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    need help!

    There used to be a DMX to GECE device, but may not be available anymore.
  2. The commercial LOR controllers also have this option (internal memory), but the ..PC versions do not. Also, the CCRs have it too.
  3. Don't splice it in that way, you could damage things. Use a DMX merger and either set it for LTP (last dmx signal takes priority) or HTP (highest dmx value takes priority). You may have to get adapters for the DMX signal, but that's the easy stuff. I've done this before, but used an outboard DMX dongle that can deliver a clean signal, no matter what the computer is doing.
  4. Your EasyDMX controllers only talk DMX, not LOR. No firmware updates to accomplish this. Your E682 can supply regular DMX on any of the four clusters. See J22 in the last two pages of the documentation. You might consider the ELOR, which has a couple of regular DMX outputs and talks LOR on your 485 USB network.
  5. You get what you pay for, as they say. You're paying for quality development that continues to advance in this marketplace.
  6. Are these sub ports or USB ports? Need the correct terminology so we can help you.
  7. More details: http://www.cnet.com/news/microsoft-to-deliver-free-windows-10-upgrades/
  8. Check the doumentation on your DMX lights to see if any channels need to be fully on before it does any actual work. Use the Hardware Utility to bring the appropriate faders up as needed. I'd give you specifics, but you didn't give the make or model numbers. You have 15 channels of finicky operation to play with.
  9. Here's a next step, if you guys are interested; take the light strings you use for your VU meter and put them on a small AC relay so they can be a VU meter or part of the LOR sequences. Use one LOR AC channel to switch between LOR mode and VU meter mode. Gotta watch yourself here because of the 120v AC stuff, but would get you the best of both worlds. I designed this for several Firesticks, but ran outta time before I could complete it. Each stick was 5 channels and used a VU meter circuit that was gonna drive a Solid State relay. Maybe another day. . .
  10. Light-o-Rama products generally respond to pre-programmed sequences and might not be a good fit for what you are trying to do. Consider a Color Organ.
  11. Sounds like you have a problem in the DMX line somewhere; isolate and test. This is a forum for Light-O-Rama products and you might find specific information on the ControlBooth website.
  12. You would have to split your lights into two groups: Ones controlled by the LOR controller Ones that you want to be music responsive and connect them to a Color Organ Can't run the color organ through the LOR system. There's a way to do this through DMX, but cost would be several hundred dollars and daunting for newbies.
  13. I've used 4 conductor wire for trailers; weatherproof and the larger the gage wire, the better. Best to use a water resistant heat shrink with 3:1 shrink ratio for a much better seal. Kevin's cords are great too.
  14. Put a fan or blower just under it, pointing out the window; mucho improvemento.
  15. Yes, discussed in great detail on previous posts; exactly what to do and how to do it. Do a search and it will provide hours of information. Good luck.
  16. Which LOR controller do you have that does not support DMX?
  17. Why not just use it on the LOR network and keep things simple?
  18. For simplicity and easy replacement, I favor using the fogger from Party City for $30. Built a relay to replace the controller and off I go. A No Brainer for me.
  19. Looks like the Chauvet 700 series has a permanently wired remote button: http://www.chauvetlighting.com/products/manuals/Hurricane_700_UM_Rev9_WO.pdf You would have to rewire the remote to add a 120v relay and drive it off an AC LOR channel. Almost the same with the Chauvet 900 series, except you'd need a 5 pin DIN plug then an AC relay to control it. Both can be activated by a single LOR AC channel, but would require a little technical help here and there.
  20. Is this for a internal relay or an external triggerable relay?
  21. FYI: The new WS2821 and WS2822 type of strings can be fed directly from a DMX source with no controller needed. This is according to the specs and I have not gotten one in my hands yet. Just thought you'd like to know. More information: http://www.ebay.com/itm/20-100Pcs-WS2821-WS2821A-Full-Color-RGB-Pixel-6-LEDs-5050-RGB-LED-Module-DC24V-/281454910027?pt=US_Lighting_Parts_and_Accessories&var=&hash=item4188051a4b and: http://doityourselfchristmas.com/forums/showthread.php?32472-WS2821-in-flood-lights
  22. The Enttec Pro is pretty much the industry standard for the USB->DMX dongle; hundreds of these are sold to theatres and touring companies and lighting folks all over the world. Just about every piece of software will work with it.Price range is $100-$150 and it's solid like a rock; always works. I own three of them and their little brother, the DMXKing. The Actidongle is a new kid on the block that that also provides external DMX timing (so you computer doesn't have to). It had some small issues when it first came out, but is now a stable product. It has both an XLR output and a RJ45 (ethernet) connector that can be used simultaneously. Even though it has an RJ45 jack, it will not output E1.31 or LOR protocols. Many people use Cat5 cable to connect their controllers because it's cheap. But there's a danger there; because they use the same connector type, it could be very easy to mistakenly plug one type of network into another and cause damage to your equipment. Some people send multiple network signals down the same wire and some others color code the Cat5 wires for the type of networks (LOR, E1.31 and DMX). Avoid using the Enttec Open type of device and the LOR USB dongle because they do not generate their own DMX signal and you could get into problems if your computer gets busy and cannot service the dongle like it should. Yes, they may work for smaller networks, but as you grow, it may be problematic. Not all USB->DMX dongles are the same; some only run with certain proprietary software.
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