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  1. In the next couple of weeks, we are going to take the forums off line for a few hours and re-organize some of the boards. Some boards will be merged together, while those that are no longer used are going to be removed. Several new boards will be brought in to help divide stuff into more useful categories. No change in the kinds of information that will be found here. Some may just change location for a better focus. Once we have finalized the changes I'll post the new list so you can get a feeling for it.
  2. No Design Work Here One of the things we don't do is design work. By that I mean, you call us and say "I have an x (house, truck, parade float, whatever). Send me a list of everything I need to buy to make a show'. There are simply too many options to do that. I can't tell you what to buy since I have no idea the look that you are going for. I can ask you questions however: "Let me tell you a little bit about regular controllers, dumb RGB and Pixels. Now, which would you prefer?" Questions like those are design issues - there is no one right answer, the right answer comes from the question "What do you want? If you are new to this, you may not even realize you had to make that decision. NO PROBLEM. The information and/or questions we give/ask you will allow you to make a decision. If you want time to think about it, no problem! Call us back/email/etc. We will help you regardless of your knowledge level of our products. It is understandable if you don't know all the answers to the questions we ask. Our questions are there for you to discover what YOU want. Once you make that decision, let us know and we can continue to help. So you call me back and say 'I want to outline my house in Pixels.' Maybe you even add 'I'm considering the Pixie16 package. Is that right or How can I do that?'. Those are all great starting points! I now know what we are up against and you have made some very important choices. I know you want pixels. I know you are talking about a spread apart display. I know you are probably purchasing everything from us. Now I can educate you a little bit on what is going to be best (fyi: It's not going to be a Pixie16 Package - it's going to be multiple Pixie 4s, or even possibly Pixcons). The example I had today from a customer was "I have a semi truck. Send me a list of everything I need to buy to light it". There is no one correct way to answer that question. So the questions start: "Regular lights, dumb RGB or smart RGB?" "Give me everything to do all 3 and I'll decide" There are literally MILLIONS of ways. "I need to know which. Let me tell you a little about each one and the looks of each." (20 mins later) "Ok, Pixels. Give me everything to do pixels" Again there are MILLIONS of combinations here. "Do you want strips, bulbs, bullets or squares?" "Self Contained, or you will build enclosures?" "How should I know. You are the one selling them!" (Customer is now getting upset) "It all depends on the look you are going for. Let me tell you a little about each" (20 mins later) "Just tell me what I need to run 100 pixels! Forget about the truck." "You need a CCB, Pixie or a Pixcon controller. CCBs come complete. Pixie and Pixcon require pixels and the correct power supply." "How much for a pixie controller to run 100 pixels?" "How many pixels in total are you going to run ? (Pixie may not be right. Cosmic Color, or Pixcon may be better) How many strings can be centralized? (So I know the number of pixel ports 2,4,8,16) 5V or 12V? I want to make absolutely sure you are getting the CORRECT product for your application." "Just tell me what I need!" "I can't until you answer those questions" CLICK I know I am at the root of this problem - I absolutely can not stand salesman and I will NEVER sell something that is not 100% perfect for your application. I will also ALWAYS give you the best money saving options and tell you where it is foolish to try to save a dime. I can (and will) tell you technically where you may run astray. What I can't do is select the product for you if you yourself don't know what you want. The Negative This is another example of the "Human On Board". When you place a call to any customer service, beware of how you start out the conversation. You get better results if you stay neural than go negative. For example: "Hi Mike. I hope I am not going to be angry..." "Hi Mike. Why is this item so expensive?" Those (and many others) immediately put me on the defensive. You have opened the conversation trying to use leverage against me, and regardless of what I say next I know