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  1. I have broadcast on 98.1 for the last few years, however, this year i am receiving interference from a station that is over 100 miles away and not listed as a station in my area and not supposed to be broadcasting in the my area (according to the FCC page I am even beyond the fringe of the transmission) - but my transmitter does drown out that station if you are in proximity of my house. The good news, I know I am within FCC regulation if you cannot hear my station down the block, the bad news I wish I could.
  2. Will upgrade today, hope it doesn't hurt too much. Thanks for the quick response, you are definitely an asset for LOR.
  3. Okay, I see on the facebook page and this forum the issues regarding the weird Chinese characters, I am now having the same problems. I run my shows with a media file correlating to a video file and I seem to lose audio with the video during the show at random times. I am running LOR 4.2.6 I am hesitant to load the 4.2.12 during this time of year unless I know this is going to fix the problems. I have trusted LOR in the past, but my trust is beginning to decline. Thanks, Mike
  4. If you like your speakers another option is to buy a cheap amplifier, I use a little.lepai amp, works well, you can find them on eBay or Amazon (lepai ta2020)
  5. when downloading the m4a to mp3 converter, be sure to click the RED download button not the green, the green is some other stupid freeware.
  6. I have used this file to convert m4a files to mp3 so far it has worked well, and its free. http://www.maniactools.com/soft/m4a-to-mp3-converter/index.shtml
  7. sounds like a common problem, I run into this too!!! Since nutcracker does not assign universe numbers in LOR and I can't seem to group and assign universes to numerous pixels in LOR I end up creating a group in the nutcracker exported sequence -- then copy and paste one universe at a time into a new sequence with my saved channel setup. I do one universe at a time and save every two to three universes, it takes some time, but I only have 13-14 universes so it's not too bad.
  8. I have been able to decrease the lag time between sequences by using compressed sequences and by selecting to load the sequences before starting the show. I made sure I have all the drivers, I will try the memory patch. I should add I am also projecting video with the sequences, so now I have 12 universes on E1.31, (5) 3 channel floods on DMX, and a few older LOR controllers. Thanks for the quick responses -- rlw162 sorry for hijacking your thread, you had just posted what I had been dealing with for the last few hours. Happy Halloween Mike
  9. I'm experiencing the same issue, running windows 8, LOR version 3.9.
  10. I would be in for visualizer or intermediate course the weekend of 10/5 Thanks Mike
  11. Haven't played with VSA, but was experimenting with the new monkeybasic and LOR at first I was entering the same servo parameters as the servodog utility, for example 500 start 1000 default and 2000 max, but servos chatterred-not in a good way. Then I put in percentages min 0 default 50 max 100 and they worked much better. I used the Track 4 pro from natural point, it seemed to export well, but due to travel only have 1 skeleton done in one song. Good luck Mike
  12. If you have the time you could make your own pumpkins from foam, seems like alot of work but you can customize sizes. http://www.spyderwood.com/Styrofoam%20Pumpkins.html
  13. TonyD, Thanks for the idea of the spring, but an electronic linear actuator will not compress when extended, they are designed to stay in place. After doing some research - seems linear actuators are common in cars to raise and lower your window, so if you push down on the window when it is partially open it does not fall down. I broke out a LOR DC board that I am not using and connected the outputs to relays, and applied power to the relay via an external power supply. I now have it setup so that the LOR DC board energizes the relays allowing current to pass to the actuators via the N.O. circuit which energizes the acuator. The only thing I have to watch is the current and need to ensure I do not energize the two circuits at the same time, since one relay has opposite polarity of the other. Regards, Mike
  14. Heystew, I am looking at adding some pop-ups to my Halloween display, I am thinking of using 12VDC linear actuators but need to reverse the polarity to have the actuator compress after extension. Not sure if a LOR DC control board would work, what do you think, would you have any suggestions? Do you let the weight of your light saber rig compress the actuator? If anyone has any ideas, I am open to suggestions, but really do not want to use another air compressor. Sincerely, Mike
  15. In preparation for Halloween I am looking to build a few more animatronic's and add a few more servos to others. The Servodog has worked well, but only has 8 outputs, the Board of Chuckee (BoC) has 16 servo outputs and controlled via DMX. Has anyone used the BoC with LOR? I have been putting off VSA, but at this point I may not have that option. Thanks, Mike
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