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  1. HOA said NO to my sign

    Devious? No. I play by the rules, and they are the ones that made the rules. It doesn't matter if it is the law, DCRs, whatever. Those laws and rules may be used by those people to gain an upper hand, but those same rules and laws protect YOU. But YOU need to use them. Now between you and I, I see what the issue is with that sign. It's commercial looking, and that is probably where the argument will go. BUT again don't admit to it. Get your due process meeting, extract what the issue is THEY see. Now take the sign and decorate it. Garland. Snow Flakes. Wish people happy holidays, merry Christmas, WHATEVER. and send it back for review. The thing to remember in this case is, you are not looking to WIN. You are looking to delay. This is all very true. However, most HOAs work on the thought that they are kings and everyone will just capitulate (the Bully rule). As soon as you stand up and demand your rights they usually back off. I had a 2 year fight with mine. I wanted a shed, and the DCRs say that sheds must be screened from the street and approved. I went to the meeting to get approval for the shed, and they agreed that a hedge row would screen the shed. A year later a new board came in and decided I needed to put up a fence. I had my meeting notes, and (with respect) told them to look at the minutes for the meeting where it was approved and gave them a picture with the hedges. They put up a fuss because 'they couldn't find or don't have the minutes' from that meeting. FL law to the rescue! According to the law here, they have to keep those for a minimum of time. Without them, the association was unlawful. At the next due process meeting I dropped the bomb that if they wanted to press the issue - I wanted it in front of the courts here in FL. During that time I would ask the judge to dissolve the entire HOA because it was operating unlawfully. No more fence The next 2 years were heck. They wrote me up for every little thing. Every other month it was a new violation. Some were easier to just do what they asked (paint my mailbox post). Most I fought. And they backed down. Finally I had it up to here with their shenanigans. For 3 months I went to board meetings. If people showed up for due process I found where in the DCRs or laws they could fight. If they came for approval of something, I found ways to get it approved even if the board tried to turn it down. People would come in asking the board for help with a neighbor issue and the board would say they couldn't do anything. I would find in the DCRs where they were compelled to do something. After the 3rd month I took the president aside after the meeting. "Maybe you are sending TOO many violations?" (the "to me" was implied). The violations stopped. About 3 years after that (last year), here comes a violation letter telling me I need to pressure wash my driveway (new board apparently). Oh goody, time for more fun! My section of FL has some very strict laws about water conservation. No car washing. Water lawns only once a week in a small time window, that sort of thing. The law also very clearly states that any provisions in DCRs that require the use of water are NON ENFORCEABLE during the drought declaration. DUE PROCESS MEETING! I get my time, drag out the statute and read it to them. 'We'll have to look into it'. 'No problem. But your attorney over there (who is on the board) should know the law better. Perhaps he's not qualified to sit on the board, or maybe even be a lawyer?'. 3 days later they send an eMail to the entire association that they were sorry. They were in error demanding that people pressure-wash their houses or driveways during the drought. Darn right you are sorry! I can talk at great lengths about HOAs. It is NOT that I am against them - in spirit they should enforce what people should be doing. But in practice they are nothing more than documents that give certain people a swelled head. Or maybe I just like to use peoples rules against them. Or maybe I need a hobby! It's the Anti-Suck-Up rule
  2. HOA said NO to my sign

    First, check your DCAs to see how much the fine will be. The fine must be specified. Sometimes it's easier to just give them their $10 a month than to fight. If you have to fight: Is your sign decorated in any way? Does it have anything Christmassy on it? Doesn't have to be religious. That is helpful as you can claim holiday decoration and that they can't put an undue burden on how you celebrate. NEVER call it a sign. It is a holiday decoration. Don't change the sign now even it isn't Christmasy. Leave it AS IS. The next thing to do: They have to give you a grace period to either remove the sign, or for you to request a due process meeting. That may be in the letter you just received. Wait until the last minute, and hand-deliver a written letter to the HOA that you want your due process meeting. Do it in writing, not EMAIL. ENSURE you get a receipt that you handed it to them. If they refuse YOU keep a note of the person you talked to, date and time. Documentation is GOOD. They then have to give you written notice of the date and time of your due process meeting. Rules vary by state, so they can't just make a date up - it should be during one of the scheduled meetings of the board or the committee. If not balk - tell them you want this in front of the board/committee and you want your day. Again, Check your DCAs. Is there a provision for you to request an extension? If so, do it AGAIN: Hand deliver a letter close to the date of the due process meeting and let them know that you will not be able to make that meeting and to reschedule it. Have a good reason (but not a lie). Before your due process, take a walk around. Take pictures of EVERY 'Merry Christmas', 'Happy New Year', 'Welcome to the Jones's' sign you can find. Bring them. Go to your due process meeting. Tell them you refuse on the grounds of religious expression (even if you are not religious). Show them examples of these other 'signs' and ask why THEY are permitted. Ask them for the exact DCR reg you are violating. Ask them where in the DCRs they define exactly what a sign is - question why other can have xmas decorations that also have words (making them signs). They'll get mad. They will rule against you. That's OK as they must now give you ANOTHER written notice on what their decision was, as well as another grace period Make sure you TELL them that - that you expect the decision of the board to be IN WRITING, along with the date that corrective action must be taken. Let them know that they should send the notice with a return receipt to ensure you receive it. (If they don't.... well... lost mail) By this time, it's probably January. Take the sign down, Christmas is over. Send a letter telling them that you have removed the sign. If not... There are still more ways to push: Remember the return receipt you told them to send with the letter? The post office will re-deliver that for a few days. Push it till the last minute. They can't start to fine you until you receive the letter. Don't however refuse delivery. Now they have you. Now, redecorate your sign. Change the size if you can, and add elements to make it more 'festive'. This will be VERY effective if no one else has to take down their 'Happy Holidays' decoration. Again send a letter to the HoA. Tell them you have modified the item to be more inline and to reflect the 'spirit' of the DCA's and claim that you believe it meets all published requirements - especially in light of the holidays and other members decorations. Send a picture. Request another meeting. That should frustrate them long enough. The two most important things: 1 - Whatever you do, don't just ignore it. Remember - keep EVERYTHING in writing. 2 - He who lives by the book, DIES by the book. Use the DCRs work FOR you as well as against you. Use them to YOUR advantage. DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a lawyer, but I like to fight with my HOA when they try to pull stupid carp like this. These suggestions are my own personal ones and may or may not work for you - even if they have for me in different ways. If you are unsure, consult with a lawyer - I am not responsible if you get fined for following any of this. In other words: you are on your own!
  3. License Level