you are already upset about something. You may expect to receive better treatment using a negative open, but I can assure you the opposite happens. I (and I am sure any other CS rep you would talk to) do not like having pressure applied to them. Which leads us to.... Mike's Three Levels of Service I offer 3 levels of customer service by phone/eMail/Helpdesk/etc. Please select the service type you would like on initial contact -> Extra Special Service: Be friendly even if we (or I personally) royally screwed something up. "Hi Mike! I hope you are doing well today! I'm sorry to say I have a problem with my order, it appears that a couple of items are missing. Can you help me?" Top of the Line Better than 99.9% of the stores/merchants out there service: Just don't be a jerk. "Hi Mike. I received my order and a couple of things are missing." Minimum service that fixes the issue and nothing else: All others "I opened my order and I'm mad that I am missing items. I buy a lot of stuff from you and I expect you fix this NOW"
  3. Ignore this error. LORSequenceCompressor is not part of S5.
  4. Bare Minimum PixCon16 Setup Checklist Be sure to follow each of these steps IN ORDER. Do not proceed to the following step until you are sure the current step is complete. Please note that you may be further along in your testing than where this check lists starts. Please do not skip any of the previous steps even if you think you have performed them correctly already. Start at #1. If you have already tried to configure the board, you should first FACTORY RESET the PixCon16. Instructions are provided in the manual. These instructions assume that you have a 'stock' PixCon16 to start with. Critical checkpoints points are in bold, but you may experience a problem at any step. If you are having problems at a checkpoint, check ALL steps up to this one to ensure they are completed properly. The PixCon16 is a professional level board, and does require some in-depth knowledge about how E1.31 works, DMX and networking concepts. You may need to consult other sources if you run into issues or do not understand a concept. If you do have an issue and if you think everything is good to that point, and you would like to contact us for help STOP. Do not go further and do NOT change any configuration. If you would like to experiment and try to resolve the issue, please do! We encourage you to find the solution on your own. However if in the end you must contact us, reset the board and start again at step 1 and then stop at the failing step and contact us. We rely on the board being in a known state at every step of this checklist to help you. Please ensure that you have AT LEAST S4 V4.3.14 Or Higher to configure the board. Some older versions may not be able to properly detect the Pixcon. 1. Pixels have a front and a back (IN and OUT). Ensure you know which side data goes IN to. Pixels from LOR are plainly marked, or are correctly pre-wired. if your pixels have an arrow, that arrow points AWAY from the board. 2. Pixels have a voltage. Ensure you have the proper power supply. LOR Pixels are typically 5v or 12v. If your pixel package from LOR included a power supply, you do not need to worry about this step. 3. Pixels have current draw (amperage). Ensure you are not exceeding the amps per channel/power supply/etc. Pixels from LOR will draw 3A per 50 pixels at 5V (15 Watts), 3A per 100 pixels at 12V (36 Watts). If you pixel package from LOR included a power supply, you do not need to worry about this step. 4. Wire power supply to PixCon16, if not already wired. 5. Remember – never connect or disconnect anything from PixCon16 with power applied. 6. Power up board. Follow instructions in DMX and E1.31 for pixel control document if needed (linked below). Open Network Preferences/Find Configure PixCon16/Click on PixCon16 in list, and open the PixCon16 configuration window. Only work with a SINGLE PixCon16 connected to your network at one time until properly configured -- IP address conflicts can occur if you attempt to configure 2 or more. Do not continue until you are able to reliably talk to the board and configure it. If you are having difficulty reliably talking to the board, read: http://www1.lightorama.com/PDF/IntroductionToDMXandE131.pdf Pay particular attention to page 8. 7. Ensure board firmware is AT LEAST 1.4.8. Do NOT downgrade if higher! Downgrading a PixCon16 will brick the board requiring special software to recover! All PixCon16s sold since late 2016 are at or above V1.4.8. Do not continue until firmware is updated to at least 1.4.8. Instructions are found in the manual. If you have the LOR Control Panel loaded, UNLOAD IT before attempting to update firmware. Updating the firmware while the Control Panel/Comm listener are running can cause the board to FAIL. 8. Properly set up Pixel Type and Pixel Speed in configuration. Ignore all other parameters. LOR Pixels are WS2811. Most are high-speed. 