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  1. 2018 Spring Sale

    We are very sorry to any of you that did not receive our eMail about a sale, or any of the other eMails we may send (which are NOT many). Let us try to explain why it happens: Spam.Depending on what statistics you believe, somewhere between 50% and 90% (and some say even as high as 97%) of the TOTAL WORLD WIDE EMAIL SENT is spam. One statistic we found said that the total number of spam eMail sent PER DAY in 2010 was 294,000,000,000 (that's 294 Billion with a B ) messages! So ISPs have a vested interest in aggressively finding and deleting spam before it travels through their network, or gets stored on their eMail servers. Bits are Dollars, and the less bits sent/stored, the more money saved.Now when we talk about ISPs, we don't just mean the people you pay for internet service, or even your eMail provider (if it is different). eMail is built on a technology that allows the message to skip through multiple different servers on it's way to you. While that eMail may be addressed to you at hotmail.com, aol.com or some other address, it may have gone through many different servers owned by many different ISPs on it's way TO you. ANY ONE of those servers could examine the eMail, decide it is spam, and throw it into the bit-bucket. So, knowing this, we play by a set of rules that 'the internet' has decided is the best practice for sending an email blast: Our eMail list is 100% OPT IN. There is no default of being entered onto an eMail list. Even going as far as ordering from us does NOT place you on our eMail list. We are 100% can-spam compliant We use a reputable company that abides by all current rules/regulations and self imposed restrictions for eMail marketing Want to know what happens? A certain percentage of our eMails are STILL caught by over aggressive ISP spam filters. The amount of control we have over that eMail once it leaves our server/contact company's server: 0%. Aside from checking to make sure you are on the mailing list, unfortunately there is not much else we can do - if anything.On your end, you may want to double check that our sales eMail did not end up in your 'spam' or 'junk' folder. You may also want to create a new eMail address with a different eMail provider (there are many that are free) and sign up with that address as well. Then you will have 2 addresses where we can send the eMail, and it may not be caught.
  2. interactive show big buttons

    I love those big buttons. They look great the way you mounted them.
  3. Need Help configuring PixCon16

    We don't have the firmware on the website because people brick their boards trying to update the firmware when they don't need to. The firmware is not the issue when you can not connect to the board, it is your configuration/computer/etc. People attempt to update the firmware because they think that is the issue with getting connected to the board. HOWEVER, if you don't have a good connection, the firmware update will fail, bricking the board. There is no need to update the firmware on a board that has 1.4.8 or higher on V1.0-V1.3 boards, and 2.0.11 for MKII.
  4. 2018 Spring Sale

    The time you placed your order is the place you have in line.
  5. 2018 Spring Sale

    An order can be 'Pending Review' for a lot of reasons, however that does not stop us from processing it. You are still in line to get your order and are in the exact same spot as if it had said OK. All it means is that once we are ready to ship, we have to review the order and release it before we can charge you for it. At that time if we need additional information we will contact you. As long as you have an order number that starts YHST- there is no need to contact us about the status of an order.
  6. 2018 Spring Sale

    I hate that when that happens!
  7. 2018 Spring Sale

    Please open a ticket and I will get you an updated status. Please include both order numbers (they start YHST and I only need the digits after the last dash). Britt and Mary (and everyone else who is probably pitching in rather than doing their normal jobs) are awesome when it comes to shipping, and I'll bet that is what happened.
  8. 2018 Spring Sale

    I see you are taking full advantage of the glotals* you won by being first! *Glotals are a unit of measurement defining the amount smugness that can be attributed to ones own good fortune. They have no real world value other than to say 'nanny nanny boo boo! Stick your head in dog doo!' [For the humor impaired, this is of course just fun joking around with ovsims who did indeed place the first order of the sale]
  9. 2018 Spring Sale

    Winner Winner!
  10. 2018 Spring Sale

    Interesting facts from the sale: 1 - First Order: 9:00:31 from O.S. of North Carolina. Congratulations! You don't win anything but the ability to gloat that your order was #1! 2 - Currently shipping orders from 9:01:35 3 - Order pace during first minute of sale: Approx 1.3 orders per second. 4 - Order pace over the first 5 minutes of the sale: Nearly 3 orders per second. 5 - First complaint about the sale on the help desk: 9:15 PM (15 minutes after the start) 6 - Approximately 2/3rds of the total orders during the sale were placed between 9 PM and 11:15PM
  11. That would not be entirely true. I don't doubt that you had to upgrade, but there is a probably a different reason. RGB is available at ALL license levels in the SE and Visualizer. What is limited is the device IDs you can use. Standard will only allow for device IDs from 1-8. I'll bet you were trying to use device ID 9 or higher on the floods. SE will not output to ID 9 (or higher), and the Visualizer would not render a device on ID 9 (or higher) for standard.
  12. The table of distances is here: http://www1.lightorama.com/pixel-extensions/ FYI: I am the person who tested and created that table. It is on the conservative side. If you ask for support and are over the distances we will point at the table and tell you 'too far'. However it was my experience that I could usually get longer distances. YMMV
  13. 2018 Spring Sale

