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  1. I NEED IT ASAP! This is one of the busiest weeks of the year for us. Now through Friday we will do thousands of orders, thousands of tickets, and a ton of calls. If you look at our online store you are going to see that most things now say 2-3 days to ship, if not longer. Not to mention this is going to be a short week with the Thursday holiday. I'm sorry, but there is just no way I can promise that you will have whatever it is you order in time for Thanksgiving or even this weekend. I understand that you promised the world things would be running Saturday, but that doesn't allow me to put you in front of everyone else who placed an order before you. The same will hold true for technical support. We do our best to serve all and we do that first come first served. The following are ALWAYS going to be true in this world: You will forget to order something Something will break requiring repair You will forget how to do something or use something If your date is very very important, YOU must give the date the importance. That means testing your entire setup WELL before the cut off date. You should be set up well in advance, and should be checking and rechecking things daily. You may also want to have spares in case of failure if your date and/or display are that important. We sympathize with you if something fails. We will do our best to try to get you up and running and keep you up and running. But only you can ensure that you are going to be successful, and if that includes a drop dead date, or 0 down time, you should be planning accordingly.
  2. August - December seems to be the busiest time both here and in our Help Desk system. It's probably your busiest time too, since many of you use our products for Halloween and Christmas. It is frustrating when something doesn't work, performs unexpectedly, or simply confuses you. We are here to help. We also know that if you are asking for help something has gone wrong and you want an answer as quickly as possible. Here are some general tips on what you can do to help us help you Naturally, the first thing you should do is review the documentation we have available here on the website. We have all of our user manuals available as PDFs as well as searchable copies of our help files. Many times your answer is there. If your question isn't answered, it's time to ask us. The number one rule to ALWAYS remember is this: It's better to give TOO much information than too little. If you think the issue is related to the color shirt you are wearing, include that information. More is ALWAYS better. In general, support requests come in 3 flavors: Pre-sale, Sales, Technical. Each has it's own set of information that is generally needed. Pre-sale questions are usually all over the board. That's because you are simply not sure if our products/services/etc will meet your needs. The best thing you can do is after taking a look at our literature, and ask away. It may take a few exchanges, but we will sort you out. Sales questions encompass things like order status, shipping cost questions, software purchases, etc. In general, anything you are or will end up spending money on. Typically you'll ask these questions via the help desk and not here on the forums. Please include as much information as you can about what explicitly you are asking, but never reveal personal information on public forums. Examples of information you should include in your help desk ticket: if you looking for an order's status, include the order number if you need international shipping costs, include your address if you have a software license question, include your license number and registration eMail. Where sales questions typically have quick cut-and-dry answers, Technical issues are a whole other ball of wax. They may be as simple as pointing you at the correct option, all the way to multiple exchange tickets that take some time. If you have a how to question, you may get a faster response here in the forums that you would from the help desk system. That's because we have thousands of users who have 'been there, done that', and only a limited number of people on the help desk. The added benefit is that you may help someone in the future who has the same question. We actively monitor our forums, so it may even be one of us who replies. Naturally, if you are not comfortable posting in a public forum, use the help desk system. We are here to help! If you do decide to use the forums, please try searching for your issue first. Believe it or not, 90% of the time you are not the first person to experience that issue. A quick search could find you an answer. Whenever asking about a technical issue, either via the help desk or the forums, the best thing to do is OVER share. The more information you include initially helps both us and the old-timers get the answer you need. Software Questions: Always include things like your operating system (XP, Vista, 7,8), the version of our software that you are running (S2/S3 V2.9.4, 3.8.0, etc), the feature level (Basic, Basic +, Standard, Advanced), and what you were doing at the time. If you attempted to get around the issue, what did you try? If you are getting an error message, include the EXACT message -- nothing is worse than working a trouble ticket where someone says 'I got an error, but I just clicked OK'. While it may not mean much to you, that error message means the WORLD to us Hardware Questions: Hardware issues can be very frustrating. That's because for most of us the hardware performs 'electronics magic' that we have no clue about. But even hardware issues have certain things and information that is always helpful. The best thing you can do is 'swap with known good working'. That means if you have another thing you know works, swap it with the one that does not. Then, and this is the most imporant part, tell us what worked, what didn't, and if the problem moved.
  3. Buying Premade sequences from LOR