9. Properly wire 1 pixel string to a 4 wire connector. Follow pin-outs in the manual. Note -- Some pixels do not have/require the clock signal. 10. Connect pixels to a single port, and power up. Pixels may briefly flash. Pixels that stay ON indicate incorrect pixel type or speed selected in #8. For LOR Pixels, ensure that you selected 'High Speed'. If High Speed does not work (it should in almost all cases), select slow speed. 11. Run hardware test on the pixels as documented in manual by using the buttons on the PixCon16. If pixels do not work, problem is most likely #8. Go back there. Do not continue until the Hardware Test works properly. 12. Wire the rest of your pixels to the 4 wire connectors. Connect them to the PixCon16. Run the hardware test (step 11) again. Ensure all pixels are working correctly. Pixels that are not working indicate a problem with the pixel itself, or an under-rated power supply. Do not continue until the Hardware Test works properly for ALL pixels. 13. Again bring the PixCon16 configuration up. On the first tab of PixCon16 configuration, ensure you have the correct option specified for J3/J4. If you will use the board in ELOR mode, turn this option ON. For E1.31 ensure this option is OFF. If you have not done so yet, install the drivers for the USB adapter and ensure the USB adapter is working properly. 14. On the Second tab set up each port of the PixCon16 properly. You can use simple mode or advanced mode. All options are documented in the help file for the software or in the manual for the PixCon16. Remember, for E1.31 universes must also be set up in Network Preferences (the software will offer to do it for you), for ELOR, 500K speed and Enhanced Light-O-Rama network (done in step 16). It is best to write down the settings. 15. Ensure you have the LOR Control Panel loaded (which will load the LOR COMM Listener). The COMM Listener is ALWAYS required to control pixels. 16. Properly configure your network preferences. E1.31: Ensure Universe matches universe on the board & Set IP address correctly (multicast or unicast/specify). It is easiest to use multicast. ELOR: Ensure the COM port is set to at least 500K and ELOR mode is turned ON. 17. E1.31: Do not disconnect anything. Both LEDs should be SOLID ON. Do not continue until they are. NOTE: Your computer may need to be rebooted. If you reboot go back to step 15. ELOR: Disconnect Network cable, ensure jumpers on PixCon16 for J3/J4 are set to LOR. Connect HS USB adapter to computer, CAT5 from USB adapter to J4 of PixCon16. NOTE: You must have previously installed the drivers for the high speed USB adapter. Use another non-PixCon16 unit to test if you are unsure the USB adapter is working properly. Both LEDs should be SOLID ON. Do not continue until they are. NOTE: Your computer may need to be rebooted. If you reboot go back to step 15. 18. Start Hardware Utility. If asked if the HWU should take control of a port say NO. Open the pixel console. Set Pixel Console params correctly and test pixels with sliders. Do not continue until you can successfully control pixels. 19. Your board is now ready to use.
  5. Two things here. I'm not sure what is going on Charles Jones's case. I regularly run the PixCon16 on 192.168.1.x (which is as different as 192.168.2.x is in the networking world) with a DHCP server and it works fine. As soon as I get the time, I will set up my DHCP server to give out addresses in 192.168.2.x and see if there is still a problem. I suspect that there is something wrong with Charle's configuration (or possibly the DHCP server that runs on that router), and setting the 192.168.0 set of addresses masks that issue. The instructions, at least the checklist, DOES say to use a router between the computer and the board, and that is the easiest way to configure the PixCon16. HOWEVER you don't need a router or a DHCP server, or any network hardware more than a CAT5 cable. All you need is a properly configured computer and understanding of how IP works. When testing PixCon code, I run in multiple configurations - including connecting directly, routed over separate LANs, a segmented LAN, and via a circa 1992 10 Base T HUB. As I have said time and time again, IP networking can be complex and does require some in-depth knowledge.
  6. LOR changed part availability?