    FYI. Want to know how I found out about the sale? I was answering a ticket this morning, and wanted to include a link to a store page. There was the announcement.
  14. S5 Help/Manual

    We do not have a date yet (and I am still working on Dan to get him to set a date). However, I would imagine this summer - most likely around Expo. We are pretty confident in what we have right now being a nearly complete feature set, and that most of the show stopping bugs (literally) were worked out a long time ago. We do like to be slow and methodical however so that's why you've seen a nearly 1 year beta. We did identify one area in the last couple of days where we need to make an adjustment, but that change is not going to impact any of you, or the schedule. That change is for sequences from our sequence store, not anything you are creating. IMHO: Yes, S5 is BETA at the moment. However if you are on the fence about using it for this season, it's time to hop off and start using S5. Start your sequencing in it now, and don't wait until we call it official. I'm 99.9% sure what you do now will absolutely work in S5 release. The last few S5 beta releases have actually been more like 'Release Candidates' -- IE This part of the beta is for finding those obscure bugs that may still be lingering, or functionality that can be improved with minimal changes. Core functionality has been very stable since before the 2017 season. Anyone who complains that we didn't give them enough time to sequence for 2018 is going to suffer a 5 day ban! (No, not really. But seriously folks. Invest the time you would use to complain to instead download and install the beta and start using it.) Actually S5 core's functionality has been pretty stable since the Alpha release we sent to a few commercial customers in 2016. It was not as feature-rich but it has successfully run for 2 seasons now. This is S5 Alpha this past year running a commercial display. One of our partners is the lead on this project, and I was asked to be the emergency technician should something go wrong. I've NEVER had a single phone call.
  15. 2018 Spring Sale

    It was not a hint. That is the standard canned reply we give to people on the help desk when they ask about a sale. I have no clue if/when a sale will occur.
  16. S5 Help/Manual

    Around the time we release for production.
  17. 2018 Spring Sale

    Within 24 hours of being let back into the building by officials, we were back up and running at 100%. If there's going to be a sale we start dropping hints a few days before the event so please keep an eye on our website (http://www.LightORama.com) and/or our forums (http://forums.LightORama.com.) We also send out an email right before the sale begins. Be sure to sign up at http://www1.lightorama.com/email-signup/
  18. BE 01 Network Preferences

    uninstall. Registry Wipe. Reinstall. See if that fixes it.
  19. Tee Shirt

    FYI.. I talked to Dan -- It really was him that put that up. He had forgot about it.
  20. Tee Shirt

