity, no heat, and no data. Restoring these utilities may take some time, due to inspections that need to be done, restoration of damage, etc. We don't expect it to take too long, but we don't have any ETA at the moment. We are in the process of updating all of our systems to let folks know what is happening. As of right now the following are closed/suspended/in process of being shut down: Manufacturing Ordering/Online Store Order Fulfillment Repairs Returns Phone Support/Phone Ordering Receiving is currently running in a VERY LIMITED capacity. Please hold ALL shipments to us (such as for repairs or returns) if possible - even if you have received an RMA from us. We will of course extend our 30 day and product warranties that fall inside of this down time. RMAs will still be good once we restart operations. On-Line support is up and operational, however please expect delays.
  18. Fire at LOR Factory in Glens Falls

    Update 1: 12:15AM We believe the fire started somewhere around 9:30PM. As of 12:15 The GF FD chief states that the fire is now out. While we are still not able to access the building, initial reports are that LOR side of the building did not suffer any fire damage. However there could be water or smoke damage and we will not know the extent of that until we have access. Utilities for the building all come in on the side where the fire was. The GF FD chief stated that 'it may be a while' before we have power. All LOR employees are safe. LOR Data systems are mostly located OFF SITE and are also safe. This includes ordering, licensing, forums (obviously), etc. Order fulfillment and repair are both affected, as is manufacturing. If you have recently placed and order or have equipment in for repair, please be patient as we do expect delays. As of right now we do not have any estimates on how long those delays will be. Phone support will not be available while power & data connections are off line. Please use the Help Desk if you need to contact us.
  19. I'd like to go back a few years and re-visit something I said in 2012: I'd like to focus on the part where the customer is upset and tells us where we have fallen short - especially in the past. Here is the thing: I am horrible at customer service. I admit it. But what I am good at is taking responsibility when I fall short -- all of LOR is like that. We go back, see where we could have improved, and try to do so. It is actually quite easy for us to go back and see where we may have done something wrong. It is one of the main reasons we stopped using eMail for help and started using our Help Desk software. If you have ever put a ticket it, we have it. If we need to perform some action, even if you called in, we create a ticket. Now not everything gets a ticket - if you call in and ask how to create a new sequence in the sequence editor we are not going to create a ticket for that. BUT If you call in and ask for parts, say you have broken equipment, or what an in depth technical question answered you will. That means we have a pretty large database now of interactions with our customers. Please know that I will go back and look at your previous tickets (or replies in the existing ticket) to see where we can do better. And if it turns out you are 'miss-remembering' something I will point it out to you.
  20. LOR guys on holiday break?

    I currently have 2 tickets that I am still working on that have been in my queue for quite some time. It may be one of those.
  21. You are probably right clicking the WRONG CP icon. If you pinned CP to your task bar it will be there towards the left. Right clicking that won't do what you expect it to do. CP needs to be running. On the RIGHT side in what is called the system tray is the small LOR light bulb icon (in Red, Orange, or Blue). THAT is the one that needs to be right clicked. Don't see it on the right? Either it is not running, or it is hidden. Click the small arrow to the left of the clock (and possibly a few other icons). Another panel will pop up. You'll find the icon to right click in there.
  22. Sorry my mistake. Yes, 2 x 50 on a single port are 100. You may not be looking in the same place as the OP.
  23. 50's will work without a problem. It's the 100's.
  24. FYI.... It's my fault. The Pixel Console in the HWU is a little 'off' when it comes to new Pixie 2s (IE, CCR2/CCB2/CCP2). Old style CCDs even when running at 100 pixels (extended unit ID mode) still had macro channels between channels 151 and 160 (old CCDs in extend mode are actually 320 channel devices, not 300). Somewhere along the line the Pixie firmware guy neglected to tell me that the New Pixie based controllers do NOT have those channels when in 100 pixel mode. All I knew was that new CCR2/CCB2/CCP2 was a direct replacement for the originals. I assumed that new Pixie based CCDs would in fact still use dual normal when we turned on 100 pixel support (meaning a Pixie based CCD would actually consume 4 unit id's. One for each 50 pixel segment. Maybe better to call it 'Quad Normal'?). It was a logical assumption, but when the firmware guy is one of the owners it's your mistake, not his . So what happens currently in HWU when you press one of the buttons in the Pixel Console, the first 50 pixels are going to be the correct color. The HWU then skips channels 151-160, and starts turning them back on with channel 161 - since it is trying to skip those macro channels. It believes that channel 161 is the R of Pixel 51. In Pixie based CCDs that is NOT the case. 161 is actually the G of pixel 54. Now all the colors are 'off by one' so to speak.