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  1. Agreed. Should have standard post title naming conventions to make it easier to find items Prop Vendor, Prop Name or description if vendor has a name use it. Sizes if applicable, node count, wiring diagram? Example post title in the forum. Boscoyo, CoroAngel Mini, 16", 8mm nodes or mini lights. CoroAngel Mini.png Thoughts?
  2. JA, Just an FYI from something I learned in this test. You can group channel(node) level channels together, but only am ordered range. This may help simulate some other props.
  3. JA, This is what I found when testing the brute force method. I call it a brute force due to all the steps involved, but may give you the effect you desire. I would think a more elegant method would be for LOR to add a "CHASE" effect that does the exact same thing the SingleBlock does except that it fires each prop node in sequential order by number labeled in the prop definition. Direction would only need to be ascending and descending. I believe this would work for all organically oriented props and not those that are oriented vertically or horizontally. I hope this is helpful. First I created a new custom prop to approximate your tree in a test Preview. I only used 15 nodes in mine, but the idea should be similar. Next, I opened up my sequence and ensured my new prop was in a view. Right click either motion effect row and select "Enable Channel Level on Pixel Prop." See below. You should then get a new effects row which is a collapsed row of all your nodes. See below. Select the + sign to expand the new "xx Channels row" Expanding the row should give you a new motion effect row for each node in your prop. The location of Node 1 is by default row 1. You can now add any effect to each individual node you like. For what you asked you could add a color wash and create a chase by row. You need to first apply an effect to the first row and then select the area you wish to fill with the chase. Right click and select Selected Area > Chase by Row. See below. This will then give you the chase pattern below. Of course you can manipulate the chase, smooth it etc as you would any other chase, but it should light your tree starting at node 1 then moving to node 50 in your case.
  4. J. You may already be aware, but one other thing to be mindful of when building the frame and working with white props. Depending on the quality of your RGB flood, if you desire to wash the prop with white light, you may get the Red, Green Blue, rainbow effect if the flood is too close to the prop. You will want to test that before placing you lights and finalizing design.
  5. J. Nice looking display. The obvious first thought would be white garland on wreaths frames. You can find many different samples on Amazon and Google. The fuller garland the better. The only downside would be that uplighting may cause some shadowing on the top. That may be an effect you like, but it is something to consider. If you had a way to light from top and bottom with floods you will get a more even wash, but again more lighting required and a light bar or truss would be needed.
  6. JA, I'll fire up S5 tomorrow morning and try what I am thinking. I'll let you know what I find. It may not work, but at least we'll both learn something.
  7. I appreciate the feedback from all. I hear the passion in the responses which is very cool. That said, I can't even carry a tune in a bucket so I have no dog in the fight over whose meter is good or not. We'll continue to work toward the solutions y'all suggest and eventually we'll get there. Thanks for the great response.
  8. Jim, your response also reminded me of something else I had been thinking about with LOR. As a high end user, I would like to get your feedback. In my career, I was able to work directly with some major software companies and provide input into their development. One of the things SAP had that was helpful with some of their latest cloud based software was a change request board where high end customers ( users) and beta users would have access to their development change requests. It was not a forum or bug report and was specific for change requests. The users and SAP would be able to post the title of the change and a short description of the change and reason for the change. Changes as a result of bug issues were also posted by SAP after they investigated and determined the correction. The thing I found helpful was that other users would be able to VOTE on the change. This allowed SAP to focus their efforts on the things the primary users found of most value or of issue to the biggest set of users. This also allowed the developers to get a sense of what was important to people as they decided their next version or release. SAP would then keep the board updated with which changes made t to the top and what the status of the request was. Would you find such a tool from LOR useful?
  9. Appreciate the feedback. Points taken. We are a mid sized church and our band does use in ear monitors for all of our inside shows. I don't believe however that we feed an instrumental track to the drummer at this point. However I will ask to be sure. However since we were doing a road show with fewer resources than a big production, we did not carry all our technical gear. I do however know we still use stage monitors for everything we do live. In our live services we use haze, moving head RGB lights and gobo. Currently, all the lighting they do internally is done manually at this point and none is synched to music. They currently use Martin's Light Jockey software currently to do all programming and que changes manually inside that software. They don't do many light changes to music. Some color and some moving head spots and gobos but very little. Though controlled through the software, no hazer or fogger activity is synched to music. However, when we do large stage productions we do control all the light changes, hazers, fog via DMX with LightJockey, but that is to specific events in the production based on dramatic scene changes based on script and not set to music. As far as using LOR. We were trying to do something different outside this year with a live road show with 3 events in 3 days and they asked if we could add lights as we do a larger light display for the church using LOR. We discussed the timing issues, but they still wanted to add something with moving and changing colors. The church often doesn't have the funds to buy new stuff for each event so we were trying to make what we have work. Although adding in ear monitors as you suggest is probably the best solution, as long as the drummer will comply, I would still find these additions helpful to do what we did in a pinch to get close. That said, if this is not a value add then, just as in my pre retirement years as CIO, I would not expend programming resources either. However, if there is a value add then maybe but at a lower priority. Again, thanks for your input.