    I don't think Dan himself remembers making that shirt up :P. I'll have to poke him.
  21. As you know being a developer, corrupted or mis-registered libraries (or corruption there of) are the number 1 cause of software crashing and burning with no good reason. I'm also sure that at one time or another you've placed yourself into "DLL Hell" (invalid registration data in the registry) while developing. Our libraries (DLLs, OCXs, etc) need to be available system wide and are therefore put into System32. System32 can only hold one version at a time. I know of several Windows hooks that S4 Visualizer uses , that pretty much require our library be somewhere where Windows can easily find it. Blue screens are never fun. DLL Hell is worse. Then as you know, Libraries also need to be registered (which is where the registry comes in). Since we have the DLLs in System32 (where they should go), that means we don't have to worry about invalid registrations being made and the registry being futzed up. Windows will nicely manage itself. Support wise, we know that if something should go south on a users machine an uninstall/reinstall cycle WILL clean up those libraries,. Whereas if multiple versions are out there, an uninstall may not completely clean things up (different install folders, someone deletes the wrong one by hand, etc). If we get DLL Stomped by some other unruly software (which happens pretty frequently), an uninstall/reinstall will fix the issue, reverting the library back to it's proper state. System32 is also usually hidden by windows to keep it away from the prying fingers of users. It's one less thing we need to worry about.
  22. Please also remember that a wierded up registry (which can happen when switching from one version to the other) can also cause issues. If you are going back to S4 from S5, the best thing you can do is a FULL uninstall FIRST, then a registry wipe, and finally install S4 again. Going back and forth can cause the same issue when going to S5. If you start to get weird errors, full uninstall, reg wipe, reinstall should fix it. If you have attempted to install both S4 and S5 at the same time (which you absolutely should not do), you may have screwed up windows and placed yourself into what we developers call 'DLL Hell'. When that happens, Windows is confused about what is and is not installed, what versions of libraries go with what etc. Unless you are an expert with editing the Windows Registry you'll end up re-installing Windows. -- Another reason this could be happening is because of caching. If it is (and while I doubt this is the issue, I can say for 100% it is not), this would be the first time someone has reported the issue. Some ISPs (and even software you have loaded on your computer) attempt to 'speed up' your web access by saving a web page closer to you (say on your ISPs server, or even your local machine). Rather than go to our server to get a current result, they instead send the result they saved from before. Possibly in this case, something may have cached the answer our server gave before I made the change. I made the change and now the server is responding correctly, HOWEVER for whatever reason your computer is still using the old (cached) response. The caching could very well be happening within Windows itself. Remember a shutdown in Win 10 is NOT a shutdown, it is a sleep. You may think you have rebooted, but your registration result is still 'in memory'. Be sure you do a start/power button/RESTART if you are using Win 10. --- In any event, if anyone else experiences this error, please let us know and we can try to do a remote session. Since we can't duplicate it on our development lab machines, we need to look at it from yours.
  23. Go ahead and try to reregister. I think I have found and fixed the issue with your license.
  24. Release Notes For ShowTime 5 Beta Version 5.0.2 28 July 2017 Updates To The Sequencer Enhancement: move the "Insert SuperStar Effect" right-click menu item up a level. Requested by Light-O-Rama. In version 5.0.2 the "Insert SuperStar Effect" menu item appears twice due to an error. The second entry is the one you should use to invoke SuperStar. Enhancement: when a sequence is open and the user selects Tools > Effect Generator from the main menu, the Effect Generator is now opened in the context of the sequence. Requested by Light-O-Rama. Enhancement: improved display of the favorites tree in the Effect Generator so that highlighted nodes are much more visible. Requested by Light-O-Rama. Enhancement: add an option to disable the message displayed when creating playback files: "The sequence uses 1 LOR network, and according to Network Preferences Regular is enhanced". Requested by user brichi. Enhancement: add a Christmas tree shape to the Simple Shapes effect. Requested by user stevehoyt. Enhancement: install the additional dimming curves that are available in the Pixel Editor forum. Requested by Light-O-Rama. Fixed: a white twinkle effect on RGB pixels or dumb RGB lights looked different when played on a regular LOR network versus an Enhanced LOR (ELOR) network or DMX. Reported by users Bry and brichi. http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/43632-s5-twinkle-only-on-white/ http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/43605-random-twinkle-effect/ Fixed: there was a delay the first time the media was played for a sequence (would happen with media). Reported by Light-O-Rama. Fixed: if you try to start the sequence with the spacebar sometimes it will "stall" and you will have to hit the stop button and hit it again to get it to play. Only applied to MP3 files. From bug report TC02. http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/43590-tc02-starting-with-spacebar-stalls/ Fixed: opening an LMS or LAS sequence directly from Windows Explorer instead of opening the sequence from the S5 Sequencer will leave the Light-O-Rama splash screen on the display, blocking the box underneath. You have to hit alt tab and click on the x to clear it out. From bug report TC01. http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/43562-tc01-lor-banner-wont-go-away/ http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/43568-s5-sequencer-stuck-at-initializing-effect-generator/ Fixed: when setting your user folder, the user folder cannot be the root folder of a drive, e.g. "L:\". From bug report JRW12. http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/43541-jrw12-unable-to-assign-lor-default-drive-to-network-drive/ Fixed: "Add Grid View" should not prompt for props/groups and instead save the current grid view. Renamed "Add Grid View" to "Save Current View As". Removed "Copy View" as it did almost the same thing. Reported by Light-O-Rama. Fixed: the "Mix Overlay" mode in the Effect Generator changed from the Pixel Editor to the S5 Sequencer, which caused