    As stated, Software Licenses are not transferable. Be aware that at some point you are probably going to need a USB adapter. If you didn't get one you may be tempted to purchase the Generic Starter Package - because the software comes free with the adapter. Sorry Charlie. We only sell those if you are also ordering a controller from us at the same time. Instead, you will have to pay full price for both the USB adapter (approx $30) AND the software (Starting at Approx $50). If you didn't save at least $40 on your controller purchase from eBay, you end up paying more. You should also know there are no warranties on used equipment. We extend our warranty to the FIRST end user only. When requesting warranty work we will ask you for your LOR order number. If you do not have one, we can not verify your warranty. We will still stand behind and repair the equipment, but you will be responsible for all shipping and repair charges. Be aware of this when purchasing equipment from eBay or others who are not authorized LOR partners. Even if the equipment is NEW IN BOX - if it wasn't purchased from us or our partners the warranty is void.
  4. Christmas Expo 2018

    Mike in NOT LOR mode: I have to agree with trying to get this more out west. Yes, many of the vendors are here on the east coast so travel to the West coast would be a little difficult. But I also think we have a completely untapped market out there. Doing a little schmoozing with our west coast users would be awesome. The first Expo I attended we suggested Denver as the next stop. Would like to see that happen some time too! For a while I was excited to go to new towns. Then I discovered that my feet hurt SO BAD after an expo that the last thing I want to do is visit a town - no matter HOW cool it is. I suppose the good thing about going back to DFW is that we can go to Babe's Chicken Dinner House again!! The LOR staff and family went there and had a great time!
  5. iDMX 1000 Help

    There is a little confusion when it comes to using the iDMX and what level of software you need. As Mark said, the first thing to do is get that iDMX set up with a NON 0 ending address. It is confusing to leave it at 0, and legacy mode has not been required for quite some time. Now is where the software level comes into play.... NATIVE DMX requires Advanced or Higher. What is Native DMX? Anything that uses a DMX adapter (like an Entec or one of our USB adapters), or E1.31. You are going to be setting the channel up in Sequence Editor (PE/Sequencer or SS) as a DMX channel. DMX Via an iDMX1000 requires nothing more than Basic - the iDMX is a bridge and it accepts LOR commands and outputs them as DMX. Since it accepts LOR commands it is NOT native DMX. In the sequence program you will set up the channel as an LOR channel (even though it eventually goes to a DMX device). HOWEVER... The Unit ID restrictions of the software DO come into play when using an iDMX. In other words, you could use your iDMX1000 set as unit ID 01 or ID 02 with Basic. But if you set it to 03 (or higher) it is no longer going to work.
  6. Xmas tree fail...

