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  1. 911 - E1.31 + LOR S4 not playing nice

    Thanks to all. It was a common listener issue. I hope I can return the favor at some point.
  2. 911 - E1.31 + LOR S4 not playing nice

    At the risk of sounding dumb. How do I start comm listener without starting show player? Sequence editor will not run with LOR control panel running
  3. 911 - E1.31 + LOR S4 not playing nice

    Dennis, Yes, I have added three universes, in DMX with E1.31 running unicast with correctIP.
  4. Folks, Added a Holiday Coro Alpha Pix 4 to my show this year and having some issues. Upgraded to S4 Pro and using Pixel Editor for all RGB sequencing. From within LOR PE and CP active, my RGB and the AlphaPix control outputs without issue. When I try to run the same sequence from SE and ensuring the intensity data is present, my LOR controllers will work fine as always, but the E1.31 output does not work. I have checked most of the items I have seen on these boards, but can't seam to find the cause. I am certain I am over looking something easy. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Show starts in 3 days.
  5. Shooting arch question

    I want to thank everyone for the help getting arches to leap. I did find an issue with using the spiral effect when changing directions. SPaschall was able to replicate and was going to reach out to Matt. So while they work through it, I decided to give Luke's method a try using the picture effect. It actually works quite well. I have posted several images below for you all to try if you wish to cover the primary colors plus white. I tried to label them pretty straight forward. Blue fade to blk R2L = a blue segment fading to black moving Right to Left. Simply the chose the picture effect. Chose the file representing the color and direction you want. Set the movement to go in the same direction and adjust the speed to fit the timing. Deselect repeat. Appears to work quite well in both directions. Hope this is helpful to other PE newbies like me.
  6. Shooting arch question

    I'm still having issue with this effect. Thanks to your video, I can make it leap left to right all day with most any timing just by adjusting the speed as suggested. However, when I take the same timing and switch the direction to right to left, I get two segments every time with the first one starting at about 10 degrees on left side. Anyone getting these results?