    http://store.lightorama.com/ctb16pcpage.html "PC Series Dangle Cordset"
  7. FAQs for the Summer Sale

    FYI: Shipping for New Items:This year's sale includes several new items which are not yet in stock, but which we expect to have by the end of September. Please check the order page of the item for more information on availability. Regardless of shipping speed selected, or if you used TryForFree or not, these items will not ship until we have them in stock. All of the new items did indeed arrive late last month, and late last week (on time) we started shipping orders from the sale with them. It will still take us another several weeks to finish shipping. As per the terms of the sale, we will first ship all those orders that did NOT use TryForFree, and then ship the TryForFree orders. Within those two groups, we strive to send orders in first-in first-out order.
  8. 240V resistors for CTB32LD

    Hi Alan. Please open a help desk ticket for those boards that were sent to you. Something is not quite right. If we sent out improper boards, we would of course exchange them. However I am wondering if this customer didn't some how get boards that were originally 120V, and all he did was swap the transformer jumper. If that is the case, then there are a lot of other components on that board that are going to be bad or need to be changed Please include the name of the customer so we can check our records to see what we shipped him. If we indeed sent incorrect controllers, we will exchange them. Otherwise I can have engineering get a hold of you to explain what is going to be bad, what needs to be changed out, etc. Please note that if there is board damage, there is not a lot that can be done other than offer you the 40% off replacement policy. We can discuss that in the ticket as well.
  9. MC-P controllers. As far as we can tell, there are only around 30 of them still in use. Trust us, you don't have one
  10. Chris put a ticket in for this board, and it really does look like an IP config problem. Jim, you helped him and I trust your judgement. Can you PM me and let me know your thoughts so I can assist? THANKS!
  11. To my fellow Floridians

    Good luck to us all. Stay safe.
  12. For some reason, I would call it "latest and greatest syndrome", people love to upgrade firmware. You probably shouldn't. If your hardware is working, there is no need to update your firmware. If you just received your hardware, chances are it has the latest firmware on it already. There is no need to update the firmware. If the version of your firmware is HIGHER than what is posted on our website, DO NOT UPDATE. When checking firmware, or really any version number from us, each set of numbers is compared on it's own to the other set, left to right. Examples : 1.4.8 & 1.4.13 - 1.4.13 is NEWER as 13 is greater than 8. 1.5.1 & 1.4.32 - 1.5.1 is NEWER as 5 is greater than 4. If your hardware is not working --AND-- you see a new firmware that says it will fix the issue, then OK, consider upgrading the firmware. If you are at all unsure, ask us on the help desk FIRST. Our boot-loaders are pretty robust, so even if a firmware update goes wrong the board will probably still be recoverable. However whenever you update the firmware on ANY device, you risk 'bricking' the controller. If you brick the controller, it may not be recoverable except by the us - which could mean shipping and repair costs for you. Firmware updates on the PixCon are particularly troublesome. Since this is a pro level board, it requires some pretty in-depth knowledge on how to get it to talk on your network. When people can't reliably talk to the board, they immediately assume it is a problem with the firmware. That's bad for several reasons: A stable, always working connection is absolutely a must for updating firmware on any device. If you can't reliably talk to a board, the LAST thing you want to do is try to update firmware. Trust me when I say -- if you are having connection issues with a PixCon, it's not the firmware, it's your cofiguration/settings. All PixCons that have shipped in the last year have HIGHER firmware releases than what we have available for you to load. There are technical reasons for this. PixCons do not react very well when they are DOWNGRADED. Once downgraded, they require special software to recover. For version 1.1 and 1.2 boards we have procedures we can have you follow. New hardware revisions of the PixCon (V1.3) can only run on the absolute newest firmware that is loaded at the factory. We are still working on procedures to recover those boards, and it may be possible that they need to be sent in for repair instead. So please remember: unless you are having an issue --AND-- a firmware specifically states it takes care of that issue, don't update firmware.
  13. Pixcon16 Gigabit Speed??

    Thanks for not beating me over the head If for some reason you don't want them because I initially gave you wrong information, of course we will be happy to take them back. I doubt you want to do that, however I do want to offer it just in case.
  14. Pixcon16 Gigabit Speed??

    Thanks! I thought it was .5 not .25. That's why you are the networking king I did hear back and it is 10/100 on the board - which makes sense since it will never exceed that. sorry for the mis-information!
  15. Pixcon16 Gigabit Speed??

    Unfortunately, the engineer who worked on that board is out on vacation until around the 15th. If however I remember my numbers correctly, even a fully loaded PixCon16 (32 universes + 4 bridge ports all active) is only going to consume 18Mb (I need my buddy Jim to correct me on that). Even if the port on the board turns out to be 100, you still won't be anywhere close to the top. Remember too that you are 1Gb from the computer to the switch, which is the link that really needs it. As long as the switching fabric of your switch can take it, you should be able to run flat out as many Pixcons as you have ports on the switch.