    As will snow and ice. Remember your physics: Cylinders are very strong in the direction they are made (compression). They are super weak perpendicular to that direction (tension). If you could keep that cylinder perfectly plumb it will hold HUGE loads because it is under compression and ALL the material of the pipe is under the load. However once that load shifts even slightly off balance, the pipe experiences uneven tension stress, and usually cascade fails (like your tree did). Keeping that pipe straight up and perpendicular to the ground (plumb) is key. Once that pipe starts to bend, it's pretty much all over. As the ducks said: guy wires help keep things straight.
  7. Release Notes For ShowTime 5 Beta Version 5.0.2 28 July 2017 Updates To The Sequencer Enhancement: move the "Insert SuperStar Effect" right-click menu item up a level. Requested by Light-O-Rama. In version 5.0.2 the "Insert SuperStar Effect" menu item appears twice due to an error. The second entry is the one you should use to invoke SuperStar. Enhancement: when a sequence is open and the user selects Tools > Effect Generator from the main menu, the Effect Generator is now opened in the context of the sequence. Requested by Light-O-Rama. Enhancement: improved display of the favorites tree in the Effect Generator so that highlighted nodes are much more visible. Requested by Light-O-Rama. Enhancement: add an option to disable the message displayed when creating playback files: "The sequence uses 1 LOR network, and according to Network Preferences Regular is enhanced". Requested by user brichi. Enhancement: add a Christmas tree shape to the Simple Shapes effect. Requested by user stevehoyt. Enhancement: install the additional dimming curves that are available in the Pixel Editor forum. Requested by Light-O-Rama. Fixed: a white twinkle effect on RGB pixels or dumb RGB lights looked different when played on a regular LOR network versus an Enhanced LOR (ELOR) network or DMX. Reported by users Bry and brichi. http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/43632-s5-twinkle-only-on-white/ http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/43605-random-twinkle-effect/ Fixed: there was a delay the first time the media was played for a sequence (would happen with media). Reported by Light-O-Rama. Fixed: if you try to start the sequence with the spacebar sometimes it will "stall" and you will have to hit the stop button and hit it again to get it to play. Only applied to MP3 files. From bug report TC02. http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/43590-tc02-starting-with-spacebar-stalls/ Fixed: opening an LMS or LAS sequence directly from Windows Explorer instead of opening the sequence from the S5 Sequencer will leave the Light-O-Rama splash screen on the display, blocking the box underneath. You have to hit alt tab and click on the x to clear it out. From bug report TC01. http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/43562-tc01-lor-banner-wont-go-away/ http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/43568-s5-sequencer-stuck-at-initializing-effect-generator/ Fixed: when setting your user folder, the user folder cannot be the root folder of a drive, e.g. "L:\". From bug report JRW12. http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/43541-jrw12-unable-to-assign-lor-default-drive-to-network-drive/ Fixed: "Add Grid View" should not prompt for props/groups and instead save the current grid view. Renamed "Add Grid View" to "Save Current View As". Removed "Copy View" as it did almost the same thing. Reported by Light-O-Rama. Fixed: the "Mix Overlay" mode in the Effect Generator changed from the Pixel Editor to the S5 Sequencer, which caused some Pixel Editor sequences to import incorrectly. "Mix Overlay" in S5 has been changed back to the original Pixel Editor logic. The new mixer function in S5 has been renamed "Mix Alpha Blend" which takes into account alpha blending. Reported by user Bry and others. If you have created new effects in S5 that use "Mix Overlay" mode, they should be changed to use the new "Mix Alpha Blend" mode. From bug report JMW-S5-001. http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/43600-jmw-s5-001-curtain-effect-not-working-properly/ http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/43569-effect-mixer-issues-with-imported-pe-props/ Fixed: many Visualizer import bugs -- improved handling of DMX fixtures, pixel string orientation, detection of strobes and multicolor strings, bulb sizing, and bulb color. Reported by user K6CCC. http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/43587-jrw13-using-preview-that-was-created-by-importing-visualization-error/ Fixed: buttons on Preview Management screen were not sized correctly on Windows XP. Reported by user K6CCC. Fixed: "Delete Grid View" function was not working. Reported by user stevehoyt. http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/43618-v5-delete-view-not-working/ Fixed: an LMS file created by SuperStar does not import correctly into the S5 Sequencer, moving many channels to the Archive area. Reported by users K6CCC & RocketCitySanta. http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/43645-opening-superstar-generated-lms-in-s5-sequencer-problem/ Fixed: crash when reading motion effect rows from archive props. Reported by Light-O-Rama. Fixed: appending props to current grid view didn't flag the sequence as having unsaved changes. Reported by Light-O-Rama. Fixed: crash when reading some custom preview props with no data. Reported by Light-O-Rama. Fixed: upgrading a sequence with a fixed grid spacing of less than 0.05 seconds got converted to a grid of 0.05. Fixed timing grids in upgraded sequences will now retain their spacing down to 0.02 seconds. However, the minimum spacing for new timing grids created within S5 will remain at 0.05 seconds. Reported by user dgtlpro. http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/43625-s5-timing-grids/ Fixed: the drop-down list of props in the Effect Generator wasn't getting populated sometimes when the Effect Generator was opened. Reported by user stevehoyt. http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/43622-motion-effect-generator-has-no-choices-in-far-right-window/ Fixed: after creating a new group in preview design, the group wasn't selectable. Only affected new groups with arrangement=none. Reported by Light-O-Rama. Fixed: unable to open 2 sequences with the same file name that exist in different directories. Reported by user RocketCitySanta. http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/43641-multi-copies-of-same-sequence/ Fixed: when upgrading a Sequence that includes a Pixel Editor file, the Pixel Editor props did not appear in the grid. Pixel Editor props are now appended to the first grid view. Reported by user JamesWright. http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/43546-500-how-do-you-edit-the-rgb-lights/ Fixed: users with an Advanced license can't see the Sequencer's motion effects window or use an enhanced LOR network in beta. Reported by users attending Expo 2017. Fixed: bug when pasting multiple rows with condensed mode off. From bug report SCC04. http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/43648-scc04-copy-paste-losing-objects/ Fixed: in the Beat Wizard, after applying a beat pattern to a beat channel, clicking undo does not clear the beat marks. The same issue was also fixed in the VU Wizard and the Tapper Wizard. From bug report SCC03. http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/43647-scc03-beat-wizard-undo-not-clearing-beat-channel/ Removed "File References" item from the toolbar's preview menu - as the preview menu is for actions that apply to the preview, and this item applied to the sequence. The function is still available from the Sequence menu. Reported by Light-O-Rama. Removed "Export to SuperStar" link in Preview Management screen. This function is not fully implemented yet. Reported by Light-O-Rama. Updates To SuperStar Fixed a bug in the Load/Save Clipboard dialog box. The effect counts were not being defined if you have navigated to a folder. Fixed a bug where the export of a sequence would only export the effects from where the time ruler is currently at. Fixed it so it always exports all the effects in the sequence. When launched from the S5 Sequencer the time ruler would always be at time 0:00. Fixed it so it is within 1 second of the start time of the request. When launched from the S5 Sequencer SuperStar would sometimes display a message box saying "Enter a value between -64 and 64" When launched from the S5 Sequencer as a musical file, SuperStar would sometimes fail to launch, and if it did launch the audio file would fail to load. Fixes That Will Be In The Next Release (version 5.0.4) Removed duplicate "Insert SuperStar Effect" menu item Sequence > Channel Configuration > Import now works when the import updates the currently selected view. Open Issues Add support for multiple clipboards and ability to import/export clipboard file (same functionality as S4) Add "Foreground Effects" Fade up and Fade Down (from S4) http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/43643-foreground-effects/ Add support for props sharing the same channels Add support for SuperStar globe topper Make it easier to create a CCR Tree Add to grid's context menu options to create motion effect rows with subregions automatically based on columns or rows Add support for S4's Color Fade tool and a history of color fades used No way to chase across 8 pixel arches http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/43556-no-way-to-chase-across-8-arches/ Improve SuperStar integration S5 LORVerifier needs to be updated. S5 Sequencer Help file needs a major update. Restore toggle tool functionality from S4 http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/43620-toggle-button/ Improve performance of the Motion Effect Generator http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/43570-s5beta-1-fx-generator-locking-up-a-lot/ Motion Effect Enhancement Requests Would like an option in the spiral effect where you could do a fill like a true spiral tree would do. Requested by SPaschall. Add ability to set text size on individual letters in text effect. Requested in Pixel Editor forum. Waiting For Feedback Issues with subsequences http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/43557-opening-subsequence/
  8. Starting up - Help Please