some Pixel Editor sequences to import incorrectly. "Mix Overlay" in S5 has been changed back to the original Pixel Editor logic. The new mixer function in S5 has been renamed "Mix Alpha Blend" which takes into account alpha blending. Reported by user Bry and others. If you have created new effects in S5 that use "Mix Overlay" mode, they should be changed to use the new "Mix Alpha Blend" mode. From bug report JMW-S5-001. http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/43600-jmw-s5-001-curtain-effect-not-working-properly/ http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/43569-effect-mixer-issues-with-imported-pe-props/ Fixed: many Visualizer import bugs -- improved handling of DMX fixtures, pixel string orientation, detection of strobes and multicolor strings, bulb sizing, and bulb color. Reported by user K6CCC. http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/43587-jrw13-using-preview-that-was-created-by-importing-visualization-error/ Fixed: buttons on Preview Management screen were not sized correctly on Windows XP. Reported by user K6CCC. Fixed: "Delete Grid View" function was not working. Reported by user stevehoyt. http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/43618-v5-delete-view-not-working/ Fixed: an LMS file created by SuperStar does not import correctly into the S5 Sequencer, moving many channels to the Archive area. Reported by users K6CCC & RocketCitySanta. http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/43645-opening-superstar-generated-lms-in-s5-sequencer-problem/ Fixed: crash when reading motion effect rows from archive props. Reported by Light-O-Rama. Fixed: appending props to current grid view didn't flag the sequence as having unsaved changes. Reported by Light-O-Rama. Fixed: crash when reading some custom preview props with no data. Reported by Light-O-Rama. Fixed: upgrading a sequence with a fixed grid spacing of less than 0.05 seconds got converted to a grid of 0.05. Fixed timing grids in upgraded sequences will now retain their spacing down to 0.02 seconds. However, the minimum spacing for new timing grids created within S5 will remain at 0.05 seconds. Reported by user dgtlpro. http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/43625-s5-timing-grids/ Fixed: the drop-down list of props in the Effect Generator wasn't getting populated sometimes when the Effect Generator was opened. Reported by user stevehoyt. http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/43622-motion-effect-generator-has-no-choices-in-far-right-window/ Fixed: after creating a new group in preview design, the group wasn't selectable. Only affected new groups with arrangement=none. Reported by Light-O-Rama. Fixed: unable to open 2 sequences with the same file name that exist in different directories. Reported by user RocketCitySanta. http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/43641-multi-copies-of-same-sequence/ Fixed: when upgrading a Sequence that includes a Pixel Editor file, the Pixel Editor props did not appear in the grid. Pixel Editor props are now appended to the first grid view. Reported by user JamesWright. http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/43546-500-how-do-you-edit-the-rgb-lights/ Fixed: users with an Advanced license can't see the Sequencer's motion effects window or use an enhanced LOR network in beta. Reported by users attending Expo 2017. Fixed: bug when pasting multiple rows with condensed mode off. From bug report SCC04. http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/43648-scc04-copy-paste-losing-objects/ Fixed: in the Beat Wizard, after applying a beat pattern to a beat channel, clicking undo does not clear the beat marks. The same issue was also fixed in the VU Wizard and the Tapper Wizard. From bug report SCC03. http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/43647-scc03-beat-wizard-undo-not-clearing-beat-channel/ Removed "File References" item from the toolbar's preview menu - as the preview menu is for actions that apply to the preview, and this item applied to the sequence. The function is still available from the Sequence menu. Reported by Light-O-Rama. Removed "Export to SuperStar" link in Preview Management screen. This function is not fully implemented yet. Reported by Light-O-Rama. Updates To SuperStar Fixed a bug in the Load/Save Clipboard dialog box. The effect counts were not being defined if you have navigated to a folder. Fixed a bug where the export of a sequence would only export the effects from where the time ruler is currently at. Fixed it so it always exports all the effects in the sequence. When launched from the S5 Sequencer the time ruler would always be at time 0:00. Fixed it so it is within 1 second of the start time of the request. When launched from the S5 Sequencer SuperStar would sometimes display a message box saying "Enter a value between -64 and 64" When launched from the S5 Sequencer as a musical file, SuperStar would sometimes fail to launch, and if it did launch the audio file would fail to load. Fixes That Will Be In The Next Release (version 5.0.4) Removed duplicate "Insert SuperStar Effect" menu item Sequence > Channel Configuration > Import now works when the import updates the currently selected view. Open Issues Add support for multiple clipboards and ability to import/export clipboard file (same functionality as S4) Add "Foreground Effects" Fade up and Fade Down (from S4) http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/43643-foreground-effects/ Add support for props sharing the same channels Add support for SuperStar globe topper Make it easier to create a CCR Tree Add to grid's context menu options to create motion effect rows with subregions automatically based on columns or rows Add support for S4's Color Fade tool and a history of color fades used No way to chase across 8 pixel arches http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/43556-no-way-to-chase-across-8-arches/ Improve SuperStar integration S5 LORVerifier needs to be updated. S5 Sequencer Help file needs a major update. Restore toggle tool functionality from S4 http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/43620-toggle-button/ Improve performance of the Motion Effect Generator http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/43570-s5beta-1-fx-generator-locking-up-a-lot/ Motion Effect Enhancement Requests Would like an option in the spiral effect where you could do a fill like a true spiral tree would do. Requested by SPaschall. Add ability to set text size on individual letters in text effect. Requested in Pixel Editor forum. Waiting For Feedback Issues with subsequences http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/43557-opening-subsequence/
  25. E1.31 data flags

    NP Jim. Like I said either way we can get with them and figure out what is wrong. Just have them contact us.