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  1. cgiambruno

    Definitely dark in 2017

    I completely get you. I bought a new house a couple of years ago. It had to be white to pop with the colors.
  2. cgiambruno

    overhead projector needed

    I'm in Woodland and have a projector. However what type are you specifically looked by for?
  3. cgiambruno

    My Halloween Animations

    This is what I'm working on for 2017. I want to thank Bob Brocovich for the you tube tutorial on how to make the pillars.
  4. cgiambruno

    My Halloween Animations

    One more quick question please. What are you using to move the arms and foot for joints? I am trying to figure that out. The movement is so realistic. I figured the foot is from a servo as it does not weigh anything. However the set-up for the arm has me perplexed as I am sure there is some weight involved. Thanks again.
  5. cgiambruno

    My Halloween Animations

    Where did you get the skeletons? I cant seem to find anywhere the moving head skulls like what you have. When I grow up, I want to be just like you!!
  6. cgiambruno

    Accepting donations for a favorite cause?

    I have been doing my show for about 9 years, and do a food drive for the local food bank. I have a small show, but this year I have collected over 800 pounds of food. Prior to that, the most I had collected was 474 pounds. It also helps when a local news station pays you a visit during a live broadcast. -Chris
  7. Thank you everyone for your responses. This helps a lot.
  8. I have been reading through the threads, and I was unable to find anything to answer my question. If I missed it, I apologize in advance. I am new to pixels, and jumped in head first. I purchased a pixcon16 board, and smart pixels from Holiday Coro. I was able to configure the board, and when in test mode, I can get the pixels to work. Now, I want to play with the pixels and learn how to sequence them. Based on my reading, I cannot us the hardware utility to test the different pixels? So what do I use? I currently have a G1 showtime Director, and know that I need to upgrade it to a G3. If I purchase that, and then connect the PIXCon16 to the G3 Director, can I then use the hardware utility? If I still cannot, how do I get the pixels to work so I can play with sequences? Thank you in advance for your responses.
  9. cgiambruno

    SPT-1/2 Wire

    I use Americord. For a 1000 foot spool it was $112 plus delivery of about $18. This was SPT1. If you call and give them the feet of the roll you are looking for, they can give you a price. http://www.americord.com/
  10. cgiambruno

    weather proof moving head spot lights

  11. cgiambruno

    short throw projector forsale

    Email sent.
  12. cgiambruno

    The Great Christmas light fight can stick it up their ...

    The show is too staged now. They should make it an impromptu visit, without notifying the house months prior. Also, they should change the name of the show from the Great Christmas Light Fight, to maybe Christmas lights around the United States. No "winner", no money, just displays of homes with lights. ABC has lost the real reason why we love doing the lights. It is not about us. It is about spreading the cheer to others. I will watch this show on the 21st, as to give support to my Elk Grove, CA neighbor as his house will be on the show. I am almost certain, he will not deviate much from his already spectacular show.
  13. cgiambruno

    The Great Christmas Light Fight.. we are on this year!

    I'm in Woodland, and I have always heard about your show. Can you PM me your address, so I can come take a look? Thanks!!
  14. Can you run video off of the Pro Showtime Director ( no computer).
  15. cgiambruno

    Linear Actuators

    I want to incorporate some linear actuators into my Halloween show. I have some frightprops controllers, but was hoping to use LOR because the 3 axis skull I have, is using the Servo board. I wanted the linear actuators to open the lid of my column slowly, and then raise the platform of the skull up. One the sequence was finished, I then wanted to lower the platform, and close the lid. So, how should I wire the linear actuators so they can function with LOR, or how can I wire LOR and the frightprops controller together, so at least LOR could trigger the frightprops controller? Thanks in advance for your help.