    To get a feel for how everything fits together in the new world of show animation, take a look at our typical setups: http://www1.lightorama.com/typical-setups/ Here's a really good way to get started if you want to use off-the-shelf lights: http://www1.lightorama.com/lighting-starter-package/You may want to download the Light-O-Rama Software demo and try it out to see how you create your personal show. http://www1.lightorama.com/sequencing-software-download/ We do require the Microsoft Windows operating system for our software.You can use your own lights if they are incandescent or LEDs and can be connect to a standard wall plug. See more information here (including a link to how many lights you can control): http://www1.lightorama.com/your-lights/Thinking about getting into pixels (any light, any color at any time)? Here's a good place to see what is available: http://store.lightorama.com/rgbdevices.htmlNot interested in writing your own shows? No need to worry. We have plenty of pre-built shows (we call them sequences) that will make any venue look great. Checkout our sequence store at http://sequences.LightORama.comDon't want to dedicate a computer and speaker system to your show? Consider our ShowTime Central. It includes a specialized mini-computer just for running LOR shows as well as a small FM transmitter so you can broadcast on the radio. See details at http://store.lightorama.com/shce.html You can also join our forum where there are a plenty of helpful LOR users.http://forums.lightorama.com/We don't do custom work but if you have a project where you think you need a bit of help then please contact an official Light-O-Rama partner. They specialize in making sure your venue will look great. See the latest partner list at: http://www1.lightorama.com/partners/Thanks for considering Light-O-Rama!
  9. 11/10 - Update We have a fix in place that should allow for new as well as upgrade/renewals to process correctly. We also manually updated all licenses, but it is possible that we may have missed yours. If you placed an order that contained software in the past two days, and have verified that there is an issue with your license, please open a help desk ticket. include your order number (Starts YHST-) and your license number and we will get it fixed.
  10. We are currently experiencing some difficulties with the interface between our storefront and the back-end Licensing DB. Starting at 10AM this morning, if you have purchased a new license, license renewal, or upgrade the purchase may have gone through, however your license was NOT updated/created. We are still experiencing this issue. Please note that there is no problem with the store itself, or with the Licensing DB. You can make purchases and register your software if you have already received your key. Once we have corrected the issue, your license will be automatically updated/created. If you did purchase a new license, license upgrade or renewal and need the functionality as soon as possible, please open a help desk ticket. Include your order number (Starts YHST-), as well as your license key. We can then manually update/create your license. Please include BOTH of these - it is nearly impossible to look up the correct order or license without them! Also please remember that it is currently after hours for us. It may take several hours for us to get to your request.
  11. 16 Channel Controller