  10. JA, I'm not at my S5 Computer right now, but there is an effect I think it's called "single block." Have you tried that? Thats how I do chases on arches in S5. Also, a brute force way may be to go into the prop element in the sequence view and right click to expand each prop element. If I recall, I think this expand each node as a separate channel and you may be able to complete a typical color wash chase on these. Just trying to think of things I would try.
  11. k6ccc, thanks for responding. I suggested in ear monitors or click tracks early in the process, but the drummer is old school and has difficulty with click tracks. Santas Helper, we tried setting up a beat timing light in the back of the room to practice and test the idea. The drummer who sets the beat was doing well for a while then started losing the beat as his own "internal beat" took over. Since the show was two days later we scrapped the idea and went as is. I adjusted the show to make more subtle lighting changes and removed much of the detail lighting queues. It went ok and of course we were out of time on every song by the end but most were so subtle only our team or lighting guys like you could tell. I just think we definitely need the drummer on click track next time. In the future, I'm hopeful we can get some tools added that will help with live displays. The following three would be my suggestions. 1) At the least a way to allow a Light Jockey ( LJ) ( person) simply click on a spot in a live timeline and have the track jump to that spot. In that manner if the show and the live band get out of synch, the Light Jockey (LJ) could manually correct. 2) Also, a way to setup a live show queue list would be nice. Similar to Show Editor but you would be able to double click on a show in the list and have it start playing immediately without having to open each show in S5 and then jump around to tabs. 3) Lastly, if there were a way in the wave form display to manually set a color identifier showing in the audio file where the versus, chorus and bridges lie. In this manner, a LJ could watch the timeline and it would be much easier to identifying correction points as the show runs live. Example. The band is way ahead of the music as you end verse one. The LJ sees the chorus coming up so he waits for the bad the get to the chorus and easily jumps to that point in the timeline.
  12. Just wanted to share my thoughts. Sorry about the length, but I've been thinking about this same thing the past week as I've been storing and reorganizing my display components. The tubs make it very neat so you don't have to see the cords if they are only used once a year for your lighting display. Also, they are stackable and inexpensive compared to most other options. The down side is they get extremely heavy. In our large display for the church we have 176 AC channels most of which are still traditional lights. Dozens of 80 ft and 40 ft cables are used. It takes two of us to safely lift and store the bigger cord tubs. Yes we could put less cords per tub but that requires additional space. Also, if you are using 14 gage outdoor cables of anything length, unless you put only matched length cords in a single tote and label them, you sometimes have to dig through the heavy cords to find the one you may want. This is especially true if you use the cords for multiple purposes and displays throughout the year as we do. Something I ran across this week is the "Wrap It" products. It is a hook and loop (Velcro) strap, that come in various sizes that has a metal eyelet to allow hanging. If you have wall space, I was thinking about using large cup hook that you can get for about .$75 ea and purchase a correct length WrapIt per cord, about $3.00 ea to hang them on the wall almost like a peg board. See image below for the general idea. You could even overlap them a bit to take up less space if you desired. You could label the WrapIt with the cable length and then you would be able to see the length of each cable immediately. Whenever you needed a specific length cable, you could simply walk up to the wall and select that cable from the wall. The down side as you can tell is the cost per cable is much higher and you would be able to see the cables while in storage if that is an issue. You could possibly double up cords per "WrapIt" as that may save you a little $. I personally ike the flexibility of having the cords separated and at hand when I need a power cord. As stated earlier, a move to LED reduces the size and weight of prop power cabling. SPT is fine in the weather as long as you use the proper connections elements and load. Just food for thought. Good luck. If you come up with a clever solution, please share. I would love to see it. You can see the "WrapIt" products on Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/Storage-Straps-Organizer-Hanger-Extension/dp/B01N6VG9YY/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1515598051&sr=8-3&keywords=extension+cord+hangers
  13. A friend of mine uses the neon rope and likes it very much. The one caveat he has encountered is the delay in activation of the rope from the desired "On" timing. He had to skew his timing. That said, his neon rope is several years old and the tech may have improved in that time. I would be very interested in hearing your testing on timing of the On command in a sequence and the actual On state of the rope.
  14. Looking for some input for 2018 show as we continue conversion to RGB. I have a vertical AC prop that we have been using for quite some time in our show. Not certain what the std prop name would be, but it is an 8 segment vertical pole. As i'm sure you guessed, each of the 8 segments is currently on a single AC channel. I've decided to replace it this year with an 480 node, (6 strings of 80 nodes each,) RGB prop. I've purchased the Boscoyo Pixel Pole and Mounting Strips to use as the framework. This will allow me to mount (80) 12mm RGB nodes each into 6 mounting strips and then create a 270 degree rgb vertical pole of 8 10 node segments. Now I'm certain I could create a custom 10 node line prop for each segment of each string and then group each in any way I want then apply motion effects etc to the groups. What I'm looking for is a more efficient way of doing this. The Firestick prop is close but it only allows a single string as far as I can tell. What I would like to have is a single prop that I can fire by segment on all 6 strings simultaneously. Example a chase with all segment 1's and then all segments 2's etc. Please see drawing for the prop I'm looking for. Anyone have ideas? Do I just need to purchase SS? It appears that is a lot of $$$ for just a single prop since I don't have a matrix or plan one.
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