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  1. I have 5 lor wg3 mp3 30 amps controllers for sale. only used one year $450 each plus shipping. also selling two lor wg3 30 amp controllers. Again used one season $250 a piece plus shipping located in Illinois. 217-430- 4184
  2. never had a problem with the controllers but i had several problems with the power supplys. a couple quit or were weak when it got real cold. bring them in,warm them up and they worked. i finally stuck a have dozen c-7 's in the tub with them and that solved the problem. note that c-7's need to be on a constant power source.
  3. I'm using 52 channels to run a standalone sequence for 15 seconds and then loop. they are used for an exploding volcanoe. timing grid is 1/10 of a second. the chase sequences are out of sync. some lights stay on while the night might not come on at all. it's really messed up. have 4 units, 3 have version 1.05 and 1 has version 1.08 firmware. the file size is 48 kb in sequence editor and 2842 bytes when i download from standalone in hu. when I refresh in hu in finds the 4 controllers but won't turn the lights off. when i go to configure and hit refresh controllers are found but when i hit refresh i get the box that says unit did not respond to the option setting. now in the standalone box refresh finds controllers and i can turn the controllers off and on. but if I try to delete sequence i get the box unit did not respond. I have 6 other gen 3 that i didn't have problems with. do they need to be on same firmware? Is the file too big? why can't i delete sequence? Yes i've reset controllers and come up with same problems I used this same program on animated controllers for 5 years and never had any problems. been trying for weeks to figure this out help please? bob.
  4. how about 1/2" steel banding, I was thinking of the same problem and just realized I've got rolls of it from my last expansion project. this requires more thought and of course 48 strands of CCB's.
  5. seem them at expo. 50 bulbs, 6" spacing, 25 feet long. I heard talk of 100 bulb strands but I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT IT>
  6. thanks for the great tip. I been reading about the ccb's but DAH never gave them a thought.
  7. someone suggested we do a mega tree using 32 ccr's for our park. Is that just plain nuts or is it doable? We do have ccr's in leaping arches using lor with showtime 2. We try to do a big WOW factor every year and cost isn't a problem. Any thoughts please?
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