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  1. Theron, I am also running 3.10.6 and the CMB24D operates correctly for me in the HWU, although I have to say that on the first "refresh" of the HWU with the unit connected it was not detected correctly. A disconnect / reconnect of the USB-RS485 to the PC followed by a second refresh cured that. Since then all has worked fine. If you check the LOR_DeviceFile.txt file in Program Files/Light-O-Rama/ folder it should contain an entry for the CMB24D, although apparently there are more changes in the software that have also changed. Martin
  2. Ken, I maybe worded my reply carelessly. No nerve damage here but I feel it may be commercially insensitive to place LOR's solution in the public domain. All I would advise, if anyone else feels it to be a problem, is to contact LOR direct. I have dropped you a PM Martin
  3. Ken, I don't think it appropriate to discuss LOR's solution in a public forum. However I will PM you if you feel that would be acceptable. Martin
  4. Thanks for all your input guys. LOR have now resolved the issue for me - they have reminded me why I love LOR so much; their after sales service really is second to none Thank you LightORama. Martin
  5. Don, Thanks for the input. I'm just concerned about the longevity / flexability of the product if I cannot access it correctly with my setup. I have raised a ticket with LOR, raising just these questions, so I will see what transpires. As an aside that I mentioned before, I am disappointed that no mention of this problem was evident at the point of sale ( Martin
  6. Don, Thanks for the suggestion. I have edited my previous post, prior to reading your reply. Have you any thoughts on my query within that edit? Martin
  7. Don, So, since my licence will only allow me software up to and including 2.9, does this mean that I will have to purchase an upgrade in order to perform such things as firmware updates / standalone sequence, downloads etc. to the CMB24D? If that is the case, then I am truly disappointed! I do not believe that there was/is any mention of a minimum software level to support this board at the point of purchase! Any comment LOR? [edit] OK I've just taken a look at the "LOR_DeviceFile.txt" and it does not have an entry for the CMB24D. Would it be possible to have the parameters for the CMB24D, so that I may add the device to that list? [/edit] Martin
  8. Hi, I have asked this question in another thread, but this also seemed relevant. I have today received my CMB24D board, hooked it up to the PC, fired up the HU, refreshed and the HU "sees" the board but announces "Unknown Device???" HU is 2.8.12 if that is relevant. Any constructive suggestions anyone? TIA Martin [edit] I can use the "console" to manipulate channels 1 to 16 [/edit] [edit2] it seems that the sequence editor also talks to the CMB24D as I can control channels from there. So I guess it is not too important that the HU doesn't recognise the unit is it? [/edit2]
  9. OK, Just received my CMB24D, hooked it up to the PC to test, fired up the HU; refreshed, and it sees the board but announces "Unknown Device????" HU is 2.8.12 if that is relevant. Any constructive suggestions guys and gals? Martin
  10. OK, I get that, but the use of the word "was" implies that the positive voltage may not now be distributed in the same way.
  11. Thanks John. Not too sure what is meant by "+v was distributed for each 3-channel group"
  12. +2, I want to know if I can use it as 24 discreet DC channels
  13. Oh Boy, oh boy, oh boy - do I feel stupid Looking around the SD board for any dry joints etc (sorry Dan!) the light bulb in my head came on. I had the servo plugged in THE WRONG WAY AROUND!! Ahhh well, all working fine now - rush to get my first animated skull finished now, I've had it on the side for a while awaiting the SD Martin (with much egg on face!)
  14. OK, well I have received details from Futuba with regard to the spec of a servo and it falls within the default parameters of the SD as you would expect. I have reset the SD as per the manual, tried supplying the SD with voltages between 9v and 12v but still cannot get ANY control of the servo! I can read (get) the config etc. from the SD using the SD utility but nothing I do works - has anyone any idea where I am going wrong, or is the SD a DOA? Martin
  15. Hi, Just received my SD (thanks guys & gals!) but cannot figure out why, when I connect a servo to it the servo (any servo) winds fully clockwise and won't budge, no matter what values I set in the parameters of the SD. The SD is talking fine to my PC and power is applied (well that's obvious!) The reset jumper is on. Servos I have tried are Futuba S3003 and e-sky ESRV0A (this is a miniature servo from a small helicopter) They all work fine when used in an RC setup. I cannot seem to find any info on the pulse timings needed for these servos. Can anyone help please? I feel sure it will be something simple that I am overlooking ;o) Martin
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