    Back before CAT(whatever) became popular and before it was the de-facto standard for communications, it was EXPENSIVE. Phone wire on the other hand was CHEAP and already in use on long distance RS485 networks. It is a vestige of those times. The RJ11 is, as Mr. P stated, a good backup in case one of the RJ45 fails. Twisted Pair (using the RJ45) is always preferred, but the RJ11 with phone line will work in a pinch.
  12. 11/9 - Update We are still experiencing issues with the 'glue' that binds the Storefront and the Licensing DB. Both are functioning 100%, but automated creation or updates of licenses is still not working. Again,we can manually update your license - please open a help desk ticket with your order number, and existing license number (if it was an upgrade/renewal). During our regular support hours, we can usually have you up and running in a few minutes.
  13. CMB24D RJ45 burns out USB 485 Adapter

    Engineering replied back to your ticket, so I'll let them finish this up.
  14. CMB24D RJ45 burns out USB 485 Adapter

    I see where we have already started the RMA for the board. I looked up your order and see where you only purchased bare boards. 1 - What power supply are you using with this CMB24? 2 - Are you 100% positive that you didn't hook it up backwards? (swaped negative and positive)
  15. Back again!

    Ours does That is, if you order it as part of a Showtime Central: http://store.lightorama.com/shce.html or a TSO Showtime Central: http://store.lightorama.com/tsosise.html
  16. FYI, we had a registration issue with the latest version of S5. Depending on where you were in the scheme of things (amount of time left on license, was it good for S5, did you have pro, etc) you may have got an error saying 'Your license does not cover this version...' Ooops! Our Bad! We forgot to update something on our registration server. If you previously got that error, be sure you re-register now. Things will work much better. Sorry again (and thank Tor for fixing it!)
  17. crappy LOR green cables

    Absolutely correct - We do not sell CCA CAT 5. Our cables are a little expensive since they are high quality. We have sold countless numbers of them, and can only recall a single instance where a customer got a bad cable OOB.
  18. LORMonitor has stopped working

