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  1. Greg Blauert

    Ok, so I have WH 2.0 FM Transmitter which sucks

    Thanks guys, going to go with EDM and yea not sure about RDS either.....
  2. Greg Blauert

    Ok, so I have WH 2.0 FM Transmitter which sucks

    Well that makes it a simple choice, thank you.
  3. After reading through countless posts about FM transmitters and after I purchased the WH 2.0 (before I knew better and yes tried the switch under the sticker) and experienced just how awful it is, I will be upgrading to a new device. From what I’ve read and researched and based on quality versus price, I narrowed my choices to either: 1. ORION-5000 FM Audio Transmitter (5W) - http://www.mobileblackbox.com/content/view/43/77/ Or 2. Any EDM – can’t seem to view the different products as their order system is down, so not sure which model I would be comparing the above too. As I don’t really know enough to fully understand the difference between these, was hoping for any thoughts/feedback/suggestions/idea’s you may have. I know the EDM is mostly recommended but I like the range & antennae of the Orion-5000. I don’t need 5 miles let alone 1 mile but thinking it would be nice to have that type of antennae system or is that just overkill? Thoughts/feedback/suggestions/idea’s? Thanks, Greg
  4. Greg Blauert

    my holiday light show

    This is my 1st year holiday light show & just wanted to say thank you to everyone here on the forums, i would have been lost wihtout all the help, thank you again, you guys rock!! Have posted a few videos on vimeo, would love any feedback you may have. http://vimeo.com/user7696432 Nutcracker Music Box Dancer Jingle Bells Techno Christam Eve - Sarajevo
  5. Greg Blauert

    Well...it wasn't my Mega Tree that Fell...

    Sorry to hear that Jim, hope it doesnt affect your display plans too much.....
  6. Greg Blauert

    My Mega Tree is Up!!!!....

    I just drove by Jim, what happened? Attached files
  7. Greg Blauert

    My Mega Tree is Up!!!!....

    Looks great Jim, cant wait to stop by when the show starts and see it in action.
  8. Greg Blauert

    Changing contoller ID numbers

    I did my new g3 controllers last night but I upgraded the software to most current version before doing do. I had to click on Auto configure a couple of time as it was not recognizing the Comm Port, but did work just fine eventually. Did you click on Auto Configure?
  9. Greg Blauert

    no response from sales departmet

    Just got an email saying my shiny new controllers were shipped out today!
  10. Greg Blauert

    no response from sales departmet

    I just heard back: they said they are waiting for more product to come in. Can hardly wait....
  11. Greg Blauert

    no response from sales departmet

    Thanks and yes did get an order number; will continue being as a patient as possible.
  12. Greg Blauert

    Win 97

    If it indeed does say Win97, then it has to be an Alpha/Beta/Dogfood build.....much more curious about the hardware on which it runs, is it from '97 too?
  13. Greg Blauert

    no response from sales departmet

    Yes, I'm having the same issue. Placed order 10/8 and no update to order status page and have emailed LOR twice asking for an update but no response so far.
  14. Greg Blauert

    Win 97

    I have not heard of a Win97. It should be either Win95 or Win98/Win98SE.
  15. Greg Blauert

    Outdoor speakers

    I'm using this, works great: http://www.4homespeakers.com/auunpr900mhg.html