    Also remember that you can try Superstar without purchasing anything. The only things it won't do are the functions that would allow you to control lights.
  4. Gen 2 Pixies do have much better output. However remember when we say you can extend them 50' that means in best case scenarios @ 12V. 5V is less than half of that. Electrically noisy environments or marginal extensions/connections/etc will reduce the total. Also remember that there is still voltage drop to contend with. You may find out 50 feet later that your whites are more pink compared to other strings with no extensions.
  5. Why no HD FM Transmitters?

    Ok, so for those of you in the know -- why have low power HD radio transmitters (or equipment that can take an FM signal and add the IBOC digital signal) not made it out? HD radio has been out for 15 years here in the USA, and an hour worth of googling finds nothing. I can find plenty if I am running a real radio station, however nothing for us low power types.
  6. I NEED IT ASAP! This is one of the busiest weeks of the year for us. Now through Friday we will do thousands of orders, thousands of tickets, and a ton of calls. If you look at our online store you are going to see that most things now say 2-3 days to ship, if not longer. Not to mention this is going to be a short week with the Thursday holiday. I'm sorry, but there is just no way I can promise that you will have whatever it is you order in time for Thanksgiving or even this weekend. I understand that you promised the world things would be running Saturday, but that doesn't allow me to put you in front of everyone else who placed an order before you. The same will hold true for technical support. We do our best to serve all and we do that first come first served. The following are ALWAYS going to be true in this world: You will forget to order something Something will break requiring repair You will forget how to do something or use something If your date is very very important, YOU must give the date the importance. That means testing your entire setup WELL before the cut off date. You should be set up well in advance, and should be checking and rechecking things daily. You may also want to have spares in case of failure if your date and/or display are that important. We sympathize with you if something fails. We will do our best to try to get you up and running and keep you up and running. But only you can ensure that you are going to be successful, and if that includes a drop dead date, or 0 down time, you should be planning accordingly.
  7. Buying Premade sequences from LOR

    As stated, Software Licenses are not transferable. Be aware that at some point you are probably going to need a USB adapter. If you didn't get one you may be tempted to purchase the Generic Starter Package - because the software comes free with the adapter. Sorry Charlie. We only sell those if you are also ordering a controller from us at the same time. Instead, you will have to pay full price for both the USB adapter (approx $30) AND the software (Starting at Approx $50). If you didn't save at least $40 on your controller purchase from eBay, you end up paying more. You should also know there are no warranties on used equipment. We extend our warranty to the FIRST end user only. When requesting warranty work we will ask you for your LOR order number. If you do not have one, we can not verify your warranty. We will still stand behind and repair the equipment, but you will be responsible for all shipping and repair charges. Be aware of this when purchasing equipment from eBay or others who are not authorized LOR partners. Even if the equipment is NEW IN BOX - if it wasn't purchased from us or our partners the warranty is void.
  8. Christmas Expo 2018

    Mike in NOT LOR mode: I have to agree with trying to get this more out west. Yes, many of the vendors are here on the east coast so travel to the West coast would be a little difficult. But I also think we have a completely untapped market out there. Doing a little schmoozing with our west coast users would be awesome. The first Expo I attended we suggested Denver as the next stop. Would like to see that happen some time too! For a while I was excited to go to new towns. Then I discovered that my feet hurt SO BAD after an expo that the last thing I want to do is visit a town - no matter HOW cool it is. I suppose the good thing about going back to DFW is that we can go to Babe's Chicken Dinner House again!! The LOR staff and family went there and had a great time!
  9. iDMX 1000 Help