    Please keep us informed as well. And thanks for listening. Really, we don't like to blame shift around here and we really do own up to our mistakes. 4.3.18, 4.3.20. 4.3.22 and 4.3.24 were all due to bugs that your's truly introduced, so I am not immune to making mistakes. In fact, I'll tell you the long and boring story about 4.3.24... In 4.3.20 and 4.3.22 I worked to increase the speed of testing Pixel devices in the hardware utility. If you tried to test a CCD device before 4.3.20, you would see that the test would go 'up the string' -- As in each individual pixel would light one after the other. That is great for 50 pixels, but for 100 it starts to get old. Throw a Pixie16 or Pixcon16 into the mix and it's even slower. There are multiple different ways our software can send to our devices. Previous testing in the HWU used something called 'non-blocking'. That is, every time I sent a command that command was immediately sent out over the wire. The 4.3.22 version used 'blocking' - I would batch together commands until I told it to send. By doing that, the data stream can be compressed and any overhead only happens once for the string, not once each pixel. So in 4.3.20 I put in the foundation in for that, along with the changes for making testing easier. I didn't activate all of it at that time since I wanted to make sure I didn't break anything. Everything worked well. In 4.3.22 I turned on the blocking and it worked great, but unknown to me I had broke something else badly. None of my tests showed an issue, but within a few hours of releasing 4.3.22 we had two reports that Hardware Utility was randomly not finding controllers. Nothing I did should have had an effect on the 'refresh' button. With the first report it went on my radar, but again it could be anything. When the second report came in, I knew there was an issue. Regardless of how sure I was that I didn't cause an issue, here are 2 people that are reporting identical problems, AND where they are reporting the problem there was a recent change. When something goes wrong what changed MUST be the problem. I will tell you right now I was no where NEAR the code that did the refresh, but my experience and knowledge tell me I did something wrong. There is something in common between testing and doing a refresh - both use communications. Uh oh. I had the release pulled until I could see what happened. It took me a while but sure enough I found a set of conditions that involved using the test function and having it screw up the heart beat processing, which screwed up the refresh. 4.3.24 was born, with a but a single one line change in the hardware utility. Which leads me to another way we diagnose issues that pop up between versions. Like you saw above, we can look at the history of any file (or group of files) along with the comments a programmer made when sending that change in. It's called 'Source Code Control'. But not only can we see what changed, when and by whom, we can also see the actual change. Not only that, we can 'play' the source code forwards or backwards and see exactly what changed at any point in time. The root cause of the issue in 4.3.22 was NOT a change in 4.3.22. It was actually a change in 4.3.20. Remember in 4.3.20 I had started getting the foundation in place. 4.3.20 had the bad code as well - and in fact it was running! However because I had not fully activated it, something else was coming along and fixing my problem before it actually caused a problem. So in 4.3.22 I had found the issue, and developed a fix for it. But I still had more work to do - I still needed to track down where this change occurred, figure out WHY it occurred, and make sure that the fix didn't break some other part. This is where the source code control system pays. I told it to compare 4.3.22 and 4.3.20 and show me all the differences (we call it 'a diff'). Then I told it to give me a copy of the HWU just as it was compiled for 4.3.20. I ran my scenario and could see how things were fixing themselves. So now I pulled a diff from 4.3.20 to a previous version, and a copy of HWU as it was. Ahhhh... There is no fixing itself because the bad code doesn't exist here yet. 4.3.18 and below will NOT have the issue at all - the bad code doesn't exist until after 4.3.18. 4.3.20 has the issue, BUT it self-corrects itself 4.3.22 is broken That's the one thing we have that end users don't have - access to changes. One of the very first things we do when someone reports a NEW problem is look at how and when that program changed. We are reasonably sure the issue is not our code if our code hasn't had a recent change. I did say 'reasonably sure', and not 'absolutely sure'. Yes, we still to this day have people report bugs that we can trace back to code written 10-15 years ago!
  19. Buying sequences from Holiday Coro

    We don't sell their stuff, so the answer will still be 'We don't know. You should ask them'. I would also ask them why it takes a week to get an answer.
  20. LORMonitor has stopped working

    When you hit max installs you'll get a message that you are out of seats. A quick ticket will get you more. I checked your license (under your eMail associated to your forum account) and you are still good for several more installs.
  21. LORMonitor has stopped working

    I replied to your ticket. The issue is outside of our software if the faulting module is that ATI dll. If the faulting module path is 'Unknown' then that is within Windows itself. As for the comments about .16/etc being more stable, you will want to look outside our software for any changes you may have made to your computer. There have been no changes that would create any of the issues you are seeing (like the audio file problem or Monitor/Listener/etc crashing). The only changes between 16 and 24 were in the hardware utility, Superstar and SD card creation. There was a single bug in the SE that would only come up if you used insert device for a pixie. You can verify that yourself by looking at the what's new page. I know many of you won't believe this (as previous history would suggest). Please remember that a computer (or software) does not run in a neat little box. Many things are inter-related - even things you THINK are not related can be. When things stop working that were working, you need to look at what changed. Since I have access to the code, I can see what changed on our end. I checked the last time we made any change to the listener and it was for version 4.3.6. That was 20 months ago, and it was only for MBCS computers (like Japanese language): Revision 15703 - Directory Listing Modified Tue Mar 8 21:20:05 2016 UTC (19 months, 3 weeks ago) by bob Original Path: trunk/LORCommListener VB interface to the Comm Listener wasn't behaving well under Japanese systems (and assumedly other multibyte systems). The change before that was more than 2 years ago and only to the icons. Revision 15124 - (view) (annotate) - [select for diffs] Modified Sun Oct 4 21:01:12 2015 UTC (2 years ago) by bob Original Path: trunk/LORCommListener/LORCommListener.rc New main app icons used by VB6 stuff and the Comm Listener. The last change to LORMontior (which encompasses LORtray as well as the show player/etc) was a year ago. That is the one that was correctly identified as fixing an issue with video playback in 4.3.16: Revision 16106 - (view) (annotate) - [select for diffs] Modified Wed Oct 26 18:07:27 2016 UTC (12 months ago) by MattBrown File length: 79525 byte(s) Fix for video playback in V4 show player. The totality of that fix was changing 1 line: If NewState = wmposMediaOpen Then - old If NewState = wmppsPlaying Then - new I looked at that entire module. Even if that is still not right, it does not lead to any race condition or crash. The worst that can happen is a video window that pops up when it shouldn't, or a video window doesn't pop up when it should. Even more important is that all that code has already gone through 1 full season. If there were issues with it, they would most certainly popped up last year. We are very good at identifying patterns and we haven't seen any. The fact that a different computer runs our software fine pretty much tells you were the problem is: the computer. Our code would be identical between the 2 machines, so what is different is where the issue is. And when we say 'There is an issue with the computer', that issue is most likely operating system or software you installed. RARELY is it hardware related. What many of you don't understand is that installing ANY piece of software on your computer can modify the way Windows operates. That is the power of Windows and why we can write neat things like the LOR software. The problem is that there is a ripple effect - if one of those doesn't quite deal with something in the chain correctly, that can cause problems outside of that code. More worse: Sometimes it takes just the right combination of programs to cause a problem. Worst: Maybe it's the ORDER they were installed in! So for example, you use 'Program X' a lot. So you install 'Program X' on every computer you have. Program X however has an issue where it may not expect a perfectly legal value for something in Windows. It throws a fit, and we get something completely out of whack. We use that for another operation and whammo. Things die. Every computer you own breaks our software. For you the blame is clear - it HAS to be us. Or maybe an older version of our software was working correctly. You install the newer version. When you do that, the order of this 'chain of programs' changes. Maybe we were 12th, now we are 5th. Maybe we are now 15th. This change of order allows a previous bug outside of our software to get TO us. Maybe we are to blame. You uninstall the new version and re-install the old. Maybe we go back to being #12. Maybe we go in as 13 and it's 14 that has the issue. Things work again. For you the blame is clear again: .16 works, .24 doesn't. 24 is to blame. But not so fast. Now we take the report and we start looking for commonalities and differences. It usually only takes us 1 report of a REPEATABLE issue, or 2 of the same issue that is non-repeatable to figure out where a problem is in our code. if you say 'I do this, then this, then this and this wrong thing happens' - we take that, duplicate it, and can find the issue. If two or more people report an issue we find what is in common and can find the problem that way. But sometimes our software will experience the symptoms but the cause is far outside our reach. Before dropping the blame bomb, please consider that it is very possible that it really is something outside of our control. I know many are used to blame shifting when dealing with other companies, but we don't do that. Please DO keep collecting data and letting us know what is happening. Even if it's not a problem with our code, if we can work around something we will. If we can figure out what is wrong, we will let you know. --- JR, I found your ticket and read through it. I doubt your issue is the same since you seem to be having problems with the mfg of the computer and your upgrade to Windows 10 which was not supported. We have your ticket and it is still open, but the root cause still seems to be that your computer is not compatible with Windows 10, or something outside of our software (like above). Your ticket is still open to see if we can find a resolution for you, however what you reported has not synced up with any other issues people are having.
  22. Buying sequences from Holiday Coro

    Wouldn't it be better to ask these questions on Holiday Coro's site or help desk than here? We have nothing to do with them.
  23. That could be it! Thanks! If everyone could keep looking around, that would be great as well!
  24. Hi All. I have a request from a blind user on the phone who is trying to use the LOR Sequence Editor. He is using a screen reading program called Jaws (http://www.freedomscientific.com/Products/Blindness/JAWS). He does remember someone in Texas having done a YouTube video on how to use the software with a screen reader. Please, can ANY of you help? I could use the name of the person in Texas or if you yourself use a screen reader can you help him? I can only imagine how hard it must be to try to use the grid in Sequence Editor with a screen reader.
  25. Introducing Tor

    Just a quick note to all of you to introduce Tor. Tor is an LOR employee who is working on S4/S5/? with us. Tor has actually been around since the S1 days 15 years ago and has worked on bits and pieces of the software since then - when he was not out on another assignment. As some of you may have noticed, Bob retired last year from LOR. That left us short. Tor is now full time (almost) on development with us. Please extend the same courtesy to him that you do all of the rest of us on the dev team, and welcome him!