    There is a little confusion when it comes to using the iDMX and what level of software you need. As Mark said, the first thing to do is get that iDMX set up with a NON 0 ending address. It is confusing to leave it at 0, and legacy mode has not been required for quite some time. Now is where the software level comes into play.... NATIVE DMX requires Advanced or Higher. What is Native DMX? Anything that uses a DMX adapter (like an Entec or one of our USB adapters), or E1.31. You are going to be setting the channel up in Sequence Editor (PE/Sequencer or SS) as a DMX channel. DMX Via an iDMX1000 requires nothing more than Basic - the iDMX is a bridge and it accepts LOR commands and outputs them as DMX. Since it accepts LOR commands it is NOT native DMX. In the sequence program you will set up the channel as an LOR channel (even though it eventually goes to a DMX device). HOWEVER... The Unit ID restrictions of the software DO come into play when using an iDMX. In other words, you could use your iDMX1000 set as unit ID 01 or ID 02 with Basic. But if you set it to 03 (or higher) it is no longer going to work.
  10. Xmas tree fail...

    As will snow and ice. Remember your physics: Cylinders are very strong in the direction they are made (compression). They are super weak perpendicular to that direction (tension). If you could keep that cylinder perfectly plumb it will hold HUGE loads because it is under compression and ALL the material of the pipe is under the load. However once that load shifts even slightly off balance, the pipe experiences uneven tension stress, and usually cascade fails (like your tree did). Keeping that pipe straight up and perpendicular to the ground (plumb) is key. Once that pipe starts to bend, it's pretty much all over. As the ducks said: guy wires help keep things straight.
  11. Starting up - Help Please

    To get a feel for how everything fits together in the new world of show animation, take a look at our typical setups: http://www1.lightorama.com/typical-setups/ Here's a really good way to get started if you want to use off-the-shelf lights: http://www1.lightorama.com/lighting-starter-package/You may want to download the Light-O-Rama Software demo and try it out to see how you create your personal show. http://www1.lightorama.com/sequencing-software-download/ We do require the Microsoft Windows operating system for our software.You can use your own lights if they are incandescent or LEDs and can be connect to a standard wall plug. See more information here (including a link to how many lights you can control): http://www1.lightorama.com/your-lights/Thinking about getting into pixels (any light, any color at any time)? Here's a good place to see what is available: http://store.lightorama.com/rgbdevices.htmlNot interested in writing your own shows? No need to worry. We have plenty of pre-built shows (we call them sequences) that will make any venue look great. Checkout our sequence store at http://sequences.LightORama.comDon't want to dedicate a computer and speaker system to your show? Consider our ShowTime Central. It includes a specialized mini-computer just for running LOR shows as well as a small FM transmitter so you can broadcast on the radio. See details at http://store.lightorama.com/shce.html You can also join our forum where there are a plenty of helpful LOR users.http://forums.lightorama.com/We don't do custom work but if you have a project where you think you need a bit of help then please contact an official Light-O-Rama partner. They specialize in making sure your venue will look great. See the latest partner list at: http://www1.lightorama.com/partners/Thanks for considering Light-O-Rama!
  12. 11/10 - Update We have a fix in place that should allow for new as well as upgrade/renewals to process correctly. We also manually updated all licenses, but it is possible that we may have missed yours. If you placed an order that contained software in the past two days, and have verified that there is an issue with your license, please open a help desk ticket. include your order number (Starts YHST-) and your license number and we will get it fixed.
  13. 16 Channel Controller

    Back before CAT(whatever) became popular and before it was the de-facto standard for communications, it was EXPENSIVE. Phone wire on the other hand was CHEAP and already in use on long distance RS485 networks. It is a vestige of those times. The RJ11 is, as Mr. P stated, a good backup in case one of the RJ45 fails. Twisted Pair (using the RJ45) is always preferred, but the RJ11 with phone line will work in a pinch.
  14. 11/9 - Update We are still experiencing issues with the 'glue' that binds the Storefront and the Licensing DB. Both are functioning 100%, but automated creation or updates of licenses is still not working. Again,we can manually update your license - please open a help desk ticket with your order number, and existing license number (if it was an upgrade/renewal). During our regular support hours, we can usually have you up and running in a few minutes.
  15. We are currently experiencing some difficulties with the interface between our storefront and the back-end Licensing DB. Starting at 10AM this morning, if you have purchased a new license, license renewal, or upgrade the purchase may have gone through, however your license was NOT updated/created. We are still experiencing this issue. Please note that there is no problem with the store itself, or with the Licensing DB. You can make purchases and register your software if you have already received your key. Once we have corrected the issue, your license will be automatically updated/created. If you did purchase a new license, license upgrade or renewal and need the functionality as soon as possible, please open a help desk ticket. Include your order number (Starts YHST-), as well as your license key. We can then manually update/create your license. Please include BOTH of these - it is nearly impossible to look up the correct order or license without them! Also please remember that it is currently after hours for us. It may take several hours for us to get to your request.